YBN Nahmir PAID GOONS to ROB Luh Soldier's CHAIN. Luh Soldier RESPONDS


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#LuhSoldier #YBNNahmir #Beef <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

22 geez well why looking for you bro sup
bro nigga said if niggas spending them
blocks bro looking for you bro okay so
we got some rainy morning dog action
number one in good news and gossip and
I’m saying if you already heard this
story I’m not sure why you’re watching
this video you’re not saying you heard
the story already why I know what fire
go without white bars a day
I’m not sure what’s going on well that’s
what I gotta let you know some of you
guys already like but you want to hear
it again
you got YB and a mirror this man’s got
beef Babbitt in the streets with new
don’t say this demon goes on for a long
Lu Soulja took the beef to another level
you went to ybm the mayor’s concert
blinky Tuppy nonce and went right in
front of them while he’s performing
stared him down told him he wanted that
just rising fast and I’m saying on the
internet going back and forth with the
blinky talking all that last night by
beat and a mirror made a call to South
Carolina and said look from and I’m
saying I’m not with this internet back
and forth stuff and I’m saying
I got racks man’s need to handle that
I’m saying to done this beef so that’s
exactly what happened
so carolina bands pulled up a little
soldier and I’m saying flick it up
obviously almost took him out but
instead they let him live took his chain
I posted it on the Internet oh no I kept
my posting up the chain saying yo we
gotta change that your chain if you want
it back you know how to get it cash out
this yes sure but nobody’s cash up and
nothing found what some at a tree chain
or we take something not yours I’m
saying just leave it alone
good grief man superglue Tober catch him
in the street or whatever but there’s no
oh oh me me here I’ll give me the chain
for the money yeah sure but that’s not
happening fun this is what Lou soldier
had to say about his chain getting
and you don’t want to miss it include it
who like you to we’re like skiing team
telling me that 22 G’s has a bunch of
blinkie’s imagine spinning blocks
looking for me bro don’t want to miss it

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