Darius McCrary Recounts Rick James Crashing into Eddie Murphy's Fountain (Part 9)


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Darius McCrary stars in the new show ‘Monogamy’ on the Urban Movie Channel. Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy0-0Ay0XwY
In this clip, Darius McCrary retold a hilarious story about Rick James crashing a car into an elaborate fountain at Eddie Murphy’s house. Darius detailed Rick James’ initial reaction to crashing the car and his subsequent explanation to Eddie about what happened. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well I guess there was a story about him
running into Eddie Murphy’s fountain
you’ve done your homework you’re good
yes yes he turn a fountain up man
we were Eddie’s house you know it was
after one of Eddie’s big premieres and
you know I was winding down and the
crazy thing about this choice he was
completely sober matter of fact we were
drinking O’Doul’s beer I was drinking
O’Doul’s with him cuz he used to like to
show me that you could you don’t have to
party you know all the time to have a
good time so we were drinking O’Doul’s
beer I’ll never forget this and so we
were leaving and he had this brand-new
fly-ash Mercedes man there’s a big ones
um he said we believe we said bye to
Eddie and find Eddie just such a
gracious host he was sitting down he
finally decided to eat his food you know
and so he was sitting that he was it’s a
good night everything came off right and
so public’s hit me give me the keys I’m
a drive drive because he had a stroke
you know body paralyzed so you know um
man he said I was driving before you
were a fuck give me the keys so he got
like that I feel like I’ve been fine so
it was him
me and his daughter ty ty James we’re in
the car man he threw the car reversed
and he started the car threw the car in
reverse and next thing I knew and it was
this beautiful courtyard beautiful
fountain look like something came from
the Venetian the real Venetian something
came from Italy the T bus got this chick
from the Vatican it was just gorgeous
and these beautiful ladies holding up
and man all I’m it was water just water
like we had driven the car underground
man so he put the car move the car a
little bit forward to get off a little
bit of a roll the car was kind of stuck
so water was still of a dam he gets out
the car he looks around he says Tigers I
says everybody good tuck like you okay
is this good quick get back in the car
let’s go wait so he just drove off after
hitting any Murphy’s father no bad no I
honestly wish me wicked I think Eddie
really held it against me it really so
ty goes daddy we can’t do that and so he
goes all right you’re right come on no
you you have to drive I gave you the key
that’s all you bring your black ass he’s
just cool any one of the coolest catch
you could ever ever be around like I’m
somebody he’s just so cool all the time
man you know nothing really rattling go
back inside and he’s sitting down eating
his food and he comes back inside and
says Eddie something terrible happened
card it came through the first gate
picked up speed to the second gate it
was a chick she look like she was
driving she look really mad she was
really mad man she came and she just
demolished the gate spread out turn
around through the donut and flew back
down the driveway
Eddie so cool but he says wait but never
look them did you tear up my fountain
Richard what did you read my various let
me drive and uh Eddie what the game was
so cool he said he told me sit and get
the keys from him don’t ever let him
drive again he said he said Oh Rick you
know this was my new house I will shot
you in a good leg I’m sorry man I said
damn man where’s Charlie when we need
him uh we wrote out hilarious hilarious
man I wish I would have gotten
interviewing before he passed he loved
you he would’ve loved you man he just he
was just so just a voice man you know I
learned a lesson you know talk about
living out loud my life is an open
secret you know because of read James
you know what it is hey how you start
it’s how you finish

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