Al Harrington: Beating Lamar Odom Launched Me to #1 HS Player in US (Part 2)


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Part 3:
Part 1:
In this clip, Al Harrington revealed that he didn’t have to try out for his high school basketball team simply because he was 6’4. However, Al wasn’t an elite player at the time but spoke about working toward becoming one. He recounted playing Lamar Odom during his junior year in high school and outplaying L.O. which led to Al becoming the No. 1 player in high school. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

but at that time you thought so for
surely I could make it but basketball
wasn’t nothin yet I’ll be honest my
freshman year I didn’t even want to play
hoop that yeah yeah you know I’m saying
I wanted to focus I want to get in the
weight room and everything I wanted to
play varsity the next year at that
Rozelle you know so that was my focus
was like she outed not that I didn’t
actually I got it I got in trouble my
pops or whatever here put me on
punishment or whatever the week of
basketball tryouts or whatever and I
didn’t even try out but the coach still
put me on the team just cuz I was six
four just because you have this fight I
aim at the tryouts and that’s that’s
he saw something in you right like oh
coach I saw something he okay then you
become a McDonald all-american bro like
that’s crazy like okay the third first
three years just learning out my
all-american all-american with uh who’s
on that team like we had like Wayne
Richardson Corey Maggette II who was in
my class with Shari Lewis we had a bunch
of dudes that are that maybe dança guys
at reach who loves Eric Berkeley Ronald
Curie st. John’s everybody Jeff capable
we had a decent we had a nice class it
was a calling on young Geron rushed it
was like tops of the class you know me
ever sharp pretty much a true no I seen
you years or whatever but yeah that
journey was that journey was interesting
too because for me like when it all came
with all me sense for me was after
myself and well yeah I went to a
tournament in first I did ABCD camp or
whatever and when I was at ABCD camp you
know I was the first time I was they
would play against a lot of the top
players or whatever and what I took away
from it was like they not that much
better than me mmm you know what I’m
saying that’s what was like it went from
reading about them and publications
seeing you know little highlights on
them and seeing her amazing they were
but then to go out there and compete
against them I was like you leave really
not that much better view much better
better but they’re that much better
saying and you know seeing that allow me
to just like really hit the gentleman
I’m like I could catch all these dudes
you know understand there was a ranking
thing like I can I could definitely be
in the top ten you know that saying that
was always my goal just to get to the
top ten and you know as I continue to
like you know blow up you know what I’m
saying I just realize like you know what
I can actually be number one playing the
country and you know for me at all like
everything of my life change was when I
played against uh Lamar Odom and the
tournament down in South Jersey and I
was a junior he was a senior cuz because
he was that guy that stuff yeah that’s
Queens baby
hello help me get my spot man I was able
to you know get the best of him that
night everything changed me mighty view
me you know next you know I just shot up
two charts and you know went to
all-american camp that summer and
dominated that in the nation I was no
more playing the country wow that sounds
like my happy with Lennie cooking here
comes LeBron and he just shot up and
that was it once everybody saw my uh ABC
it was there you can’t right so that
actually guarantee you spot now once you
go through McDonald’s all-american does
that guarantee you and despite the NBA
no no not at all
you know obviously you supposed to go to
college after that write me every shard
and it was one of the kid I came in his
name right now but we would have three
that decided to go pro out of high
school that process was crazy as well
like you know flying all around the
country meeting with NBA teams likes you
you know
you been interview by now gone to dinner
I suppose he’s going through this yeah
my 18 17 years old like I don’t know you
know I’m saying but obviously at that
age you’re very honest right that should
people too much right right so you know
you really got a lot of these teams to
get a chance to know who you are as a
person you actually brought your
family’s different things like that and
then the next day they put you on the
court and you got to go through all
these drills sometimes they may bring
another players that is your position so
jock play 101 202 303 whatever

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