Brother Nuri Explains the Meaning of His Concept "Financial Coonery" (Part 3)


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In this clip, Brother Nuri Muhammad opened up to VladTV about moving to Chicago to be close to the NOI headquarters and working with a security team for the NOI. He then shared a story about getting jumped one day while trying to help a woman that was being beaten and the woman later trying to stab him. He went on to speak about healing within 3 days of the incident after being put in the hospital, and Brother Nuri spoke about then moving back to his hometown in Indiana. To hear more, including his meaning of the concept of “financial coonery,” hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

okay so then you join the Nation of
Islam you end up not going to college
right but you put all your effort into
the nation at what point did you
actually meet Farrakhan was that early
honor or later I met the minister the
first time when I was 19 years old when
I left high school I got married at 19
and my wife was pregnant but I wanted us
to live in Chicago because that’s the
headquarters of our nation and I felt
like I could go there and get the
supreme training that will make me the
most effective tool weapon and
instrument in the hand of my minister
that I possibly can be so when I went
there I was working for a security
company that we had and there was a
situation where there was a brother
beating a sister with some handlebars to
a bicycle and I stepped in the middle of
it got the handlebars took him from him
and he hit me with a pole left the
building went to another building to
make a long story short ran over to the
other building and when I came up I hit
him and held him down and lo and behold
while we were holding him on the ground
the same sister that we were protecting
him from came out of her apartment and
tried to stab me so I grabbed her arm
took the knife we left went downstairs
by the time we made it down two flights
of stairs here told everybody we jumped
him and needless to say those that were
with me that were on the security force
they didn’t stay with me they went
another direction but I was calling on a
lot and moving toward them and didn’t
realize I was by myself so I got jump
and put in the hospital and during that
time I was I got out of the hospital and
the minister held a meeting and we all
came together and I was on the front row
and I had had a cut that went from the
top of my head all
way down to here and my I had a scab
that covered my whole face closed this I
head was swollen but in three days I was
a hundred percent healed and looked
so the minister when he seen that he
seen the picture and that was my first
chance getting to meet him and he told
me let’s put something in my ear about
what he thought about me and what he
thought about the future for me and I’ve
been trying to do the best I can to live
up to that every sense
well you eventually moved back to
Indiana right and that’s when you joined
masa 74 right that’s was that was my
birth mosque that’s where I first came
in the nation in Indianapolis at mas 74
and I went back there just to offer my
service to the mosque and I ended up
becoming the minister of the mosque at
20 years of age but I was so young that
the some of the officials had already
told everybody don’t y’all get used to
him being your minister he’s too young
so I was the interim minister but during
the time of interim term for only I was
there as interim for six months
we are doubled in ranks and we became
the most outstanding study group in the
central region for that year and then
the next year the most outstanding
mosque and so the minister wrote a
letter installed in me as the minister
at 21 years of age well what’s
interesting about mosque 74 well number
one you guys purchased the land that the
mosque it’s on
yes sir and there is a child care center
a eat to live cafe and a barber and a
beauty salon on that facility that’s
really like a self you know enclosed
facility he said well it was it used to
be a strip mall and we purchased the
strip mall and good in it left only the
three walls
standing and went in and reconfigured it
and built our own school we have our own
school and we have the space for the
daycare and we have the restaurant and
the beauty and barber shop we just
converted that over and our grand
opening would be next week we just
converted that over into an event center
so we we had the the goal of of not just
having a spiritual center for the
education of the adults but we needed a
place to educate our babies
we needed a place that we can come and
get food that was in a call with a
divine diet that our people were
attracted to and we wanted a place that
you can come and get yourself together
thus really the idea came out of the
mind of the Honorable Minister Louis
Farrakhan he has said one time that idea
mas to me would be and he named these
ingredients and we went to work to make
his word bond and we were blessed to do
so well you wrote a few books one of
them is financial coup nuri black
dollars matter well that was a lecture
oh that was a lecture I did these are
probably lectures as opposed yes those
if you’re on the site those elections I
do have four books okay and one is
before you say I do
that’s about mate selection the most
important decision you could ever make
in your life after choosing to believe
in God is to pick the right one to spend
the rest of your life with the man could
make you choose we either inspire you to
grow into your greatness or confine you
to complacency they either be your other
half will make your half of yourself
the minister said like it’s a good
relationship and bring out the best in
you and cause you to become more
youthful and a bad one will bring out
the worst in you and age you prematurely
so mate selection is something we’ve
been struggling with as this was one of
those three Sciences that they said in
1867 on the halls of Congress that must
never be taught to the slaves so what
Vlad is that as we were moving to all of
these cities being invited to speak no
matter who was inviting us we always
found that we was off in a corner at the
hotel in a sidebar kal
sling session talking to somebody that
was coordinating these events about
their relationship problems and I said
man you know when marriage is done right
your home becomes a spiritual recharge
center where you can break away from the
wickedness of the world let your
firewall down and come home to a place
of pure love where you can plug into an
extract peace and power but whenever the
organizes that are fighting for freedom
justice and equality have to go home and
get drained and I said manda the last
thing that a man wants to come home to
after fighting in this world is to have
to go around to with his own woman and
the last thing a woman wants to come
home to after fighting in this world is
to find a man that ain’t been fighting
at all so I figured that if we can cut
down on all of these you know secret
little meetings over there about a
copying machine in the hotel and we
didn’t made the business offer I said so
I got before you say I do and after you
say I do and now we go and we still have
marital problems but I can do like those
old-school doctors and say take two of
these and call me in the morning so
that’s how those two came about mother
to us let’s just mind being you and
seven jewels of God well the lecture
financial Qunari what does that mean
well it is a it is an analysis of the
kind of bad spending habits that we’ve
adopted in particular as black people in
America we are unfortunately we
participate because of the high stress
level we participate as a people in
something that I call retail therapy and
and we blame as a people we blame the
white man for ninety five percent of our
problems but still not spend ninety
seven percent of our money will we we
are the leaders in unnecessary spending
you know unnecessary spending is my
stuff you don’t need with money that you
don’t have from people that you don’t
like to impress people that you don’t
even know so it’s a it’s a sad state
we have brought in last year they’re
estimating in 2018 that we brought in
1.3 trillion dollars as black people in
America at a two hundred and twenty six
nations on earth that makes us the
eighth richest nation on the planet we
brought in seven hundred billion dollars
more than Mexico six hundred billion
dollars more than Spain yet Spain has 46
million people and a two hundred and
eight thousand square mile landmass and
they’re able to provide for themselves
as an independent nation Mexico has a
hundred and thirty-one million two
hundred thousand people in population
and seven hundred and seventy one
thousand five hundred acres of land that
they’re maintaining with with with with
less than half the money we have so what
this is is for all of these nations to
have half in income half and money but
double in independence we got a lot of
dollars but we need some more sense so
we were in that message we were trying
to show our people how to disconnect
right now
Vlad unfortunately our brain as a people
has been hardwired from happiness to
spending but we got a real hard wire and
take it from happiness to spending and
take it from happiness to saving and
happiness to invest in so financial coup
nuri is a bad habit of the misuse of
dollars based upon our suffering and our
stress and inappropriate use of the
resources we have yeah one of my side
projects is a as an instagram page
called flat stocks where I talk about
stock investing and because I felt the
hip-hop community just knows absolutely
nothing about it it’s not it’s not
pushed it’s not co-signed and I wanted
to be one of the first voices out there
as if as a bigger voice to actually push
investing and so forth and which caused
you know it’s triggered thousands of
people to start investing for the first
time man and I’ve always said that you
know if you if you love Nike sneakers
before you buy your next pair of Nikes
why don’t you buy a share of Nike stock
because that Nike stock will appreciate
over time and it also has a dividend but
those sneakers are gonna be worthless
after you wear them a few times yes I
think it really changed a lot of
people’s perception of it well I think
that is a good step in rehired wine the
brain the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he
never really encouraged us to invest in
the sense of the Dow Jones or the Nasdaq
or but he encouraged us to invest
himself so what he wanted us to do is to
take the money we have saved find six or
eight people they have the same idea
that we have and then let’s pull our
mind money and muscle our time talent
and treasure together and let’s put that
money and then muscle together and let’s
get us a business for ourselves that
when we leave the planet we can leave
something to our babies so I think that
that programming that you are put out to
help re hardwire the brain was a good
step and I would hope that we would go
into the Nipsey Hussle
persona and be one that comes back to
the area that produced us and instead of
trying to put a lot of money in to
collaborative efforts efforts with big
corporations start creating some small
little corporations in your hood then we
can actually make it a neighborhood
again I always say if I wonder why do we
always call it the hood when the real
thing is they put and you know what the
reason we call it the hood instead of
the neighborhood is because the concept
and function of neighbor is missing from
the environment where we share space and
time so we’ve got to get back to that it
takes a village to raise a child we have
to get back to the principle of shop
with your brother before you shop with
another we have to get back to that
principle where we start calling one
another brothers and sisters because if
I’m your brother and something and the
sisters my sister my son is her nephew
and her daughter is my niece every
problem becomes a friendly problem and I
think they
if we did that we would graduate after
out of having sympathy for one another
and to have an empathy for one another
sympathy means that I don’t like this
something happen to you bad and I feel
bad that you feel bad but empathy means
when whatever happens to you I’ll feel
it like this if as if it happened to me
when we get to that level I think they
will be able to see that thriving
instead of surviving that we see in the
inner-city communities

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