Darius McCrary on Dating Karrine Steffans, Bobby Brown Trying to Warn Him About Karrine (Part 10)


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Part 9: https://youtu.be/C7VTmbiwMzA
Part 1: https://youtu.be/dHB-H1VLcd8

In this clip, Darius McCrary opened up to VladTV about dating Karrine Steffans. He called the situation “tumultuous and expensive,” and Darius added that he later came to the conclusion that celebrities should only date one another. He also spoke about Bobby Brown trying to warn him about dating Karrine, which you can hear more about above.

Darius McCrary stars in the new show ‘Monogamy’ on the Urban Movie Channel. Watch the trailer here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy0-0Ay0XwY <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well at one point you started dating
current Stephan’s I did
aka superhead hey man that’s Corinne
we caught a Koran yes well I actually
produced the kissing tail documentary
that you’re in you did that I was the
producer yeah I wasn’t the director but
the original interviews came from me and
the concept came from me so y’all came
in studio to interview me when I made
the statement that sometimes you you
know he end up with opto rep tone or
rectum ology and that’s when I Brandi
crossed with your eyelids and you have a
shitty outlook on life that ended up
being a very tumultuous relationship for
yeah man i’ma tell you this right
I really feel like this in Hollywood I
feel like celebrities should date
celebrities period and it took me years
to arrive at this conclusion I don’t
care if it’s an actor dating a singer I
don’t care if it’s a model you cannot be
in especially now where Hollywood has
gone with social media you know because
I mean we were just at the beginning
stages of things going viral at the time
and you know man once again when someone
reaches a certain level of success and
all of a sudden they find themselves
flailing because they’re not getting the
attention a lot of times people will do
anything to maintain that attention you
know and now we call it cloud chasing um
you know it was a very tumultuous
relationship because we were young and
you know III have a certain genius a qua
you know that has been known to affect
the fairer sex in certain ways to where
reactions you know can be adverse I mean
but you have to understand man I mean
look if you give a woman a little bit of
money she gives you a home you know you
give her a little bit of a little bit of
you know she gives you a meal you know
you give her you know you you you give
her your body she produces a baby so if
you give her any shit you gonna get a
shitstorm you know and at the time man I
wasn’t aware enough to understand that
beautiful women are like exotic cars you
know they take a lot of maintenance I
mean you could have Rolls Royce minute
the brake job is ten thousand dollars
alone you know so you can’t just run a
Rolls Royce you know if you’re not
expecting to pay for that brake job you
know so um it was a very expensive
Intramuros situation man and you know
it’s pretty much the reason why I don’t
drive a Rolls Royce to this day well you
had a quote and it was mention in the
documentary you said if you could turn a
ho into a housewife Corinne would be the
one pretty much yeah man because you
know at the time I and I feel this way
about most women who have had difficult
walks of life they’re very appreciative
most women are very appreciative when
they do come across something that is
worth having and they’ll fight for it
and they want to keep it because they
know what the alternative is you know
like I said they take scraps and they
make a meal you know I’m gonna take a
little bit of money and they make make a
home you know so Korea had all those
qualities man the thing that was
difficult for us is like I said you know
it’s just hard for some people to turn
off to turn turn it off you know and you
have to decide when you’re going to
allow yourself to be opened up to the
public and when you’re going to take
time to work on yourself in you know and
man it’s just hard you look at all the
relationships you know that we put out
there in public I mean like a couple of
strong as Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan you
years she had been with him through all
the WWF – now the WWE and this legend
they couldn’t even do it man you know
and the business is just really a trip
it’ll it’ll make things very very very
difficult man where relationships are
concerned which is why I really believe
that entertainer should be with
entertainers period well yeah I mean one
of the things that stood out during
those interviews in the documentary was
the was the the Bobby Brown’s story were
you actually ran into Bobby Brown and he
was like what are you doing with her
you know so funny but that I was just
talking to to George Clinton about that
that now we were actually at a George
Clinton concert there’s another one of
my greatest mentors and everybody was so
shocked when I walked into the room with
her and that really did happen everybody
was like whoa I mean she was looking hot
man I mean she’s a gorgeous woman man
she’s beautiful I mean she’s amazing in
so many ways look what attracted me took
her and wasn’t her body it was her mind
so you put that kind of mind into that
kind of body it’s dangerous man I mean
we fell in love man we were headed 95
going south man on an interstate man you
know it was it was amazing man and Bobby
tried to warn me and we were laughing
about this George and some of the guys
and and I did say I said you do it with
it you know and it’s so funny sometimes
you look at the situation it doesn’t
work out for others it doesn’t work out
well for others and you think that you
may be able to navigate through it you
know but I think that some people are
better alone

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