Free Fight: Curtis Blaydes vs Junior Dos Santos


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UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes improved to 13-2 when he knocked out former champion Junior Dos Santos earlier this year. Blaydes faces Alexander Volkov on Saturday, June 20.

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all right gentlemen we’ve been through
the rules in the locker I want you be my
commands at all time when you take
yourselves at all time you want a bunch
of lugs do it now and lock the bolt
about your phone
I love it when top-five heavyweights get
to business
that’s what we have here tonight the
seventh straight main event for Junior
dos Santos a former champion second main
event in his UFC tenure for Curtis razor
blades who’s a -300 favorite and the -3
another favorite is in the blue Junior
dos Santos as an underdog is in the
black you see the left path of the
Santos long
that’s because he’s expecting Curtis to
shoot and therefore the hand is there to
the underhook to defend the takedown of
course the danger of that is that it
presents the chin for the right hand of
Curtis but it’s not a bad movie if his
reflexes are fast enough to you know
upon getting knocked out by a right hand
it also makes the jab come from a
different angle where the jabs not
coming from the face now it’s coming
from the bottom and believe it or not
sometimes that’s harder to read for
Curtis what’s in there dos Santos on the
road it is where the psyche landed a
strike there on Curtis he hit Curtis
with a nice little right hand at
swagerty’s levels right away with all
those main events for dos Santos four of
his last five fights have ended before
the second round was up he’s won two of
his last that’s really by TKO against
Derrick Lewis and tied to agasa this is
big for Santos I mean he still early
days to just over them want mini mart
but so far two takedown attempts have
big stuff by dos Santos you don’t
generally see that from Curtis well
those ACOs has been in there with guys
that can wrestle before you horse Cain
Velasquez was very credentialed wrestler
and JD has fought him three times
even if losses you gain a lot of
valuable experience deciding right now
if I gather
that’s what Curtis is going to do more
of those little faint see what he did
there with the shoulders keep dos Santos
Jessie confuse him throw variation throw
legs pop the jab fake it eight now cut
with the left over and then shoot the
double there’s that uppercut two minutes
in all on the feet so far the Curtis
blades his last action came in Abu Dhabi
at USC 242 second round TKO victory over
shamil of direct come on to make it two
waves of 2019
it’s now charging forward here tips
again until psychos out the back door
you know let’s remember Curtis he can
punch as well I think it was just he
Willis he’s dropped in with a clean
straight shot
we’re here because it deep
I know what you meant to do what you
can’t punch them in the growing be
really careful I please please can be
favorably get you neutral corner if in
doubt give you the clouds
so good to have you type two guys back
octagon side so okay jr. he’s like do I
look okay yeah
I’ve just had a month trying okay crown
all right time keeper ready all right
you ready let’s go time he’s gonna pick
damn control the situation back underway
here in the first of five possible
rounds under two minutes to go and I won
just see the power of Judy when he
throws so much force from blades but
again dos Santos evading that was great
head move my junior junior this team has
really worked on one of his biggest
weaknesses I believe when he would
usually get pressured he would try to
rest and hit the side of the Octagon
now he’s finding space so that Kurtis
can’t trap him to get to his legs and
listen I’m not trying to be funny here
when I say this the movements of junior
is really impressive and it’s gonna help
him get out the way of the takedown and
he spent the last few months on the
Brazilian version of Dancing with the
Stars and all that work a coordination
I’m telling you I’m not trying to be
funny I’m serious that’s right here like
he’s pirouette Eve all over the place
you’d be a prime candidate for sure like
that this pc4 Curtis you know I mean you
start to lose confidence in your entire
game plan is to take him down
oh we’re right in my wigs he’s landed
that multiple times Curtis did say in
the fight immunity of the day he said I
will take him down mark my words I’ll
take him down in round one and if you
can’t do that and he’s close but if he
can’t do that see that it starts to
crush the soul the morale starts to
shrink and you start to think man I
can’t carry out my game plan but this is
good foot Blasi started to mix it up
throwing kicks coming with the punches
but Julia definitely felt like he could
see the look of his face clearly not
decent impact ready for round number two
latest Wade’s was over four on tape down
attempts in the first round the Turner
dos Santos in fact has not been taken
down since the first time he fought
steep a Mitch’s back in 2014 and he shot
good defense to keep his feet through
the first five minutes here tonight yeah
he won that he won that that was a small
victory but he may legitimately be
throwing the worst punch in MMA it’s one
of my least favorite that lead uppercut
you can hit
the corner of Curtis said the right
thing said listen you connected with the
punches you heard him that now he’s
thinking about the punches he’s not
thinking about the takedown
I mean MMA is such a mental trip it
really is you never know what your
opponent’s going to do if you keep them
guessing you know if you know they’re
gonna shoot a double leg then of course
you prepare for it but if you’re you’re
unpredictable you’re throwing it –
throwing punches and then the takedowns
come from nowhere that’s very very hard
to defend their curse is doing
everything wrong right now but JDS has
got to stop doing that lead uppercut man
he’s got to throw it behind something
last person I saw
when he could get the takedowns
boxing and his punching power
he’s getting battle every time he steps
in the Octagon look at that little level
change make him think that wrestlers
coming in boom they just look stiff some
juniors done he’s already hurt but yeah
he may not have gone down but he’s done
you can see it in his eyes you can see
in his reaction that punch landed right
on the money an obsolete sledgehammer
override huh there it is again
Judy does well to stay on the feet but
as you say the fights over at this point
he’s out on his feet he shows a lot of
heart he stays over but Curtis knows the
end is nigh
and he swarms all over him oh look at
the size of the fists of curtsies blades
to swing full force at your head mine
playing the winner by teeth

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