Brother Nuri on His Iranian Father Meeting His Mother at "McDevils", Dad Not Being Around (Part 2)


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Part 3:
Part 1:

Brother Nuri Muhammad opened up to VladTV about being raised in a single family home by his mother. He explained that his father was a soldier in the Iranian military when he met Nuri’s mother and he had no interest in getting married or being a father. Brother Nuri went on to reveal that he later tracked down his father when he was around 31, but added that they don’t talk as much now. To hear more, including how joining the NOI when he was 17 changed his life, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

or both your parents around or raised by
one parent ma was raised by one parent
inside my household I had a stepfather
that came into my life early in life and
he did the job of being a father why he
was present in a distant mentor example
and father in absence but for the most
part like the universal story of a lot
of us that I had a single black woman
trying to be comforter consoler nurturer
sustainer and at the same time take on
the man’s role of maintain and
protecting and providing so it was like
that when when I grew up you know poor
but I never went hungry and I always had
you know clothes and we always had a
roof over our head and transportation so
I wasn’t I wouldn’t say it was project
life we had an exterminator
we had no rats and roaches running
around but you know I know the
refrigerator I moved back into my house
after being gone for 15 years and the
refrigerator that I had when I was a
child was still in there working real
good because the only thing we normally
had in there was a bottle of ketchup in
two packs of mustard
where was your biological father this
whole time
well my biological father is actually
from Iran so he came to America as a
soldier in the Iranian military and met
my mother Adamek Devils I mean in
McDonald’s excuse me and and as and
after he met her they became a couple my
mother was still in high school he was
20 and then I came into the picture but
he never had that desire at that time to
be married to my mother and to be a
father to a child so I didn’t really
meet him officially until I was 31 years
old and that’s because I went and found
but I’m thankful for him providing the
DNA from a people like the people of
Iran that never went through jaha Lea
with the Arab world or the Dark Ages
with Europe but they maintained a
certain level of wisdom and civilization
and I’m thankful the minister the
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan told
me that that God did something to make
me special by bringing the seed of a
people that hadn’t fallen and marrying
it with the womb of one that came from
slavery so to mix those two together
I’m thankful and that’s how I met him
and of course since then he’s been to
the mosque he’s heard me teach he’s you
know of course he cried and we had a
relationship for a while but we haven’t
communicated in a while but that that is
how that went down with the biological
father of mine well you join the Nation
of Islam at 17 in high school and I
watched one of your interviews you said
that leading up to that time you were
getting D’s and F’s and you had only
read one book leading up leading up to
that time were you a relatively good kid
outside of these grades or were you
getting in trouble and so forth well I
just finally admitted that I probably
was bad a couple months ago but but I I
can say this I’ve been arrested in
school three or four times I’ve fought
three or four teachers so I guess I was
bad you know I’m officially going on the
record saying I probably was bad and I
never was dumb I just was not interested
and I I didn’t have a cause I was a
rebel without a cause so going all the
way through the years of school I was
present in school but absent from study
and when I first met the teachings of
the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I
learned the student enrollment and it
asked the question who is the original
man and the answer
is the original man is the Asiatic black
man the maker the owner the cream of the
planetary God of the universe
I took it to heart and believed it and
in my mind I said if I am the father of
all art science and civilization and
every people came from me then there’s
nothing that someone that came from me
can put it in front of me that I won’t
be able to master so I brought a new
mindset my my paradigm in my mind
shifted and I went back to school and my
senior year in high school I had a four
point eight 4.0 GPA

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