Woman Hit With Blender at McDonald’s


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A video shows a manager of a McDonald’s throw a blender at a customer after she complained about her food order. The incident happened last month at a McDonald’s in Colerain Township, Ohio and was captured on surveillance video.

Britany Price says made a quick stop at the drive-thru and ordered Happy Meals for her children, but the order was messed up. A video shows her enter the restaurant with the order while her children were in the car and wait as other customers come and go. She even refilled drinks to kill time. After waiting for about 25 minutes, Price went to her car to grab the rest of the order and ask for a refund.

Then she started throwing multiple bags of food at the manager. The manager then picked up a blender and threw it at Price, and it ricocheted off of her face, knocking her to the ground. Price suffered a shattered cheekbone and a broken nose.

Story https://fox8.com/2019/10/23/ohio-woman-knocked-to-the-ground-after-being-hit-with-blender-at-fast-food-restaurant

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okay hey good afternoon star reporting
on a Thursday doing a research show and
folks I’m letting you know right now I’m
really really silly I’ve been laughing
all night and a good portion of this
morning even at the gym when I was
working out on the screen holy smokes
woman knocked out with a blender at
McDonald’s are you up to speed
knocked her out of us knocked her out of
her slide huh sign it down we have to
say salute to the McDonald’s workers or
the manager out and good Colerain
Township in Ohio I guess their motto is
we all call police we handle our own
business you know sign her down bless
her heart
Brittany price hey Brittany it’s John
John boo boo huh
give me a minute I just this is the
funniest video and a couple of days ago
to be exact I sent this story to a boss
chick Ronny and to hear Britney tell the
story there she is shit all lumped up
broken nose fractured eye socket to let
Brittany tell the story a couple of days
ago before the video came out she was
assaulted and at first I was saying will
damn you know are they gonna protest
McDonald’s Revan al coming down what’s
going on and then yesterday 10 people
sent me the video thank you thank you
for that that beautiful piece of art
Brittany it was the one up in McDonald’s
she brought in well she was there for 20
minutes to her credit something to do
with the order wasn’t right the kids in
the car to Happy Meals III you know and
she started throwing shit Brittany did
from throwing the food first and
somebody the man
somebody hit her with a blender Bao sat
her down
set it down now she’s talking about
suing people and folks correct me if I’m
wrong the reports that I have here the
police in Colerain Township had no plans
to arrest the McDonald that McDonald’s
worker whoever it through the blender
because they did not set it off
Britney did yo also on the screen
holistic remedies that actually work I
need some help seriously um I’m shooting
a pilot for a television possible
television show and I have to drop 10
pounds and I have to make sure that my
energy is right breathing all that sort
of jazz and I need a um an acting coach
here in Atlanta to help me with the
teleprompter so so so I’ve got a bunch
of things as you’ve heard me speak about
with regards to black seed oil I don’t
think this shit works
it’s done nothing for me but sooth the
bullshit Ronny she recommended this I’m
now fuckin with kale chips you know all
sorts of a different food and I’ve even
got a potential new sponsor I want to
tell you guys about in terms of holistic
wellness you know food and all that sort
of jazz and I’ve even got family queen
of fula super nova salaam that’s my
blood family I’m a beach out to them
because again I have to have to share
ten pounds and I want to make sure that
I’m you know healthy but anyway what is
what is some of the remedies that maybe
are myths and which ones actually work I
have a list here I’m gonna be all over
the place today just so you know I do
research in the afternoons I’ve got a
list of seven home remedies that
actually work according to science dub
dub dub bustle comm is my source again
dub dub dub bu STL EECOM I’ll get to
that shortly
so I need some some advice you know but
y’all we have to talk about Colerain
Township in Ohio who saw the video good
my beautiful troll babies how you doing
yo yo I couldn’t stop laughing I must
have sent that video to maybe five
people late last night just giggling
couldn’t stop giggling you know hey how
you guys doing alright alright folks
that’s troll business over here in a
live chat I always look over here to the
cash app in the super chat but let me
just say right now if you’re in that
live chat and they start making death
threats taking screenshots and then they
go after you at your place of work that
ain’t got a damn thing to do with me
okay that’s troll business in there I
came about that troll life stay out of
there okay also um hold on a second
got someone shit on my desk here what is
this african black soap what is this
somebody help me out who’s my dumbass
doing you know I’m trying to get healthy
they got a few other things just give me
man I’ll get to all that and also Oh
Talib Kweli huh day two up in the
featured box Vlad TV clapping at Atos
clapping Adam now I’m not trying to
start nothin you know I support I’ve
never met tone talks we’ve never had any
communication but I support he any bet
Cornell I love the way they’re present
data I’ve been following them since 2017
before most people latched on to them
I appreciate what they do and I
appreciate Talib Kweli intellectual
you’ve heard me say this before and he’s
been on the front lines for a lot of
years please don’t get it fucked up he’s
not just an artist and it’s interesting
what’s going on between them that’s all
I’ll say I’m not taking any sides but
he’s up on Vlad TV getting down for his
crown as he does okay
if you’re a TOS you want to call in you
you’re welcome to our Talib Kweli and I
follow each other that could be tough to
him but you know he’s he’s moving
shaking a pop and he’s on the road he’s
always always performing and doing
things so I didn’t feel like you know
necessarily reaching out to bother him
okay okay um and other things we’ll talk
about this afternoon Pam from total Hey
sugar Pam do you need me for anything
holla at me a girl if you do Pam from
total via the bad-boy legend DMS a
legendary group I’ve never met Pam you
guys know I know Vita from I formerly of
Murder Inc Vita and I know each other
very very well
we were almost up on Love & Hip Hop
together but him is going at it right
now and I think she’s got a podcast I
want to be respectful because I’m born
and raised in a town called Scotch
Plains New Jersey born in 64 she’s much
younger than me but she’s from
Plainfield New Jersey which is the town
right next to Scotch Plains and her and
sentorria Browns
husband are going at it and Pam used to
be married to him I don’t know a whole
lot about this for more really detailed
information go to Paris Milan on YouTube
as you’ve heard me say she does great
content and she really breaks it down
but Pam if you need me girl holla you
from playing field p-funk as we used to
call it I was in a gang in Plainfield
back in the late seventies early
eighties called the Puma crew so you
know I have a lot of roots there crazy
crew 5th Ave Bulow good guys from that
town anyway alright phone lines open I
wanna talk the woman who got her shit
rock yeah Britni price let me just
circle her name here folks if you’re new
to this show I do a research in the
afternoons and my regular shows at night
ok yeah brittany price got sat down hmm
not to her out of the out of the fucking
slide i’m coming to super chat and cash
up i get a few left over from tuesday i
want to put some respect on some of your
names black racist boston mike blade
dave and a few others ok and cash
alright let’s let’s get to the monkey
shit early because i can’t i can’t stop
good afternoon to five four did you see
the beautiful video brittany price
that of her slide up in McDonald’s oh
you then to Papua Eurostar wait mr. deal
man hey what’s that we come for me damn
it I’m calling from Killeen Texas
brother Scotty be okay what’s up huh did
you see the video let’s just get right
to it
now I’m behind it with you Brian
I ain’t shit man oh I just saw you
loading the show up and shit so I
thought I’d call in like that oh he says
he got knocked out of fuckin slide
circuit I put you on hold
can I ask you do you have time can you
watch the video I’ll bring you back on
the lap put your whole you gotta see it
gotta see it right stay right then we’ll
put your home okay
I got time for the for a silly shit me
put him a hole come back to him was it a
Pullman slide was it a Gucci slide
I may have to partner up with people
that that make slides maybe I need to
come out with my own line of slides the
black revolution is over niggas are
wearing slides ass cheeks hanging out
how did I just get so comfortable in
America area code eight five four good
afternoon talking about Britney sucks
often who shape the blender are you
there hey papa yo yo you seen that you
seen that how you been
so yes you saw the video yes break it
yeah just seen the video actually yeah
she was up in there for 20 minutes 20
minutes you know other people in and out
and she just I guess she got tired of
waiting you know but but truthfully come
on we talked him out McDonald’s we ain’t
talking about juicy crab we ain’t
talking about Longhorns steakhouse this
McDonald’s Boober take your Ellen key
back and she had surgery yesterday she
had surgery yesterday and based upon my
research police have no intention to
arrest anybody McDonald’s have you heard
otherwise what Oh
I haven’t heard otherwise no that’s
crazy though okay that’s wicked I mean
you know I mean just typical set it down
wow yeah pretty much I have a young
league on the chicken was it got you on
the line any holistic remedies that
actually work I’m trying to get my mind
right my body right and uh I don’t know
him it’s black black seed oil it ain’t
doing it for me man it’s like it’s just
it tastes nasty niggas amp it up okay we
think um holistic remedies I mean I
don’t know to keep you’re like I guess
not immune but like your sinuses and
shit like for cold like everybody that
she already knows it’s like honey and
lemon basically that should knock you
know I mean I said plus the cold no but
other than that you know you know can I
ask you a question respectfully
respectfully now you’re a younger man
you’ve called into the show you’ve
admitted that you know you do a little
one-on-one once in a while so you’re not
really at that stage where you’re trying
to live health you’re out there like you
know slinging the tool smashing random
or tweaking a –geeking yeah but listen
but but listen but listen I’m not
kicking them well I told you my homie
died off of office instead of few months
back so I’m not really fucking with shit
right now he’s like it’s just not it’s
too much of a gamble like I’m not about
to sit here and play my life to get how
I like hang on hang on yummy gonna check
and hold them hope now how long have you
been clean as they say about what like
three months been a half months there’s
been a minute since I called in addition
cuz I’m working crazy oh listen to me
with all due respect when I lived on
152nd Street between bro in Amsterdam up
in Harlem there was a girl who I really
liked and and they killed her up in the
Bronx chopped her body up put her in
plastic bags and I said no more blow for
me that’s it that that
shook me to the core you know after 30
days I was skiing again I got the weed
I’m not gonna be back
I leave the show and you smoke a wee now
you smoke all their strands a we get
with the Tom’s Monica I said it’s
outdated I’m 55 I’m smoking Skywalker oh
gee I’m not I’m not doing that shit you
guys do what is it spice and k2 I don’t
kill me I dunno I don’t suffocate –
don’t disrespect my mug like that
I still from Newport but it made us all
grow weed one got hit okay okay new pot
with hundreds oh yeah let’s get back to
work have a go and thank you man okay
young you gonna check that blow not I’m
I’m not doing no more it’s asking up in
a club get around some member little hot
fox you know no girl start saying I want
a little quicker picker-upper
who’s there has to be back right back on
it who’s this here did you do woman with
to Popeyes what is this something about
Popeyes okay okay I’ll check that out
later the grand report.com Thank You
Kendrick thank you so much do some
somebody get turnt out in Popeyes
McDonald’s Colerain Ohio hello with the
blender set it down
hey drew p-21 sends any cash yep okay
hey man drew did you send me an email I
want to talk about that on the show that
could be a charge man but please make
sure you send me the email and I will
respond after right after the show you
got my word right thank you for you for
your cash right okay Stacy’s not on the
line to a hole in a second 506 hey
Drew’s at you big – a big drew good hey
don’t don’t say what you’re trying to
you know do behind the scenes as I know
oh yeah I’m waiting all this what’s
going on with you man did you see the
video we’re talking about Brittany
knocked down yeah yeah first mistake was
walking there with them black flowers
niggas are wearing sliding why
nationwide you know yeah I’m gonna stop
them truth so I’m distilling that yo
that blended hit a square in the odd oh
man what was so good I said close I
broke her nose I think I think what I
socket was fractured and now she’s
talking about suing niggas yeah yeah but
that’s not a suit but open CP don’t
interview the McDonald think I’m not a
boy no it’s probably a private owned
restaurant you know um and they’ve they
released a statement you know and they
said hey you know with we’re here to
protect our customers but at the same
time she popped off first
yep yeah she threw her meal at the
employee yeah yeah everything’s good
are you Atos by any chance are you in
u.s. to be on to be honest I think I’m
half I’m half too when I want my fucking
check if if niggas start getting paid I
want to check to fuck that shit
yeah I’m ready for it I’m that crap oh
yeah check out Talib Kweli up on Flag TV
going ten toes down got niggas names in
his mouth mo us mouth yeah yeah yeah
yeah way you put up the full interviewer
he won those watch those 15 parts the
wings of a fool trying to come out all
right I’ll holla back after the show man
yeah man
Thank You Man salute thank you all right
whoo all right folks this I’m a little
hyped I got that nap in last night you
know when I get to nap and I just come
back going apeshit
I’m sipping some some new tea by the way
for those who give you shit as I said
I’m looking for holistic
remedies that actually work and I’ve got
a possible new sponsor here let me just
introduce them I’m gonna sample their
Moringa origins you can go to Moringa
origins calm they sent me some powder
some digestive oil okay some tea hold on
a second and there’s the logo Moringa
okay your tea is actually really good
and some soap okay so again I’ve got to
get just healthier you know I’m gonna
get ready and let me just say again I’m
looking for an acting coach here in
Atlanta to assist me with reading a
teleprompter and you know just body
language you know when you’re when you
walk out into a monologue shit’s getting
real right now and I’m not gonna say too
much about that but you have to be in
Atlanta you know I don’t I don’t really
want to I’m not gonna fly to New York
I’m not gonna pay for you to fly in from
fucking California I need a local acting
coach if you’re a younger person that
would be cool because I’m gonna be
targeting the younger demographic you
know holler if you’re uh if you’re in
the Atlanta area okay hold on a second
okay that was truly me save his email
brother Moe was poppin how are you sir
he said star the Mick D’s manager should
QB for the Dolphins hashtag FaceTime set
her down oh let me get him back in line
who was that that was gonna hold earlier
2 to 5 hey 2 to 5 is that you were you
in the line earlier very dangerous
what’s up me how you how you doing man
I’m surprising you oh you oh you broke
everything that’s know me do it 9 uh
what’s up man you happy why do research
shows in the afternoon when there’s like
you know a pileup of stories and I try
and sift through things and get get a
you know just get a grip but um are you
up to speed did you see a Britney shit
rocked out no high huh
I heard some about it I was the same you
know I want to say quickly you talk you
talk – no no not yet I spoke to nords
last week your video I’m sorry your
battle is it tonight or today oh come on
there yeah it’s tonight I’m battling uh
you ever heard of a guy named swamp I
think so is he uh you know what lets you
like talk about that later right now I
want to focus on Brittney getting sat
down with the blender can you watch that
and call back okay Thank You Man thank
you okay okay dangerous on the check-in
well was the person I had on the hold I
think I lost them let me see if this is
him here hey four seven eight was that
you from earlier 417 yeah this four
seven eight now that won’t meet for me
okay okay moment you me did you see the
video Brittney getting her shit rocked
yeah the video I feel like at the end of
the day when she threw that bad that bad
probably had like hot fries and a hot
burger in it so yeah she really don’t
have no case I don’t really think that
she try to sue I mean since she trying
to say I don’t know where we come from
yeah I mean she we’ve got a cold in that
time and you were out in the woods
someone’s happy
never trying to strip you robbed you
that you get it yeah this is this is
Oh for being right okay yeah yeah you
had 204 bands and they was never signed
uh or they did they stripped you in
robbed you yeah in other words yeah yeah
did you ever get them back you just you
took the Ellen kept it pushing there’s a
lot of beauty in so yeah I mean you know
you know I mean the air was if you want
to know I mean I never got my stuff back
but you kept your life you you typically
angle get money but kept your life
because use out in the woods in Georgia
they’re gonna laid you down and threw
some leaves on top of you
you know right I know right no yeah okay
do you have any holistic remedies that
actually work I’m trying to get my get
my mind and body by any suggestions
holistic remedies do you know about any
type of herbal you know things crystals
incense I actually did I mean I did some
I’m like honor different crystals like
the minerals that you know they attract
different things so just like um I
forgot I mean I don’t know all the names
of different crystals but um I try
ordered I try our order and the beans
that go around your wrist like they was
actually made of stones or different
crystals and I mean it has this
description or whatever they attract to
you and you know I try to do that one
time in my life and yogurt who I’m
fucking yoga but listen man I appreciate
the calm and keep it pushing all right
Thank You Man
yes yeah good guy something happened he
was fucking around with some a girl and
he thought it was a girl maybe it was a
girl I don’t know the lace front looked
a little crazy and he wound up out in
the woods out in Georgia I said nigga
stripped him you know took his shit
streets gotta eat
hey grand finale was poppin he’s only
checking via cash up he said salute to
the monkey shit on a Thursday afternoon
yeah man I just all morning all morning
folks if not the speed just Google
McDonald’s put her name in there she is
a shit and close-up are I Britney Brice
she’s okay now though niggas also I may
want to just touch on this or maybe
we’ll do this tonight
the Dallas County DA wants mammy to step
down you know you guys know who mammy is
a judge Tami Kemp who are presided over
the amber Geiger trial you know yeah
mammy has got to go mammy has got to go
the DA wants her to recuse herself and
if I’m not mistaken
amber Giger’s our legal team has already
drafted her appeal already you know I’m
y’all got to feel me you know I can’t be
doing no decade they already forgave me
the family you know anyway hey hey a
choppy choppy sends in a cash yet she
didn’t get a milkshake with that blender
question mark yo the blender came out so
fast Wow after she threw three bags I
counted she said sure Santa the fuck on
down let’s go to area code two one six
good afternoon
two one six talk my Brittany got a shit
rocked in Ohio County is it really like
that oh they just popped off and now
they own the map where is that cool ring
I think it just popped off not a on a
map I never really heard of I’m in
Cuyahoga County okay so yeah it was a
claim it was a clean knife I’m clean
wasn’t that you need to play for the
brown we might need them was it a female
or a male who do the blender know I
don’t know actually threw it but it was
a nice there was a great video it was a
great video
was with the shits I know the person
who’ll do it don’t own an establishment
but you can’t be walking up in anybody
place thinking that you bought this go
hard before I let you go do you have any
holistic remedies that actually work and
I mean I’m gonna keep it real with you
man it’s like a lot of people who always
make suggestions about different oils
sage and tea and shit like that most of
these people are always coughing
wheezing they got sinus issues you know
and they just say oh well how the fuck
are you telling me to do something and
you look crazy you know my theory on
that is if it really worked the white
man would have been and capitalized on
my grandmother used to give me coal ore
when I was sick unless she was rubbing
on my body that’s the only thing I know
coal are we know what it is you just put
it on me when I was young but so you
given the credit to the white man out
here with his technology and his
healthcare insurance and all that
scheming and scamming you saying that
white man he’s not behind it it’s not
real no nigga Kooning pay attention keep
it real no star if that’s it really work
the white they take over all our shit
don’t think they took over rap they take
over jazz they think whatever we got if
you got that way increased guess who are
on the ship the goodness way freeze in
the hood niggas you who wanna shit Ohio
white man so I disagree but I’m going to
speak your piece I disagreed but go
ahead the white man might take it over
you know I don’t know what kind of shit
going on but I all right so I’m going to
keep it push
thank you for calling thank you giving
all that credit credit to the beast huh
Jesus peace almighty sends in a super
thank you sir he says fuck that fuck
Diddy okay fa WK Diddy and revolt for
removing tone talks from the revolt
conference pay attention to the Federal
Reserve and this repo operation okay sir
what is this
the Spelling’s a little crazy can you
send me an email are you giving me some
holistic advice if you I appreciate that
I touched on tone talks being uninvited
from the revoke conference a couple of
days ago I think it was Tuesday from not
mistaken but will tone talks clap back
at Talib Kweli I watched a little bit of
Yvette Cornell last night and she was
going in on a roll in Martin she was
lighting him up
polo 1200 good afternoon sir sends in a
super chat star if you’re looking for an
acting coach in Atlanta you could get in
touch with Tyler Perry he’ll have you
trying on the Medea wigs hashtag Oh No
who says I’m not in touch with Tyler
Perry the mailman okay uh Starr who did
it better question mark Britney versus
blender or Zab Judah versus Kosta zu two
totally different scenarios Britney got
her shit rocked with the blending it was
just one hit pow and Zab Judah got hit
with a short right by kostas ooh bang
and then he was doing the Harlem shake
and then he fell down but he got back up
to his credit he got back up and um I
would say Britney caught it worse
because I was close
nose broken fractured bones and shit
but thank you for your donation right me
bringing every kill three one three hey
good afternoon three one three have you
seen the beautiful video oh yeah yeah
yeah who are you you sound familiar
hey what’s up man good afternoon I just
wanted to give a little background on
the blender that was used there was
actually a commercial-grade nutribullet
that she threw at her though I don’t
even think the blender broke not but now
hang on a sec hb2 and let’s keep it real
like you know McDonald’s employees I
used to be one back in the early 80s I
stole everything that wasn’t nailed down
they take a lot of shit they take a lot
of shit from people in the drive-through
you know just picky people I need more
napkins give me some ketchup this this
soda don’t taste right take it back why
y’all giving me the old quarter pounders
you know at some point you’re like yo
what the fuck
this is McDonald’s Japanese Steakhouse
take this shit you get the bullshit come
on I totally agree it’s crazy
I just I wanted to uh you said up there
earlier man I was driving had to pull
over when you said it you said you said
you said a winter black folks become so
comfortable in America that means that
means to be a I know that was crazy
well listen if I do a show like that
then no he’s insensitive he trolling but
you know listen I was born in 64 so I
came in on the tail end of the civil
rights movement you know and the Black
Panthers and people talk about like you
know taking shit over and now I’m seeing
like you know 450 pound niggas up at
Home Depot
with with their ass crack shown and it
wearing Gucci slides I’m like okay HB
tune on the check and good man
he spent school with my machine who Shay
I lost that guy’s number who I put on
hold I’m sorry man just doing too much
fender bender with a blender sends in a
super chat another L for the ratchet
Posse if that customer conducted herself
in McDonald’s as she did in the
interview she still have 20/20 vision
the nerve you are so right and again I
sent this story to uh Ronnie a couple of
days ago before the video came out and I
was like wow they violated her you know
and then when you see the video you know
y’all got me fucked up throwing shit
fire started that’s the homie whole in a
second it’s just ok that’s today’s super
if they fire the young lady from
McDonald’s the black community needs to
start a GoFundMe and protest McDonald’s
until she has rehired and promoted yeah
but I’m not clear was that the manager
who threw the blender and I don’t think
that that person was arrested and and
again I saw a video where the news
reporter hold on a second from WLWT 5
said that the police have no intent to
arrest whoever threw the blender
you know panache is some nigga shit
y’all go ahead and work it out uh but
thank you firestarter that’s the homie
uncle Kirk good afternoon
he says boss nigga when I see you it’s
on site you haven’t read my super chat
from the Sammy the bull show the gun
better be clean and don’t jam grip up oh
it’s clean sir it’s clean just make sure
you don’t have nobody with you because
as the old your yard man used to say
gunshot for every blood clot but thank
you for your donation and hang on a
second let me see if you actually send
something uncle I’ll go back for you
doing research if you sent in a super
chair I’ll take a look hold a second
I see Bush kid Bush get bent Remy that’s
the only bent Remy Joanne hey Joanna I
don’t see Uncle curtain if you did send
one uncle Curt send it to me right now
via email and I take your dollar very
serious a beach boss hey house beach
balls doing I want him to call back and
play the saxophone again okay wait a
minute I got one from uncle Curt on 1018
who’s under more pressure
a young Troy hanging upside down from a
balcony in New York or a girl trying to
keep her eyes open after a drink from
Bill Cosby is that when you’re talking
about I would say a girl man from Bill
I was never hanging upside down from a
balcony I am I jumped out of the window
if you’re talking about that that drug
went bad back in the early 80s I jumped
they were trying to put the rope around
my neck so I gotta get out of here thank
you for your donation though it’s gonna
be a code to 1/6 good afternoon I’m
really silly today we’re talking about
baby girl getting knocked down to
McDonald’s you saw the video okay you’re
a holistic medicine healer wellness
expert what sir stop a toothache right
now okay raw garlic take a couple of
slices of raw garlic put it on that tool
there to stop it within ten minutes all
they’re not gonna to stop it okay maybe
you keep putting it on there to take the
infection out and that’s what this my
word okay I’ve been doing this okay so
now what happens after it gets the
infection out and then you got a hole in
you uh you to do you ever go get the
tooth filled get the money up you gotta
get your money up and go to the doctor
my dentist the dentist a lot of people
out there in the streets messed up right
you can go get you a bubble garlic you
know garlic and put it on your mouth I
mean I didn’t help a lot of people with
their know me you know that’s real and
the doctors gonna tell you that it’s
Allison and garlic you know the trees
are like um amoxicillin um natural
antibiotic the body don’t get adjusted
to it like antibiotics so you keep using
it okay now notice I appreciate the info
on some real shit can I ask how old are
you and do you have all of your teeth or
where are you okay how old are you sir
forty guys we are you missing taco in
the front you’re missing a
couple teeth oh no I snack snack snack
okay but you need some taps yeah he’s
some cap so you need some key some
crowns I need some implants Wow yes it’s
raggedy the implant is weighted
respectfully yeah no you just got what –
listen you can’t chew right you know
it’s bad for your health
not you okay can’t eat prop okay I
appreciate the other info man thank you
so much salute Thank You Man okay he
said use the garlic and then get your
money up I’ve got my money up already
far as my teeth I go right to the
dentist don’t play that game hey you
know hang on a second guys something on
someone to mention here who I’m doing a
lot shit on my desk oh and uh Ronny also
sent me this Vita fusion I like this a
lot this gives me energy
because I’m not really taking this us
300 right now you know that’s good stuff
but I just I don’t feel anything from
the black seed oil is that a hoax Black
Sea oil what else I want to mention here
hold on a second okay acting coach Dana
are you out there
are you busy do you want to call in Dana
I mean I don’t want to start nothing it
was my phone okay no I don’t see
anything from Dana I sent her a text
before the show just in case anybody
from ados wants to speak about the
convention that just happened or Talib
Kweli not that everything has to center
around solid quality but you know he’s
got the feature box I’m glad TV my homey
Vlad says uh he did invite um
tone talk so come on flag TV in and I
don’t think tellings gonna go I don’t
know it’s really none of my business but
it’s my mention that all right uh kicked
dangerous he sent me is just a cat okay
no it’s not a catch up he sent me an
email can’t get to that later
is it milah hey Milo if I’m singing the
name right
why the ladies suck so black in
McDonald’s her Oh her socks
yo yo yeah yeah when she got knocked
down with the blender puffy puffy popped
up yeah one of the socks is black I
don’t know not out of this slide hey
Darryl Darryl send to the cash yet k
dangerous question mark more like
fucking Joker crazy laughs okay kid
dangerous I’ll get to this later man
thank you thank you
Alan what’s up man how you feel he says
Britney got hit with a street fighter
sonic boom yeah hey Natasha she sends in
a cash up Thank You Natasha she says
bitch got what she deserved
star you out of line you’re right I’m 55
I shouldn’t be focused on that video I
should be like no focus on just anything
you know politics something that really
has some depth to it I was also watching
I was out watching last night about her
is it quantum computers you just
double-check that that was very
interesting because I had a dual
research homeless sect ask me just
double check
okay well quantum computing I want to
talk about that next week not this week
but quantum computers also you know I do
police work behind the scenes we’ll come
back to that hold on guys Dana Dana said
I’m on the line horseshit Dana with the
smoke hold on
Dana from Jersey ain’t never scared
where are you Dana hold on a second we
find your number Daniel what the smoke
is at you hey can you hear me clear Hey
good afternoon how are you good how you
doing good good good you and I chopped
it briefly yesterday let’s promote your
channel first before we start talking
about you know some of these topics yeah
what’s going on and what’s your latest
video on the real Dana on YouTube please
yeah so yeah could subscribe to the road
ain’t on YouTube
I did upload yesterday about the always
sanitary napkins and you know always
yeah it’s a two-minute video and I’ve
just titled it you know is the LGBTQ
community trying to erase biological
women so because they’re saying that
their pets are not just for females and
I just asked the question well who are
there for so yes a ten-minute video
please go look in life and share and
subscribe when I hang a second can we
can we touch on that because Ronnie sent
me that story a couple days ago in the
first came out and I get swamped doing
some other things so now what is exactly
going on the corporation has taken off
the female symbol of the always is it
the pads what is it exactly can you
break that now right the sanitary napkin
pair so Procter & Gamble that’s where
the product comes under that company
they took off I guess it was a Venus
I never noticed the Venus symbol but
they took it off and I mean that’s not a
big deal but this is the underlining
message because they were saying how one
of the LGBTQ protesters or an organizer
was complaining that I guess females
born female but they are transgender men
they feel excluded or have some type of
dire phoric experience because they
still get day period even though they
live your life as a man well I’m just
saying because you have not had a sex
change so it’s more the lines of science
versus gender you know because you can’t
go against science you live your life as
a man and that’s your right but you
still have a female reproductive system
which leaves you to have minute on
periods you ministry so you know you’re
still a female inside so why are you so
you want to remove a female symbol to
appease a small percentage of
transgender men so long story short the
corporation did fold and they have
removed the female symbol yes it wasn’t
on all the product yeah so it’s like
what’s next
what what’s next what do you want to
think of next but so now you as a
natural woman or a cyst
Bheema I don’t know those terms your
bother but I don’t go about this I don’t
go by that label at all I’m just saying
soon and you’re bothered by this yes yes
but well I’m a biological woman I was
born female and I choose – I choose the
gender role as a woman as a female so
you know and if you if you want to live
your life as a man that I’m just saying
half the full complete sex change so
that way you won’t have any type of
Darfur experience so you want to you
want it to be inclusive which X cool
the biological right okay there dinner
if I can jump in and throw you a
curveball respectfully respectfully are
black women and you know let me not see
black women part me part me are
biological females now getting what they
deserve because females over the decades
and I don’t want to use slanderous terms
but they have been fag hags that’s an
old saying meaning they’d love to see
gay males you know
oh girl hit okay Kiki you know and and
they’ve they’ve amp that up
they’ve entertained it and okay gay and
transgender is two different things yes
but you have it you opened this door
you’ve allowed this to happen and now uh
send you in your feelings does that make
sense or am i amount of base I see what
you’re saying but no we didn’t allow
this to happen it happened because you
have an organization that organizes and
comes together putting money together
and they were able to build a powerful
organization really led by white men you
know gay men I understand that but hang
on a second again I’m throwing you a
curve ball I’m admitting that I’m trying
to knock you off your balance but now in
the workplace out at the clubs and all
these other places weddings you know
just females you have been amping up the
whole gay lifestyle as if it’s funny
it’s cute and now all the sudden it is
it is a thorn in your side and now you
know you’re you’re clapping at them say
uh you’re not a real female but you have
entertained their bullshit let me not
say bullshit you have entertained their
lifestyle all these years and now
they’re organized and you’re bothered by
it yeah well we didn’t entertain your
lifestyle we were just accepting of it
and if you are a man and you live your
life as a man but you may have feminine
tennessee’s you know that’s something
totally different than living your life
opposite of what the sex you were born
with okay okay
I I can say honestly and I want us to
bring other people in if you have time
for this conversation I can say that I
had no problem with anybody’s sexual
orientation I don’t give a goddamn what
you do or what you like it doesn’t
bother me but but I do not accept
females that I am in relationships with
to have a gay friend I cut that shit
short oh yes I do I cut that short
because it just it gets complicated it
gets layered and and at first they some
of them don’t understand and I say
listen cut that shit off you know it’s
gonna lead to other things it’s gonna be
a fucking problem and I stand on that
still to this day and I don’t have to be
disrespectful to explain why I don’t
allow that but you know it just if you
open that door then when it goes
someplace else then you have to look at
yourself and say you know maybe I
shouldn’t have entertained
abcdefg hang on a second I think someone
was to join the conversation hey
Jennifer she said I’m on 8:43 Jennifer
is that you in every coat 8:43 you don’t
listen I’m a little silly I’m talking
about Oh Brittany getting her shit
rocked up at McDonald’s do you want to
join that conversation or what dan and I
are talking about I don’t want to join
all three conversations I wanna talk
about the moralistic that Dumbo are
there McDonald’s and dan and I are
talking about the always maxi pads jump
in there how do you feel what do you
want to start I’m with you on that a lot
of us have not entertained
you know the whole transgender community
homosexual community but yes all right
especially and I know I might get
dragged for this but especially a lot of
black women do entertain homosexuality
especially the men and they think that
is cool you don’t say so now that we had
a place where I mean to me that was the
whole agenda from the beginning to get
rid of women because they have videos
out now so where men are trying to have
babies so I think the whole woman
gender is trying to be you know replaced
by these homosexual men these blowup
dolls and these transgenders you know
that’s just my my take on it so I mean
if we stop entertaining it then I need
well it’s too late it’s too late now
because they are geared up guy damage
I’m just following that you know I’m
saying if you if you day and so on and
they got a homosexual friend and all
that type of you know you right that’s
gonna be nothing but drama I go to a
dating like 101 you talk about
relationships and stuff like that there
was a young lady there who’s in a
heterosexual relationship and she when
she introduced herself as gotta
introduce ourselves she introduced
herself she was like you know she came
because her called transgender men talk
suggested that she go and I’m just
sitting here like what I was just really
confused about that well that’s just
much my take on it I mean we shouldn’t
be so you know whatever about the the
symbol you no longer you know that there
for us but I mean that it’s just it’s
really sad like my mind can’t even go
that far but it’s really sad I really
think that they trying to take us out
and we don’t have we don’t have no
protect we can’t stop it right now he
had a point right now where we cannot
stop it Dana if I can ask you since
we’re you know just briefly discussing
this does this move the black woman down
on the totem pole even lower than where
she is and I say that respectfully this
more if you want to be specific you know
what to say in black women
yeah because LGBT is ahead of all black
people right so hope and we’re beneath
LGBT then a black woman is below you
know the black man and everybody else so
but it does push it push us down you
know when we’re talking about society
you know and who is society catering
more to you know and and like I said I
always go back to
policy and it has a lot to do with money
you know especially with these big
corporations and because this is a
capitalist nation we live in so if you
look at it from an economic standpoint
black one north at the bottom yeah
alright hang on a second okay so
Jennifer you wondered chime in about
some type of holistic remedies and
before I before I let you do that and
Danny you can join that conversation as
well so I have a list here of seven home
remedies that actually work according to
science and I got this information from
dub dub dub bustle combats dub dub dub
you stle calm to stop nausea you use
ginger to banish warts you use duct tape
if you want to sleep better you take
magnesium if you want to lower your
fever what then you should take a sponge
bath if you want to soothe your throat
you use honey and lemon tea okay if you
want to diminish headaches you take
peppermint oil and to alleviate anxiety
you should drink how do you say this
CH am Oh am i le I don’t know chamomile
for me okay chamomile tea for me
chamomile tea so these are supposedly
seven home remedies that actually work
any other suggestions Jennifer you want
to add to this Jennifer yeah yeah cool
you get like some close close be good
the minstrel camp and you could boil it
and drink it like a teeth and comb oil
is also actually good suits as well
really good for your teeth and it’s find
your minstrel you can drink on the side
you could take a magnesium it’s really
good for your minstrel yeah now as far
as this broad at McDonald well hang on a
second Danny you want to chime in on the
holistic remedies before we get to a
Britney that McDonald’s was doing
yeah I actually sent you an email with a
list of things for you to do okay I I
attached the website is called Pushkin
rule they have gigantic teeny truck yes
try the soursop through and they have a
sound without teeth it works wonders
I’ll get the detox that box of fruit and
because you were saying that you you’re
trying to lose weight have a better
lifestyle so I gotta shed ten pounds
before we shoot the pilot ten pounds I
was told yes do you need to detox you
need to be taught definitely reach out
to your family members because they can
give you the pure good supplements and
not over-the-counter supplements they
can give you the good natural
supplements that you need daily and
massage therapy acupuncture Pilates and
yoga okay it works okay alright Jennifer
uh Dana yeah let’s have you go to
Brittany get it getting shit rocked and
McDonald you want the time in that
I just wanted for like um add on to what
another caller has say he’s like if she
conducted herself like how she did I
mean you know and I interviewed like she
would have done at McDonald’s you know
she wasn’t gonna shit right my gosh you
know I’m fishing I don’t know why she
thought she was gonna confront
McDonald’s work if they do what all the
type of shit all day long and you think
you wanna come up in there and talk to
them any kind of way if they not gonna
have it to you like come on she could
have called the police she could you
know I’m saying she should hinder like
so much differently they were rude to
not because they didn’t have her weight
for a long time sock I understand her
frustration but you know this is when
you get the law involved you know coming
in and think you’re gonna you know GM
them you know this does just not gonna
no well truthfully you know a lot of
people and I know it’s it’s an
inconvenience but you know you have to
go inside or if you’re at the drive-thru
you have to check your order before you
pull off otherwise you know you’re gonna
you’re gonna drive off and you’re gonna
see that this shit you’ll be sitting in
the bend too long if they even still
call it have been
the fries are old and then you gotta you
know then then you gotta go back in
there or you have to do what I do
take your El and keep it pushing anyway
well first of all I stopped eating at
McDonald’s anyway yeah I don’t even know
what the fuck y’all eatin and y’all be
ordering all that shit man stop eating
that shit and we don’t care to be honest
with you Jennifer this is America we
don’t care what’s in McDonald’s on a
Friday night or Saturday night when
you’re turnt up off that yack you want
we want the 10-piece we don’t care but
Thank You Jennifer for your cash share
have a great day
Thank You Jennifer
okay Dana hold a second Dana with the
data a dinner with the smoke then you
want to comment on anything with Atos
Talib Kweli or should we just leave that
alone and oh but I mean I saw that that
said choose videos part 1 and part 2 and
basically you know it’s not you know I
don’t need to comment on Talia quali he
has the issue with Antonio Moore and
Yvette Cornell and aadya what is not an
organization when you become a member
it’s about a lineage so he you know he
did not sound smart he made a personal
claim it to be a victim and he was able
to be on a big platform to yell that I’m
a victim in a vo as bad and he doesn’t
have suspects right I watched the video
I took down some notes but I am going to
do a show or upload but not specifically
towards temper today but assisted as
educating people on the ignorance you
know so yeah he was it was it was a poor
interview it was poorly done okay not to
be caping for talib quality but to be
objective and to be fair I thought he
stated his position very well and he has
been doing a lot over the years he’s not
just a rapper you know and he came on my
show in the past he is very active and
do you think that there’s a chance that
the the two could meet he and Antonio
mourn or even Yvette Carnell and they
could join forces or do you think that
that’s not even a good idea
um well it really is because he he just
say he’s Pro reparations you know which
is a good thing and I am familiar with
some of the work he’s done over the
years but it’s always good to sit down
and talk because again this is a
personal issue between you and another
person you can’t scream victim because
people go on back and forth on Twitter
because that’s what Twitter is for you
know and you can’t live with all ados
but it’s nothing wrong and I will
encourage it and I will encourage that
people sit down with Antonio Moore and
Yvette Cornel from nark from in Cobra
because this is about all black people
coming together and pushing for for
reparations because there’s a lot of
stuff on the table right now talking
about the Supreme Court case next month
with fire and island and it’s other
lawsuits with black farmers that are
going on right now so you know we need
to just get refocused ok ok ok and again
I’m not you know taping for him but at
the same time I didn’t see him screaming
victim either I think he was just
stating that you know people coming at
him you know and he wasn’t aware of them
and we we have we have what we have now
just say that we have what we have you
know people get reckless on Twitter you
know people directly so um again I hope
he’s just reckless too I still have we
shot say he accused me of being a drunk
so you know if you could dish it out
then you better well CSIS I think he
called your unhinged
grandmother then he say you called your
unhinged grandma something like that no
he called me a drunk grandmother and I’m
just like I was never drunk and you know
why are you accusing me of being an
alcoholic number one if I could I could
sort of p.m. play victim with you as
well and I still have other receipts
that I would like to question him on
with his activity in Ferguson but that’s
something totally different and I don’t
make it personal like that okay okay
listen either way I appreciate you and I
hope that things you know do uh come
together and we can we can we can all
get a check I want my check check yeah
and it’s almost bigger than Texas other
public policies that you know we need to
be pushing for but a lot of people that
I just want to check oh yeah check what
you do with your money’s good bitch I
just want the check so I can move to
Berlin I have a game plan I want to be
living in Berlin or apartment on the
outskirts of Berlin ten years now
anyway Dana good talking to you thank
you you actually you have family from
Durham North Carolina and if they were
farmers and had anything to do with
owning land there was you don’t probably
want you to check before me and you
should definitely look into that yeah
yeah so that’s a big deal oh I want to
see some real quick but that McDonald’s
chick why didn’t they call child
services because she kept saying her
four kids were in the car why do we do
four kids in a car that law why you
doing havoc up in McDonald so child
services needs to be involved Wow okay
Dana good talking to you have a good one
all right
okay Dana what to smoke yeah her and
Talib Kweli got into and I just I step
back say hey I said I just think before
you go at him cuz he’s with the shit’s
on Twitter if I remember correctly mo
didn’t even have a hundred followers and
he was clapping at mo I’m not gonna
repeat you know what he said to mo but
uh yeah anyway RJ supreme good afternoon
so he sends in a super chat he says big
nigga what waste of a good blender at
least at least that animal got a combo
combo beats by McDonald’s and police
hashtag respectfully okay haters enough
says number nine through the blender at
Brittany for wasting a fish fillet in
front of whoa can you talk about to them
so I can’t meet that it’s a little
reckless okay okay yeah there were some
people in the video roaming around I’ll
just say that and Brittany started
throwing shit
fucking blender is Burt propane sends it
in a super jet blender ricocheted off a
nigga face knocking her ass to ground
that shit was hilarious yo store get Dre
bars to spit a hot 16 hashtag salute
Trey bars from Canada the six Toronto
good man you know we had an interview
that went left but uh amen
I invited him back on the show he said
now I’m cooling fuckin with you like
that but you know good man you know
Mickey D’s blender giveaway sends in a
super chat what a throwback looks like
princess Hakeem gave the customer a good
thrashing hope McDonald’s countersuit
her for her Pullman slides hashtag
suckers shit whoo Dave Dave only
check-in via super jet what’s good boss
nigga just making my weekly donation to
the machine also can I call and play my
violin or now absolutely yeah send me an
email let’s get you on the line man
beats balls play the saxophone we want
to get him back on the show who was that
was that Bubba Kwan played the piano
yeah call in man let’s get you let’s get
you some shine time is it tomorrow G hey
Tamar hi star in regards to your health
instead of focusing how to cure a
sickness focus on what you’re eating in
the first place try a vegan diet maybe
listen hey Margie I had been trying to
get a vegan girlfriend for the last
three years you’re right I need someone
to help with my daily eating habits I
fuck around sometimes and I wind up at
the guy damn Jamaican restaurant getting
ox tails when I
no I shouldn’t be eating it you know
with the mac and cheese the planten’s
and a fucking ginger beer but thank you
thank you listen I’m in Atlanta if you
know any a woman over over 45 no more
these young girls over 45 and she’s a
vegan as long as she doesn’t have locks
sent her my way I can’t I can’t do walks
I’m sorry be up in the bed scratching
and itching after you smash I can do
logs nigga bones and I’ll come back to
cash hold on guys
who’s this area code 727 hey good
afternoon 727 we’re talking about a
Britney got a shit rocked out there
Colerain Township oh you know oh oh
let’s get to it nigga tell me you saw
the video man slander come on no no no
no hold on hold on man slander from the
BA no no no sir from the BX you live in
Florida I’m gonna put you on hold
go watch the video and then bring it
right back on hold on write your number
down ah come on man your name your name
is holding me my 77 no no stay on the
line I’ll have to hang up unless you got
to use your phone just type in woman hit
with blender McDonald’s I’m gonna put
you on hold
all right stay right there watch the
video bring right back okay mad slander
on the checker come on folks watch the
video before you call them please
have you come to 0 – good afternoon – OH
– I’m charged let’s go I had a nap last
night come on have you seen the video –
OH – good afternoon nice get him out of
area code 347 good afternoon talking
about Brittany knocked out of her slide
at McDonald’s are you there three four
seven in five four three two okay folks
listen I’m charge school area code nine
one seven good afternoon
did you see the video Colerain Ohio yeah
yeah good afternoon
did you see the video hey what’s up man
how you I’m going a little fast I had an
op man charge
hey Phil man did you see Brittany
Brittany price gonna shit rocked nice
yeah you can’t just be disrespecting
McDonald’s employees because they work
at McDonald’s like these these guys $15
an hour now you better so so respect
well I don’t know if that’s across the
nation but those McDonald’s workers
there with the shit’s you know on his
holistic shit like please a lot of
people they’ve talked to like I read a
book on the Black Sea oil okay but they
don’t really give any chemistry behind
it so it’s like they want you to feel
good because it’s something that black
people rowing it’s a black business
we’re just cool right but we gonna have
to start promoting black people as
chemists go to college get certified if
you really dare woke they you know I’m
saying sold Thanks
that’s what I want to say about it but
um hang my second because what you said
has a lot of depth to it and and I mean
no disrespect but it’s like you know if
I see a big booger bed bitch like you
know 350 pounds and she’s telling me you
know what to eat you know to have to be
healthy I’m like oh come on you know I
want to be respectful but you know it’s
like looking at some
who can’t keep the pork chops out of the
frying pan while I listen to it exactly
bitch weasel I okay I would do that but
what about you
yeah so again it’s about taking
responsibility for yourself a lot of
people they talk about these herbs and
don’t even know a lot of these plants
are poison so you have to really
understand what you’re getting yourself
and to look up button home study the
plants and herbs in that way but folks
with tumeric tumeric is good for like oh
when you got sore joints but you gotta
like put it on something like avocados
something with back because the turmeric
that actually are dissolves into fat so
when you my joints are fine so I’m 55 I
don’t have bought the rightest I don’t
have cataracts so have another day shit
man I just you know okay I gotta share
ten pounds you filming how do these do
like they cut up their cars and all that
went down quickly that sounds great but
in reality Oh sounds but in reality I’m
looking for a diet pill can you
recommend the top-of-the-line diet pill
that people use in Hollywood to just go
pass on okay good to talk to you ma’am
I’m gonna get mad slanted back to LA and
salut salut all right okay peace has
hunter it go woods on the chicken hold a
second mad slander tell me you saw the
video mad slander there’s a way to go
about doing doing stuff like if you get
you or the wall or whatever right you
even say hey how you doing or whatever
my shit is wrong I thought that we see
this is not what I ordered
and you please get it right stop going
in there because you think they in
uniform because they will rock your shit
yeah I know you don’t care what
whoa you assaulted this person that that
employee has all life is dependent
how about understanding off the RIP look
this is McDonald’s this is Taco Bell
this is fucking crystals this Oh Arby’s
it ain’t that serious you know these
people first of all first of all you got
four kids right now why are you going in
there with the intent of starting a
fight when you got four kids in the car
uh-oh you tell me I don’t want to say
because then I’ll be I know
forget all that our Hope Child Services
gets involved you take our car they take
the kids they take a section eight all
that shit is gone
I want everything gone cuz now you just
wish everything for what a hamburger
they put cheese on they put cheese on
your brother yeah you know didn’t keep
you don’t forgot the pickles uncle fuck
give me my pickles yo got me fucked up
he lays you all lovey what you don’t
even matter I don’t know bad y’all we
took the kids away okay man slain time
attention more clothes man thank you
salute oh thanks for the call I don’t
doubt people can nice night on the
chicken all right guys let me get to
cash up hold on a second I know I’m
doing a lot Rick Hayes good afternoon
okay dangerous or kids slow question
mark okay clapping a kid dangerous
Oh Rick Hayes he says hashtag Newt Dana
hashtag cancel Dana tired of this shit
well is there something from the NFL no
thanks hey what’s going on with them of
the Patriots undefeated if I’m not
mistaken someone correct me if I’m wrong
if you know football did Tom Brady put
his house for up for sale
who knows football let me look in the
live chat it’s Tom Brady gonna retire
after this season or is he gonna be a
free agent Tom Brady I got a report that
Tom Brady quarterback of the New England
Patriots has now put his house on the
market okay Ben tremie says yes oh babe
God Oh common sense is he going to a new
team or is he gonna retire hey I’m
moving to LA I’ve got enough
championships you know it’s not that
serious okay okay just ask him okay drew
I’m gonna respond your email just give
me some time what is this okay holistic
remedies okay I’ll get to that after the
show thank you thank you
Colette hey Colette star-making game
Murch and capitalize simple lol okay
start start making gamer ANCA
you know that sounds like a great idea
that sounds like a great idea
Thank You Khalid for your support but if
you’re not gay and you start making game
urge at some point you’re good they’re
gonna come after you you know like
you’re scamming or you’re not really
true to their their struggle I think
that was the the issue that Kanye West
was having they would let him into the
fashion world did he finally get down on
his knees and buffed the tool did he
blow somebody’s bagpipes in B flat
because to my knowledge his fashion line
and the easy sneakers they they should
have Bowman I don’t know I’m just you
know sick but Thank You Khaled and clay
did you ever connect with Bubba Kwan I
think you produce music don’t you
homeless end guys
horse when the chicks up here for a
second mmm okay okay I’ll come back to
that thank you upon me cleared for your
donation sir
hey hey today was something he says are
you going to watch black and blue movie
who is that black and blue is that what
Eric be my homie who’s black and blue
I’m not the speed I can Google at horn a
second guys
he’s a new film ok 2019 drama who’s in
that is it uh Tyrese I like Titus good
guy we used to work together over MTV
and vh1 is that Tiffany had issues in
this she playing another ghetto role I
see Tyrese okay you know I don’t know I
can’t say them really interest in that
type of film thank you Matt thank you
for your donation Tyrese is a good guy
but that looks like a film I would watch
on the free movie site I don’t think I
would go to the theaters you know David
Grant announcer he says okay some type
of fancy name some tea for mucus uh you
see a ly PT us how do you pronounce that
sir I don’t have a mucus condition that
would apply to me but thank you so much
for your your support Hey Satsuki hey
girls Satsuki summer six okay she sent
me a very detailed email kal check that
out after the show thank you so much
okay okay
and also howl ooh you J says I see
boondocks remaking this on a new season
with the blender folks I’m silly this
afternoon that’s what I’m talkin about
let’s go to area code 201 hey good
afternoon 201 did you see a Britney get
sat down McDonald’s yeah I watch that
shit yeah that wasn’t one of them one of
them big industrial
Glenda’s it was plastic is heavy-duty
I was laughing my ass so but she got
what she deserves
and it’s about to be a pause it’s about
to be a part to toil that nonsense oh
they say thinking about bringing that
chicken sandwich back out so you’re
gonna see all of them over their flock
and it going crazy and fighting and all
of that well the chicken sandwich is
that Popeyes that’s not McDonald’s
well yeah but you know Popeyes now is if
McDonald’s want to just just the chicken
chapters that’s all it is
this ain’t the same thing the same
nonsense goes on over there and some
people fight over you’re the chicken but
under that lamp – wrong I have seen all
that stuff
okay okay any suggestions or any advice
with regards to holistic remedies you
know just I got it I gotta share ten
pounds before I shoot a pilot roughly
two months try to do try to do a water
diet for a week and see how you feel
after that I can’t do that
I know that see that’s what but that’s
what that’s what probably what its gonna
take depending on what you pay heat you
can’t just start popping some of those
holistic remedies in it that’s why they
don’t work because whatever thing your
gut it’s probably been sitting in your
gut for maybe a couple years maybe a
couple months right and the stuff is not
going to work like that if you were down
to it like if you were clean and then
you caught something a cold or something
there maybe some of those things are
work some of them will work because some
of it is more powerful if you’re not
careful like one of the caller said that
shit will get you sick but yeah you
probably have to do like there’s some
type of fast there’s something for a
couple of days and to try to rid your
system of certain things and by doing
that that will help push along and push
certain stuff out like people mention in
the black seed oil man I think you
mentioned that yeah that’s not really
gonna work because whatever in your
system is creating the mucus yeah I
think that’s for all I think that’s for
energy the black seed oil just it
doesn’t do nothing it just like it
tastes nasty you know and it just makes
you want to vomit after you swallow it
but it also depends on where you were
you taking the pill were you taking the
liquid form
right here see all of that stuff yeah
see all of that stuff depends man
because uh how what you know the type of
food you eat is you know you eat fast
food that’s processed food that’s not
real food so that stuff is sitting in
your body it’s fermenting it’s foaming
it’s turning it you know it’s creating
mucus along the you know the pathways
okay and when you start trying to throw
that stuff in there that’s what it is
easy get to real sick or to mess you up
real tight thank you thank you rob thank
you for your support man have a good day
yep thank you sir no doubt Oh Rob Lowe
want to check him hey Ruth thank you for
your cash at add frozen fresh veggies in
everything you eat okay now my mother
has told me this over the years add
frozen fresh veggies and everything you
eat okay now will that supplement you
know starch and meat I’ve always been
like a meat and starch eater on all my
life you know although I can’t eat
salads but there’s no protein in salads
you know I know Thank You Ruth I do like
corn I like broccoli I like I like
squash stuff like that you know hey or
another note um hang on a sec I want to
ask you guys something about Cam Newton
is Cam Newton still playing with the
Panthers are they trying to get him out
of there what’s going on Cam Newton how
many seasons has it been nine almost ten
why is he still there got to the
Superbowl one time lost and had a
piss-poor attitude
what about kale chips or kale chips any
good for you I got kale chips in my
truck I got kale chips in the house you
got a fucking brush your teeth you got a
floss your teeth and they’re gonna drink
some fucking Listerine after the kale
chips it’s like a whole fucking to
process with that shit honey
good afternoon sir he sends in a super
chet McDonald’s employees deserve
respect okay they’re getting 15 an hour
now holistic remedies work people
preaching it aren’t biochemist okay and
I think I spoke to him yes I picked up
his call for me hey there’s enough I got
that one
blender ricocheted I got that one let me
just make sure to miss anything Dave
tomorrow gee who is this here Rick’s RI
KZ you’ll star ass fell back on the
width the wet floor sign bounced back up
looking like she she wanted at h15 keep
grinding this door love from West London
hey Thank You Man thank you if she got
back up at the blender took her down yo
not this slide off Anthony good
afternoon sends in a donation star what
would your father say about Brittany
situation don’t ask
oh I want to get into that that that
would just be racist second okay peace
almighty I got that one polo 1200 the
mailman firestarter okay I think I’m
courting speed on super chats and cash
apps take some phone calls what time is
okay okay I’m not gonna do too much this
afternoon I just want to you know touch
on some of these things
it’s gotta be a code eight six four good
afternoon 86 for you there we’re talking
about holistic remedies and diets and
things like that
oh you do hello hey it’s it’s for good
hey Joanne who called any other night
yes good
goodbye thank you so much what’s going
on not much just listening to the show
let’s go
thank you time let’s go I got time okay
um I would say about like I guess this
is started off with like these the
McDonald’s video it was very hilarious I
have to say even down to our interview
on like her interview later with the
news it was so messed up that she was so
composed about it she had acted so
ignorant what can you do about it
I mean so silly like she is one of those
situations where lik this is you you
were upset enough to wanna Warner I
can’t attack
so you get what you get I mean I think
it’s a little bit much to say take her
kids away because number one you don’t
know how old her children was stop her
in the car so don’t go straight there
I think it’s messed up for black people
to call in and say take your kids away
when they want to take your kids away in
a legally adopted but that’s neither
here there’s another discussion I I
didn’t say that I don’t think that they
should go that far but I think I think
you know she yeah she got you know she
got what she got you know I mean it was
silly it was silly for her to act as
though she was a victim when clearly
honey like regardless of it being
whatever you are if you act out on
someone you’re you’re you’re you’re
saying that you have no accountability
for the fact that you know that their
actions have consequences so I don’t
know if she thought she’s an adult woman
so it was hysterical because I was like
man how how heavy is that blender that
is super bad like that it was almost
like a punch to the face I have to say
this if I can jump in if I can jump in I
think for me for me the blender and the
slide coming off it’s like how you gonna
try and turn up with slides on you know
it’s like I see some peer it were kind
we’re doing the most you had the Black
Panthers in Milwaukee they were going
through the mall was it last week over
there the pregnant black woman eight
months pregnant and it looked like one
of those nigga had on some slides
carrying a rifle but they don’t think in
the moment like okay I really wasn’t
ready for this fight I probably should
have settled down and it was one of
those things where she didn’t think
about that either and I think she also
was one on that shit like everybody
else’s come on like people got to be
real people think that they can treat
especially food service workers and the
McDonald’s is one of those that’s Dean
you know like low class so everybody
goes in there feeling like they’re
better than so they feel they can treat
them like that but if you don’t want to
get somebody treating you well you
should never do anything like that’s
right you know I was one of those
entertaining or her moments which is
going to go down and for me now our kids
are going to use that and end up getting
in trouble I think those niggas out
there in Colerain at that meet Donald a
date man well I mean I talked to
reckless they may have more in the back
you know for people of that ilk you know
because she seems like she’s been up in
there before like you know Barkin and
and the blender was just so readily
other people have outbursts like that
and then honestly you want to be real
buddy she act like somebody who might
have worked there who would throw
something at someone yeah because that
was her person yet and she and she would
I like that just because they got an
order wrong and we don’t know to this
sent like fucking okay so if you telling
me that they win they put poop in the
bags or whatever sin I’m all over it you
know what I’m saying I would be okay and
they did something really disgusting but
if it was just like they didn’t get the
order right
I see could’ve just calm down because it
acted like a white woman and had too
many what will you listen Lana she may
have been
talking to the manager we don’t know it
could have been the manager who threw
the fucking blender but but now hang on
a second hang on hold a second do you
remember was that a McDonald’s employee
back in 2017 who beat a customer with
the stick do you remember that so many
people though was it was it all no I
okay I think I’m doing too much I could
have swore it was a McDonald’s employee
a guy who beat a female she she went
behind the fucking counter on us and
rah-rahs shit and he beat her with a
stick anyway okay so you wanted to talk
about this other topic as well yes what
do you want to join but I also kind of
had a comment too for like you guys are
talking about two little Carly a little
bit his enemy was wise yeah when I hang
on a second I don’t want I don’t want to
just take shots at top quality are you
Atos what do you want to say about the
interviewer yeah I’m recommending that
people see it I’m I’m not getting
involved in the back and forth but you
know just hey he’s talking and that’s
what people do today with the rust in
certain topics I thought he was
respectful I thought he was respectful
go ahead Hussein I would say that he
took advantage of having a platform I
think one of the biggest things about a
lot of people with in the 80s movement
or hope quote-unquote is that they don’t
take advantage of the platform where
they can civilly talk to people there
their attitude is from what I’m saying
now because if you can miss American
debate be honest all by all means do it
but from what I’m seeing it’s a lot of
attacking and assuming
so when you attacking you assume that
everyone is going to displace your words
or misunderstand what you’re saying
you’re not giving anybody the benefit
that that what they don’t want to
actually have debates with people that
have some constructive debate bit debate
they do a lot of attacking so that’s
kind of put him in a position where if
you’re gonna say like half of people
said that he’s thing like he was acting
like a victim I don’t think he was
acting like a victim I think he was just
utilizing a large platform to speak his
to speak his opinion but if I can jump
in now if I can be objective and fair to
Atos okay what I like about what I like
about tone talks any vet Cornell is that
they don’t go on every platform to
because if they do that then they are
allowing their message to be diluted so
they keep it kind of short and they’ll
only talk to selective people I kind of
respect that you know I’m saying
otherwise you know the message can can
take 300 different terms so I’m not
saying okay I’m not saying tone talk so
he has to respond I’m saying if he does
I would be interested in hearing it but
I I like the fact that they don’t go on
everybody’s show because you know
because a lot of people are not educated
a lot of people don’t know about data
and research and that’s one thing that I
do like about them what tone talks says
about different people that are speaking
up on behalf of reparations if you don’t
know what you’re talking about you know
stay out of the conversation but Talib
Kweli Talib Kweli does nobody’s talking
about but I’ll let you finish up go
ahead core making sure the conversation
is discussed is an important thing but
what happens is that when when a kingdom
is divided it falls so all it also does
is bring a negative connotation to the
conversation as well because they both
have an opposing view of who should get
and how it applies to black Americans so
that’s the issue right there like I have
an issue with who they’re talking about
because in some respects it does seem
like it does seem like the people who
are saying do your research are also not
doing your research because honestly
well I have to agree with Atos I don’t
want everybody who’s black getting
reparations hell no no go back and
that’s the thing that’s the thing that’s
also you said it right there and start
if you open a hollow in about the
Caribbean but yet still you you don’t
come from sharecroppers and and people
that fought the military here in this
country no I don’t want to get no
goddamn check but listen Joanne I’m
gonna I’m gonna take some other calls I
thank you for calling end all right good
to talk to you thank you so much you too
now stay in touch please also Joanna on
the check-in I love a woman that can
just talk I love it seriously it just I
like to listen you know hey listen guys
okay this cash app wait a minute about
that skrilla Stacey glow hey Stacey
thank you so much for your um email okay
hope somebody send me diet super foods
I’ll get back to you on that give me a
second guys okay what is this the
cleaner seven-day cleaner okay okay I
gotta read up on that thank you so much
who is this the real left hand kids at
the homie two star Tom Brady is selling
his home his personal trainer is selling
his home Brady wants to play until he’s
45 don’t think Patriots want that
scenario Cam Newton is still recovering
from shoulder surgery and the fact that
Kyle Allen his backup is killing shit
okay Panthers are not in any rush to
bring him back
i’ma check in with you soon P okay
that’s the homie left-hand okay hey man
thank you thank you okay so there’s a
chance that Tom Brady may leave the
it’s okay left-handed he would know okay
someone sent me an email about how I can
lose weight yeah guys I gotta lose
weight she just pilot okay uncle Kurt I
got your email Thank You Man
how did you know I can’t remember well
okay he says now I can’t remember what I
wrote something like Nicky Barnes whitey
Bulger’s Sammy the bull Alpo all of them
used to be big-time gangsters and all of
them told when they stood in front of
the judge the streets is full of
opportunist lowlifes the streets beed
been done Takashi is among gangsters
snitch royalty he is a low-life and a
real gangster now uncle Kurt hey Thank
You uncle Kurt okay salute salute uncle
Kurt breaking it down a little more
Darrell hey Darrell blender spin blender
spin different with grease on your hands
yo folks if you have not seen the video
please do you have to seriously I was
laughing Oh last night and this morning
I was driving and laughing and I went to
the gym this morning got that workout on
okay I’ll get back to you whoever this
is thank you thank you
okay McDonald’s altercation okay I’ll
come back to that okay thank you J Cruz
okay oh wait left-handed says he’s on
the line hold on a second three four
seven left-handed is that you sir
left-handed nope hey crystal how are you
can you hold on one second stay there
stay there
all right stay there left-handed is that
you sir left-hander please man how you
been what’s going on with you
I’m telling the whole back going on man
this one’s the time a man yes I did see
the video man that’s crazy
not too out of the slide not gonna stop
ow no no I think that the previous one
of the previous callers uh no lady she
was like she hit her right on the head
she went in there I was so ghetto de la
Sol shit and then she’s on the interview
talking about well we’re trying to get a
resolve it and we’re trying to resolve
the case fuck out of here she took it to
the limit she tested them motherfuckers
and like my man said earlier Nikki did
Mickey D’s they have in that shit so she
threw them she threw the bags and she
got caught with the blender so that’s
why she got yo she got super stuff yo
broke her nose closed the eye stitches
and and I think I fractured I suck hey
Tom Brady uh he and his trainer you’re
right put their homes for sale on the
market Massachusetts is he gonna retire
and move out of Massachusetts or is he
possibly going to another team well I
mean you know that could stick do a
couple of things man uh you know if he’s
you know putting his home on the market
and his personal trainers for this
homeowner marquee that is an indication
that you know he wants to play you know
you know after this season ain’t Bobby
doesn’t see himself playing with New
England after student before you know as
of the 2020 season um you know the
Patriots might be looking to go younger
man and Brady still thinks he could play
at least forty five right you know who’s
gonna jump on that yeah you know but
talking about the kick but talking about
the Claire Newton thing for a second you
know he’s still doing this to he was
supposed to be back this week they’re
trying to 49ers or Sunday they’re
supposed to be he was supposed to be
back but Carl Allen is doing this thing
and I think that you know the trading
deadline is coming up on the 29th
okay the Chicago Bears are looking for a
quarterback because mr. burski is fuckin
garbage so you keep your ear glued to
that you heard that here first you know
I try to give my man all that you know
all the inside info
a lot of these other motherfuckers
escaped and I left handed if and this is
a hypothetical if Tom Brady leaves
leaves the Patriots where would you like
to see him play in the twilight of his
career which way right right
you know you know he would have to learn
a whole new system star you know they
would travel you probably have to
acclimate it to him so it could be a
whole bunch of a whole bunch of places
now that the prism you know um you know
who needs quarterbacks in like maybe a
quarter the league needs quarterbacks
right now but who’s gonna need a
quarterback Jack you know 40-plus years
none of the Tom Brady’s got a lot of
cash a with him so you could go you know
anywhere from the graters or you go ever
you wherever he wants to go
that’s why we’ll try to link him I was
just about to say okay I was about to
say out west now now he when he was
younger when he was younger if I’m not
mistaken he wanted to play for the 49ers
but that didn’t happen right and and
right to my knowledge the 49ers you’re
doing great right now aren’t they this
week so the 49ers would not be a reality
for Tom Brady and again I’m just
guessing so so oh wait a minute
the quarterback that the 49ers have now
Jimmy Garoppolo he was Tom Brady’s
backup in New England okay thank you is
trading mister the 49ers now picture the
monkey shit Brady goes to the 49ers
topeka Rathalos backup I mean I can see
that stranger should happen you know I
just wanted to check in with you guys
they would up that all cool good to talk
to you man and please keep me posted on
Cam Newton I want him off the Panthers I
think he’s had his run I’m tired of him
with all the fancy fucking dressing I
want him to play football if he’s gonna
play football but I just I want them off
the Panthers you’re absolutely right
there do you think that it’s what’s all
the peace okay all right left handle on
the check
can you horse it guys let me get out of
here what time is it okay oh I think I’m
laughed out Britney huh Britney’s sat
down up in McDonald’s Toni white good
afternoon sir he’s a star can I call in
and call in and sing Capleton ‘s burn
out the chichi absolutely not sure no
you cannot YouTube’s not playing that
Ricky bang from Southeast DC okay hey
star doctors say B is the truth CMOS and
CMOS for mineral and appetite
suppressant okay bladder rocky I’m not
saying this right eats fat google him
sir doctor say B was the truth okay past
tense he’s gone send me a email if you
have time you know I’ll Google about me
well what is bladderwrack
what is that I can’t be doing too many
just like you know recommendations that
are not really proven enough Mickey’s
Mickey D’s blender giveaway there be
that one or the throwback looks like
Princess Hakeem gave the customer a good
thrashing hope McDonald okay I did be
down pardon me okay okay and let me just
see one more cash app they miss anybody
hey Paul what’s up man Paul says star
you ready for the gym Paul you and I
have to talk man because I got a shed
ten pounds within two months or more you
know and I have to do a different
training method at the gym I’m not
really trying to bulk up anymore I’m
trying to like you know just get tone
all right
but thank you man thank you for your
your email okay guys I’m out of here let
me just get a couple of banners ready
let me get mr. Schuyler Saunders up here
first hmm
and I will see you guys possibly tonight
I’m not sure possibly I got some ripping
and running to do but thank you for
entertaining me I know I was a little
silly today but just hear that fucking
video it’s crazy it’s crazy all right
enjoy your day take care be safe

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