Former Drug Lord Peanut King on the Impact He Had on Baltimore (Part 1)


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Part 2:
In this clip, Peanut King spoke with DJ Quicksilva about his start in the drug game in the 1970s and his eventual prison bid which began in 1982. He talked about the origin of his name, establishing a reputation in Baltimore, and explained some of the values he upheld while hustling. Peanut King also talked about purchasing a DeLorean back in the 80s and said it was all for marketing purposes. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

you know where there’s you man
Quicksilver of course here with Vlad TV
and I’m sitting here before a Baltimore
legend because this man has earned the
right to be called a legend most people
of course know us peanut King but your
name is Mari sking take me back you
actually went to jail back in 1982 I was
only two years old you went to jail
that’s crazy I’m sitting having this
conversation and just being a kid
growing up in East Baltimore when you
mention the name peanut can’t get ring
bells some people I respect some other
fear but whatever it is
peanut King was a very well-known name
all through not just East Baltimore but
Baltimore as a whole now of course you
were based out of in Baltimore over on
Hoffman and Holbrook yeah how old were
you when you first got into the game
well we said 2020 what made you want to
get in the game growing up in poverty
being a restricted with underprivileged
things going on within the community and
that’s not happening too much so you got
to go out and get the things you need
most of the people in the community was
raised under single-parent homes and it
wasn’t too many jobs so you had to fend
for yourself pretty much not to say you
got started in the drug game in 70s six
and if evolution says and then of course
I’m gonna call it stardom because a lot
of times the street we look at the drug
goes as the stars your rise to stardom
came pretty fast which would you say no
you think it took a while for you to
become peanut king impossible yeah it
took a lifetime well we up till you get
your 20 maybe 22 before you actually get
in a good place
how’d you get the nickname peanut Katie
well because it was like four or five
different peanuts so you you name one
black nut one another not another one is
peanut King because that’s my last name
what do you think these verse of course
you know times have changed the street
codes have changed if there is even the
code anymore but what do you think the
biggest difference was from the drug
dealers in the seventies some of these
new-age guys on the streets probably
their values like for me it was making a
change in my community in my life and
with my family and today I don’t know if
that’s the case you mean today it seemed
like they just doing things with without
a lot of purpose but they doing the best
in camera what they know do you think
that a lot of these so-called new drug
dealers are living by the code that the
OGIS like yourself started back in the
seventies and eighties no just seemed
like every ten years times change and
every decade like things you get a whole
new set of principles that come out
according to that group and life
continue to evolve and things just went
from one phase and 80s to the 90s to
2002 it gets you where it’s at now and
to me is going backwards it’s not going
forward because you start losing purpose
what were some of the values that if you
were under peanut Kings on brother what
was some of the values that you think
you had back in the 70s or the people
who roll with you back in the 70s I mean
today I would say it’s contradicting but
it’s like you look out for the community
you look out for your family you make
sure everybody was good you didn’t try
to go out and stir you mean stuff up but
I would say it’s contradiction because
even though you’re doing all the things
and you call yourself doing it right you
still doing another part you may be
where you’re destroying communities when
you’re selling drugs in the 70s and 80s
and of course like I say I’ve read about
your story and I read up on you and and
one thing that I’ve always admired you
know you know despite what people might
think you definitely try to help out
people but then you had people say well
how is he helping our people when he’s
destroying a community
selling the drugs to the people do you
think at any point in your drug career
when you when you were selling drugs
that you follow you were actually taken
away from the community no can they bake
some but I believed at the time I
thought I was doing the best thing I
could do I mean it was well thought out
based on my information but as years go
on I can say as years go on you start
learning new information things start to
evolve and you start getting different
meanings in situations that’s one thing
about yourself you definitely was a he
was a little flashy back in the late 70s
and 80s and when you were like partying
at the hotels and you know a lot of that
when you google peanut can’t you see the
picture of you at Odell say K you know
if you belong was the slogan back there
but you had all fearful that you being
so flashy being this you know at the
time notorious drug dealer that you were
making yourself hot I mean that was the
earth you may you even got to be that
over you ain’t you mean so would things
that happen you look good in that game
you lived life 24 hours at a time so it
there’s no fear whatever happens happens
you mean you’re buying at the beginning
it’s your height man you were making a
lot of money you bought a DeLorean yeah
back there now boy you’re going k-dubb
was a big car back there like when I
think the Lord I think back to the
future of the movie did you buy because
the movie no it was like a guy just came
out with a new car and somebody told me
be good for marketing in terms of
business and stuff like that so I didn’t
buy for a personal ride around
I bought it more for advertising what
else what are some of the other cars
that peanut King had back in the 70s and
I mean it was like maybe some diapers I
wasn’t a car man I mean my thing was
basically money
so what are you spending the money over
wasn’t hours and you get clothes and
businesses and you go out to do things
but it wasn’t I was in the car man you
take trips you try to help people try to
build up a company

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