Are You In A Prostitution Relationship???

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Are u a victim of a prostitution relationship!?

A relationship that the woman only beg and take to set herself straight

Then when you start peeping her game
She hit that space bar on u
And say she needs space

U scared to lose her because you done invest to much in her

She only call u to go shopping , eat out or get money from u through cash app

Then she got that one homegirl that never have money so u pay for food , room and board too

Them hoes bumping coochie and lickin twats while u over there scratching your head wondering why your calls going to VM

Do your woman make u feel like u a broke man because u don’t got no money to spend on her?

Now u out here risking your freedom to impress a woman that’s only around because of what u can do for her?

U got to be smarter
U can’t go broke
Tryna prove u not broke to a woman
That’s broke

If she not adding value to your life
Or helping u become a better man


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