Do You Have Nightmares Or Memories 🤔

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Before you do anything in life think about it and determine will it be a nightmare u regret or memory that will always cherish!


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Do u have memories u enjoy
Or nightmares u can’t forget

Before u do something always think is this gonna be something I enjoy remembering

Or something I regret for the rest of my life

It’s some people u know that have memories from 40 years ago that they wish they can forget but can’t

Before u spend money think is this money I’m spending for this goods and services will create a memorable moment that I enjoyed

Before I put the money down on this car and take this 7 yr loan to buy it

Will this be a great memory to pay $600 for 7 yrs for a car that will be 7 years old at the time u pay it off.

Will u even want the car then. Memory or nightmare

Before u have sex with this man or woman will this be something I enjoy remembering or will it cause me an nightmare for 18yrs

Disclaimer: you can mess your whole life up by having sex with the wrong person

Before you start using drugs just because u were influenced by friends and social media

think to yourself will this make me a junky or will I enjoy this

Before u become a stripper
Think will this lifestyle be a great memory
that I will always want to remember or would it be something I regret

Before u cheat on your wife
Think to yourself will this woman fulfill my expectations of my wife , take care of my kids and be with me through thick and thin or will this be a nightmare that cost me alimony and child support that will take me 18years to forget

Before you cheat on your husband
Think about it
Will this cost me a good man that gives me everything I want , provides for me and my kids , tries any and everything he cans to put a smile on your face

Or will I regret this
Is this a great memory or a nightmare

Before u get into something always think memory or nightmare because that thought activates your brain to tell your inner voice to tell u the right thing to do

One mistake can mess up your legacy

Micheal Vick – dogs

Bill Clinton – Monika lewinsky

Samson – Delilah

King Solomon – that strange woman

RKelly – little girls

People will always bring up your past to try to block u from getting to the future

U can’t erase the past but u can rewrite your future

Memory or Nightmare

Numbers are characters because they character never will change no matter what country u go to

Character protects your legacy

Those who lack character will cancel their own legacy

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