Dana White talks Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones and upcoming matchups


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UFC President Dana white held a press conference after Friday’s weigh-in and discussed a variety of topics including Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones and other upcoming matchups.

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Dayna just a quick 97 questions for me
yeah yeah yeah hey we had a positive
test this week we haven’t seen that but
this it was a little different this time
because it was a fighter that fought
here three weeks ago so I’m curious did
that trigger any kind of added protocol
or anything different that had to be
done it’s gonna happen if you look at
how long how many fights we’ve been
pulling off of how many fighters there
are a few people including my staff
everybody has tested positive so people
are gonna test positive we said that day
one it’s gonna happen I think the cure I
think the question was because he fought
here a couple weeks ago obviously he
would have been negative at the time I
wouldn’t be able to fight but does that
make you do anything different or than
it means he went somewhere in between
then and now and he picked it up enough
fight island is uh now all official the
fights are official curious if we’re on
a situation like this in fight island
are there late replacements available is
there a way to have people switch out
there no no no we’re making sure that
everybody that goes over to fight Island
is is negative we’re gonna make sure
everybody’s tested and tested and tested
and tested nice when do the fighters get
start getting to fight Island I’m
curious is it just a typical like
Tuesday arrival for a Saturday fight or
they got to get there soon or what’s
what’s the plan off the top of my head I
don’t even know I’m doing a bunch of
travel in the next few weeks too so I’m
going on like the fifth I’ll get there
the fifth and I don’t know what they
have planned the team has that all
mapped out when everybody will get there
and how that’s all gonna go yet a big
you know bunch of bad announcement
yesterday I think one big one that’s out
there that we don’t know yet is Ida
Sonya and Kosta everybody’s looking
forward to that fight what can you tell
us on the update of what’s going on with
that one well there really isn’t an
update on that one I was talking to
Megan Oliva and I was laying out how
champions are fighting number one
contender’s right now like all across
the board which is cool and you know the
the fights that we have lined up for
this summer are off August is ridiculous
August is insane and then you know how
that usually works out as we end the
year going into the fall there’s always
killer fights going into the fall too so
I mean with all the madness that’s going
on and this
world right now this this thing is just
yeah it’s it’s so good right now
everything is so good right now
in the UFC world is it delay with them
is it like contractual stuff like
getting it done I mean that’s the fight
to make right that’s the funny buddy
wants to see what oh yeah yeah no that
fights happening yeah fair enough
habib took to Instagram yesterday T’s
he’s got big news coming we know the
unification fight is supposed to happen
is there an update or is that what he’s
teasing do we have a high of no idea
what he’s doing but yeah he’s fighting
he’ll be fighting this fall I mean
that’ll be the gay chief fight yes
absolutely and and last one I want to
ask you was John Jones it’s been a
couple weeks since he kind of said he
wanted to give up the belt have you guys
made a decision on what you want to do
at 205 what the direction is at 205
right now no nothing yet did you see
yesterday Mike Perry posted a video of
himself with a bloodied hand and yeah is
that fight still on its old okay yeah
that’s an old video he’s just playing
tricks on us yeah with the Ultimate
Fighter you’re talking about bringing it
reality TV sort of moved on over the
past few years are you looking to bring
it back more like the contender series
how it was originally are you gonna do
to any tweaks that The Ultimate Fighter
yeah The Ultimate Fighter will be
tweaked and be a little different but
listen it was a good formula you know if
it ain’t broke don’t with it
earlier this week we saw another MMA
promotion made layoffs to their staff
just no one wants to see people laid off
but does that make you feel vindicated
about how hard this actually is and how
people aren’t giving you no I know how
hard this is believe me I’ve been I told
you you guys most of you have known me
for a very long time
whether you like me you hate me you
don’t agree with me agree with me when I
come out and tell you something’s the
hardest thing that I’ve ever done this
is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and
and and you know there were a lot of
powerful forces battling against us for
it not to happen and I don’t I don’t
wish that on anybody I know everybody
you know thinks that I hate all these I
don’t hate all these other groups all
these other groups need to survive for
this thing to work for everybody
and you know people getting laid off
there and losing their jobs and
and no III don’t I don’t wish that on
anybody ever this is somewhat of a
depressing question but the kovat
numbers are sort of going up across the
country do you guys have a contingency
in plan if there’s another lockdown
later this year yeah I told you guys
going into this thing I’m always
thinking about what’s next and one of
the frustrating parts about this whole
thing is you know for me I just little I
keep telling the story I was telling it
again this morning four months ago I
could have told you anything about this
business where we were going what was
going to happen I I don’t know I don’t
know now so all I do is sit around and
and strategize and try to plan and I’m
planning for a second shutdown that it
will happen again I’m always thinking
about the worst what’s the worst thing
that it’s like when you hear these guys
talking about when they train they like
to put themselves in the worst positions
they could possibly be in you know that
that’s how I look at this business –
what is the worst position we could
possibly be in you know and and my
number one goal is always I don’t want
to lay off any of my employees and I
don’t want to I don’t want fighters
sitting and active and not being able to
compete and you know when you’re a
professional athlete you have a very
small window of opportunity a very
limited amount of time
you know we get into all this money
and the stuff that’s going on right now
everybody acts like this is a
career this isn’t a career this is not a
career this is an opportunity anything
can happen in any given moment knee can
blow out your back you’re this you’re
that hope at 19 you know who the hell
knows what’s what what is coming down
the pipeline so you have to take every
opportunity that you can get if there
was a second look down into the United
States of America would it be possible
that you could just move essentially the
whole company to Abu Dhabi for like
months I don’t know I don’t know even
Abu Dhabi shut down when this thing
happened is that one of the hardest
challenges about this entire thing is
that it literally you just can’t plan
it’s like you want a book could be gage
if I I promise you this if it can be
done I will do it
it can be done I will do it I was just
curious you’re like I know you guys are
planning for events in Nabu Davi for the
next month but the plan is like keep
going back and forth Abu Dhabi and Vegas
what’s the question if the plan for the
UFC’s like keep coming back and forth
Abu Dhabi in Vegas you for the next
month that’s we’re gonna be going back
and forth to Abu Dhabi until the world
comes back most of this is an
international business and both of what
most of our fighters are international
and we have to put on so many
international fights or I’ll end up
smoking all the US talent like that and
and we wouldn’t be able to put on any
events we’re gonna be going back and
forth to Abu Dhabi I’m assuming for a
very long time and I spoke to Amanda
Nunez last week and she said that she
was contemplating a retirement you know
that’s not true that’s not what I heard
that’s not that’s not what I heard I
heard that she was just saying you know
I’ve achieved everything I’ve done this
I’ve done that that should not really
contemplating retirement she’s saying
what’s next for me I did one-hour
interview well you would know better
because there’s definitely no language
barrier between you two so maybe the
language barriers between me and her it
doesn’t explain like she was saying that
you know she continuity achieved
everything her life that she doesn’t see
like you know challenges right now and
she was happy with the UFC financially
was nothing about money as well it seems
like is a is a place where she’s right
now because of her family the thing that
makes me laugh is when people say oh I’m
pissed off about financially whatever
I’m gonna retire do you guys not get
pissed off at work I’m sure you guys get
pissed off at work a lot are you gonna
retire ya know why can’t retire
these guys can retire she can retire you
know a lot of these guys can retire you
know I hope she doesn’t you know she’s
one of my favorite people ever and
coming off the performance that she just
put on you know she I think that the
beautiful thing was she she she came out
of the
Jai random a fight and everybody was
like oh she looked human this that you
know all the critics were all over spot
the problem you know arguably the best
female striker of all time beater and
she looked human in that fight then she
came out and put a statement on the on
her last performance she looked
incredible and put on an absolute clinic
against one of the toughest women I’ve
ever seen in my life
and after a performance like that I
would hate to think that she would want
to retire but you know if that’s true
and that’s where she’s at right now then
then she probably should I was just
curious to see like if you talk to her
and if you you know are planning on
talking to her soon yeah yeah yeah I
love that girl well I’m sure we’ll talk
about it and we’ll we’ll see what’s up I
was going to give her some time yes
they’re having a baby and you know she’s
got a lot of cool things going on in her
life I think I think she’s at the point
now you know she’s got a lot of money
and she’s probably starting to enjoy
herself and you know everything changes
when you got a lot of money and I just
have some questions about the Brazilians
fighting next next month in the Fire
Island you know starting with just a
although that is gonna face Peter young
you know for the bout what do you think
about that fight you know and just they
all though fighting for the title for
Brazil is a huge thing but a lot of
people are also criticizing because he’s
coming from a loss there’s three things
that play here I don’t hear well you
have a mask on and an accent that all
three of those are disasters like this
can you talk about those aldo and peter
yin fighting for the bantamweight title
you know a lot of people were
criticizing although because he’s coming
from a loss you know yeah well i mean
i’ve pretty much said a million times
how i feel about that you know a lot of
people thought he won the fight Jozy all
just one stuff that’s the kid that said
who don’t wanted so who you know that he
was next in line for the title shot how
do we go back now and tell him sudo
retired so you know you don’t get the
fight and if people disagree with that
fight you know my you know my my point
of view on that don’t watch it don’t
watch the fight if you don’t like it you
know all those been around forever the
guy’s a warrior
and to say that Aldo doesn’t deserve
anything is ridiculous
what does it represent to him though if
he gets you know a second belt at this
point in his career what does that mean
to him that’s huge I mean it’s I guess
everybody would be wrong then wouldn’t
they that he didn’t deserve the title
shot so you know if he goes in and gets
absolutely dominated and it’s a
one-sided fight and Aldo gets destroyed
then they were right and we were wrong
and you know it happens we also have
Gilbert burns fighting for the title
against Khmer Rouge Minh what do you
expect from the fight I expect a fight
listen I’m I’ve become a news month fan
you guys remember when news bond came
out and gave there that was 30 percent
tonight or whatever percentage he said
and you know I went off on him that
night ever since that night the guy’s
been an absolute stud the colby
covington guzman fight is one of the
best fights in the year and gilbert
burns is a well-rounded savage and this
guy wants this fight so bad yeah i just
i love guys with gilbert burns attitude
going in against the guy like ooze Mon I
just I think the fights gonna be
incredible I think it’s going to be an
incredible main event and I’m looking
very forward to it my last one is Davis
on Figueredo against Benavides you know
like a rematch that you know the first
time he didn’t make wait art any
anything in place like to make sure that
he’s gonna wait this time I mean you
know there’s only so much we can do to
make sure that somebody’s coming in on
what we weigh them we stay on top of
them you know we make sure that if they
need help they’re connected with with
the UFC Performance Institute and
getting you know help from them if they
need help with food we got you know
trifecta you know we have all these
things in place that can help these guys
but they have to want to help themselves
and they have to work with us and you
know the only thing to do in this
position was to make this fight again
and Benavidez is another guy who’s a
great guys been around forever you know
the decision was to do the fight again
and and so hopefully hopefully
everything goes right this time
Thank You Dana I just wanted to follow
up on Amanda Nunez if she were to walk
away what would you do with the women’s
featherweight belt would there still be
a featherweight division probably not
what about for bantamweight with there
what kind of timeline that was where
what time what kind of time literally
just told the guys the other day to
build that division let’s get it let’s
get starts and girls let’s start
building that division and now my girls
talking about retirement and so
apparently we gotta get on the same page
and figure this thing out how long would
you give Amanda to work things out
before you decided she can do whatever
she wants to do she’s the queen she can
do whatever she wants she’s got nothing
she’s having a bit like I just said
she’s having a baby she’s got all these
great things going on in her life right
now personally and professionally she’s
done anything that I’ve ever asked her
to do I mean to go from you know Ronda
Rousey to her it’s just it’s actually
been a joy working with the women in
that division you know I haven’t always
seen eye to eye with Holly Holmes people
but Holly Holm is one of the nicest
human beings on planet earth so dealing
with that with that division has been
awesome have you been able to speak with
the Nevada Commission at all to say like
hey this model that we’ve had here has
worked and would this be something that
they would allow to keep in place it
would be interesting to say thank you be
interesting to see I mean going in you
knew we were gonna do it right I mean
who thought we weren’t gonna do it right
we wouldn’t you know do everything we
can so like I said when you look at a
lot of these other sports and you guys
and other people try to compare us to
the other sports can’t compare us to the
other sports by the time we’re done with
fight Island we’ll be in ten fights or
more these guys haven’t even put on a
game yet you know look at look at how
safe it’s been done this I know at first
a lot of people were scared and a lot of
things you guys feel scared coming to
these things anymore do you feel like
you’re ever you know and
and the athletes are employees everybody
we take care of our people you know I
know I know that there’s always the
thing about you know oh we don’t make
enough that shit’s gonna go on forever
forever long I’m here and then long
after I’m gone there’s gonna be
about nobody makes enough money but
nobody can ever say that we don’t take
care of our people from you know whether
it’s you guys the Commission our
employees the fighters corners whoever
it is we’re gonna make sure that
everybody that comes to a UFC event is
safe we’ll spend the money and we’ll do
what it takes to do it right so my point
to saying that was you know III don’t
think they didn’t think we would do it
right the first time but hopefully if
this thing goes down again they know
that we can do this and we will do it
right if not plan B which I don’t have

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