Bizzy Bone Talks Illuminati, Artists Selling Their Souls for Fame and Money (Flashback)


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In this flashback, Bizzy Bone and Krayzie Bone shared his thoughts on the Illuminati and the possibility of young rappers getting into society. Bizzy added that he feels like a lot of young rappers are using gimmicks to get attention now. To hear more, including Bizzy Bone speaking about artists selling their souls for fame, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now I think both you guys had mentioned
about the Illuminati and how hip-hop
sort of falls into the Illuminati trap
and so forth can you talk about that
yeah I think I think a brother use
anything in order to make it here get
out there and act like you sucking a
dick or put on a fucking dress and have
a boo bear back at the house it’s all
about profiteering at this point you
know what I’m saying so it’s like take
everything with a grain of salt you know
I mean as far as how how deep I think
somebody is now the influence on the the
people could be damaging depending on
where they go with it but to me a
motherfucker throw up a pentagram to
sell three records you know what I mean
or to do something that’s whoo I’m
different and so on and so forth so
that’s how I feel about the situation I
don’t feel like the hearts are invested
into it ain’t going to no goddamn
meetings and shit no that other nonsense
show ads going on watching reality TV
and Counting you know stacks of dough
bruh and so on when you once you finish
you know presenting that or whatever it
is that you need to seem alluring about
so I think I just think it’s a crock of
bull shit you know to me as far as
hip-hop artists go you know it might be
people that slip into the cracks and so
on and so forth and of course it
probably exists I wouldn’t know but
that’s what I think about that I just
think motherfuckers do that shit in
order to sell records and shit
motherfucker sell their goddamn soul you
know what I’m saying because who the
fuck’s gonna buy it but they’ll say it
in order to it ain’t worth shit
if you gonna sell it I don’t want me
bitch if it ain’t worth shit to you and
it’s yours
I wanna fuck so you know that’s just
what I think I don’t know I mean when
you look at hip-hop today do you feel
that a certain level of feminization of
occurred and that’s what’s pushed more
heavily than the more masculine
alpha-male type hip-hop which is what
you which is what you guys did I feel
people like people like act like they
hate that LGBT community you know what I
so they’re you know it’s always been
like damn I hope somebody represents you
know that side on their angle and on
their end because back in the days only
San Francisco was notorious in the
states of being the the place you could
go and flower power and all that other
stuff in order to be free so now I think
it’s them letting off a breath of fresh
air and a whole lot of goddamn
profiteering and that’s what I think
we’re in the process of eventually
they’re gonna catch on and so on and so
forth but it has to go through its
process it has to get stomp like that
alpha male thing did and so on and so
forth and and it’ll elevate to the next
level right well I mean what because I
mean in our early days it was just San
Francisco but you fast forward to 2017
we talk about the black communities
really Atlanta now in terms like the gay
community and when you look at like a
lot of the the music the big Musa that’s
coming out it is coming out of Atlanta
so you’re starting to see the
intermixing of everything yeah I totally
I totally agree with you or not that’s
what I think I think it’s just a process
you know that’s what I think personally
you know because like when you see
people doing it and you see the
commitment towards it you know and you
see if they’re really trying to champion
the cause or are they just trying to
have fun you know what I mean and make
money off of it but yeah definitely and
it’s other places places in the East
Coast you know that that accept it and
now all over the world it’s all kind of
working out where if you say anything
about a gay person like they look at you
like you ain’t shit you know what I mean
anywhere it could be in TV it could be
anywhere and so on and so forth because
you’re just blatantly attacking someone
for something that you not into so
that’s when I think about the situation
you know I mean do you feel that what’s
happening with the gay community is the
same thing that happen with the black
community in terms of civil rights after
obama okayed the whole thing and passed
the law that they was able to get
married and stuff I just think it’s you
know it’s it’s it’s making everything is
making their rounds and where the world
is going to and so on and so forth
it’s all coming to some sort of a you
know conclusion organically though
because nobody has their hands puppet
mastering anything great opinions or
great opinions but nobody’s in charge of
it there isn’t some Gaylord that’s like
doing shit and playing chess and shit it
just doesn’t exist has there ever been a
time where you guys artistically were
asked to do something that just
artistically you guys didn’t want to do
I remember crazy wanted me to be on this
song and it kicked myself in the butt
like Eddie Murphy saying I should’ve did
Roger Rabbit no it was a boo it was a
badass song and it was techno then I
wasn’t ready for that
I forgot what song it was but everyone
loves the song I think he might have
made me put a verse on there and I
didn’t put my heart into it every time
that we do do the song I’m always like
oh my verse in there cry you know
need light already I’ve took my verse
but everyone loves the song so I that
was the only time for me you know cuz
cry you know he’s like Picasso in that
studio yeah no joke you know what I mean
you know how to put a song together and
he know how to get brothers together and
make hits so that was the only time for
me okay is there any plans for another
bone thugs-n-harmony album man it could
be I mean I mean if we we definitely
have an endgame you don’t say like like
we said right now we can’t paint it for
a lot of things you know sounds trying
to get our biopic together you don’t say
campaigning for the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame and all that so you know an
album would definitely seem likely to
come with when all that comes okay so is
the biopic actually could happen cuz
there is news that you were working with
Ice Cube or something like that
I mean we’ve we’ve been talking to a lot
of people you don’t say there’s still
that you you know it’s still in the
early stages you don’t like we just not
getting everything together so it’s
gonna take us a minute to get it
together because you wanted to be done
right so you know once we start getting
everything in hora and it’ll be going to
actually go with Luna life’s like start
releasing all that information all right
are there certain actors that either one
of you wanna be portrayed by my son on
black mane okay yeah yeah I think you
know seeing how the I got I got four
sauce a lot of food I don’t afford them
they could probably the one who can pull
it off definitely right I know a little
easy was disappointed that he didn’t get
to play his dad and NWA he know you look
just like him too he looked just like
never room for real for real for real
yeah I mean he definitely does you know
I guess the reason was that the acting
level wasn’t up to the par that they
were looking for yeah yeah
it happens man I would love to see a
bone thugs movie man that’d be dope no
you do

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