Ellen Degeneres Bought A $750,000 Watch & Fans Lost Their Minds


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Ellen Degeneres recently bought a $750,000 watch and many of her fans were very upset. So today, I want to talk about what happens when rich people spend a lot of money like this.
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Ellen Degeneres Bought A $750,000 Watch & Everyone FREAKED Out
0:!2 – How would you feel if your idol bought a $750,000 watch
0:47 – Why it’s great that Ellen Degeneres spent $750,000 on a watch
1:48 – Idol money sitting in your bank account does nothing
3:04 – What happens when money is spent
3:25 – If Ellen didn’t spend the money
4:15 – You have to be able to afford your luxury items
5:06 – It’s very easy to hate people for becoming successful

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what’s up everybody
I am just breathing and welcome to the
minority mindset and welcome back to
make it happen Monday how would you feel
if your idol or your favorite social
media sensation or your favorite
celebrity went out and spent seven
hundred thousand dollars on a watch well
Ellen DeGeneres did just that lots of
people love Ellen now I never became a
big fan of Ellen because I never watched
her show but lots of people loved her
but they don’t love the fact that she
spent so much money on a watch first
came comments like this and then all of
these because people on social media are
not happy that she spent so much money
on a watch well I think it’s great to
Ellen spent this money and I’m gonna
show you why if you watch this video
till the end but before we get into that
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you don’t miss any videos every Monday
Wednesday and Friday so here is a New
York Times article that talks about her
Allen bought a vintage Rolex watch for
only seven hundred and fifty thousand
dollars there’s a picture of the watch
by zoom in you can kind of see what it
looks like
looks like a nice gold watch $750,000 I
don’t know but hey she wanted to buy it
but if you scroll down the article says
that Ellen DeGeneres is a watch
collector and so she wanted to buy this
what is it it is a Rolex Daytona late
1960s gold watch and she paid top dollar
seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for
it now I like watches but I don’t know
watches like that so I don’t know if
that’s a good price or a bad price all I
know is there’s a lot of money for a
watch but she’s a watch collector but
you have to understand is that idle
money sitting in your bank account
really does nothing it does nothing for
you and it does nothing for the economy
so if Ellen who is a very high income
earner has a ton of money let’s say
millions of dollars sitting in her bank
account well that’s not doing anyone any
good so if she goes on behind $750,000
watch dad is actually helping the
economy so if you scroll down let me
show you this thing right here in green
Ellen bought there’s $750,000 watch from
a mister
we mess up his name Lidge friend who is
a 26 year old watch dealer and he
specialized in smaller watches and now
this helped him get his name out there
because now guess what this watch dealer
who used to do $3,000 watches can now
market that he sold a watch to Ellen so
what do you think that’s gonna do for
his business that’s gonna get him more
clients that’s gonna help him grow
that’s gonna help him get more employees
and build his business so this watch
that he’s sold is probably gonna give
him a very big Commission check I mean
even if he only got a three percent
commission on a $750 watch that’s
$21,000 or a little bit over $21,000
from one watch so that’s gonna help him
pay his employees and grow his brand and
sell more watches to help build his
business build more jobs and build his
whole empire that he’s trying to build
and as he makes from money and his
employees make more money that means
these people will have more money than
they can spend to have a nicer place to
live to buy nicer food to shop at other
restaurants then all these things
support other local business owners and
that helps create more jobs and pay more
employees so more people have more money
to spend and that’s how the economy
works if there’s $750,000 just send
Ellen’s bank account well that money’s
not really doing anything
it’s just sitting there idle collecting
dust and that’s not helping you as to
helping me and that’s not helping the
economy that’s why you should be very
happy with rich people by extravagant
things because they are throwing money
into the economy that is creating more
jobs so there are less people that are
unemployed and that is spurring business
because it inspires people to create
things and create jobs and that’s how
the economy works the pull up this
article right here it shows that Ellen
has donated something around 50 million
dollars to charities during that what 13
years of her show so she’s giving money
to charities so what’s wrong with her
buying some nice things for herself too
the last thing you have to understand is
that Ellen can’t afford that watch no
problem it says right here that Allen
makes something like eighty seven and a
half million dollars a year as salary
from her show alone now
I don’t know Ellen personally or too
much about her but I have a strong
feeling that she has other investments
and other things going on outside of her
show that pay her royalties so I have a
feeling she actually makes more than
that but let’s assume she only makes 87
and a half yeah 87 and a half million
dollars a year from her show she bought
is seven hundred and fifty thousand
dollar watch that’s less than 1% of her
salary so if you make a hundred thousand
dollars a year that’s less than spending
one thousand dollars on something you’re
passionate about something you like
collecting so I think she can actually
afford her purchases there’s a lot of
negativity in the world and it’s very
easy to hate other people for being
successful and doing what they do but
when you see somebody who is successful
you’re only saying the top of the
iceberg you don’t know what they had to
do in the sacrifices they had to make to
get to where they are today and what you
need to understand is that if you want
to be successful you will never be
successful by hating success Ellen
DeGeneres party very expensive watch but
she also makes a lot of money and she
works hard to make her money so instead
of wasting so much of your time and
energy counting other people’s dollars
how about you take that same effort and
energy and use that to fuel your success
this way if you’re not happy with the
way rich people spend their money you
can spend your money differently and
inspire other people through your
actions and one very simple thing that
you can do is stay up to date on what’s
happening in the finance and business
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you can be money smart our newsletter is
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you for watching and I’ll see you on the
next make it happen Monday segment and
as always keep hustling

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