Boosie Addresses Past Comments on Gay Culture, Didn't Like it in Kids Shows (Part 25)


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In this clip, Boosie shared his thoughts on openly gay rappers like Lil Nas X and feeling that hip-hop is really evolving to include everyone. He went on to speak about having gay family members, and Boosie also addressed past comments he made about gay culture. He explained that he still doesn’t like the gay agenda being pushed in kids cartoons, but added that everyone is entitled to do what they please. To hear more, including Boosie’s thoughts on the Popeyes chicken sandwich and the man who killed someone for cutting line, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

little Nozick’s yeah his song just went
Dimond tired of the creator his album I
think when it went platinum or something
like that huge album gay rappers are now
a thing they’re no longer in the closet
they are their big stars they’re there
the whole world knows they’re gay
they’re okay with it in fact they even
get bigger a lot of times when they when
they admit that they’re gay yeah you
call I mean I’ve always said there’s
gonna be gay rappers in the future no
one believed me but here we are 2019 and
it is here what’s your take on that so
no word just show you the rap game
change they might as well call it I
don’t know what to say hip-hop I don’t
know but it didn’t change you know if
you know 20 years ago that would have
never happened
coming up on the Tupac and Biggie and
shit like that that just to show you how
far it has gone you never know and
twenty more years the president it’s
gonna be a gay president problem but I
don’t have no problem with the gays I
don’t know I got I got gays in my family
I don’t have no problem with gays you
know I fuck with gays as far as you know
I there’s some of the nicest people in
the world all the gay people my family
got they got good hearts you know I just
you know just how he’s expanding and I
just feel like it’s gonna keep it he’s
gonna keep on these fan
yeah if you’re gay you’re gay man I’m
good with that
it’s your thing right yeah that’s hot
that’s how I feel like that’s your thing
you know I just I said something back in
the game about it’s just I just felt
like when I came home I came home it
wasn’t like when I didn’t fire for left
in five years it wasn’t like this it
wasn’t so when I came home you know it
was it was I said somebody because I
didn’t like the cartoons I was seeing
for kids I got kids I ain’t like the
ain’t ain’t ain’t I feel like they was
pushing it they was it was pushing it
man you know like I just saw some stuff
with a sprite commercial run like it’s
crazy bro but you know it each his own
right to each his own the bro life I’m
just saying how I feel what’s gonna
happen you know it is blowing up you
just being well I remember when the
whole popeyes chicken thing was going
crazy right and I waited for you know I
never had it when when originally people
were losing their minds so I waited
until it came back I went over to to the
suburbs to a low-key spot where I knew
there wasn’t gonna be a bunch of
craziness and I went and tried the
Popeye sick chicken sandwich
and let me tell you that was the
blandest chicken sandwich I’ve ever had
I was so disappointed and you actually
made a comment about all that – yeah we
just fuck I had been waiting three weeks
in blender
that’s ammo kool-aid I had been waiting
three weeks I’ve had social media how
you thanking your girlfriend skinny and
all she fine social media powerful they
should have you fucked up and he had me
break it up a sandwich with some shit
man I’m like this bitch regular like I
said I’m gonna let the world know this
bitch rattle of man
you know aint fuckin with chicken fillet
chicken fillet glad to give me a deal
you know fuck I swear to god it ain’t
fucking it well and people say that
sounding fucking with a chicken fillets
the chickens down they trippin yeah it’s
not even close chick-fil-a like they
trippin like I wouldn’t feel in that
right it let me down cuz I was waiting
on it soon as he came back I sent an e I
couldn’t even think him wrong
well somebody actually died over an
argument in a Popeye’s I guess over
someone trying to cut in line they
actually pulled out a gun and kill that
imagine how stupid you feel sitting in a
jail cell for the rest of your life over
killing someone over a Popeye’s chicken
sandwich stupid you ain’t gonna get no
chickens now and you know I don’t know
why you did that you know fuckin chicken
sound you know that’s your own dev
rollin as your last meal you can request
it yeah people getting beat up
everything I just don’t know what the
world is coming to these days social
media make you lose associate reason why
are you thanking your girl fit and she
fine is a bitch social media I’m telling
this she’s strong this shit another news

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