Coke Paid Warren Buffett $592 Million – Here's Why


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CEO vs. Investor? Which would you prefer? Warren Buffett is a long-term investor and he used this mindset to get a big payday from Coca Cola.
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Coke Paid Warren Buffett $592 Million For This…
0:47 – Why financial education is so important looking at the CEO of Coke vs Coke Investor Warren Buffett
1:30 – How much money you can make as an investor vs CEO
2:29 – When you make your money as earned income you have to pay higher taxes – that’s what James Quincey the CEO of Coke has to do
3:00 – How much money Warren Buffett made from investing in Coke
3:30 – Warren Buffett gets bigger tax breaks than the CEO of Coke because of how he earned his money
4:15 – How to incorporate this investor mindset shift to earn more money and get bigger tax breaks
5:02 – How Warren Buffett uses his money and how you should use your money to create passive income and how you can invest your money
5:30 – 99% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was earned after his 50th birthday

What Is The Minority Mindset?
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Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority

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This Video:

Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody I’m just but it’s
Singh and welcome to the minority mind
sent hey do you like coca-cola you know
I don’t drink that stuff who said
anything about you drinking coke oh you
just asked if I liked coke yeah I asked
if you like coke the company you know
coca-cola sheesh get your mind out of
the consumer mindset it’s even worse
than having your mind in the gutter
anyways I don’t want to spend this video
talking about the coke business itself I
want to talk about why financial
education is so important by using coke
as an example and I’ll show you exactly
what I mean but before I get into it
make sure you hit that thumbs up button
below and subscribe to the minority –
YouTube channel so you don’t miss a new
videos every week in 2017 James Quincy
the CEO and head bossman of coke made 10
million dollars from working his job
running coke not bad now compare that to
this Warren Buffett and his company are
investors in the coca-cola company and
in 2017 the same year Warren Buffett and
his company made 592 million dollars in
dividend income from just owning shares
of the coca-cola company let me explain
what this means
James Quincy has to work very hard I
mean he runs a huge corporation and he’s
compensated very well for that I mean a
made ten billion dollars in 2017 but
this is called active income because he
had to work to earn this ten million
dollars Warren Buffett on the other hand
is an investor he uses his money to
invest in other companies and so he uses
money in this case to buy and own shares
of the coca-cola stock and coke pays out
an annual dividend or cash payments to
their owners and in 2017 Warren Buffett
and his company made five hundred and
ninety two million dollars in dividend
or cash payments just for owning the
coca-cola stock and Warren
it didn’t have to sell a single can of
coke but there’s a lot more I want you
to understand than just how much money
you can make in legal terms the money
that James Quincy made from his job is
called earned income because that’s the
money he had to go to work to earn and
the money that Warren Buffett made from
dividends is called portfolio income now
while these are small legal terms that
have big tax consequences because James
Quincy made his ten million dollars from
his job and I’m gonna assume that all
ten million dollars from salary just to
keep things simple
he has to pay earned income tax rates on
his money and these rates tend to be
very high so he made ten million dollars
and because he lives in Atlanta Georgia
which isn’t a super high tax state he
will end up paying around forty five
percent of his money in taxes leaving
him with 5.5 million dollars now this is
a lot of money but he paid almost half
of his salary in taxes Warren Buffett
made right around five hundred and
ninety million dollars in dividend and
he come from coke that’s about 60 times
more than the CEO of the company that he
has invested it but because Warren
Buffett made this money through
dividends the maximum tax rate that
Warren Buffett will have to pay remember
maximum tax rate on his five hundred and
ninety million dollars is 20% all money
is not created equal
Warren Buffett made sixty times more
from coca-cola than the CEO of coke made
but because Warren Buffett made his
money as an investor he is entitled to
bigger tax breaks why because well
that’s what the tax code says James
Quincy is an employee at coke he has to
go to work five six seven days a week to
make sure that you drink Coke products
not Pepsi and because he is the CEO and
he worked his way up he gets compensated
very well for that but his tax rates his
effective tax rate is more than two
times more than what Warren Buffett’s
effective tax rate is on his dividend
income from the coca-cola company
because of how they earned their money
and I know you probably said little
taking off yeah duh Street this is cool
and all but I don’t have a couple
billion dollars just sitting around for
me to go and buy companies with
that’s cool I get that but this doesn’t
mean that you can start incorporating
this investor mindset shift with I don’t
know fifty thousand dollars or five
thousand dollars or five hundred dollars
the system rewards you for not listening
to it if you listen to the system you go
to school get a job and you work your
way up the corporate ladder hey you can
make a lot of money which is great but
remember it’s not just how much money
you make that matters is how much money
you get to keep which is why I need you
to start thinking different on the other
hand if you understand how money works
and you start building your financial
education now you can go out and you can
start using your money as a tool to
attract you more money this way you can
get the best return on your time and
your money this doesn’t mean you have to
quit your job I mean Warren Buffett
makes a salary from his company too but
you have to start using your money
smartly Warren Buffett uses his money to
invest in other companies you could do
the same thing by using your money to
invest in other companies through the
stock market and if you want to create
passive income and you can invest in
dividend paint companies or you can
invest in assets like real estate slowly
over time if you keep adding more money
to your investments and you keep
compounding your profits by reinvesting
the money that you do make your
investments will grow and the amount of
money you’re making from passive income
is gonna grow a lot to remember
99% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was made
after his 50th birthday money takes time
to compound sure maybe you won’t make
six hundred million dollars a year from
one stock but one if you make an extra
sixty thousand dollars a year it is very
doable but you have to start taking baby
steps today and if you want to learn
more about how you can invest your money
in the stock market or I can invest your
money and real estate to create passive
income and linked a couple videos for
you to watch in the description below so
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