Woman Shoots Up Kentucky Fried Chicken Because She "Was Not Given A Fork & Napkin With Her Meal"


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what’s that family a Georgia woman shut
up but Kentucky Fried Chicken because
she did not receive a napkin and
utensils with her meal 33 year old
Janelle dare was arrested in Sandy
Springs nearly a month after she
allegedly became so irate in a
Shelbyville Kentucky drive-thru line
that she pulled out a gun and fired
multiple shots into the restaurant but
incident occured October 28th officers
were dispatched to the KFC about 11:45
a.m. after getting a call about a
customer’s shooting into the fast-food
establishment with several employees and
customers inside witnesses said that the
woman was upset about not receiving
napkins or utensils with her meal after
reportedly verbally abusing the cashier
Dara is accused of pulling a handgun and
opening fire thank God and lucky for
Janelle no one was injured in the
investigators say that after they
identified her as the shooter they
tracked her to Atlanta and secured a
warrant for her arrest and extradition
with the help of US Marshals they also
discovered a gun that matched the
description of the one used in the KFC
shooting after she was arrested
Janelle decided that she would not fight
extradition to Kentucky she is being
held without bond it is not known
whether or not she has a lawyer she’s
gonna need a real good one Kentucky and
Georgia Georgia is bad but when it comes
crime and punishment in regards to that
melanin Kentucky is right up there with
Texas and Florida and Alabama and
Mississippi it will hang you literally
this woman
Janelle dad took her last name way too
I have often not received what I asked
when ordering fast food oftentimes they
won’t put napkins in the bag they
definitely will forget to put your
utensils in and I have never once
considered shooting up the place now
I’ve been angry of course you know you
get your stuff and you drive off and
looking through the ballot I’m supposed
to eat with my hands I’m supposed to
like wipe my mouth with my hands and
what think I’m an animal or something
but typically I just keep driving I
figure out a way to get through it but
not Jenelle just imagine what would have
happened had they shortchanged or happy
not put one of the pieces of chicken in
the bag well I don’t know if she ordered
chicken but probably some form of
chicken but still damn Jenelle shoot up
the place cuz you didn’t get you you
know what probably happened this don’t
sound like the whole story right i’ma
tell you what probably happy the manager
or whoever was at that drive-through
they were probably sassy in her they
probably was talking fly and she got mad
and just started shooting up so maybe
the utensils and not being in the bag
but napkins not be
the bag triggered it but what said our
off was probably somebody was talking no
I store in their drive can see I don’t
think that they’re telling the whole
story but do wanna say it is no one
typically receives Forks when they get
their art I mean I think somebody put
out a memo with these restaurants say
don’t put don’t give them utensils don’t
give them napkins unless they ask this
whole incident is odd to me because no
one gets forks at KFC they give you a
spork the combination of a spoon and a
fork in any event let’s get those
utensils and napkins out next time I’ll
leave you with this if KFC is so
finger-licking good
why do they need to give you utensils in
the first place
no motel

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