Free Fight: Diego Brandao vs Dennis Bermudez | TUF 14 Finale, 2011


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Diego Brandao won a UFC contract, as well as Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night bonuses, at the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale in 2011 in an entertaining bantamweight final with Dennis Bermudez.

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all right tell me I’ve been over your
instructions I expect a clean fight
they bite hands all times defend
yourselves all times touch gloves go
back let’s do this this fight is for the
honor of becoming the first-ever
featherweight Ultimate Fighter Bermudez
and brandão tell me ready ready
let’s fight man here we go Oh
big kick early by Diego Brandao both
guys finished all of their opponents on
the Ultimate Fighter ground down by
knockout Bermudez submissions and
knockouts team Bisping’s Diego Brandao
in the blue trunks blue trunks 14
Miller’s Dennis Bermudez flag nice front
kick by Bermudez showing some excellent
striking here not afraid to throw down
with Diego and that was one of the
questions will he encouraged with Diego
he’s got a submission here guillotine
attempt just to lock it in I do not take
me to school guard dog
who doesn’t want to be on his back with
hang on here make make Diego carry his
weight here good start for Dennis
Bermudez look beautiful combination then
saw that all season long again we can
really close distance with those punches
Mike and that’s one of the things it’s a
little bit shocking to his opponent he
fights with the viciousness of a Jose a
although I mean this kid has unlimited
potential Diego Brandao very hungry to
provide a better life to his family back
at home in Brazil and the mute is very
confident that he will leave tonight as
the Ultimate Fighter
toe-to-toe with him early commuters gone
after it yes he is nice combination
good solid straight jab two and three of
them in a row Bermudez was hurt early in
the semi spy now he’s hurt here he’s got
to keep his hands up that’s the knockout
power a brandão he loads up on these
shots to Mike when he throws them he’s
throwing his full body a little like
he’s throwing a fastball bad intentions
everytime brandão loads it up sooner or
later you’re gonna get him when you
fight Diego Brandao oh good shot he
hasn’t really looked to take this fight
down Bermuda seems to have got his legs
back under him he’s got a good chin
because he took a hard shot oh he
survived in the semis the same way and
was able to earn his spot here tonight
to fight brandão in this featherweight
final his corner was calling for the two
after he threw those two hooks
and he’s on his back last place he wants
to be in half guard here great start to
this spinning around is gonna get his
back yep great start to this
featherweight body’s got over under
these guys back now he’s just got double
unders and Bermudas up and down
enhances just missed with the kick team
Miller’s perm yudice against team biz
bings brandão bermudez was doing better
earlier look good straight right but
Bermudez is doing better when he was
forcing Diego back when he was the more
aggressive fighter Diego does not seem
very comfortable moving back when he
starts moving towards you though that’s
when you get real problems and brandão a
teammate of John Dodson at team Jackson
in Albuquerque New Mexico Dotson just
took home apply
is trying to finish
45 seconds on the clock
don’t trouble
both men have got walked here in round
Bermuda’s still on top home still have
some good
we’d see him for me those two dolls legs
this side and get a better position
trying to get a hammer fist
get shots by Bermuda to the top 15
seconds on the clock in the first yeah
breath down bitch The Ultimate Fighter
Diego’s coming forward boom leave that
perfect right hand not much behind it
not not a big windup just all technique
let’s see it again look how he throws it
no wind-up look at this dink right there
boom straight down the pipe
Diego’s hurt he jumps all over him tries
to finish him but look Mike he leaves
that left hand in there see the left
hand watch Diego’s right arm blocks it
up throws that leg over lightning-fast
rolls his hips flips him over
straightens about him pops it and he may
very well have broken his arm here
because dennis is still holding on to it
and they’re looking at it here I mean
that’s a bad angle it looks like it’s
broken ladies and gentlemen referee Josh
Rosenthal is called a stop to this
contest at 4 minutes 51 seconds of the
very first round recording the winner by
tap out due to an armbar and now the
Ultimate Fighter season 14

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