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Divorce rates are at an all time high
Because people are ready for weddings not marriages

To be in a successful marriage
Y’all have to work together like a pair of scissors
And cut everything that get in between us

There’s always a woman that will be prettier , slimmer , thicker or smarter than your woman
And there will be men that appear to be doing better than your man

But that’s when loyalty is tested & determined
For a woman When a man has nothing
And for a man when he has everything

Help him make a dollar
Help him save a dollar
Or u ain’t worth him spending a dollar on

When the devil can’t use you
He has to leave you

The Nigga’s around u should have what u have or you should not be around them

Walk away from anything that disrupt your spirit , happiness or potential

Don’t let your lonely ass homegirl block you from the blessing in a man that god sent

If u are a woman and I was into you but u neglected just keep in mind that u rejected a blessing

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