Bobbi Kristina's Brother Landon on Nick Gordon's Relationship with Bobbi (Flashback)


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In this flashback, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s older brother Landon, who is Bobby Brown’s oldest child, opens up about Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with Nick Gordon. Landon explained that he was suspicious of Nick from the beginning when he got together with Bobbi Kristina after Whitney Houston passed away. Landon questioned why Nick didn’t let his feelings for Bobbi Kristina be known until after Whitney’s death. He went on to speak about not knowing if Bobbi Kristina was on drugs, but added that he had heard rumors. To hear more, including how he was in the hospital with Bobbi Kristina for days and feeling like he had to protect her from opportunistic people, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

after Whitney passed essentially did
Bobbi Kristina inherit pretty much
Whitney’s wealth or was it kind of split
with your dad I remember there’s some
sort of weird power struggle that
happened afterwards or something do you
know anything about this no okay you
know nothing about this
no but Bobbi Kristina is obviously okay
financially at that point yeah I mean
her whole life but yes she’s squared
she’s squared away yeah where exactly
does Nick Gordon how did he get into the
picture Nick Gordon is a leech he is he
is a tag-along he is a weak individual
that can’t do for himself
he’s still a man he’s still a human
being but I guess this is another one of
those times where you say to him it was
his job and he was just doing his job
the job is elite yeah that’s how he
survives right some people just live off
of other people what how exactly to even
get in the picture you know he’s the
he just showed up hit my sister in him
they went to school when they were
younger and he just showed up at random
he just randomly showed up and when I
first met him I kind of just like you
know who are you
like you’re not my mom you’re not my
you’re not my cousin Gary you’re not my
mom security and she’s had them for
forever okay so who are you well they
said that that was her brother or right
how does that explain that to me cuz I
never quite got that so so here’s how it
all got mixed up this guys hanging out
my sister in him become the tightest of
friends they become the tightest of
friends and she calls him her brother
maybe once or twice or maybe he said
that he was her brother okay
my sister may have never even said that
but he’s working his way into the family
I mean you know there’s no blood
relation no there’s no through marriage
no there’s none of that it’s just her
friends from school that’s it and they
end up getting into a relationship after
her mother passes away after Whitney
passes it suspicious how did you feel
when you heard about that
that’s pretty pissed off because if you
had feelings for her this whole time why
did you wait till her mother passed away
to express them that doesn’t make sense
to me at all it makes no sense at all
yeah that’s really weird to me
you spent all this time opportunistic
really very opportunistic yeah just
weird timing and then there’s rumors of
incest and there’s rumors of Oz her
brother she’s marrying her brother
they were never
married yeah they were never gonna be
married yeah they’re never gonna marry
no man they weren’t gonna be man you had
conversations there about this oh man
music I’m doing this good now I’m
getting married I mean if anything they
were trying to keep from arguing all the
time okay
there was there’s rumors about drug use
between the two of them hmm have you
ever actually seen it no cigarettes out
of this world with the cigarette they’re
just changed me oh man with the
cigarettes like killing me with the
cigarettes okay but in terms of the
harder drugs of cocaine no like that not
never witnessed her doing any kind of
drugs did you ever speak to her about it
because you were hearing the the rumors
and stuff like that and you’re concerned
about your little sister you have
siblings I do not actually only child
only child there wow I didn’t see that
coming yeah my lines now do you have
siblings how many you have three three
this man has three there is not one
brother or sister in the entire world I
don’t think that knows exactly how to
handle being a brother or sister some
brothers and sisters are super rude to
their siblings because they want to be
the center of attention and some just
want to love them so badly that they
have no idea how to address something
that they don’t want to go on so if my
sister was or was not doing drugs I had
no idea I’ve never seen her yeah that
and thought that she was on drugs I
never witnessed her doing drugs and even
though I heard a million rumors right
well you heard a million rumors but you
also feel a certain way about Nick yeah
you see what I’m saying so you combine
it with that yes and it becomes a little
more serious than just a random rumor so
so here’s how that works – I don’t like
your boyfriend I don’t like the rumors
I’m hearing about drugs so how do I keep
my relationship with you we barely see
each other now you know when I talk to
you I’m I’m so excited to hear from you
to know that you’re okay how do I keep
you on the phone how do I keep you here
how do i how do I get to stay around you
how do I do that if I start telling you
I don’t like him
I may not have the relationship with you
because conversation is over yeah the
conversation is over
yeah if I start talking about drugs and
you’re possibly using them conversation
might be over so whenever I would speak
to her it would be about happy things
just man have you been in the gym have
you uh what what food have you tried
lately we should get some sushi I know
you love sushi let’s let’s do this let’s
do that like how’s your music just
complete positivity just give you
everything positive and let’s let’s do
that let’s talk about that
maybe I’ll spark something in you that
will set you on a different path away
from away from this one yeah but but she
still stayed with Nick yeah she did yeah
to your disappointment yes so then the
news got released
that’s something happened with your
sister now the the gray area and all
this is how Nick Gordon was involved
based on your point of view do you feel
that he has something to do with it I
feel like if I’m in a relationship with
someone and I’m the only one around her
and something bad happens to them I’m
gonna have to answer to somebody I have
some responsibility your sister went
into the coma Nick Gordon was there in
the house you know the the story gets
more and more vague every time I hear it
because when I was told the story I was
in California yeah they were in Atlanta
and it was just the news a friend of
mine called and said yes I heard your
sister to the hospital you should check
that out call my dad
yeah she’s in the hospital so the
details of what happened around her
vague for me still I could actually use
a few answers but he was there and he
was there in the house he was around her
and he claims that he had he couldn’t do
anything try to save her life that’s
what he says right when you talk to your
dad mm-hmm it’s one thing you know I
don’t want to downplay relationships at
all it’s one thing to lose your wife
something a little bit different when
you lose your child yeah I mean when you
talk to your dad and he confirmed that
that Bobby was in a coma
still no emotion or no that was
yeah plenty times when there have been
rumors or something in the media about
my sister you know my dad’s frustrated
what are we gonna do law how do we do
this how do we figure this out law you
know and we try to brainstorm you know
him and his wife brainstorm because
she’s awesome but and all my sisters in
a coma I mean I have a daughter I don’t
know I don’t know how I would feel I
mean I would feel nothing but this
err but I would also have this
conflicting emotion of of hope I’d have
to have that hope because I can’t put
that into the world I can’t I can’t feel
that way but he’s like we’re leaving I’m
flying out now you’re flying out
tomorrow okay
tell Lana hmm I got I figured I was
doing my kid yeah
I can’t bring with me gotta figure out
what to do about this and then I gotta
figure out what to do when I get there
oh so you go to the hospital yeah who’s
at the hospital ah of the small handful
of family okay small handful of family
both sides okay your dad is there yeah
yeah there’s Nick Gordon there no no oh
no okay
good thing you think you would have lost
it but I think he would have lost you
would have lost it
oh I think I would have lost ya I don’t
think anything but you would have lost
it I would have had a very hard time
keeping my composure yeah I mean when
you when you first heard it was there an
immediate like I blame Nick for this no
no no I can’t blame anybody for anything
you know I mean I’m a big brother and I
have my hand in it I have you know if I
kept up better if I traveled more for
visits more maybe something would have
been different you blamed yourself yeah
I did I blamed myself a lot you know my
dad is doing he’s running around the
world doing his thing making sure he
takes care of all his kids so you get to
the hospital
yeah your sisters in a coma mm-hm you
and Apache staying with her for a while
right yeah Oprah hello um almost the
entire length of her stay at the
hospital um they had a nice little room
next door to her room like a little
connected room and myself my cousin Mimi
we we try to stay as long as we possibly
could that was how long four or five
months you struggle with a lot of
emotions with that because you have a
kid your time is supposed to be spent
with you care but you
sister after you you feel like nothing’s
gonna get done right if you’re not there
oh so that’s what it was
you felt like you were the only person
that was gonna take care of things if my
father’s not gonna do it you know cuz my
father was there every day – if he you
know if my father has something he has
to do because he’s got more kids yeah
you can’t just stop
he can’t just you can’t stop everything
he did and it was how many kids does
your dad have at this point right now
right one two three four five six I
think going on seven about that okay but
I mean my father stopped his momentum to
be here from us to be there for my
sister and then has a pregnant wife and
it was like you have to do something
laughs okay I mean when you when you
initially got there because in the media
there was always you know at first it’s
like it’s really bad then it’s like oh
she’s coming out of a coma then she’s
not and so forth like based on you being
there what were the doctors telling you
the entire time
it seems like I just kept hearing we’ll
see you know we will see she’s looking
really good today I mean from when I
first got there to when I was leaving
everything was steadily climbing
everything was getting better and better
and better so her vital signs
oh man every through V is also
drastically I mean dramatically really
yeah like I was for certain I was for
sure that we were gonna be taking a
little walk on the beach or you know if
because of the atrophy and their muscles
maybe I’ll be pushing a little
wheelchair for a while until we get in
the gym and I was talking to the nurses
about all that like you know I’m gonna
get her in the gym with me and we’re
gonna yeah we’re gonna get to work it’ll
be a tough one but she can do it I know
it and you know things went the way they
went the way they found her in the
bathtub to be so similar to what
happened with her mom you know was that
what was it was that like just a very
difficult thing to get over at that
point just the similarity of the
you don’t get over things like that man
there’s no getting over there is no
there’s no getting past it there’s no
getting over it you just always want an
answer even if you know you’re never
gonna get one mm-hmm you forever want an
answer I thought I would be able to live
it by now but you know no matter what
you still want to know you want to have
been there yeah the whole time he’s
these five months mmm
did Nick or Never come by and visit he
tried oh really
you tried but he wasn’t allowed there
and it made sense you know you have a
whole family this person’s whole family
around and they’re emotionally unstable
right now because there’s a tragedy yeah
bad idea so he try to come come by and
we just heard you know we hadn’t seen
him but we just heard that he was coming
up trying to come up there and I think
it was that he was making a big deal on
the media like I want to go see my baby
you know he was he was trying to make it
into a into a you know I don’t care what
happens to me a kind of thing but he
wasn’t allowed that’s selfish you know
to me that’s selfish right now it’s
about family you you’ve been you’ve been
around to this whole time you know this
then this happened you know I don’t
think that you should feel like you have
the right to come over here you know the
initial cause of her coma she was
without oxygen for an unknown amount of
time she drowned she was without oxygen
unknown amount of time okay was there
any mention of drugs
ah there’s mentions of alcohol there’s
like a little bit of alcohol involved
she’s just like to have it had a little
drink or something but yeah that’s
that’s about the case so there was no
mention of hard drugs or anything else
like that she is without oxygen for
known amount of time five months pass
roughly hmm and what what exactly
happened at that point did her vitals
start to change did someone make a
decision to take her off life support
what what what exactly happened at the
end everything was going very well
very very well she switched to another
and that’s all I know why did she switch
to another hospital um she was too good
she was going things were going too well
for her to stay in a certain kind of
care okay
you know she’s um she was more
responsive she was more active you know
there wasn’t this insane amount of
medication necessary anymore
there wasn’t any I mean she was
breathing on her own there was no
life-support involved anymore
really yeah she was great so she was
just sleeping basically yeah I mean her
sleeping hours were weird but but she
was getting better and better and better
I think she got switch to another
hospital and that’s when I came back to
California she was going to another
hospital I went back to California to
spend time with my daughter
and then I got the phone call that you
should probably come see your sister and
they had switched her back to another
hospital should come see your sister and
that was that was the last time I saw
her when when it was finally announced
that that she had passed
how did like how did your dad take it um
again you’re kind of asking me to be
psychic here you know but he didn’t
break down
your daughter’s dead I’m not sure what
kind of emotion of anything you can go
through other than breaking down you
know but whether it’s external or
internal that it makes the difference
you know I don’t think my father felt
like this because this is his daughter
but that’s her brother it felt like glad
you get away get away from this you know
I’m glad you don’t have to go through
this right now yeah you know it just
felt like it just felt like a bunch of
suffering no matter how comfortable they
made her they just felt like yeah people
are trying to sneak in and take pictures
of you oh really
oh man they tried everything so
paparazzi try to oh yeah they were they
and that’s what made me feel like I have
this is what I have to do this right now
because if somebody comes in here I’m
gonna have to bodyslam another right so
so Bobby Bobby Christina passes hmm you
wrote the funeral yeah yeah I got to get
up and say a few words and I got to send
her off in a way and we got that we got
to get a bit of closure you know Nick
Gordon once again was not there no no no
thank goodness again it’s not it’s not
for him anymore yeah you know you have a
girlfriend or somebody has a boyfriend
and you know they they pass away I mean
it’s nice if you want to be there that’s
great but unfortunately for you you know
this isn’t your husband or wife so it’s
not up to you anymore now it’s about
family it’s not about you you’re not
yeah there was a wrongful death lawsuit
filed against Nick I know nothing about
it don’t know anything about it you’re
not involved in it you know who filed it
was it your dad or no idea no idea Nick
goes on
I think dr. Phil and goes on various
Twitter rants and so forth
about it mm-hmm how did that make you
feel when you when you see this type of
things I think if you’re a little boy
and you want people to hear you you
shout out negative
things you know you make it fool of
yourself so that people will pay
attention I think if you really love
someone you do your best to get to them
sure you do your best to see them you do
your best to be with them but if you do
everything that keeps you from being
with them do you really love them if you
know that you go on social medias and
everyone’s gonna know what you’re doing
you’re not gonna be able to get to where
you’re making a fool of yourself does
that say you love this person it’s it
blows my mind how people can perceive
someone has someone that that loves my
sister he loves her he should be with
her but doesn’t it make more sense to
you that had he shut his mouth and tried
to speak to my father and you know
establish some kind of a lot of
communication that he may have been able
to go see her does doesn’t that make me
feel like oh wow yeah that makes sense
if he did that and maybe he would have
been over there even just for a little
bit but going on a Twitter Twitter rant
dr. Phil does that say you love her as I
say you want attention because the fact
that you didn’t say you had feelings for
her until her mother passed away to me
says you want attention and you want to
be paid for then your Twitter rants and
dr. Phil says you have no feelings for
my sister says that my sister is your
ticket you know if Nick Gordon walked in
the room right now look what do you
think would happen I was a different
kind of person when I was younger I’m a
father now and I’m a big brother to very
very young children what I can’t do is
lose my cool because someone wants me to
lose my cool if you came in here because
he’s doing a lot of purpose because he
knows I’m not getting a great mood with
him but I’d want to talk to him I’d want
him to tell me more and I’d want to see
his eyes look me in the eyes tell me
what happened because I will know right
away if you’re lying to me look me in my
eyes and let’s talk about this
and if I believe what he’s talking about
cool man
you know alright well have a good life
and if I don’t believe you then we need
to take this a step further we need to
sit down to have another conversation
with my father because I need a second
opinion on whether or not you’d own the
truth does your dad share your opinion
of Nick as a big brother I think that
big brothers are more openly
okay as a father I think that they are
overprotective internally and I’m not
sure how he feels bond Nick but I don’t
think that I don’t think that it’s less
than what I feel I think I might be able
to hold back a little bit more than he

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