5 Things Your Bank DOESN'T Want You To Know


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Your bank makes money when you don’t understand money. Here are 5 things your bank doesn’t want you to know – use these to protect your finances.
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Time stamp:
0:08 – Saving your one in the bank is a guaranteed route to broke
1:02 – #1: The truth about maintenance fees
2:01 – #2: Financial illiteracy is financially profitable
2:48 – #3: Shop for banks so you get the best rate
4:18 – #4: Banks are not your financial planner
5:21 – #5: You don’t have to think like the majority of people

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #GetMoneySmart

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What’s up everybody? I’m Jaspreet
Singh and welcome to the Minority
Mindset. Saving your money in the bank
is a 100% guaranteed, guaranteed route to
being broke. You’ve heard me say that
before. Inflation makes the price of
things rise like this while your money
in your savings account is sitting still.
It’s not growing at all. So the price of
things keep going up while your money is
not moving, so you are slowly becoming
broker by saving your money. That doesn’t
mean that you should not save your money
in the bank, that means you need to know
how to use your bank the right way,
because the majority of people are using
their bank the wrong way. That’s why, today,
I’m going to go over five things your
bank doesn’t want you to know. So don’t
tell them that I told you. But before we
get into that, make sure you hit that
thumbs up button below, because it’s kind
of like a virtual high five. Number one:
the truth about maintenance fees. This
one makes me want to rip my microphone off.
My 87 year old grandma opened up a
savings account at Bank of America a
long time ago, and last year, I was
helping her with her taxes, when I found
out that Bank of America has been
charging her a 12 dollar monthly service
fee for doing zero services, for the last
15 years. Hhhaa, us, people are paying thirty
four billion, with a, B, billion dollars a
year in monthly service and maintenance
fees that you don’t have to be paying. So,
if this bugs you as much as it bugs
me, do me a favor and please check your
account. Psst, I have a secret. There are tons
of banks out there that don’t charge you any
monthly fees. So here’s what I want you
to do: pick up your phone, call up banks,
and ask if they have a monthly
maintenance fee. If they say they do, tell
them: nooooo. Two: financial illiteracy is
financially profitable. Do you know how
banks make money? Uuuh, through fees? Yeah,
but they make even more money when you don’t
know how to manage
your money. Hey! where’s all my money?
Banks get rich when you don’t have any
money, but you’re still not willing to
sacrifice your Gucci belt. In 2017,
Americans paid a hundred billion dollars
of credit card interest for the first
time in history. Wa-w-w-wait. Hold your
applause, because Americans just outdid
themselves. In 2019, Americans paid one
hundred and twenty two billion dollars
in credit card interest. Oooh, you want to
buy a boat? No problem! How about we give
you a line of credit? This way, you can
sail away from all of our money problems.
Three: if you like shopping so much, shop
for banks. Banks are the best place to
put your savings, but you need to
remember that your savings are not there
to make you wealthy. But that doesn’t
mean that you have to put your savings
in an account that’s going to pay you
0.03% a year in
interest and then charge you $20 a month
in service fees. The internet changed how
we shop and now is changing how we bank.
Funny story, when I first moved my money
to an online bank, I went to my banker to
transfer the money, and she was like “well,
why don’t you just move your money to a
five-year CD with us? We’ll pay you a
whole 1% a year.” And I looked at her, and
I was like “well, my new savings account
pays me more than that, and I can access
my money whenever I want.” She wasn’t very
happy. If you’re looking for an online
bank to put your savings, I use CIT Bank,
who is also the sponsor of this video.
CIT bank savings builder offers an
interest rate way better than the
average savings account, and they don’t
charge you any fees. But, uh, if my money is
online, how do I access it, Jaspreet?
You can just transfer your online money
to a different bank account, whenever you
want, and then you can go and grab your
cash. Plus your money is protected,
because CIT bank is FDIC insured.
Conditions apply. So if you want to see
how much more you can earn on your
savings and open up a free account, I’ll put
the link to where you can do that in the
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Minority Mindset is an affiliate partner
with CIT bank, so if you open an account
with them, we will get compensated, but
there’s no additional cost to you. Their
savings builder account is free and the
link is in the description below. Four:
your bank is not your financial planner.
Banks love it when you come in and ask them,
“hey, so, uh, how should I use my money?”
Uuugh, your bank is in the business of making
money. Not for you, but for the bank. I’ll
show you what I mean. Banks spend so much
time and money promoting the idea that
the home that you live in is an
investment. You’ve probably heard that
before. If they can convince you that
your home where you live is an
investment, then it’s so much easier to get
you to buy a bigger home that’s out of your
budget where the monthly payments are
making you live paycheck to paycheck,
because it’s an investment, and your
designer kitchen is going to make you so
wealthy one day. They don’t care if you
can make the monthly payments. As soon as
you sign the loan paperwork, your bank
gets paid, and then they’re going to turn
around and sell your mortgage to
somebody else and then let them worry
about your payments. If you’re using the
bank’s money to buy something that will
make you money, like real estate, as an
investment. That’s one thing. But we both
know that’s not what the majority of
people are doing, which brings me to my
fifth and final point: you don’t have to
think like everybody else.
We are called the Minority Mindset,
because we don’t think like the majority
of people. The average American household
with each debt, remember, average, has
sixteen thousand dollars of credit card
debt, thirty thousand dollars of auto
loan debt, fifty-one thousand dollars of
student loan debt, and a hundred and
eighty two thousand dollars of mortgage
debt. That’s why it’s called the rat race.
It’s a game where you just go to work to
make money, just so you can pay your
banker. But, just because everybody else
lives like this, does not mean that you
have to as well. Look, I’m not a financial
planner. I’m an attorney. But I can tell
you that none of these things are going
to make you wealthy. If you want to be
financially free, you need to stop
financing things that you don’t need,
that you can’t afford, that don’t pay you
with money that’s not yours.
Then only buy things that you can afford
with cash. Remember my rule of five: if
you can’t buy five of them, you can’t
afford one of them. Now when you have
this extra cash, don’t just spend it on
things. Use it to buy investments that
will pay you for owning them. And if you
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decisions, you need to be on top of
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business world, which is why, we created the
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