Brother Nuri on Looking Similar to Minister Louis Farrakhan (Part 8)


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Part 7:
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Brother Nuri and Vlad talked about a variety of topics, including how people says he resembles Minister Farrakhan. Brother Nuri spoke on Farrakhan telling him and his brothers not worry about him after passing away, saying that he and his brothers and sisters will come together to keep the spirit of the Minister alive. From there, Brother Nuri spoke on Mysonne’s character, as Vlad noted it was him who connected Nuri to be on VladTV. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well I’m sure I’m not the first person
to tell you this but you look a lot like
a young Farrakhan man praise be to Allah
he’s a handsome man I’m taking that one
taking it but I always appreciate the
compliment of the physical appearance
but I’m more appreciate whenever people
say that I’ll remind them of a young
Farrakhan because that is the man that
taught me everything that I know and is
the example of the man that I hope to
one day become this man glad not just
for me but for hundreds of thousands of
US has fathered us through YouTube and
through mp3s and through DVDs and some
even VHS some some even through albums
some can even say he fathered them
through a track but Farrakhan has been a
spiritual father and I remember my
mother meeting the minister and she told
him thank you for being such a good
father to my son he said I’ll watch my
son listen to you diligently and she
said I don’t think that I could have had
a man in my house that could have been a
better father to my son than you were
through the lectures so I take the
compliment as thank you good for the
physical but I’m striving to be a good
spiritual look-alike of this beautiful
man well Farrakhan is 86 years old and
at some point he will have to step down
from his leadership position at the
Nation of Islam is there a plan
succession for his leadership at this
point or not really well you know the
minister said it like this lions don’t
retire they keep on rolling till they
leave so you know the beauty of this
time period that we are in as the
minister has expressed that it is
getting toward a time for his rendezvous
Destinee where he will be going away
from us he’s telling us don’t don’t
worry about it
see Jesus at the Last Supper right
before he left he said all the disciples
down and he gave he had one loaf of
bread in his hand and he gave each one
of them a piece of bread and he said
this is my body and then he gave him the
drink and said this is my blood and what
that represented is that I am me as an
individual but I’m gonna give you a
little piece of me the bread and if you
all come back together and collect your
consciousness together then you can form
together and take what you got from me
bring it all back together and I will
still be here through all of you
so our job bled in the nation those that
are soldiers those that are help us our
job is to bring our piece of bread
together with our brother and sisters
piece of bread that we can have the loaf
and be able to keep the ministers way
and His Word alive and well until he
well Nuri Mohammed I appreciate you
sharing your thoughts thank you Sam you
have a very I think you have a very
important message I support what the
Nation of Islam has done over these
years my friend my son yes who’s not in
the nation but his support of the nation
he’s the one that made the phone call to
me and said hey I have someone that I
think you should speak to and since I
respect his his opinion and our
friendship this is why you know we were
having this interview right now you guys
have just turned the lives around of a
lot of people I’ve used the FOI for
security myself and I’ve had great
experiences in the process and it just
kind of shows how you could use you
could solve problems and you can
communicate without violence go now
loud speaking without intimidation just
with respect
go ahead and test my five lat testified
now I’m testifying you know so I
definitely support what the nation Islam
stands for and has been doing and you
know I’m looking forward to what the NOI
has in the future
thank you Sarah and we appreciate you
for honoring the great warrior my son is
one of the greatest soldiers that we
have produced as a people an
uncompromising man with a great skill
and talent that had he sold his soul he
could be at the top of the hip-hop game
but as he wears on his hat so not for
sale he lives that and we are so proud
to call him our brother thank you sir
for blessing us with the opportunity to
share space and time with you and I hope
we can come back and do this one more
time absolutely
peace peace

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