Average Wait Time For Sex Nowadays Is Only $40

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Average wait time for coochie has changed

In the 90’s u had to wait 30 days
Take her out on 3-4 dates

Stay on the phone for about 6 hours til y’all fell asleep on the phone

Leave voicemails with sexy music in the background and tell her how much u miss her

In the 90’s We had beepers
So u had to use number codes
Like 696969 to throw hints

After about 3 or 4 movie dates
She would give u the coochie

That’s when movies like
Love and basketball and movies like boomerang, coming to America came out

And music was out there like
HTown , Dru Hill and Keith sweat

So love was in the air

Having a family was kool
Morals was kool

So that’s the structure everybody followed

it gave women a template on
On how to cater to a man

In the year 2005
U had to wait 3-5 business days

The game was starting to change
That movie players club came out

And diamond had all these women thinking they was strippers

So they started dancing , stripping and street walking

But the strippers were only strippers
The prostitutes were prostitutes

Nowadays strippers and prostutues are Tha same thing

It was easier because all women wanted to know was if u had money or a good job before they screw you

It took them 3-5 business days to figure that out.

The Lil John , Ying Yang twins owned the music era

So all you heard on the radio was
Wait til u see my tip
Ima beat that coochie up

Dudummm dum dummm
Dadumm dum dum

Usher came out with make love in the club
That’s when them hoes started having sex in the club for $60

That’s probably how he caught herpes

Everyone was on pills real bad
Young Girls starting using coke as a fashion drug

That’s when the game took a left turn to some fxck shit

That’s when MySpace was real popular
Women was fxckin to be in your top 5 friends

It got a lil easier to get some pum pum
around that era.

Because the world started using extacy and coke so all u had to do was have some pills and dope

And u had u some coochie

In 2019 all u need is $40 and wait 3-4 hours til she get kids on the bus to school and u got some coochie

This era here is all about clout
This era here is all about surgery
This era here is all about selling coochie
This era here its kool to be a homo thug

The movies showing sex
The tv shows promoting homo activities
The music giving you guidance on how to sell coochie

Ain’t nobody teaching the young bloods tha correct way to go

Ain’t no OGs
Because the world following the money
And not the wisdom

The music telling you

My girl got a girlfriend
Real azz bihhh give a fxck bout a nxgga

Grown men dying they hair blonde Because they seen other rappers do it

Men cheating on shoranda
For another man name wakanda

Wakanda sh!t is that

Women posting they cash app in their bio
Looking like a homeless man at a stop light

Women showing azz and titties on every post but complain that they can’t find a man

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