Zaytoven: Gucci Mane is the Boogieman of Hip-Hop, Nobody Stands Up to Him

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Zaytoven stopped by VladTV to talk about the rumors surrounding Gucci Mane being a clone, what it’s like being around Gucci Mane, the artists Gucci has helped put on and much more. Zaytoven told us that both he and Gucci Mane sat back and laughed at the clone rumor, and he added, “It’s a real good Marketing Strategy it’s making people really pay attention… its intriguing people… we both laughed at it.” Zaytoven said Gucci Mane is using the clone theory to his advantage and playing on the fact that he’s new and improved.

Vlad also brought up that Charlamagne The God coined Gucci Mane the “boogie man of hip-hop” and Zaytoven agreed, “I think that’s what makes Gucci Mane so special, you got a lot of rappers talking about this and that… but Gucci is that guy that when you see him or be around him, he really is that guy… he’s an intimidating guy.” Gucci’s larger than life demeanor and 6’4 physic play a big part in why he would be considered the boogie man of hip-hop. In a cutback to a throwback clip of French Montana talking about hanging with Gucci Mane, French explained Gucci Mane went at someone in front of him so bad French had to leave the room. Zaytoven laughed and said that’s what Gucci Mane does.

Zaytoven and Vlad also spoke about Gucci Mane’s ear for talent and all the artists he’s put on including, Young Thug, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Young Scooter, Migos, and many more. “Even if he didn’t put you on he was very influential in a lot of guys careers… he done put video guys on, producers…” Zaytoven is just as involved with putting artists on as Gucci is because Gucci trusts his ear. “If he sees me working with like Migos… he automatically gonna say Zay bring them up here…”

Check out the clip above.

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