Boosie: Omarion Got Some "Street" in Him for How He Handled Lil Fizz (Part 21)


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In this clip, Boosie spoke on the Omarion interview and how calm he was discussing the Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones situation. Boosie explained why he believes Fizz was wrong for choosing to mess with Omarion’s baby mama and why he thinks Omarion has some street tendencies for the way he handled everything. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well recently I interviewed Omarion yeah
and this video there was a number one
trending video on YouTube for like two
days yeah you know the video I’m talking
about yeah
now have you ever been in a rap group
have you always just been kind of part
of a crew but but been solo I’ve been
solo you know I didn’t did I didn’t did
a project me away but that’s the only
person you know
can you imagine looking at your phone
one day and seeing Webby
cuddled up with one of your baby mothers
fucking that’s what I’m saying if I see
that I’m gonna say they’ve been fucking
I said I’m a tank they was fucking
wheels on Tula way back in the game it
was fucking all kind of she gonna go
through my head man when she was going
on three hours she was sucking his dick
that’s a hard thing a holiday you later
with my video fucking even y’all been
fucking you for years decades
yeah fucking it’s time to come out it’s
time to figure out I love being in the
closet get what all about y’all been
fucking I’m thinking about them three
times I was gone for a whole month and
that nigga wouldn’t know to with me when
I’m in the world what do you think about
this situation that here you have a
Mario he’s right he’s wrong it’s all
about little fits I feel like he wrong
or you know why I fucking feel but I
feel like he wrong but because y’all
made history together no real history
good all these bitches in the world why
I hold up I’m to my life right no
reality TV new you nigga yo damn fool
nigga why I crossed that boundary though
like why I do that dog you know like I
ain’t respected because I you know I
live by butter sheep
that that that that’s just like you know
somebody go to jail
would you like somebody to go to jail
y’all y’all y’all best friend
y’all made history together and you
start fuckin his baby mama you know that
that ain’t cool you know on the level I
feel you know I don’t know what other
high everybody else think on us on the
meadow whatever but I just feel like
that ain’t cool you know you rappers and
all this having some lake they like if
they won’t they have a son Lake when
they come to women you know that’s b2k
he could have got any bitch I just feel
like that wasn’t cool I would have did
the same thing my Mario India to mean to
do that and I’m finna make you money you
got me fucked up oh yeah cuz then I
think maybe a few weeks later or like a
week later he announced the new
millennium tour without b2k he looks
like the ultimate clap back ever
yeah I want to do the exact same thing
you know you did that to me you know I’m
definitely not gonna uh you know this
kid I’m definitely not gonna help you
make no money no kind of way never never
again know how I would feel like you
know he had too much love it and
hardships with him to try to hurt him so
you know he’s other ways you heard
people you have people with a smile you
heard people with a bang yeah I mean the
way he answered the question was like
the most calm collected and media
trained answer I’ve ever seen it was
like hey he was you know Lamar Mario
look like a street nigga to me I hear
and I mean we’re calm cool and collected
saying oh I’m gonna get the land layer
right I remember anything
you’re not even on my level
that’s what he’s seen didn’t get out
that make it more y’all guys are
screaming at him right because I was
like I bought you a bag and evening
alright cuz I said what do you think
about that video were we’re a little
fizz is playing with April’s but he goes
west what couples do right and it’s like
a dam you just shut down that question
when the video came out of him
you know like a somewhat explicit video
of both of them came out did you just
sort of shake your head like I don’t
know I haven’t seen it you haven’t seen
it no I haven’t seen it
did you know the video I’m referring to
you know the video of him like playing
with her but okay I guess that’s what
couples do yep yeah that’s the number my
named ain’t even ain’t even our home we
go thinking about them I think of
Rhenish tree gang even though he might

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