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Cole Eicher believes that “Everyone can do something to help courageous kids fighting cancer”. His personal battle with cancer at the age of 12 and his commitment to being a voice for kids is an inspiration. For the past five years, Cole Eicher has been encouraging professional athletes, businesses and schools to get involved to spread more awareness for childhood cancer. His Gold Together initiative is now a national program with American Cancer Society empowering kids nationwide to share their cancer journey and make an impact in their communities for childhood cancer. Cole Eicher has experienced more in his young 18 years than most people have in their lifetime. At the age of 12, he suffered symptoms of unexplained morning nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. On February 1st, 2014 an MRI determined that Cole had a golf ball-sized tumour in his brain. His type of brain cancer, called medullablastoma was treated with surgery and nine months of powerful, sometimes painful treatment. In October 2014, his treatment was complete and he officially shows “no evidence of disease”. Cole has taken what he has learned about childhood cancer and made it his mission to go beyond his circumstances and think about helping others. He wants more people to support childhood cancer believing that “Everyone can do something to help kids fighting cancer.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I have made it I am soon to graduate
high school and off to college I have
made it I have successfully Co piloted a
private plane I have made it I have
built lasting friendships with
professional athletes I have made it I
have made my varsity golf team I have
made it I have a job that I enjoy and I
have made it I have been to historical
places now too many making it might seem
like going off to college graduating
high school or even having a job that
you enjoy but for me making it is
ringing a bell and not just any Bell but
this Bell I have made it this bell
symbolizes the end of a long cancer
treatment I started experiencing
unexplained symptoms of hearing loss
double vision and headaches I was first
diagnosed with adolescent migraines but
you could clearly see in the back of my
head with an MRI that there was a
golf-ball-sized tumor in the back of my
head I was diagnosed with brain cancer
but I want to share with you guys before
my before I made it I was a perfectly
healthy kid and my huge passion was
soccer I also started modeling for major
companies called Walgreens Target and
even Walt Disney I was also featured in
the movie Dolphin Tale 2 but things
changed in 6th grade I was a perfectly
healthy kid and only had the flu once so
this became a shock for everyone
I was diagnosed with brain cancer this
was a huge major impact on my life and
so with this I saw that the good in this
since this was a very unlucky situation
for me I saw that this was lucky because
people have invested in research years
ago for my type of cancer and so I had a
treatment plan this treatment plan would
give me an 80% chance of survival and so
I had a chance to make it my cancer was
called medulloblastoma and it was
treated with radiation surgery and
chemotherapy through this I have lost
over 20 pounds had to go through we have
and even learn how to walk again my life
that I had was gone I started
experiencing symptoms that no one could
think of I had headaches double vision
and it’s just all went crashing down at
this point I was done I saw that the age
I mean I saw in the United States that
the number one disease killer of
children is cancer and that 200 kids a
week are diagnosed with cancer that is
16,000 kids a year that are diagnosed
with cancer and wouldn’t you think that
something affecting our kids this much
would be in our top stories in our news
stations every single day so at age 12 I
thought that I had the courage to speak
on behalf of these kids because I was a
midfielder and
I had led people to achieve their goals
I was also in front of cameras and would
have the courage to speak on behalf of
them so I became the voice for
courageous kids the most eye-opening
thing that I learned is that kids can be
diagnosed as young as six years old two
years old or even born with cancer when
you agree that these kids are our future
and that they need the best treatment
options available for them to fight this
terrible disease
they are often told that they have no
treatment options available for them and
that they have a few months to live this
is unacceptable
so to make a difference you have to have
a willingness to put yourself out there
and so I started talking to business
professionals students and athletes
about what I’ve learned about pediatric
cancer so it was at this time that I saw
firsthand how everyone can do something
to help kids fighting cancer with this
businesses started really helping out
one started to create a logo for me
and put it on a banner so that I could
create more awareness another one helped
me out
creating a t-shirt it put my logo on
there to create even more awareness and
then lastly a business helped me out to
create a website for me to share my
story all of these efforts added up to
make a huge impact in difference others
started to fundraise research because I
shared with them that how research
affected me in my cancer life another
actually people just started the where
gold to support pediatric cancer
families this is a great awareness piece
we started to connect to a local
professional soccer team in the month of
September which is Childhood Cancer
Awareness Month my next steps were to
talk to the CEO of American Cancer
Society and share how my goal together
initiative could be a national program
with American Cancer Society he said yes
it was so rewarding to me at this point
to see all these kids sharing their
cancer stories nationwide so it has been
five years since I’ve dedicated myself
to being the voice for these courageous
kids and I’m proud to say that I have
raised over 1.5 million dollars for
cancer pediatric cancer research and
serpro programs and my goal together
initiative has become a national program
with American Cancer Society so I ask
you tonight can you do something there
is always a way to include your passion
and what you do every single day what is
your one thing and can you do one thing
remember everyone can do something
Benjamin Franklin said tell me and I
will forget teach me and I will remember
and involve me and I will learn through
your involvement you will not only learn
but help other kids to make it it has
been five years since I was diagnosed
with my cancer and I’m proud to say that
I am cancer-free and have made it thank

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