Boosie Advises Felons to Lie on Job Applications, Prison Keeps You in a Box (Part 24)


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Part 23:
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In this clip, Boosie shares his thoughts on the stigma of prison when inmates are released and never being able to shake it in the eyes of society. He added that prison is set up for destruction and it’s a box that people are kept in after they do their time. He went on to speak about the losses people experience in prison and people viewing prison like the movies, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I recently interviewed Jason Williams
the basketball player do you know about
Jason story he accidentally I didn’t
know a Corinne me on a motorcycle not a
Jason Williams ended up accidentally
killing his limo driver with a shotgun
well okay basically the story was he was
playing for the nets
he had like a 90 million dollar contract
and then him and Stephon Marbury ended
up colliding into each other his leg got
broken in two places and then that was
the end of his career but he walked away
with all that money you know you know
how basketball contracts do so you know
he was doing his thing and he always
kind of had a thing about playing with
guns and one day he had a bunch of
people over his house including this
limo driver and he was like showing
people a shotgun and the gun
accidentally went off killed the killed
a limo driver right then and there and
then he tried to he tried to cover it up
and then you know he got caught in he
ended up doing a couple years in prison
for that what he told me that was kind
of interesting that I never knew because
you know me myself I’m not a felon you
you have felonies on your record
yeah what he explained to me that I
never knew he said he got out of prison
and he had to live in a hotel room
because nobody would rent an apartment
to him as a convicted felon and some
things that we need to work on is
because look man when I came out of
prison and all those few good things
that you said about me you know I still
could not get any place to stay right
because I was a convicted felon so I
don’t know if you know it I had to live
in a hotel while I was doing my parole
and it was you know I had because when
you are convicted felon I went to apply
at this building they said denied I
didn’t know that it’s like well I’m
denying why I said my credit is good and
my money is good why and they’re like
he’s just denied so I went to another
building another building and then
another building and then I went to the
Yale Club and gave a speech and the lady
came up to me at the end she goes yeah I
in those buildings and I’m the one
denying you true story right and it’s
the Ratner group and C said their HOA
homeowners association or the tenant
groups didn’t want to convicted felon in
there and if you a convicted felon and
you can’t yeah yeah of course when you
come home from jail you don’t come home
with opportunities like that you might
get a job as a cook you know once you
fill out your application most times you
should lie on it that’s what I advise
people you should lie on it because even
when you when when you do get hired you
looked at a certain way of you good-bye
you’ve been to penitentiary
you know it’s a setup I just feel it’s a
setup it’s a setup for destruction
because you know once somebody prison is
supposed to be rehabilitation you know
we didn’t committed a crime if we really
be rehabilitated why we’re not allowed
to have gone and we’re real ability if
you didn’t got it why we are not allowed
to have guns we need them better than
anybody you know like we we need them
better than anybody you know you’re not
allowed to do this you’re not allowed to
do that so really I got eighty percent
of my foot in the door me out the door
in prison and 20 percent of my foot in
the door because you got me it’s like a
box man is like a box it’s like a box
they keep you in bro
knowing you you you didn’t been through
all this you’d have been on the news you
know your life in danger you know saying
you’re not even allowed to have a
well I interviewed tradie
that we talked about this who’s a felon
as well and the way he described it I
never heard of anyone in the Warrens
they feel will disrespect them
keep the fire on they know now them
there wants to pull over a tradie he
said that when it comes to prison you
don’t just do your time and your even he
described it as forever punishment yeah
but he just kind of goes to show that
the prison it’s not it is right because
if you really think about it right okay
you did a crime but you got caught you
didn’t get away with it you got caught
you get sentenced you go and you sit in
a cage in in horrible conditions for a
long period of time you come out you
should be even but instead you’re now in
a situation where you can’t get an
apartment because you’re a felon right
you you can’t get a job because you’re a
felon what do you think is gonna happen
when you put a person in that situation
once they get out they’re probably gonna
start committing more crimes and orders
just to survive
right right right cuz you’re not it is
bullshit if the world think when you
come out of jail you a model citizen
it’s bullshit your mind to really be
rehabilitated you can be a man can help
society the people who look at you mind
is not real
ability you know all the people you know
once you go to prison you gotta
understand being as a people never been
to prison so hey look at the movies and
they looking at you and they picture one
of them characters on a motherfucking
movie you know so they think all prison
is like what they put that’s the only
time they ever saw it on the movie you
know you you a big motherfucker
they ain’t thinking don’t get out me are
only on that move not what that movie
got that move when I do got fucked they
think you want to lose you fucking boys
and then you know prison is in people
mind from television and any intimating
it if you made a lot of bad character
for inmates clear who you know they
actually feel like ancient many good
people in prison when they got some real
good people in prison and a lot of
innocent – yeah yeah me personally I
feel like that that should not even be
legal because think about if you if you
were apply for an apartment and they
turn you down and they say well the
reason I’m turning you down it’s cuz
you’re black and I don’t like black
people or you’re Muslim I don’t like
Muslim people well then you could take
that person to court and you could sue
that person but if a person says I shut
him down because he was a felon and I
don’t want criminals living in my
building there’s nothing you could do
about it that’s 100% legal that’s a
hundred percent legal you know they
don’t you know they will come back in
five minutes say we don’t hire a felon
you know it’s against our policy you
know so most people go back to doing
with doing what they got to do to uh to
feed this it’s a trap they really want
you think you can’t have a gun so you go
back to the same neighborhood or
wherever you went to and have committed
crime out
you know so you have no gun they know if
they catch you with a gun you’re going
back to Ginny if you don’t have a gun
somebody else might kill you they play a
cold right and then on top of that they
tell you like let’s just say you go to
prison and on a gang related charge they
tell you once you get out you can’t
affiliate yourself with with gang
members but if your whole family lives
in a certain neighborhood they’re all
technically or looked at as gang members
so then you don’t have a support system
and then they march toward the world is
fucked up the world is fucked up world
is fucked they’re all like what I see
the world is fucked up

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