Boosie on Rihanna Being Worth $600 Million: I'll Make Her Worth $600 Billion if She Had Me (Part 22)


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Part 21:
Part 1:
Boosie opened up to VladTV about still having a thing for Rihanna, but adding that he knows that Rihanna doesn’t want him. Boosie then added that he would make Rihanna’s reported $600 million net worth shoot up to $600 billion if she was his girl. During the conversation, <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

you still try to shoot your shot
Oriana you know everybody got people who
they effectuate we like that’s one thing
ought every artist in this gang got
somebody who they infatuated with like
you know like they fuck with you know
they just fuck with them you know I’m a
real nigga I’m you know gonna be
beautiful gonna be beautiful right you
jumped in their deals before right I
think you went on Instagram you said I’m
gonna tell my kids Rihanna was my first
boy I hate anybody down there why I
killed the other day without I was I’d
to be I killed every day without hours I
hit man I saw that girl picture I see
the Lord Jesus man hey girl look like
marco potato said I swear to god man
my mom I quit like a dog you know when
that dog Hey
I see Lord Jesus a beautiful black woman
man they got some beautiful women in the
world and she wanna and she a boss know
that up degree she just a boss man she
just opposing you know I don’t see our
nigger let that go let’s actually let’s
look up her net worth Rihanna has an
estimated net worth of six hundred
million dollars I’m a-gonna where 600
being I’m a hustler
she never be worth 600 being she am me
a bitch

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