Boosie Gets Upset After Learning Other Races Have Gotten Reparations (Part 26)


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In this clip, Boosie weighed in on the reparations conversation and said that he believes Black people are entitled to receiving compensation to make up for the legacy of slavery. He also got worked up after learning groups other than Blacks have received some form of reparations over the years. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

all right so last question what do you
think about reparations who reparations
what that’s uh the government giving
back money back to the descendants of
American slaves based on what happened
to them so they go get his money back
here by you all the whole world
you don’t worry buddy bleh if you say it
like that reparation you and they could
pay everybody bro they can pay everybody
back just give all the black people
money fault that’s how I feel it’s just
reparations that’s the reparations I’m
Quall see everybody who black everybody
who black ancestors black deserve a
check gotta get laid at the end of the
inning they rip up hundreds of millions
of dollars room and throw it away you
can throw that to the black people
follow the slaver there would be some
real shit I’ll do that if I was
president I definitely would do that
foul ancestors dog so so we can read
what the what they’ve been through
there’ll be some that’ll be some night
that’ll be some nice shit dog well yeah
considering what what America did to
black people I am I’m a hundred percent
for reparations how we got anyway we
never got paid back we never got paid
look we know you learners in a school
that was still fucking racist you let us
in a school that was still fucking
regardless you gave us cocaine and all
these drugs to deteriorate our whole
community we fucked we should get some
money we’re begging fuck we big info I
agree I agree and historically you know
the Japanese got reparations because
they were put in camps during World War
two Native Americans got reparations
that’s why you see all the the
the Indian casinos and stuff like that
but black people never got reparations
and I remember uh yeah India’s your
money bro Indians get chicks yeah
Indians get chicks yeah idiot get fuckin
checks from the government they get
fuckin to chase white a black man don’t
see bland I’m finna fuck with this I’m
feelin a fuck with this I kind of feel
some type of way about this pussy shit
my Indian pilot eggy chicks while of
fucks will get chick
we built every motherfucking plantation
out we built every motherfucking thing
wanna suckers blank the end we got
whooped beat our people got aquila shot
down and it’s still going on to this day
fuck we still getting shot down by the
new clean the dirty cops fuck cops ain’t
pulling over shooting over white kids
and Chinese kid they pulling over
shooting us and still going down this is
just calculated no hey we still are they
still huh now I’m motherfucking that I
agree and a couple months ago I felt
some type of way by I woke up and I and
I was feeling some type of way about
this and I started doing some research
and it said that 70% of Americans are
against cash reparations for black
people so I did a tweet and I said I
fully support reparations for black
people in America possibly in the form
of a free education and a bunch of
people got upset with me saying no we
know we want cash you know education is
not gonna do it but I know that the cash
is not coming in our lifetime but an
education is something that may come in
our lifetime what are your thoughts
about that
I mean mine
you could slide into education in with
it but we need money everybody need
fucking money all the money they
shredding up all that posed to go to
black people could buy any Impala see
them get chicks real shit so we propose
to get money man Hills get money here
motherfucking two weeks
all right here motherfucking quarter we
posed to get my we bent this wing ain’t
no raise been through most shit than
black people you can’t name one race
been through most of them black people
and still going through you can’t

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