Boosie: I Have No Beef with Webbie, But We're Not on the Same Page Anymore (Part 23)


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Part 22:
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In this clip, Boosie addressed rumors of a beef with Webbie, and he clarified that he could never beef with Webbie. Boosie went on to speak about being hopeful that they could get back in the studio and make more classic songs in the future. To hear more, including how Boosie thinks he and Webbie are on different pages, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well we talked about webby recently
someone tweeted me and said uh as busi
about his beef with webby and i said
i’ve never heard of no beef between the
two of them okay
thank you for clearing that up I can
never win that’s what I thought
that’s exactly what I thought because
you guys have so many classics right
like you know independent is a bona fide
classic between you know with both y’all
on how come we don’t see booty and we’ll
be together no more though we don’t see
him like your last few albums I don’t
think I saw way beyond any song I just
you know like I gotta keep going you
know I’m a trained oh I’m a trained I
can’t I gotta keep on going well
hopefully y’all can reconnect I’m a fan
of both y’all I’ve interviewed both the
multiple times I think you guys are made
magic together and I think you guys
could do it again I’ll put that out
there in the universe we just gotta get
on the same page you know you just gotta
get on the same page when I get pissed
off I get pissed oh but I so did you
guys have words not ain’t no words you
know we had where is plenty of time yeah
we’re gonna be begging to say Oh Tara
didn’t bite so you know it’s just
I just got to keep going flat I gotta
keep going man you know you know III
depth into this new world shit you know
I got guy I gotta keep going
later you know hopefully we getting
there we we we make some o classes but
I’m every month every month at mine have
I’m dropping the class

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