You Can Take Everything From Me And I Will Get It Right Back 💯


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U can take all my money out my account , burn my house down and repossess my vehicle’s

Because I know how to get it back
I went through the process

If u take something from someone that didn’t Go through the process they will not know how to get it back

Mike Tyson never got the money he lost back

MC Hammer never got the money he lost back

TLC Never got it back neither

Donald trump been bankrupt 5-6 times and got everything back and then became the president on top of that.

He knew the process
He knew what it took to build his empire and so it was nothing for him to rebuild it stronger

Crisis pushes your mind into creativity
It’s always gon be one mo in there for u

The process is a trampoline
The lower u hit
The higher u jump

Whatever that is quickly gotten
It’s quickly forgotten

Be patient
Learn to let things develop

Don’t rush nothing that ain’t ready yet <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

let me tell you something you could take
all the money on my bank account i’ma
get it back you could repossess my calls
and take my car for me
i’ma get it back you could take my house
and burn it out
i’ma get it back cuz a man who builds
his capsule is richer than a man who
giving his counsel I know how to get it
back out a bit do a process
I don’t lick the wall that so it ain’t
nothing for me to get out here and get
back on my job and go hard and get it
back and double up triple down and
understand I’m a better myself every
time I see it some people out here that
you take some from them they don’t know
how to get it back today went through
the process my time so they never get
that money he knows better
you see him I never get that money he
loans back TLC ain’t never get that
money stay long back but Donald Trump
been faithful for the five or six times
every time he went bankrupt he became
greater problem matter of fact either
President of the United States because
he went through the process he knew the
process he’d know what to do the billet
back and build back his infrastructure
over there what they took for him go
sometime you gotta know the process that
you gotta go through the process and
some time to process might be hard but
the process bringing strength
seeing go scrubbing it develops straight
it develops PC as a fan right they
develop – they go slugger
will you go through little bankruptcies
well then I took all your money back
man you got a faint like on trampoline
oh go on
Oh double look they took it from me my
mind open it go high in the world lower
you bounce me down – hi I’m a bouncer
I’m telling you mine this is mine this
is a lot of people and went through the
process and that’s why when they get
inheritance they blow that money and
they go broke and they go crazy
they lost a mama and they happy to get
some money but then they go by the money
by by being with the money or go buy a
house with
okay Peter no understanding lose
everything because they work for that
sometime when it comes so fans and it
feels so good to you mind it ain’t good
it’s an other side of flip side of that
coin and what you gotta understand trust
the club’s trust the process
the processes we’re gonna make this
moment the process is what’s gonna make
you dance dance noble turn a lot of
people cuz it ain’t by hollow yeah
winning is about how low glance there’s
a lot of people ain’t gonna answer your
life whatever you get quick drink you’re
gonna be quickly forgotten cuz you ain’t
no struggling ain’t no spitting I
understand what I’m saying you gotta be
patient and let the process that the
things develop that God got for you cuz
he’s taking you through something so
when you get to something you know how
to appreciate something there’s a lot of
people don’t appreciate stuff when they
get in life good ain’t waiting look they
work you know Harding so they don’t
understand how to appreciate this man
about the meat that’s gonna change they
like stay with you nothing with no car
walking to the bus stop so when they get
a car they’ll cut my leg nearby the
whole day come cuz they ain’t appreciate
no they don’t come on everybody standing
how that they’ll appreciate nothing then
he went to none to get it it was an
inheritance ain’t inherit nothing but
this hospital and can’t put the seed in
me comes to sit and I’m a man affects
everything that I bring about so that
car but you know I’m just gonna
patiently wait on it cuz I know it’s
coming god I put in my mind that dream
girl don’t wait no I know she coming cuz
you know why I don’t put in my man damn
out of money I want to cover my bank
account I know it’s coming cuz I don’t
put it in my mind anything I put in my
man whatever man
think about what he prays about and
right now I’m thinking about large
amounts yeah I’m thinking about building
a bigger house I’m thinking about
getting bigger car you know why cuz I
put in my mind
whatever you think about that’s what
you’re gonna track mine is a bag
don’t forget that don’t rush your club
no rush nothing ain’t ready yet go
through the process and understand and
get you some money until your dream
ready lady gotta be rushing yards dream
man take your time with this thing man
they’re gonna take time you gotta keep
bumping your head cuz I’m telling every
time you go through Jamaica you spoke
it’s over it’s totally got to Bob that’s
what you go win bigger they can’t stand
you know who they can’t stand and stand
in front of you no more they can’t do
nothing to you no more you know why but
then they try everything to kill you
and that’s what success is success
there’s what so haters think about you
after they tried to kill you decline
keep win this show Gil there’s no time
trust the plus we depends

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