Al Harrington on Never Playing Basketball to Going Pro in 4 Years (Part 1)


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Part 2:

In this clip, Coach PR interviews former NBA player Al Harrington who spoke about his upbringing in New Jersey and how he started his path toward an NBA career. Al also explained the process of high school players from public schools getting recruited to play at private prep academies and Catholic schools in order to gain more nationwide exposure. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

it what’s up coach PR I’m here with Al
Harrington we don’t flat TV al
Harrington it former NBA player 16 years
16 years 16 years and the team’s you
play for the Pacers
the Hawks Golden State Warriors New York
Knicks Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic
and wizards hmm just let’s just dig deep
into al harrington’s history
like growing up you grew up in New
Jersey New Jersey you’re our new jersey
Oh Jane you grew up in New Jersey yes
sir all my life all your life how was it
growing up in and Roseau Jersey I grew
up in Orange New Jersey until uh until
my freshman high school is when I moved
to Rozelle so like when I was there
Orange you know that most of my family
was all there mark you know my grandma
my aunties and uncles my grandmother
ended up moving to Atlanta Georgia I
think when I was in the sixth grade
sixth or seventh grade and pretty much
everybody followed her down there so for
my mom my mother didn’t leave because
she had a good job she worked at Port
Authority okay when I’m here in the city
home whatever so you know she had too
good of a job to you know pick up and
follow her mother like everybody else
but um you know we stayed here you know
my dad he died when I was young when I
was eight years old
uh uh-huh so he uh yeah you know before
he passed he pretty much told me that he
was dying I was the oldest lady told me
needed me to step up oh yeah yep look
out for my brothers and sisters and you
know something that’s always stuck with
me you know what I’m saying I’ve always
kind of you know live my life like that
is being in or Lita like the head on my
household and you know I feel like you
know that’s pretty much something that
pretty much inspired me you know to
become you know what I became you know
that we’re done amudha Roselle as a
freshman you know my mom you know Buster
ass save money to buy us a house my
stepfather we moved to Roselle New
Jersey as a freshman I played freshman
basketball that rose out of high school
I was my first time playing organized
basketball in high school and high
school played what did you play before
don’t say the f-word I’m gonna say
chunky you say you said it yourself
yeah yeah I was always chubby back in my
day you know I’m saying oh but I had a
growth spurt so when I moved from orange
to Roselle everybody thought I was just
some basketball player because I was 6 4
wow they see the six fourth transfer
coming from you know from God knows
where and you know I’ve walked like a
ballplayer like one day you had no game
I figured it out right so then you play
basketball and you start playing
basketball in high school and you went
to st. Patrick yeah
the st. Patrick 10 Elizabeth New Jersey
is the desert
that’s a sophomore I didn’t get put most
people get recruited to those schools or
whatever I didn’t really get recruited
it was more of um you know I started
working out with this guy named Sandeep
I own it we rented my hey you think all
the Roadrunners Kevin Boyle and an even
closed by early senior actually saw me
playing a couple of tournaments with the
row around us and just had interest it
was just like you know I think this kid
it you know wanna go to our school or
whatever at the time you know obviously
same Anthony’s have more uh you know a
more the main tradition everything that
I wanted to go there to be honest but it
was too far but more immediate from Rose
else’s kid to Jersey City but you could
easily went there but I could easily
went there I could’ve went there but um
Elizabeth was obviously a lot closer
there was only two buses compared to
three or four buses trying to get to
Jersey City everyday and uh you know
that’s how I you know I picked the
school you know what the st. Pat’s
unbelievable experience you know I mean
going from a freshman playing on the
Freshman team not playing to go into a
national powerhouse and starting you
know understand playing with
all-american point guard and Sheheen
Holloway and just a magnitude of every
single game you know it was like one of
those things where I was kind of like
thrown into the fire you know and I’m
saying but obviously I had what it took
because I was able to you know get
through it get through it right with
that school st. Patrick those schools
you said you weren’t recruited and I
know they do a lot of recruiting how
does that how does that work for you
being not you know not being recruited
for from st. Patrick and usually you
hear a lot of people as some type of
special recruitment also like no not
really I mean you know obviously I think
Mel is probably on a whole nother level
like the recruiting process cuz I mean
especially when you see all this kids
from Africa and all these different
places right right these schools right
but you know during that time it was a
word-of-mouth thing you know what I’m
saying it was like if somebody knows
this kid that knows this kid you know or
knows this parent whatever they start
talking and you know I think it’s anyway
your kid might want to come our school
you know understand for me like I said I
wasn’t that good you know I’m saying so
I know nothing about the recruitment
process and you know I don’t think I was
good enough at that time to be recruited
you know understand to be honest but I
just think that you know they seen a
young lanky kid
six-four six-five they had some
potential and you know I think that if
you ask anybody at that time when they
first met me or when they first decided
me to come to the school they think that
I was gonna be an NBA player I guarantee
you know spend hundreds a know wow you
know what I’m saying it was something
that you know for me it was just a lot
of hard work and dedication and I just
eventually just he’d fallen became this
really good player but it was to work to
work because you see a lot of kids now
especially now you see the Murray class
they’ll leave another high school and go
to like a Catholic High School for I
guess the exposure or for I didn’t at
first I would like why they go into that
school and they just was in a good
public school right well why go to a
Catholic school it’s like they had a
better program getting into a better
college it’s not I mean that so it’s
more of I think it’s more of like the
schedule you get to play because a lot
of times when you go to a Catholic
school you know I had like okay public
school you have to play like a certain
amount of games in your league and
different things like that and a lot of
time public schools doesn’t have the
funding to be able to see you to a
tournament in California to Florida and
Illinois it’s and different things like
that but public with private schools
obviously you know they’re usually
funded they usually have boosters they
have all these different things
okay I’d allow you to have that kind of
access this exposure that you have been
exposed to so I think that’s the main
reason why a lot of these kids switch
schools and then other thing too is when
you play with better players you just
get more exposure you know what I’m
saying if you like the big fish at a
you know the public school a lot of
times you know not a lot of times some
of the time
you know sometime you can get lost in
the shuffle it’s like is he really that
good has the only guy on the team but
are you going excel with other you know
dogs around you you know it allows you
to you know get you know better
recognition and obviously you know
rankings and different things like that
right and after four years the high
school who wins the pros right
yeah like you look from not knowing how
to play basketball wasn’t so good and 44
years later like they’re really three
years later for room 3 thing I’m really
I really I really you know excelled over
three years span cuz my freshman year
was a wash it was not until that summer
when I started working all day
my hey you coach Cindy I was mentioning
too when I started to really focus on
the game and basketball was my one sport
and I was focused on it and it’s funny
because you know I was really good at
football and you know for me just to
kind of just stop playing football and
put on my faith in basketball was
definitely I always say that was God but
he would have made it an NFL you but
playful I think so for sure

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