Boosie: Dark Skin Causes More Fear, Light Skin is Viewed as Weaker (Part 27)


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Part 26:
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In this clip, Boosie talked about the plight of dark-skinned Black people as opposed to those of a lighter complexion. He said this reality is all too familiar growing up in Louisiana and described some examples he’s personally witnessed. Boosie also acknowledged that he’s getting squarely behind reparations efforts for Black people. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

if you really think about it right if
you take a step back and you look at the
whole world one thing you cannot deny is
darker skin people get treated worse
than lighter skin people all around the
world of course yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
and here you are as a dark-skinned man
with darsky and children which is even
more important because that’s the future
and you’re bringing these these children
into this world where you know that they
are not going to be treated the same as
if you had some mixed kids or some white
kids right how much does that bother you
let’s see don’t really bother me because
I’m from Louisiana
I’ve been around this razor shit the
black of the nigger the light of the
I’m could you say the black of the
nigger the light of the truth you know
and that just come from they just come
from all kind of shit like you pull over
clean-cut light-skinned guy most of the
times they don’t want him out you know
if he’s dressed regular they’ll still
won’t he it might not be as bad but if
you pull over
a dark-skinned man usually regular
clothes and I didn’t seniors as far as
experiment they tougher they tough on
you very tough on you I think the black
of the skin ammo field we bring the
people I really do I really do feel like
you know they’re just a part of life
baby like that old black age nigga help
you know saying that’s even with I
always talk about our race you know but
I just had a word shaped yourself later
you know but the light of the skin
sometimes people do look at you weaker
that’s why a lot of lights can do is be
be here bus they be proving itself you
know it’s different it’s kind of
it ain’t that much different it’s kind
of different cuz this year these days
even everybody looking saying everybody
everybody had looked at saying everybody
you know so if you black these days most
people we really looking black cuz we’re
being treated like that anyway yeah man
I hope I hope that after after we’re all
gone that this type of bullshit just
isn’t around anymore
it makes
so damn sense it was designed to
separate people is designed to make
people hate themselves and hate each
there’s no place in it in Morris I’m
finna go tweet when a black people
getting our reservations what you call
the reservations reparations reservoir
reparations I’m finna go put that on my
Instagram I want my motherfucking
I got some bangin people in my town
there we go that’s how we’re gonna end
it you know I put you up on something
new and you’re gonna get behind it I
love it some positive something positive
that’s what it is boo see man always a
pleasure always an honor and we’ll get
you a Christmas present this year some
nice some nice you want you want to just
send it directly to your house or or yes
Priority Mail it whatever you do just
get it to Macau it just let me know it’s
coming appreciate that Blanding flag IV
beside chariot I appreciate that man
think I got clubs plates
everything me I’ll let you bills cover
I’ll get your tracking over and
everything Tara Cuba Gooding jr. he’s
invited that’s what it is

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