Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen | UFC 159, 2013


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Jon Jones defended his light heavyweight belt for the fifth time when he faced fellow TUF 17 coach Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 in 2013.

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both days we give me instructions to
protect yourself with all times system
my commands at all times
touch Boston’s you like that’s right the
fight is finally about to happen John
Chael Sonnen UFC light heavyweight
championship is on the line for son and
his third shot at UFC gold Jones looking
for his fifth title defense and here we
sudden takes the center of the Octagon
quickly he’s in the white trunks black
trunks for Jones who looks for the
watch for the vicious elbows of John
Jones and watch first the improvements
in the guard of Chael Sonnen and Tails
back up to his feet landing punches from
the clinch
nice job by Chael Sonnen John Jones is
fighting a tight clinched fight with a
guy who hasn’t reached disadvantage ten
and a half inches Joe
I mean this is the kind of approach that
we thought jail would take to jog
these by channel here you know there’s
the same fighting that the most
dangerous fight is a fight that you’re
supposed to win right because you don’t
have the
when you terrified
sunning with the clinch it’s hard to
manufacture that you have to be scared
Jones on top again 2 for 2 and early
big elbow by John his elbows are so
vicious and although it says one loss in
John Jones record we should note that
that loss was a fright that John one he
just one with these quote-unquote
illegal elbows to twelve to six elbow
son and back up again but the closest
anyone came to beating him was Vitor
Belfort slapping on that armbar
the John here was a double underhooks up
against the cage
really surprised that he’s employing
this strategy and I wonder if it’s
improvised I wonder if he just decided
to just fight this way right when he got
there wonder if he’s just trying to make
a point
don’t get caught a guillotine here
he’s out of that
jail good defense so far looking for
another takedown
and share also looking to grab ahold of
the neck as he’s going down looking to
past a told me it’s a cop John
and the elbow
trying to wear down jail early
uppercut to the body by John but his
head is exposed got to be careful that
Muay Thai clinch
his own son is back is up against the
cage none of male students hit us back
to generate real power in those shots
and he wants to put him on his back
close guard
with Jones postures up watch out
now Chael Sonnen watching that vitor
belfort fight it’s gonna be really
interesting to see if jail has eyes I’m
trying to snatch an armbar nice elbow
over the top by John Jones the I don’t
know if Jill has had in his arsenal he’s
famously said that he’s a Republican and
Republicans don’t lie on their back with
men between their legs it’s a famous
Chael Sonnen quote one of many I’m a dad
I mean it’s hilarious
I’m sure he practices this though
Jones trying to beat them up on the
fight scheduled for five five-minute
this looks like Joe with Chael Sonnen
wants to do two John Jones yeah it’s
really interesting it seems like John
has decided to try to beat Chael Sonnen
with his own strategy
someone who maximizes his reach better
than any has chosen to go to the ground
three times already well you know Chell
son is pissed him off and I think he’s
probably decided to turn this into a
another elbow whipping you get an
Americano the way he’s grabbing that arm
he’s gonna put it behind John about barn
Chelse on its head
and now he’s making child defenseless by
pulling that left arm across his face
there’s a nice elbow again chill man
the storyline is Joe’s pygmy looking to
finish this Friday
here in the first half
Jones finish and Sonny
and here John
pounds on him here knee to the body same
same technique to finish him with
Anderson Silva and there’s a nasty elbow
at the top and another one and a punch
you know chill was defending himself
he was covering up but apparently not
enough vicious elbow another vicious
elbow another punch ladies and gentlemen
referee Keith Peterson is called a stop
to this contest at four minutes 33
seconds in the very first round decline
the winner by TKO
you see light heavyweight champion of
the world
Shani Bose

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