Young Thug got FADED & EXPOSED himself for being a COP + Bootleg Rapper doesn't want to PAY


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first of all I don’t want to hear in the
comment section
oh this channel reminds me of an
old-school hip-hop video this channel
reminds me of ja Rule in his prime
telling hip-hop news it was kind of
funny and I’ve never heard that yeah you
know a lot of shit out this bond to see
yeah you know I’m saying
I heard that already this morning if you
say it in the comment section you’re
just repeating what everybody else said
this morning it’s not original and I’m
saying a joke he’s not funny
the joke is old and get it it reminds me
of those I got it right now my young
and last night he exposed himself for
being a police officer now we already
knew that the man was moving suspect
because he’s always getting in trouble
with the law and he never goes to jail
the last time we talked about young
Tucker Birdman and young thug they were
getting accused of trying to assassinate
Lil Wayne little Wayne trying to leave
cash money I’m very mad as I killed
bugger well I remember that right after
that jung kkot with a loaded blinky
broke loaded gun Yonsei spent the night
in jail
everybody’s like that’s it just a night
in jail motive gun okay like what
happened daddy got a warrant out for his
arrest and for some reason the
Magisterium Volvo he failed to appear in
court just didn’t go
didn’t go to jail I don’t know how you
got away from that young toddler on a
Saturday morning doing his regular
police duties during the day and I’m
saying the man obviously got faded off a
couple perks maybe as I’m not had a
drink come on Doug you know what he did
after all of that boat zan’s leave hurt
that’s what the cigarette cigarette
cigarette cigarette
so once young Doug was completely wasted
the man forgot found that he was wearing
his police jacket went straight into the
club oh you got to Rio all right okay
guys not a blink he’s gotta make his
article the man was so faded he forgot
to change his jacket bro
young fuck you can’t be doing police
work during the day in your jacket get
faded I forget to change your cold bro
that’s what the lead that’s just gonna
get you busted boat do you think that
young thug is officially labeled a cop
or is he somehow gonna get out of this
again and everybody’s gonna be like nah
dawg but Instagram right now before we
get out of here you guys might have
noticed I like deleted a video from
bootleg rapper I hustle man with a 40
left my waist ass I don’t even trip my
mind I’m gonna sit up nofa homicide
sounds creeping like the bag
well I hustle you made me do all that
work edit your video put your story out
there for all this cult I sent you an
invoice I’m saying man doesn’t want to
pay bro
the man just doesn’t want to pay a man
guys who sing the druggies
so I deleted the video and now minds are
like Oh where’d you send it yes sure but
dog needs don’t wanna pity outright okay
more videos coming out next

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