Will Wack 100 Start A Gang War?


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Nipsey Hussle’s former bodyguard went after The Game’s manager during the rapper’s set Sunday night … apparently over some disrespectful comments made about Hussle. Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Nip’s bodyguard and close friend, J Roc, attacked Wack 100 backstage at the Rolling Loud Festival while The Game was performing. We’re told J Roc punched Wack several times in the face, then took off. Video of the aftermath shows an angry Wack having to be restrained from going after J Roc by venue security. Wack already responded to the incident by posting a video showing closeups of his face — without any visible injuries — and saying . “Whooping Wacks ass takes more than words it takes action!”

SOURCE https://www.tmz.com/2019/12/16/nipsey-hussle-bodyguard-attacks-wack-100-game-manager/

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Boss Hogg in a Monday night good evening
this is the star report I am your host
Troy terrain pka star the negligence
won’t die all right welcome aboard
season’s greetings happy holidays wow
I’m so enjoying the just everything
that’s going on shopping the family
bullshit curvin people tonight I want to
talk about a few things and before we
even get started let me just say again
ain’t no pimp like a country pimp
did you see offset huh cardi B gave him
500k tax-free money and she probably
apologised to him about his Instagram
being hacked
go ahead nigga go ahead nigga salute
okay on the screen you see the title let
me just mentally massage this because I
didn’t get a chance to talk to myself
this morning
um whack 100 huh will he start a gang
war that’s that’s my title tonight and
folks I’m gonna jump out the window
right now and let me just say that’s
your new Tupac wack 100 you see I can be
objective never met the man didn’t never
mind a game you know liar I don’t
believe his gangster at all Jayceon
whack 100 is to park 2.0 you’ve been
waiting for a rapper you know to follow
in the footsteps of Tupac and people
have claimed to be the new to park 50
cent Troy Ave and a host of others I’m
gonna break down some of the
similarities between whack 102 Park
folks I’ve seen them come and go I was
born in 64 I’m 55 years of age trust me
on this one
Wak 100 like tupac has a very deep
understanding of gang life wack even
more so then to park wack 100 has more
wisdom than Tupac was – about 25 when he
died 24 25 to 25 and watt has more
wisdom than to park he’s older of course
and he refuses to stop you see that’s
the key he does too much you know
sometimes I follow him on Instagram and
sometimes I have to unfollow him he does
too much and in similar fashion to Tupac
he doesn’t know when to stop
and that’s the beauty we’ve got social
media now oh he oh he’s a cloud chaser
aren’t we all
oh we all cloud chasing umm and there’s
a few other things I’m gonna lay out as
we go and I’m not gonna focus on whether
he was or wasn’t knocked out I mean who
really gives his shit my angle is how
will he retaliate oh he asked to and he
will I’m counting on his retaliation
he’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs and I don’t
mean that in a disrespectful way again
he doesn’t know how to stop and in case
you don’t know um when was that well for
those of you who remember when was that
when he was in LA trying to run down on
stretch from Naughty by Nature where are
you give me the location contact so is
so he didn’t give a fuck about them
booyah tribe niggas huh he won all the
smoke even if he would have went into an
ambush he wanted the smoke so I have no
reason to doubt his gangster you know
and what about up may know what happened
with that tension oh he was talking
crazy now you know I know may know from
I know maíno’s gangster to be official I
thought that was going to be on a poppin
why did that get diffused
or did it get diffused did someone back
down so my question to you tonight and I
need some real la niggas or
south-central wherever from Vallejo the
bay to call in I tried to reach out to a
few people and I had two people that may
call in tonight to UM give us some West
Coast perspective it’s needed tonight in
the video that I’m appointing my rep
reference the video let me slow down in
case you’re not the speed Sunday night
hold on yesterday Sunday there was an
altercation of some kind at the rollin
loud concert there are claims and TMZ
TMZ calm is claiming that whack 100 got
punched in his face a few times and
j-rock and they even say j-rock Nipsey
Hussle ‘s formed bodyguard he fled the
scene now from what we see in the video
wacky’s you know he’s barking he’s
whooping you see his artist a blue face
giggling silly nigga and then you see
whack trying to get at somebody then he
just wake up from a nap I don’t know and
you know what who gives you shit but the
retaliation is what I’m focusing on and
counting on what say you phone lines
open right now and I may have a homie
calling tonight joke no joke because we
don’t have to talk about Takashi 6-9
folks is he coming home there’s
different reports oh he might come home
in 2020 he’s coming home Wednesday 72
hours I don’t know and I don’t want to
you know come at Charlemagne sideways I
don’t know struggle man but he said and
they even put the clip back up a
worldstar today then that if Takashi
beats this case he’s gonna give him some
top he’s gonna give him some brain you
know blow his bagpipes and b-flat so um
I need you to let me know when we’ll
talk I be relieved from
and the homie joke no joke said he he
might call in tonight all right so
that’s my focus tonight will whack 100
start a gang war and what will a gang
war be if you know something erupts here
in 2019 going into 2020 why couldn’t it
always talking about on Piru yes
he claims blood so I can’t sit here and
say allegedly and nipsey’s camp you know
he’s j-rock a Crip why have we not heard
from j-rock I mean I went to his I G
page but what I think is his IG page
crickets does j-rock want the smoke and
also there’s an update here wack 100 is
now offering $100,000 according to a
rowboat dot-com and other sources if
anyone has footage of him getting
knocked out oh he’s in his feelings and
I love it huh I got a hundred rocks you
show me get knocked out go ahead big
nigga huh I’m ashamed that I’m enjoying
this this dumb shit but hey this is what
it is this is the top story so we’ll get
to that also um yesterday I went to see
a beautiful day in the neighborhood for
those who give a shit I went out on a UH
an outing with a very nice lady over for
tea applaud me and as you may have heard
I watched half of this movie on the free
movie site you know a beautiful day in
the neighborhood it’s not necessarily a
movie about mr. Rogers life he is a part
of the film but um I watched the entire
film yesterday at the movie theater had
a good time the female that I was with
she thoroughly enjoyed it
she did not want to go see I’m queen and
slim which is what I recommended she
said I want to see this and she she
loved it so for anybody who gives a shit
if you want to call in if not we’ll keep
it pushing all right okay um hang on a
second okay I’m charged sir how you
feeling and if anybody has any
information on a young mouth or spider
alok I would love to talk to those
gentlemen tonight with regards to what
their feelings are yeah well whack 100
start a gang
or or is that a thing of the past you
know gang wars maybe everybody’s just
cloud chasing maybe it’s not that deep
it’s bringing some phone calls every
echoed five six – five six – season’s
greetings are you there
what what’s going on star she’s
ingredients Hey well tell me mom listen
man listen man I’m on the west coast
okay I don’t think this was this dis I
don’t think this was gonna start a gang
war because you know it’s not that deep
this is some stuff where I think the oh
geez the higher up guys gone they don’t
sit down and handle it squashing whack
because if it was listen I’m gonna tell
you right now them dudes I’m sixties
they move way different allegedly you
know they still laying people down
behind the murder of Nipsey Hussle if
you you know we’ve heard about it in the
news allegedly because I know how to
algorithm work we don’t have to worry
about the algorithm if we’re just
discussing you know a possible murder
yeah I saw a couple of stories about
Eric Holder’s family members being
killed but I don’t know if those sources
are credible or credible so yeah so
we’re talking about gang members we talk
about gang activity on pyro let’s go
come on listen yeah like I was saying I
don’t think it starts a gang war I think
they’ll have issues they’ll probably set
up a fade or something like that but I
don’t think this is gonna start a gang
war between those two bloods and you
know in the 60s like that I just don’t
because that already would have
we wouldn’t be hearing about it you’d be
seeing things already moving if it was
really like that you’d be seeing things
moving already just like we saw things
moving after you know Nipsey Hussle
what happened with him we saw things
moving and we heard things moving like
you just said so I don’t think that’s
what’s don’t happen you don’t say
especially would well sir can I ask
where you’re calling from in LA without
giving out your exact location we call
from yeah can you give us an area wats
south-central a Burbank oh wow I know
that area very well yeah I know that
it’s Nickelodeon pay attention I mean
I know what’s up believe me if it was
already gonna start someone already
popped off and you’d be hearing about
other things going on instead of him
talking about I give me I’ll give you so
much money for some footage nah there’d
be other footage come now you know I’m
saying so I don’t think I you know I
don’t think so you’re gonna doubt that
wack 100 will retaliate to whoever did
what to him because something happened
something happened well if anything
it’ll be between you know maybe wack
I’ll do it you know not not do it
himself but maybe it’ll just be between
wack and the individual that it happened
with it’s not gonna start a whole gang
war but you have the sixties in the
blood going back before that I don’t
think that’s what’s gonna happen and I
pray that it doesn’t happen because it’s
not necessary okay I think I want to
talk about this Takashi okay come on
come on yeah just a cop man just doing
this out here he didn’t told I’m telling
you he getting free you know I’m saying
he getting free he didn’t got off I’m
very sure he’ll be home very soon
I don’t know what the hell was going on
with Charlemagne that you was sounding
real sex real very very suspects over
there with that that statement you need
to pause that but Takashi getting free
man he does hold on everybody
do you have any exact details because
you know I’m hearing 72 hours Wednesday
I’m hearing next yeah yeah that’s it was
72 hours but I wouldn’t be surprised I
mean he didn’t gave up everybody he need
to give up you just hold on everybody
you know I’m saying you probably telling
them you own a live right now Thank You
Man thank you thank you okay we’ll whack
100 start a gang war folks I’m nobody’s
fan but I love a nigga who does too much
you know going back to Rondo number nine
with the fucking bazooka that was my guy
you know I’m rooting for this nigga wack
truth be told the hater
let’s go whack turn all the way up did
you see him up on his two gram up in the
camera showing his face talk man nobody
touch me yada-yada-yada okay well big
nickel well what happened
there has to be a retaliation folks we
talked him out gangland
all that shoot the fair one that that’s
East Coast shit niggas is trying to get
trying to get brownie points forty Glock
where you at home you could look lets
you and I squash our beef attention what
if that wasn’t :
can somebody tag forty Glock please up
on the grand area code 909 good evening
are you there 909 how are you Kenny
yes sir good evening let’s go ma’am
charged I don’t think so the reason is
because you know I think so and I think
that work one knows that you know that
most likely nobody’s gonna touch him in
a face you know fade away however I
think that somebody might eventually not
a last mouth or touching in a very
serious way for the gang okay now hang
on Luke a knee respectfully you may be
right with regards to I’m thinking about
the 80s and the 90s I’ve been going to
LA since 1985 cross-country pimping I
lived in LA in LA in the early 90s when
I was in national director at Virgin
Records I almost got laid the fuck down
because I was wearing a red jumpsuit
around some Crips and the other day they
gave me a pass because when they asked
me where I was from us in New Jersey
they gave me a pass but we’re talking
about a nigga named black 100 who gives
no fucks riding around the LA looking
for Treach did you did you miss that
no I do not look that yeah this is the
thing what 100 nobody is really clear if
he is actually a real gang member or not
but one thing we know is that he knows
a lot of gang members and I’ll tell you
what if somebody work on a catch them or
it wasn’t me Game one I would think that
you would need to come from Mickey Hart
or brother Black’s am also a warning 64
I don’t think that brother was there for
the honor Lipsy right and also his
brother already had a couple of felonies
so Eve neither let’s do da whack whack
no man whack 100 don’t give a fuck about
all that shit man he shitted on nipsey
how’d you miss that he said he wasn’t a
legend he wasn’t a legend well he’s a
legend now smart kid are you thank you
Luke 18 for the call man salut thank you
sir I’m a little turned up folks
it’s Monday night come on season’s
greetings huh the YouTube streets are on
fire the block is hot I have no reason
not to doubt this man’s gangster he he
knock stitches out bow
huh how tall is whack 105-foot 4 he sat
stitches down he saved game from having
to square gaming got no power and his
punches all that old sucker shit he
talks y’all imma break somebody’s jaw
that nigga suck Lowrance cars in the jaw
bow and rats guys ate it game had a
fight on the basketball court
nothing this nigga here cash Jones is
that his name hang on a sec let me check
in the logic hey hey my throw babies
what is wax real name Kash Jones he
wants to smoke and I’m rooting for him
let’s go whack ya Rask has eight games
is it cash Jones can I get a
confirmation please come on
you want me turnt up let’s go Ronnie sit
tight I want basta clients are calling
to talk about lyrical or Ricky Rozay sex
she’s now with P from our quality
allegedly he’s been stopping her ears
together you know she’s crying now she
she’s suing niggas means P a
woman-beater or his lyrical or you know
just cloud cheese and I don’t know let’s
get to the dumb shit folks it’s Friday
night part me Monday night pointing slow
down hey area code 347 good evening 347
hello yes sir what’s up man a chilly
start yeah we carry with us and then and
then with that Oprah situation you’re a
funny character so fuck Oprah we talked
him out back 100 tonight come on man
where you from
Oprah nigga wack 100 talk man he got a
hundred racks well whoever got footage
in he’s he’s talking about getting that
niggas man come on were you going
ya know 100 you do it know me
let’s get him out of here man New York
need to call here stumbling fumbling man
101 he wanted to smoke with me know what
happened with that I want answers
tonight I’m turnt up on the dumb shit
let’s go hang on a second let me just
check some of my notes here and can
someone email me J ROCs Instagram page
because the the page I went on I didn’t
see nothing did j-rock swing on whack
and run if you don’t get no points for
that I’m sorry you don’t get points for
swingin on in again running and even if
weif did get knocked out and woke up
woke up in a fog in a haze he now wants
to smoke this is hip-hop let’s go what
area code seven eight seven eight
gleaming are you there
yep good what’s good what’s poppin how
you’re always good yo what’s good me I’m
chillin yo I saw all make all bounce
I mean you I think you overestimated
wack wondering apparently so you didn’t
like you can’t put mind afine you had a
fan shot if you got feeling out okay
yeah you got put in a choke hold
so hockey d1 oh my soul was the older
looking off-balance looking looking
desperate and stupid he got he got what
was coming to him
okay I’m nobody’s fan I want to see the
footage if if if he if somebody put him
down I want to see that you know I’m
saying but just on some rah-rahs shit
I’m waiting for the retaliation we talk
about gangland man dangling but you saw
his bite by his reaction that he took al
you already know he took
by his behavior okay somebody somebody
who somebody who’s just somebody who had
a W it’s not looking stupid like that on
camera okay do you want to see the
retaliation don’t lied don’t act like
you know why but it fight videos that
don’t act like you know this is not what
we want streets want this yes if you
doing videos then he and in the streets
move because he’s doing videos how you
on youtube if you make a street move
you can’t be doing both man oh I went
back I floated pitches knock out that
wasn’t solid punch I didn’t see it but
that was the solid point yeah but he
took out last night okay okay hanguk
maybe I’m doing too much but you know I
gotta come on this microphone man I have
to entertain and somewhat in like well
keyword dumb know if I’m hoping he’s
really dumb and I’m hoping he gets out
the chopper until that’s the fact okay
he was disrespecting me he would he
could have gone all out there opposing
gangs there’s a whole bunch of stuff you
could have said he could overtly say I
know I know about this to a year ago
okay that might have been disrespectful
but I mean people ripping people jumped
on the Nifty bandwagon posthumously as
per usual but prior to that honestly I
heard of the hundred dollar album like
Luke Amy said there’s no songs I can
remember that anyone gonna spit in the
club no rhyme quotables
Big E has juicy big he has a bunch of
Ryan quotable I could I could I could go
on about biggie if a certain song
dropped into a certain be dropped a
certain note from a certain song it puts
you in a certain memory you can’t
compare missing in that in my estimate
where did biggie get smoked sir what a
biggie get smoked aren’t art where did
biggie get smoked and that light
what west west coast where did two
pockets smoked okay in LA los vegas but
but but the west coast all right okay
okay where you from
we’ve from brooklyn new york okay have
you ever been to the west coast uh yeah
so yes or no don’t do that
yes you know yeah one time only one time
would you go to Disneyland or something
listen I appreciate the call so I want
to see why take it there thank you ma’am
thank you
why are you doubting niggas gangster huh
wack I’m rooting for you nigga let’s go
big nigga I think I might have to follow
him McGill Instagram all he’s talkin
reckless hang on the guys let me go to
UM super chat the objective troll baby
fuck you star I caught militia lacking
in these YouTube streets and G checked
him moiez whose Moishe you spelled
militias sir who is that oh oh you mean
mo and you’re calling mo mo eesh okay
that was cute then he called Dana nada
and said he’ll wash 100-acre trash okay
he’s gonna have to want to hit one
headed 100 Acre Woods part of me who
proud bottom dweller says fu star I hope
you croak during mid rant fresh off of a
b12 shot and black coffee with no cream
keep barking nigga salute Thank You Man
thank you guys hit my phone line go out
hold on a second what’s going on here
hold on I think I have an issue with the
phone so on a second
sugar G says start out here hoping these
clowns get it poppin so he can go buy up
they hood for the cheap he’s a
capitalist pay attention Chuck known
came from DC on the check and says blue
face can’t blue face can get it to you
ain’t safe homie why these la what is
this okay why these lames think it’s
okay to talk down on folks and be
disrespectful star what up hi Ronnie
Ronnie’s not on the line yet sir let me
make sure that my phone lines are
working guys something’s going on here
hey 206 you there 206 okay give me a
second guys I’m in the UH
try and get my phone lines back I’m dumb
doing a Lardon whoo guys if not the
speed whack 100 the manager of game if I
didn’t mention that and also the manager
of blue face last night supposedly
somebody out you know somebody
chin-checked or did something to the
effect of causing some drama all right I
got a phone line it should give me a
second what the fuck
Joy’s 60th good evening yes no maybe
call drop down hang on a second guys
bullshit Ronnie hold on a second I
didn’t get on the line as well I’m glad
to start the phone’s over this is crazy
what the fuck I was in a good great
hold on hold on hold on a second
okay that was loud right hang on a
second let me just acknowledge some of
my beautiful troll babies good evening I
want to get you guys in the line tonight
talk about wack 100 now offering us out
100,000 pardon me and he says if anybody
has the footage of him getting knocked
out he wants to see it all right I’m
gonna pay you for it let me go to cash
app as well while we’re waiting on the
phone lines to restart okay
Shabazz Cain good evening sir he says
new 69 album tales from the snitch okay
thank you um she bashed King hey 206 you
there good evening 206 yeah yeah hey how
are you man your shoe will go live and
fuck okay homeless in guys phone drama
one hey 206 good evening
sorry about the issues guys 206 grieving
206 yeah hey what’s up man how I
remember I remember he gone to tax zone
before tax tone had got about that
fourth right right but as far as the
gang war I mean I don’t know man I do
there’s 50 I don’t know if he should be
doing more well he’s from gangland I
mean you know truthfully it doesn’t
matter how old you are out there if
you’re born into it and I do believe he
was born into it you know you still have
something to prove
did you see the video footage over there
at tmz.com of a him running around
running around looking crazy do you
think he got his shit Rock maybe I’m
jumping the gun do you think he got his
shit Rock dudes what do you think
and one of the videos on TMZ he he was
saying j-rock nothing out when somebody
said what happened what happened he said
he’d knocked me out he knocked him down
but I don’t know how he did that for all
those people nothing at and he just
yeah now supposedly game was on stage
when this happened
do you follow j-rock up on the Graham is
he saying anything as it is he quiet no
no I follow him on Instagram he hasn’t
said anything but one of Nicky’s artists
is a jade stone he said something about
we don’t talk on social media we see me
reading with that clown shoot okay one
of his artists had posted that on posted
on Instagram jade stone okay
that’s exciting so so now the Crips and
j-rock has a crypt yes allegedly he’s a
I don’t know if he was a Crip but I know
that he was his bodyguard
well nipsey was a Crip I’m not sure yeah
Nikki was a Crip for sure but his
bodyguard I’m not sure maybe they grew
up together he just made in a body bag
yeah I’m not sure how will you sir hold
you I’m 24 24k listen I’m ashamed at 55
to be sitting here amping up the dumb
shit can you google I put you on hold I
need to know j-rock his crib officially
I mean I I think I met him when they
came down to everyday struggle but I
just you know it’s Monday man come on
stick into this all right I put you on
hey good evening to uh aiming the dream
sends in a cash app whack 100 is an
Aries of course he has no chill okay
okay mark Oliver good evening is that
that’s what whack once more black death
r.i.p nip okay I guess we gotta I guess
we got people that want to be conscious
tonight come on come on
okay so someone just sent me what I
think is a J ROCs Instagram all money in
j-rock okay I’ll check that out thank
you so much
okay okay okay okay a couple of people
sending in the same information that’s
hey HB – and Hawaii he says hater let me
get on the line these callers are out of
pocket okay whatnot what number you’re
calling it from HB – in you always have
to put your number in the UH in the
queue so I can see let’s go to area code
three one three good evening are you
there 3 1 3 HP to angle star hey let’s
get to it man
do it Hey hey Lou was that was that
little candy thing mrs. Anna ledger
yeah man come on come on Luke ain’t they
it was he from again he’s from the Congo
Randall and I just got the iPhone 5 out
there man he doesn’t he really doesn’t
know like he doesn’t understand you know
the you know the hip-hop and hip-hop is
a neighborhood thing like I’m from
so in betray you might not have heard of
him but play ice would he’s a legend in
Detroit if you know anything about
hip-hop in Detroit
blade I swear there’s a legend so la
Nipsey Hussle is a legend I mean like
anytime but dude you know I was opening
up stores and stuff he’s a legend he’s
putting people on he’s already a legend
he solidified would they play in the
club’s best that has nothing to do with
it we’re hip-hop that’s pop music you
know like I think I think he’s confused
about that and I gotta I never I feel
like I’ve never really disagree with you
much but I got a disagree with you on
this one thing man
if in this day and age if you run up on
somebody and you fold them and you run
away that’s still the point now that’s
that’s definitely you still get you
still get a point for that okay so hang
on a second because you know back in
2001 in 2002 when I was on hot 97 I used
to say to the audience is anybody going
to at least test
Suge Knight’s jaw I mean Suge Knight had
the East Coast shaking like dice up in
Harlem had them niggas shaking and I was
riding with the West back in those days
because I loved dr. Dre’s production
Tupac was my guy Tupac / biggie – anchor
up I was fuckin with them niggas heavy
but now you know somebody did eventually
test Suge Knight’s John he got knocked
down – did you ever see the video that
video but the other did the pictures and
he was wearing the yellow shirt blood
all over his shit oh yeah he misses
nothing even if even if that dude and I
bought him a hit on one time that’s the
point man gotta lick back okay you know
wet wet wet and and I thought I saw the
video on it definitely looked like you
got swung on anytime a zoo gets on
camera talking about look at my face
look at my teeth he got swung on he got
swung on that’s only reason people
through that is stylish he needed it
sleeping in the streets late you know
real route Bloods and Crips go okay go
now hang on I’m not disagreeing with
what you’re saying and we can all get
you know we can all get snuffed I had a
guy you know rock my shit with a big two
finger ring bout my leg buckle my leg
buckled I was in the club this is in the
eighties I hold ass I said Lord Jesus
hydrate the fuck out of there but his
thing here’s the deal I’m asking about
the retaliation I’m counting on a whack
to retaliate what say you about that III
agree I think he’s I think he’s gonna
retaliate right it’s uh I don’t think
he’s not going to you know I mean like
he put his he put his face out there
he’s he’s letting them know like
whatever you did it didn’t it didn’t do
nothing I’m gonna do something to you
like this is all like you know posturing
and intimidation like he’s putting it
out there like no and something might
not happen it’s a rock but something
might happen to somebody he’s close
– yeah I mean like it’s it’s it’s it’s
unfortunate situation but it definitely
some get back can we agree that white is
with the shits can we agree on that
oh yeah you know I think I think it’s
it’s he’s definitely winning cuz
everybody asked him about Nixie and he’s
not he’s never gonna show that man any
respect they all different size that’s
just what it is i watch i watch whack
100 like a hawk watches the fieldmouse
he does a lot up on the ground there’s a
lot yeah ma
he’s a brave no he’s crazy he’s not
Brady’s crazy before I let you go hb2
and if Charlamagne gonna have to suck a
dick well will he suck a dick let’s
let’s take it there is Takashi gonna
beat the case a Charlamagne gonna you
know Neil and Bob what’s going on yeah
at this point he’s gonna have to he’s
definitely I think that’s gonna be the
first place Takashi goes once he gets
outcome they don’t do the interview
Salomon guy you know he’s gonna play
like how’s everything going before let
you go how’s everything going on main
the milkman channel you are the admin
come on a promote that channel please
yeah a behind the bar he-man the milkman
is the truth man he just had a really
amazing so the other day you know
everybody go follow that behind the bar
you know he’s doing this thing man he’s
genders numbers he’s putting out
exclusive exclusive content you know
he’s really entertaining and he’s really
taking uh the Cooper from you and you
know I’m just saying I’m glad to see you
know somebody taking the courses yeah
you know I love to see the younger
people take things that I have brought
to the microphone I love it it makes me
feel like a proud father you feel me hey
man yeah okay thank you HB to salute man
thank you no doubt man hey okay alright
I folks let me slow down I guess I’m you
know I’m a little too amped you know
oh I’m rooting for whack 100 and
somebody has to call her and tell me
what happened with Maino and whack 100
how did that get diffused let me go ugh
leaving thank you for your Kashyap he
says whack 100 stay on goofy time okay
okay people could say the same about me
at 55 you know don’t we love the dumb
shit folks don’t we hang on a second I’m
trying to clean out some of these super
chats coming back to the phone lines hey
good evening to uh Thomas how are you
say sir he said start pick up 85 Oh big
nig let me get a piece of this okay hold
on where are you sir 85
Oh Thomas are you there so good evening
hey I’m on goofy time let’s go man whack
100 was pop listen listen people out
here clowning first of all let me start
you on something real quick I mean no
disrespect the last caller this man said
if you meet a nigga that’s the point man
because I don’t know nobody that is your
age of mine that give kudos for sneaking
in dick come on come on
okay well here’s my thing – listen yes
wag 100 with the shit which is why I
love them and yes I want to see the
goofy shit yeah what I listen people
don’t understand web 115 this nigga has
lived his life at this point at this
point he has nothing to lose in my
opinion don’t award I want to see the
fireworks yes go to war you can’t fuck
the MV like I want to see the Drake
this the desi I want to see this cig
squirt come on everybody this is one
participation award right turkey on
Thanksgiving multiple niggaz helping
other niggas alright that does not make
you a legend like for example weak
elicit if you didn’t want to have a
participation award but I’m alleged for
being a frog fine
I think I get the legend status – you
know I’m saying so this whole notion
that we just going to be like oh every
time my brother gets blown away he was
alleged I was the frosting I finish in
about a juice world the man’s a legend
there cuz you’ve got you got you got up
out of here you know I’m saying so I
just feel like it’s disrespectful to
true legends and it waters down the
terminology if you callin everybody
alike no disrespect meant no disrespect
admit it was a cool dude get a thing I
appreciate them you know I’m saying but
they call the man a legend because you
know he was off and he gave out a couple
turns and put out put some people on on
that’s all well is good that’s awesome
but come on man we can’t be handing out
that label okay everybody okay okay now
hang on a second hang on now the
generations move faster now so epic
where it used to be every three years
was a generation where he fought some
people say five now every oh yeah
everything every year and a half they’re
calling somebody a legend or a goat that
that’s just the way the younger
generation moves and I met Nipsey Hussle
a very nice yeah a great I’m gonna say a
great human being I’m gonna jump out the
fucking window he came to everyday
struggle he was he was treated he was
treated unfair i sat with him and his
team in the lobby we spoke for like 15
20 minutes man he wasn’t no bullshit and
finally he said listen I’m gonna leave
you know thank you anyway so so even if
the time legend
some people don’t give him that term he
was a great human being now now let’s go
to whack 100 well then he got knocked
out or not when he got knocked out and
out or not huh
Ronna what do you think about the
retaliation come on looking goofy for
millions to see this I can’t go out like
that everything that can’t go out like
that I want to I want to see whack go
out there and put everything on the line
okay fuck it
what is the afternoon.on Piru let’s go I
feel like he’d be doing some people some
justice anyways you know I’m saying so I
mean the end of the day whack 100 got
embarrassed all right
whack 100 can’t go out like that why 400
lived his life go out there turn up or
whoever need to be turned upon and let
us enjoy the fireworks okay so I’m right
there with you I want to watch thank you
thank you happy holidays season’s
greetings man thank you
absolutely Mario thank you okay thank
you for the call whoo okay guys thank
you for the email something about whack
100 responds to mein oh yeah that’s from
2017 yeah that’s no well going into 2020
all right joke no joke ahem listen guys
joke said he’s calling in and we have to
talk about a few things me and choke
Tokyu on the line where are you man joke
if you’re listening send me a text when
you on the last I don’t have to you know
keep you on hold
area code six four six oh shit that
might be hung right there took a joke no
joke joke no joke
spider humming TV show hey
always good to hear your voice my unless
I’m turned up on the dung I’m riding
with wack 100 I want to see the bullshit
what’s going on man yeah I’ve seen that
man but you know that should happen to
anybody man
okay no no he’s not anybody he’s
carrying the West on his back and I’m
loving I’m loving everything by way of
the bull shit what do you think you
think he’s gonna retaliate or what oh
he’s definitely on Vitaly or he gonna
set up a fade as they call it which is a
fair one on one on one I think he’ll
probably do that but my thing is how did
he get hit and nobody around him hit to
do or jump to do or get to do that got
him he just get hit he’s on the floor
and when he comes to he gets up and the
guys going like yo you’re going he’s
no you’re saying blue face stands there
laughing yeah you know what I’m saying
it’s like how did he get hey unless he
was just there by itself in here I’m
nobody with him I’m just saying I think
he’d get here nobody do nothing we can
all get caught slippin and I don’t know
if blue face is about that action not I
mean I saw a picture of blue blue face
he had some bangs you know so I don’t
really I don’t think he wants that type
of action you know I’m saying but where
we are right now we’re trying to do
today Bay he had some bangs it was a
picture of him and some instants and
bangs it’s like some real suspect shit
from a couple years back okay so welcome
back to whack in the second um do you
want to promote your channel what’s your
latest video that you posted joke I just
did he’s 50 birthday party okay
jay-z and Kanye West with that that fake
that photo H on a gray everything is
digit you can just read it all over
jay-z’s Satan’s everything okay I want
to steal more puffs like your whitey
Tubby’s doing was coming
lady cook or J slipper Jade statue the
phone out dude and oh yeah I talked
about that on my latest one okay well it
was just a Roenick that your main duty
is having a birthday party on the eve of
key importance birthday and his birthday
was over in before okay
his birthday is November 4th and he’s
having this big party six weeks later
that flows right into Kim Porter’s
birthday a little strange to me that
he’s partying on a day that yeah baby
mother his birthday and she’s dead and
yeah I keep keying it up straight so
what this meant you know life goes on I
don’t want to get into his feelings
towards Kim board but now did you do a
clip on Desiree what’s her last name she
wore a wire and she’s now the CEO of a
rock nation what’s her last name
oh yeah / oh yeah okay doesn’t recur oh
yeah yeah I’ll talk about that as well
too but you know I didn’t talk about
that but my thing was this you know with
Takashi allegedly coming home on
Wednesday and Desiree doing wish no
disrespect over door which he did when a
while your father’s exist in the cages
and setting up some Colombians and
taking the stand on them if she is I
don’t y’all considered Takashi Iraq how
is she not and for all these artists
just like you know the street artists to
meet Mill’s the Fat Joe’s the Jim John
who would never mess with Takashi
because they feel like he’s a rat which
I worked with this woman and praises 1jz
Whoville down street cold ethics typical
partner and now he just made up the head
of all these three rappers mean he’s the
head of all this
three rappers on rock nation but I’m
going to tell me y’all not going rock
weight to caching me come on yeah yeah
yeah he did on a lower level now that’s
the same chick that game-used used to
come out her neck quite often yeah
Desiree yeah yeah yeah I mean ain’t
nobody just this public knowledge it
ain’t in no secret like the MLB is the
one that exposed her when she did that
thing with a-rod and messed up their
business with a row they didn’t want to
put it out there we wouldn’t even know
it but it was some powerful people to
put it out there who is this girl for a
rod to be messing with our business with
this dude
and they went and dug and found out who
she was and put it on the front page of
the paper and that’s how we all know we
want to know okay okay hey so uh joke if
I can also ask you so reports are saying
Takashi is coming home Wednesday or you
know within the next week or so um so
your homie or your ex homie Charlamagne
you and I were talking behind the scenes
any thoughts he’s made some pretty
outlandish statements is he a man of his
word or is he gonna back out if Takashi
beats the case and comes home I’m not
I’m not familiar with what he said could
you tell me what he said there’s a video
that was posted today to remind us on
his podcast I was at the brilliant
idiots he said he was gonna blow the
bagpipes and b-flat up Takashi if he
beats the case that’s what he said
and top him off him some green so he’s
saying that Takashi six not B says
casing comes home that he will give him
fellatio all right suck this dick let’s
go Joe come on oh yeah why why would he
go against his wording you gotta be a
man of his word
okay okay he got a
you gotta put he gotta eat those words
well I’ve never met Xiaomi I don’t know
I’m not trying to clown him I’m just
going by what you know his statements
and uh you know reports are saying
Takashi she’s coming home any any inside
knowledge on whether he is going to be
coming home or is it just all
speculation right now I think it’s all
speculation was heard to give credit to
that lawyer who’s been following this
case and I found the stuff bit by bit he
hasn’t been wrong yet
you know what I’m saying so I don’t know
if he got the inside skinny or not but I
think you the source of this information
where we getting it from man I mean I
mean he told where everybody
so why wait and they they if he worked
with them and cooperated with them and
did what they wanted to do why should he
not come on
oh you gonna tell me he did all that and
gonna go and still get asshole fullest
out I don’t think that would be fit when
you got people like Desiree out here
being the CEO of artists where the most
part when they got they he gotta come
over he he you know all the dudes that
Nicky Barnes his home our falls on you
know you gotta come home Frank Lucas
came home Alpo came I mean wait alpha
and all them do they did some serious
time for Takashi he didn’t really kid
yeah please inquire his first offense
second offense they they I don’t think
they’re gonna throw the book at him okay
okay okay
hey man before I let you go do you want
to mention anything that you’re working
on with you just saving that for another
time you and I spoke about a project
you’re doing or is that not for the for
the masses right now oh well I’m kind of
transitioning from out of the more
hip-hop stuff I’m still my education C’s
okay so they don’t get raped by the news
that’s been raping other people
over the years so I’m always going to do
that but I’m going more into movies I’m
just going to just start really making
movies movies and my first movie is
called are you my daddy and I’m dropping
the trailer on that for on Christmas Eve
okay is this the horror film that the
horror film yes if you need someone to
play a dirty coked out cop Hollett you
boy you know what you might make a good
a great detective we’re gonna talk about
that way yeah I’m dead-ass all right
yeah we shoot a teen in the bag of
pistol-whip a tranny holla
let’s do that man stop playing around I
gotta tell you about it nervous you
you’ll be okay
oh you got it you got it make sure you
call me when you get up there okay I got
something that you will but I’ll do it
I’m doing the casting in Atlanta and
January for argue my daddy I already
started shooting you know some of the
things with the principal characters but
I’m doing a full cast in okay Oh real
joke no joke is my Instagram y’all
follow me
so y’all could get that information yeah
subscribe to my You Tube channel
choke legends every children jock
legendary directors man and choke no
joke at gmail the email right thank you
man good to talk to you salute I’ll call
you behind the scenes behind the scenes
and tell them to coffee is coming home
right and sha’lame has made his word
that when he comes home he’s gonna chop
him up baby may cut them a check for a
million dollars okay all right did you
talk to you man we’ll talk either
tonight or first thing in the morning
all right cool yes sir okay thank you
choke no joke on the check-in folks
Bostic Ronnie are you ready to call in
please do
I wanna want Ronnie to bring me up to
speed on lyrical or who’s suing pee
right now from quality control music did
pee stomper is together or is she you
know just cloud chasing something to do
with a fifteen million dollar of some
type of lawsuit cuz they mean to uh
known come sorry crown came from DC star
Y AK 100 is a clown talking down on
Nipsey Hussle about to have you taking a
dirt nap la not the only area that
support the king better recognize
hashtag long live King okay thank you so
I want to be up to speed on all the dumb
shit and folks please please tag me on
Instagram Twitter on everything
everything that the new Tupac is doing
yeah and in case you joining the show
late here I said earlier in the
broadcast whack 100 in my opinion is the
new to pop a lot of similarities and
whack has got more wisdom than Tupac you
know acquired in his short lifetime
in-depth gang knowledge he’s a traveler
he wants all the smoke he’s on the gram
going apeshit I laid out a little bit
more just give me some time black race
is grieving sir he says F whack 100 I
have bigger problems I just took a okay
I took a dump and realized okay you sir
you’re being very very graphic here
hashtag real nigga problems Thank You
black racist Luke you sir as always pimp
juice jr. on the check-in Lucania gave
some valuable information about la gang
banging can you ask him does he Chuck a
red spear or a blue spear hashtag thanks
desi and Dave on the check-in via super
chat they want to go online
area code 636 give me a second guys is
that desi and Dave
good evening does Ian Dave wealth
anistar make your boy mojo call in here
from twisty young Lois you know I’m
saying what’s gonna play okay rolling up
okay yeah are you ready for the
retaliation whack 100 yeah I am and we
can question for you are we getting into
whack 100 lira galore or 6-9 I can do
all three up let’s start with whack
let’s start there he’s up on the ground
barking let’s Rob why first of all first
thing back 100 listen here don’t get it
twisted I like you saying you an
objective thing from being objective I
have to be honest I got a full respect
on his name you don’t give a fuck who it
is the nigga said to park him see biggie
he went east goes all the way over to
the west coast he don’t give a fuck
excuse my language but you know you
don’t give a damn you know I’m saying he
like they ain’t no lemons right so I
give him respect for that but at the
same time I got it I gotta be honest and
say that he’s trolling cuz let’s be
let’s be real I think about a Blueface
yeah he was hot when he came out but
he’s not hot right now
he’s hot off social media not music he’s
not offer you know him doing gimmicks
and shit my social my music anybody
listening to this bullshit number no I’m
are they on that shit they did is did so
I do believe he’s trolling but at the
same time I was talking to my homeboy
he’s telling my game and how James he
playing both sides of the field I feel
he got no choice good at the same time
this shit that happen the way I don’t
know whether he got knocked out at night
to be honest with you start I don’t give
a damn if I don’t give a fuck I want to
see the clock back that nigga’s pulling
up phone speaking on the dead all three
day all three things you mentioned are
dead yeah its second of all I’m with you
everybody’s got their own interpretation
of a legend I’m 29 so I’m in-between
I’m 29 I was born in 90s EAL relate to
the right general I’m in the EXO
whatever you call generation and I still
understand the older generation from my
point of view
Nipsey Hussle is a legend for one reason
and one reason only
damn the music because like he said all
this nigga ain’t got number-one albums
and hips and shit like that get it right
but at the same time Missy hustle was on
his way to doing that that’s why he was
nominated for the grand Rite so I want
to talk about that I want to tell you
why I feel if she was a legend because I
know a lot each star out here st. Louis
well really gig you know we
middle-of-the-road we we the east coast
or west coast I think got no specific
so when choose so for me when I heard
Nipsey Hussle back in 2010 I was like
damn you know I’m saying this okay in
2013 I was in school scar you know I’m
I’m gonna head you really should blow
mojo why I never call in cuz I work at
the airport I got expensive job we can
go in the research you know I get any
details in the email but I work at the
airport you know I work for the airlines
so during a school in shit for me I hit
a rough patch and I was like you know
I’m gonna give up on this year cuz it
ain’t no point you know all the homies
talking about me like nigga you’re wild
and now you need to come back and get on
the Block you know I’m standing all that
crazy shit hang on like two years a song
called no days I’ve made by Nancy
hustling this mixtape with DJ drummer
when I heard that I really started to
give Nipsey Hussle a listen cuz I tell
negev out of time I don’t fuck with Lil
Wayne okay hang on a second I want to
stay focused on wack 100 you all right
Peter nipsey good good man now you say
you know hang on you say you’re out of
st. Louis yes you’re in st. Louis
correct okay never heard of Maseratis
skrill that’s my nigga I’ve heard of
yeah put some respect on his name I met
him a couple of years back Maseratis
squirrel at st. Louis yeah yeah I’ve
been trying to get that interview with
him too many phones but for Missy being
a legend I’m gonna tell you you the
later because majority of these rappers
when they passed away they die or they
fade off let’s be honest listen a common
number one denominator then niggas be
broke stop
okay let’s be at the circuit can we get
back to white 100 and the clap back come
on man let’s stay focused okay okay so
we’re gonna is clap back now don’t get
me wrong
like I said him I don’t know if he got
knocked out of nine he already put up he
got honey bands for whoever said he got
knocked out
video like Blueface say he got a honey
bear so it’s 200 bands up there right
now on the video whoever got footage of
him do you knocked out they got 200
bands for so what I will say is like I
said when you speak on the dead biggie
Tupac nipsey it’s not that you just
talking about niggers their rap these
niggas are dead bro they’re legends to
somebody like you say every generation
had they all interpretation of legend so
if somebody is a legend like the caller
call their earlier and say he’s from the
east coast or west coast but wack King
here on the road that’s how I look at
weight nicer others I’m gonna I’m gonna
take some other calls because if you’re
not gonna focus on the clap back that’s
that’s what I’m on it’s now you know why
100 I listen the clap back is lit like I
said he got a hundred bands but well but
got video footage so niggas are sure
there is no footage fuck the footage can
you speculate on the clap bag
well let you go well how do you think
it’s gonna play out I mean I honestly I
think it’s gonna play out like this this
simple is this either niggas finna catch
wack slipping out here in these streets
my wax for the line of like a joke no
joke see the line up that face he got a
honey band for nigga with videos I’m
pretty sure he’s got another honey bass
but any nigga who wanna get in the ring
about what the fuck he got this thing
now we’re talking now we’re talking
Thank You Man that’s why I told niggas
fuck fuck fuck the game she didn’t take
a whack time I throwing out bread for a
nigga to pull up on him there you go he
want all this smoke that’s witty man
okay thank you so yeah folks who gives a
fuck if there’s footage you know we I’m
talking some next-level shit and I am I
making sense here the new to parkour
whacked 100 he doesn’t know how to stop
let me look in the live chat might roll
babies know what I’m talking about huh
hang missing doesn’t me looking a live
chat huh
and treach’s my homie from Jersey I’m
from Jersey Rock was riding around LA
talking about where are you give me the
location the location and it was foaming
at the mouth
hey Lisa Lee was poppin baby Suge are
you in Atlanta the holiday seasons are
here I’m trying to cuff something on
Christmas Day
hang on us again west coast on the
check-in via cash at star a blue face
just said he got another hundred
thousand four wack nice nice well there
is no footage I guess you know or if
there is you know please tag me on it
and we haven’t spoke about big you yet
just give me a second let me just
process this in my head I think big big
you was I could hear it too younger than
me I was born in 64 what is big you
saying right now or is he saying
anything I haven’t had time to check his
IG page
I saw whack 100 you know trolling one
time talking about big you scolded him
something to do with you are you taking
your vitamins wack is smiling in the
camera arms just I’m entertained by this
he held up some type of fucking uh some
greens to drink hmm
I hate a missus nothing yeah yeah salute
to King tone from the Latin will
formally of the Latin Kings amor de yeah
so I’m up on Flag TV King tone and I
used to work together in the MTV mail
room some of you already know that
that’s my homie and he called into my
show is he still not allowed to come
into New York State because he was in
another state
good man King tone such a knowledgeable
man okay hey um
Gucci Marx good evening I got your cash
app he says stuff fuck wack 100 looks
like you a bleach well I’ve been putting
the bleaching cream on the UH on that
little stiletto heel mark you know from
baby girl yeah
fire coochie okay thank you for the
email looks like wack 100 and and may
know squash the beef yeah and that’s a
good thing that’s a good thing but you
know my point was you know wack 101 of
the smoke with Wayne oh poor me may know
let me say way no salute to Wayne oh
he’s – homie – Shabazz King peace he
says blue face is a Crip he ain’t trying
to ride with wack oh okay okay I didn’t
know that I didn’t know that hey also
let me just slow down for a second folks
I’m so hyped I’m so charged tonight let
me say salute and peace to everybody in
the nation of gods and Earth’s r.i.p –
Papa whoo how can I get an amen in the
live chat huh Papa who passed away he
and I exchanged text messages last year
you know just pleasantries you know he
reached out oh man a Papa whoa huh
passed away from the nation of gods and
Earth’s he gave a lot of the knowledge
to the wu-tang clan members great man he
spread the knowledge he traveled the
world with wu-tang clan he educated them
pays to the nation of gods and Earth’s
hey golden diva I got your email darling
thank you so much okay baby I’ll get
back to your email tomorrow I’m I’m
turnt up on the dumb shit right now
she’s asking me something about females
pimpin bitches I’ll get back to your
darling right thank you so much let’s go
back to the phone lines area code two
one five eight one five good evening
talking about that boss nigga walk 100
are you there
two one five hello hello hello okay they
hung up niggas out here shook seven
three two is that Ronnie Bostic Ronnie
hey star hey how are you good evening
pretty good in yourself how are you good
good to hear voices okay so we’re gonna
shift gears lyrical or Ricky roses old
doormat she’s now with child or she had
a baby by pay from quality control will
be yet so she’s already had the baby and
actually she was pregnant at the same
time as a tailor will they were actually
ex friends okay so their breakup kind of
goes back to when it was announced that
kale our will was pregnant as well okay
this this was back in December 2018 so
this is last year okay and she just
basically went on Instagram blasting P
and you know saying that he was like an
Indian giver and he was giving her gifts
and taking them away and so they pretty
much stopped dealing with each other at
that point and now she’s coming forward
you know with the lawsuit all of a
sudden seeking fifteen million dollars
mmm okay so that’s peas baby she had
people quality control yes uh-huh okay
how old is is the the baby or the child
I believe the baby is six months oh wow
okay so so I saw some pictures it didn’t
look too convincing something
with her hand she’s saying a piece
stomped on stomp them her fingers and
kicked her in the face allegedly what’s
going on with that
well the dates that she has on the
pictures are August so you have to look
at the timeline the dates that she
claims for the pictures are August 2018
and October 2018 okay but in December 18
December 18 is when they broke up so and
then she is another picture for March
2019 so that means that after you broke
up in December you got back together at
some point and you claimed he abused you
again okay but I mean if these are
incidents that happened why are we just
now hearing about them and why are you
looking for 15 million dollars for what
okay now I first became familiar with
her when she was dating a Rick Ross as I
said and I think I forget what happened
but the they were engaged to be married
and she yeah well I mean there’s a long
list a very long list most recently it
was key Glock that it was Le’Veon Bell
will Barton who’s with the Nugget quavo
Justin Bieber and why’s Drake pet
Beverly from the Rockets Meek Mill
Thomas from The Raven so community pussy
huh a public exactly exactly
but she and her documents has estimated
his net worth at 50 million dollars now
unless he came out of his mouth and told
you you know why would you even cite
such a figure and to me it makes it
clear that this is a play for money okay
okay so now is a PE responding to the
accusations of you know kicking her
teeth you know what what’s he saying yes
and he’s actually saying that he was a
victim of her violent attacks when she
was on different substances this is
where you dream
okay fun okay so and also if we can just
back to the timeline he actually filed
for a joint custody prior to him filing
for joint custody he had already been
you know regularly visiting with his
daughter now in her paperwork she’s
looking for supervised visitation so and
he says that also in his response why am
I why why are you just now requesting
supervised visitation so it’s like
almost using the child as a pawn okay
okay okay
well this please keep me up to speed on
all that because I’ve never met a P from
quality control but he’s bawling right
now and you know sounds like you know
she she’s a you know clout chasing I
don’t know if it’s certain but um its
headline news I just wanted to touch on
some of that silliness
any thoughts on wack 100 are yet to
speed with what’s going on with him
supposedly getting a shit rocked last
night at the rolling loud concert now
I’m you know supposedly he’s talking
about you know anybody got footage
there’s a hundred thousand dollars any
Ronnie I I don’t think that it’s
supposedly I think that something
happened yes there’s no footage yet but
that guy looked dazed and confused
he looked disoriented he looked like he
didn’t know what was going on I mean if
you’re clear and you’re you know and
your proper mind state you won’t have to
ask anybody else what happened so you
know I don’t need to necessarily see
footage of him getting knocked out
listen that’s the thing about getting
knocked out anybody can get knocked out
you remember beanie sigel you know at
one point was thought to be you know a
scary guy he gets knocked out by some
kid yeah great no I think it was one of
the dream chasers put a put him to sleep
want a mixer I can’t right yeah exactly
yeah so so anybody can get snuff you
know but something happened yeah I’ve
never been knocked up myself I had a
white girl hit me in the back of the
head with an aluminum baseball bat in
the late 70s and I dropped my moped
and I ran across the football field this
is God’s plays New Jersey oh shit
but I’ve never been like you know
knocked down so you think that whack did
get knocked down and he he got up and
he’s just talking reckless and crazy
yeah I mean and there shouldn’t be one
second that’s unaccounted for in his
mind he was asking you know his behavior
if he didn’t get knocked out he did a
very good job of acting like somebody
who did because his behavior was
completely he was confused he was
confused okay
he was punch-drunk is what it looked
like to me any speculation on the clap
back because that’s what I’m focusing on
right now will he start a gang war
I mean it’s we’re talking gangland and
he’s you know when you have money you
have soldiers and something’s got to
give if you ask me or maybe I’m thinking
in older terms what do you think I think
that in order for him to retaliate he
would first have to acknowledge that
something was done to him and right now
he’s trying to spend the narrative you
know you go on in Instagram he’s I’m
winning I’m still winning I control the
narrative you know nothing happened to
me so he would first have to say just
happened to me but right now he’s
playing it like nothing happened okay
he’s the old nigga in denial right now
is what you say yeah he’s delusional we
thought we all saw how confused he was
can you heck can you hang on I want to
bring some calls and can you stick
around sure okay area code 7701 good
7:01 are you there what’s that me how
you talking about the new Tupac like 100
any thoughts she kind of went over her
point about anybody get any money
she’s on the line come on she’s on the
line today
yeah the person that had beans wasn’t
like a kid he actually like a big figure
and filly so it was more intimidating
fact that it’s different than just a
random person hit you anyway I can’t get
smoked though but uh I feel like he
won’t start and it’s so many words like
you say he won’t start oh it ain’t like
his grief counselor he’s not going
through the stages of being a drug
addict and he gotta realize the stages
they know I don’t have to come to terms
that he got enough no he understands he
got not to fuck out okay he’s saying
it’s not on film the way people hate on
the tools or some $100,000 all that shit
somebody to put it out for three since
to put it out it’s not on film they
can’t see right but now I heard him
saying that footage up on TMZ we got to
get down so we got to get down so so
that something’s gonna move here at
least the way that he can happen because
he already painted that narrative that
the big bad bullies but that leaves even
more interest me disbelieve in a whole
thing cuz you don’t run up and see the
person that talks the most shit that’s
the person who you really were what they
edit you want that on film and Ollie so
the person you run up as kanika right
now and if you didn’t do that you really
don’t get twisted it okay it’s j-rock
doing any talking up on the gram or is
he just like you know what one of those
types of cats that you’re just moves in
silence I mean he posed to be affiliated
with lips Iain a couple of nifty artists
it’s a little subliminal stuff that will
hit a we had time to do with it but at
the end of the day they should be clam
and I like that on the internet anyway
so it seems like it seems like they got
a fan enough to let I don’t know was
done but they’re not they’re too much
that the whole world about the blade
with a decent yeah you may wait wait a
era where Street on the internet but
they still try to figure out how to be
Street niggas on the Internet even
though there shouldn’t be at all
right right right yeah I asked you a
whole lot of niggas coming home from
doing your stretch and they’re not
trying to get you know quote-unquote
jobs they’re trying to get up on up on
YouTube yeah let me be the I’m home for
20 years the jail more debatable that’s
gonna lay okay okay listen I appreciate
the donation if you also want to mention
or uh you good oh I wanted to add you
know a very minor Oh
say again
I was wondering they’re doing my a thing
roll a book well you irons really
catching speaking on him in a minute
but was back home in jail he’s great
he’s got recreation he’s got a balanced
diet he’s great he’s in jail certain it
does live better in jail so don’t say uh
niggas live better in jail than a lot of
niggas out in the world you know this
yes they do but you know don’t you know
that’s the first step when you deal with
addiction that’s the first step to get
you clean cause you ain’t got no choice
listen listen he’s at home he comes out
and visits us once a while but don’t
feel sorry for him he’s living like a
champ in jail you know what I was a dope
yeah mom start started like buck Wow
so I gotta act about him I know you from
growing up and it was darn book Walker
Thank you Thank You Man suit okay
alright he’s on the chicken hold on
Ronnie um Anthony sends in a cash app he
says star did you see Ronnie busting her
gun on the ground
Ronnie did you post a new video on
Instagram shooting your guns or what I
know that’s probably referring to an
older video okay okay do you carry a gun
legally or is that just your gun that
you take to the to the range I guess
you’ll never know unless you run up on
good answer good answer okay hang on a
second let me do a couple of them super
chats here pancake man says star was
caught on camera sitting on a mall
Santas lap asking him to release kid kid
Chris kid from prison hashtag allegedly
that no sure I’m one of the people that
put Christian where he’s at and snitch
Network what are you talking about it
would release him and so in case you
don’t know Chris kid his sentencing got
delayed because he’s trying to
incriminate other people
it was my paper call in a second it’s on
the wall
listen I’ve got the paperwork i they
wanna put it up on the screen but I’ve
got the letters from the feds no Chris
kid is talking he’s trying to get his
sentence I think they offered him for me
the DA’s office has suggested that he do
28 years and on December the 6th he
agreed to it to a some type of
investigative meeting and I’m not trying
to get that whole whereas nigga out hey
a star flower sends in a super chair
Thank You star a flower store are you
related to Gilly question mark not
trolling I’m a new viewer Gillian is the
homie from Philly
that’s my guy we go back to like 2000
know Gilley’s a younger man than I am
I’m 55 Gilley and all those guys from
back in the days that we know each other
salute to that man always been been
great to me I’m as old as dust our star
flower thank you so much I go back to a
hilltop hustlers I wanna say no names
you know but thank you so much can I got
black racist
and living in smoke calls Ronnie area
code 202 good evening talking about wack
100 the new Tupac
are you there – OH – yes yes hey what’s
going on hey what’s up man
man whack 100 is going to give his shit
Rock man you know rollin 60s there’s a
largest black gang in LA and of course
that bodyguard is a rolling 60 Crypt
okay he’s gonna give his shit Rock
they’re gonna hurt him these guys are
not Hollywood what 100 those guys
they’re entertainers they should know
better they’re gonna get hurt you stop
talking and teasing them about nipsey’s
death so I beg to differ whack 100 once
all the smoke maybe I get it man he’s
from cedar block they’re a teeny tiny
little gang this is rollin 60 crip
they’re the size of like a army
battalion they’re the biggest black gang
in LA okay
stop on him so I’m not gonna shed no
techno teal if they put wack 100 down I
just I’m here to amp up the set but but
I am saying he’s the new Tupac he
doesn’t give two fucks the two pop
didn’t give two fucks her let’s keep it
real cool who the COO Park who whack 100
as crazy as this may sound with you in
my opinion is the new Tupac
you guys have been looking for a rapper
I’m 55 I can tell you when Tupac was
alive a lot of people did not like him
when he died there then he became a
I met Tupac one time he was a very nice
guy was at some fucking club in New York
City went over and shook his hand me in
buck wild but I’m telling I’m talking
about gang life right now man where you
leepung oh I’m from DC – OH – we don’t
have gangs out here we have crews but –
Park wasn’t even from LA he was
protected by showing all those gods yeah
there were street dude no no offense
this guy he’s like a manager for like
the game and he should know better you
know you don’t do stuff like that these
guys they don’t call on camera they’re
gonna hurt him he’s your stock okay okay
just let it go are you worried about
wack 100 safety I’m not
I mean I don’t know him but I mean it’s
not smarter than yourself like that you
know these these guys you know they’re
gonna ramp up the pressure they’re gonna
put hands on him he should be careful he
wishes for okay I think white 100 is
about that activity I really do I think
he’s an official gangbanger I have no
proof I’m just gonna say allegedly I I
think he’s gonna go all out and I want
to see it sure I want to see it yeah
yeah yeah I think you know the whole
Hollywood rap industry is one thing and
I think the streets of LA is a
completely different thing and you can’t
really mix the two and I think when you
try to dabble in both
I guess yourself or hurt now we’re
talking you know how we talk you have
Hollywood and you have the other LA you
have two different LA you know people
think la is all Hollywood you’re two
different LA’s so UK you know they’re
they’re all about testing people
slipping out there that’s their whole
thing their whole mo so I’m not
surprised well handless got quite idea
of slippin roller it’s real you know
catch you out they’ll catch you in
Laguna Beach they’ll pop out the bushes
else they’ll drive on the freeway they
are then playing out there no joke you
said you’re from DC the home of a rayful
Edmond uh the snitch yes snitch ass
nigger yeah yeah yeah yeah you know
everyone has snitches though it’s not
just DC everybody know everywhere this
missus you know oh yeah they let him out
though he’s out but a rapist Edmond is
out that he’s officially out yeah I
think they’re letting him out he’s
probably a witness protection I think he
was like in federal maximum security or
something like that okay okay yeah yeah
it’s kind of tricky go cuz in in DC if
you’re just a regular criminal you still
go into the feds but rayful Evans was
like a drug kingpin so you know I think
he was like in a Supermax or something
but when he started cooperating you know
that yes quite old are a lot of people
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I heard he
likes to Buzzi you know anything about
I don’t know yeah I’ve heard about it
yeah all right I thank you sir thank you
for your call thank you all right Oh God
could he hear from you man no folks I’m
not trolling this is Starr the objective
hater the objective hater what why are
you doubting walk 100’s gangster he has
shown you he’s with the shit’s 2019
we’re going into 2020 this is the
exciting topic right now yes it is yes
it is we want the dumb shit we want the
fireworks we want to be entertained
Ronny anything else we were supposed to
talk about we spoke about a few things
behind the scenes here earlier I know
there was something oh I’m sorry you
know what the campus resource did
officer in North Carolina who flipped
the flipped a little um was at a middle
school yeah middle schooler in North
Carolina Henderson North come on you saw
the video yes he was fired do we want to
talk about that there the the young
child was 12 either 11 or 12 years old
and this this man a black man flipped
him twice
very sad video any thoughts on that
adieu should we not bring that into the
conversation tonight um well as far as
I’m concerned with that video what
really disturbs me more than anything is
the family’s response to it you know
they didn’t even take him to the
hospital they just said you know he has
a bump on his head you know and I think
that he needs all kinds of x-rays and
scans and because he was picked up he
was literally body slammed off the
ground and slammed twice so why wouldn’t
you get him checked out you know it
seems to me that they’re satisfied with
him just being fired but I
this guy should be charged with
something so he has not been arrested no
he has not been arrested Wow
not as far as the last sight right folks
if you know the video that we’re talking
about you want to call in you know I’ll
open up the phone lines but it’s very
sad again North Carolina Henderson to be
exact a campus resource officer the
video is up on multiple websites walking
down the hallway with the other
twelve-year-old and when you and I spoke
money I said more than likely the
twelve-year-old said something that’s no
excuse and then you had this former
resource officer pick the kid up and
flip them right now I then said to you
I’ve said to you just you know just I’m
a man of a certain age I said do you
think that the the officer was West
Indian and the the child was
african-american because you know West
Indians don’t play with african-american
children that they’ll flip them fast
yeah they are they are known to be very
stern but I don’t think that that’s a
bad thing I think that you know a good
way to handle children let them know
that you’re not playing with them but
this is something entirely different
this is not being thern or forceful or
you know assertive with a child this was
he could have broken this kid’s neck
yeah clearly you think that that was
wrong yes the way he handled that mid
middle school child yes yeah that was
that was too far there was you know it
doesn’t matter what the kid said I’m
sure something was said unless this man
is just plumb crazy but you know there’s
no excuse okay we spoke about some other
things I guess maybe it’s not the right
time to go into it but folks if you care
about that particular video give us a
call right now let’s go to area code
five one four good evening five one four
well whack one hundred start a gang war
good evening yo
star hey I have to tell you why nobody’s
talking about on work 100 I was a police
officer before let’s go
like I’ve didn’t look it up I went on
Google just type what 100 okay then I
was a police officer he’s talking about
Piru this on Piru dad right but I don’t
believe him at all like where do you
need to see on Piru every two seconds
and then I just find out a picture of
you that was a police officer please
tell me how now sir are you sure that’s
not fake news Ronnie can you confirm if
whack I think that’s fake news sir I
mean to be honest with you make news
when I look up be really looked at light
a lot so when you types s oh-h-h calm
right and then you look up work 100 you
see that it’s in like I don’t have any
type of doubt about it okay
can I ask how old you sir how old you
I’m 26
okay so now you have a problem with
people that were either former police
officers or who work with the
authorities with what’s your with your
deal my point is that you you cannot be
late talking about gang shit and then
you was a police officer before that’s
my point
okay like that that doesn’t make any
fucking say or any sense or that doesn’t
make any sense for me like honestly like
I’m not from the space I’m from Canada
but I’ve never seen something like that
how often do you watch my show sir how
do you watch my show sorry I didn’t get
that how often do you watch my show you
watch me yes you every day every day
thank you thank you okay yeah now listen
now listen you know I carry a gun
legally in multiple states I have a
charity called the snitch Network and I
believe in getting fuck niggas off the
streets yes I applied to be a police
officer three times
they rejected me but you know I applied
like a gang member and I’m saying Lee
you’re not claiming to be oh I was a
gang member certain Latin Kings
shower Posse Puma Cruz Gangnam yeah okay
I get it but it’s like what I’m trying
to tell you is if you were a police
officer before you ain’t gonna bring
that gang shit like that
it’s just that point that I’m not
getting late he’s making itself look
like he was a top PI remember okay but
nobody is able to confirm nobody told
like okay bro I did write with him is it
real nobody is certifying okay no would
you like to shoot the fade with y100
sorry I didn’t get you a question
would you sir would you like to shoot
the fade with whap 100 no I just don’t
trust him like that even this fight but
how it’s all you sir how tall are you
how told you I told you how told you sir
how told you I’m around five seven okay
okay I wait about 170 something like
that okay so long story short you’re
doubting whack one hundreds gangster
you don’t think usually bout that okay
this is right thank you for your
donation you have a great evening
thank you so much same to you yes sir
okay all ready sir so you watching the
snitch Network let’s not play that game
Hey blitz 19 sends in a cash at star
support is a must thank you so much
blitz nineteen you appreciate it
hold on Ronny malmo sends in a super
chat shout out who was this
I don’t know this name for getting his
released okay uh generis Jenkins for
getting his release from the Giants hmm
and being unapologetic for his tweets
and still getting owed a bag okay I
don’t know who that is sir
but thank you so much for your donation
yeah I don’t pay attention to a football
that like I used to you know that thing
I I will be watching during the playoffs
any knowledge what he’s talking about
Ronnie somebody on the New York New
Jersey part me New Jersey Giants that
was released some type of crazy tweets
oh yeah he he referred to someone as he
used the R word which you as I said
before you can’t say it anymore and he
you know he basically doubled down and
refused to apologize and then they
dropped him they dropped him now he has
now sent apologized but it’s you know a
little bit too late it just goes to show
you where we are today and this person
that he called that word he was art he
was in a heated discussion with them so
you know it just means that you can’t
even argue with someone okay they also
run me up a contract yeah you should be
a link to uh who was it that says he’s
no longer he’s no longer fucking with
white women in 2020 who was it Antonio
who’s that Antonio Brown Brown what’s
going on with him he I don’t know if
he’s trolling if he needs to start
taking a pill every day or if what’s
going on because originally he said at
the NFL he said F oily all you know it’s
for slaves and then I guess you know he
checked his account balance and he’s
like wait a minute but I need that check
you know and so then he apologized you
know and nobody’s picking him up and he
just keeps making the headlines this is
not helping him got you okay hang on a
second money let me go to super Chet
black racist good
so he says star you’re in you’re in
Atlanta did you see the babies blasting
de bleakie at the mall a few days ago
you better be careful when you go to the
shit look dangerous black races can you
please go to my Instagram page
Froy terrain that’s Freud with an eye
you’re talking about the Cumberland mole
so I was there today you’re talking
about the shooting that took place this
past Saturday at 1:18 p.m. yeah I went
there today because of my charity the
snitch Network I I have to do on the
spot reporting from time to time to be
you know to make sure that I am in line
with what it is that I am you know doing
yeah man that was there Cumberland mall
I filmed it so my ig page man CNN and
other sources say that it was had
something to do with some some Jordans
other people are saying something to do
with the female I don’t know but I was
there yeah man Cumberland mall tranny
chaser of leavening sends in a super
Chet whack 100 is the love ball lebar
ball of hip hop has whack ass needs to
get some bussy and stop hating oh and
nip ain’t no legend his music Oh his
music was mad em eh but r.i.p okay wow
talkin reckless thank you for your
donation fantastic my it’s good the area
code 661
good evening 6 6 1 are you there we
talking about lap 100 yeah what up star
what I start first of all I just want to
say I work 100 he’s got whatever he’s
got coming to him I’m surprised two
dudes who are knocking off Eric Holder’s
family haven’t got to him yet let’s go
big nigga let’s go but when I are those
reports are those not real reports
because I saw some sites and the site’s
look kind of bogus did they really run
down an eric holder’s a family and eric
holder is the guy who allegedly killed
Nipsey Hussle are those substantiated
reports a parrot
apparently they are going after his
they just got his father apparently okay
come on
look all I’m saying is you talk you
disrespect the dead like that put some
respect on it fucking lame I mean he’s
got experience just like the game said
you know he’s got his own opinion he’s
in the he’s their own fuckin man he’s a
grown-ass man but it gets to a point
where like how many times you gotta suck
and talk about it I’m surprised
something than it happened sooner okay
though okay okay
so now are you anticipating some
bullshit to pop off come on this we want
to be entertained on social media yes
you know I I expect something to happen
I don’t know what’s gonna happen I just
don’t think this is the end of it I
don’t think that gang war is gonna start
if one hasn’t already I mean he’s got
whatever he’s got coming to them I mean
maybe he’ll move differently after this
situation but I hope not I think it’s
just the whole thing the whole
situations just fucked up hopefully
which day do you calling from sir and
how old you in I’m 26 I’ve come to
college from Palmdale California analog
Valley six six one okay okay yeah yeah
yeah anyways I just want to say fuck 100
he’s got whatever he’s got coming to him
I don’t wish death on him or anything
like that who whoever’s knocking out
Eric Holder’s family ain’t gonna get
after him but I’m just surprised
something hasn’t happened sooner that’s
all I wanted to call anything Thank You
mr. price something didn’t happen to him
thank you vehicle all right bye okay
hang on a second hold on guys area code
two to six good evening 2 to 6 are you
there hello star hey hey hey so uh we’re
where do you want to go star you got a
couple will whack 100 start a gang war
he’s not going for the dumb shit
something happened and and and he’s
turned up I’m loving it I’m loving it
sorry sir let me tell you this if flight
100 could it even knock out stitches I
don’t fuck is he supposed to start a war
man he did knock out stitches what are
you talking about
Miami not the mountain nothing no no no
no no from what I heard it was he was
just won as a fight right so I saw the
video how old are you like 100 dropped
stitches at a in front of a club in
front of the tops he’s older man pow
stitches turned around three months
later was asked to whack 100 to be his
manager come on man
I’m with the dumb shit let’s go yeah you
know what I heard about that
but listen star I don’t I don’t think no
war is gonna happen out of this you know
what I mean and if and and here’s the
thing man it’s not like I like to dude
but I do agree with them if she’s not a
legend and and and I’m gonna take it
there but he wasn’t even on his way to
becoming a legend I don’t know why
people keep saying that that he was on
his way to being a legend he was in he
wasn’t dropping nothing hot man you
don’t mean like I’m all be honest I know
some people in the streets were fucking
with him but he wasn’t he wasn’t making
good music man he wasn’t really doing
nothing can you name me his best man
come on come on come on what’s what’s
the best record what’s the best record
Stein will you tell me you’re younger
man to me what do you like by Nipsey
Hussle I’m telling you nothing man I’m
telling you he doesn’t have one track
I’m asking you this you have one hour
does he have one hot track does he have
any number 10 any in the number 10 I
love the track Ronnie can you google
this just so I can be sure the track you
did with Marsha Ambrosius I think it’s
called real love real love oh that’s my
shit can you google that Ronnie mm-hmm
yo but star real real quick did you
catch the Crawford fight you see
Crawford man fuck to qualify we talk
about a wack 100 right now you asked me
a question
hold on run is it real love with Marsha
Ambrosius was a real girl thing it’s
real big real big real big real big
how’s my shit and when I met him I told
him I said oh man that
the Banger will you cloud that were you
calling from so were you coming from
doubt that you know what I’m sorry you
know I don’t fucking know you wouldn’t
mean well we know your voice at
alligator man get the fuck out of here
like I’m supposed to know some some
niggas voice fuck out of here man real
big real big that was my shit so you
know who I am I said to some scrilla
I’ll memorize your voice T Mel’s good
evening sends in a super chat whack
going to catch a clip for nip okay 403
on the check-in says I’d gladly shoot
the fair one with whack 100 I’m 6 feet
and a buck 50 ok but I can stick and
move like star in Bozeman Montana 403 on
the check-in also sends in a super check
i support getting fuck boys off the
streets salute officer terrain yeah
thank you thank you
mahmu says boss ok he asked me about
Gilly again boss is Gilley’s older twin
pay attention the gun show is officially
gangster a salute boss salute Gilly
whack 100 and ok yeah Gillies doing
great man he’s got a podcast I forget
the name of it
do you know Gilley’s a podcast Ronnie he
puts up some great numbers no I’ve seen
clips like when he went over that story
the ASAP Rocky story and his clips come
to Facebook after a while I guess his
show is on YouTube ok ok ok ok who is
this sending me emails but there’s no
cash yep let me just hit delete get out
of here but some respect on my fucking
name are you talking about
okay hang on I’m gonna send this to you
Ronnie someone send me a picture which
looks like whack 100 and some type of
police uniform yeah I saw that
is that real what is that no that’s when
he was beefing with some other guy and
the guy basically photoshopped him onto
a whole bunch of different pictures like
there’s one picture of him
basically like kind of sort of dressed
like a woman so they were going back and
forth but he put out a picture of
himself doing time in prison so I don’t
think he would be on the force you know
that’s a great idea I should take my
and I’ll talk behind the scenes I don’t
give anybody any ideas that’s great idea
cool only seconds gonna be a code nine
to nine good evening will whack 100
start a gang war nine to nine are you
there yes no maybe nine to nine okay
let’s get you up out there it’s going to
area code 3:08 good evening 308 what Oh
star hey how are you man thank you for
taking my car yes sir
I want to talk about wake just go whack
and big.you is cool they homies okay and
nip got caught talking bad about big you
that’s why big you let wax like we’re
talking so much dump a bottle okay but
the you ain’t gonna let no war jump off
with the rollin 60s you see you’re
unfair okay so the only thing that we
can do is set up a straighter fade but
he ain’t gonna want it so nothing’s
gonna happen unfortunately I would love
to see where it went but other than that
hearing will do number Tom and the only
reason he’s offering $100,000 for a tape
he’s hoping that if somebody do gotta
take that they’ll sell it to him before
TMZ get hold of it okay right cuz he was
out he was he was taking a nap and he
don’t know what happens during the whole
time he was taking on that that’s why he
woke up going crazy you know what the
hell happened
and you can hear him in the video on the
audio talking about he knocked me out in
the coat room where he just walked away
lid on wasn’t running or nothing he he
said we gotta get down we gotta get down
he might even sleep 30 minutes in the la
policies we’re gonna let that go down
like and dwegons got power like that now
we’re gonna be talking about even be
doing a lot of talking well my man Jay
rock ain’t gonna say nothing okay and
then the Roma sister he’s gonna keep
riding on them and whack don’t have no
juice to override big you okay I won the
world with the rollin 64 West coaster we
from I’m nano from Detroit but I’m just
following this all day long okay
I’ve been digging deep into this house
big you said anything on his page anyway
what’s big you talking about well that
was big you talking about the you ain’t
saying nothing because big you ain’t
gotta say nothing he said he did put out
a video said he talked to whack a few
days ago before this happened and I
guess he got out I’m about talking about
nip so there because it makes him look
bad but big you really didn’t like nip
cuz nip was that caught something bad
about big you okay so that’s why that’s
why I’ve been big you’ve been letting
things slide so much with wax loose lips
but as far as the war going off that
ain’t gonna happen that’s not gonna
okay can you keep me up to speed on all
the dumb shit you got my email address
it you got my email address yeah I got
it yeah okay appreciates me thank you
thank you okay absolutely I thank you so
much for your call all right
a little antsy okay yeah folks I want to
be in tune on all the dumb shit I’m
gonna keep it real with you it’s got a
tree code five seven zero five seven
zero you there hello look five seven Oh
pick it up pick it up pick it up
you’re doing too much get your batter
there we’ll talk later
hey ru v 7o 403 which one are you
I’m here baby boy okay how are you sure
let’s get to it
Dumbo 5/7 oh okay ultimate Turkey to
normal talk about this way turn that
down in the background please you got
too much going on you talk to me and you
got the laptop gonna turn that down the
background and talk to me so I can hear
you I got you I got you I got you
what do you wanna start but first but
first and foremost I want to thank you
for accepting this call and you know and
I want to sculpt a black war honey come
alright I’m tired of these dogs you know
claiming he said señal and claiming it’s
clean game culture and being about their
life you know when they really not about
you know he put itself in a messed up
situation okay no Nipsey Hussle is a
rail gang do you understand um for my
knowledge rack 100 was a truck driver
and he’s out here trying to portray the
life okay no he loves up and got up on
game and games out there and he’s a part
of the blood you know and this one takes
me back to all back to all future video
you put up earlier he was inquiring
about snow Billy hmm and he’s posed he’s
going to be another blood member okay
it’s no Billy’s about that life sir I
mean his record is official
yeah but that’s what I’m calling in star
I’ve been trying to reach out to you my
name is mr. bag okay okay and I have
paperwork I have paperwork with my name
in it and no Billy’s government made in
it which he actually taught okay the
hangar sir if we’re gonna do that let me
arrange a phone call we he can be on the
line because I don’t I don’t know if
what you’re saying is true whether
you’re talking about now I can get him
on the line another day you wanna do
that right now we talked him out Wow yes
sir whack 100 what are your thoughts my
thoughts is like I say he’s a fake blood
he’s putting himself out there you know
and it’s like the recipes guys they
claim the things that they not really
about man
and it needs to be addressed before
before before things get out of hand you
know and that’s what that’s my take on
okay now hang on a second can I ask how
old you and were you calling from I’m 40
years old I’m calling from Brooklyn okay
okay perfect perfect now with all due
respect to this man was to pop a fake
blood of course I mean you never clean
he never cleans it by I guess uh through
initiation I guess he claimed it too
affiliation you know but just cause
you’re affiliated with something and to
be initiated that’s two different steps
the man is two different worlds you
understand with you and me have you ever
have you ever let your glock pop you you
lot ever pop keep it real say it again
have you ever let your Glock pop you
just said to pop was a fake blood have
you ripped shots out of a Glock at
somebody keep it real
if need be
I know have you ever not not if need be
now have you ever which I’m sassy no
question you said to pop was going to
have to pop let it rip down here in
yes have you have you ever caught a
charge in a shootout of course sir I
don’t know you’re saying of course okay
how much time did you do yeah yeah how
much time did you do seven years okay
okay seven years come on come on seven
years I mean I could talk about this
because I’m relevant I mean I was born
and raised in Brooklyn I’ve been in the
streets I’ve been to I’ve been history
since the age of 13 okay so you know Oh
Sparsit from sponsor to upstate Harlem
Valley from Hong Valley ironic catching
a 2:00 to 6:00 foil foil for the armored
armed robbery and attempt and I was set
to upstate 16 to 22 um so I did my time
um since then I’ve been trying to be
productive members of society you know
it really Charlie get these shoes on the
right track man you know because I know
what it’s like to be lost out there I
know what it’s like to be you know all
the pressure to peer pressure
of their environment to feel that you
have to be something right or you have
to do something you understand I
understand that I’ll walk to that you
know and that’s that’s like I hope you
do reach out to me on another aspect
because when I was supposed to shoot me
an email the hater one 964 at yahoo.com
and I most definitely will yeah good the
story listed the story be with me and
snow because it goes back since to burn
out Davis Edison with all due respect
I’m not interest in that right now
because he’s done on the line so I don’t
want to just come at somebody sideways
just because somebody’s going but I’m
gonna give you the last word on wack 100
I’m asking the question will he start a
gang war your thoughts on that please
now angle star don’t gave walk it is
what it is you gotta take that out thank
you I appreciate some email all right
thank you sir mr. Bartlett the bag thank
you okay salute okay hang on bullshit
Ronnie RSC from three one five sends in
a super jet story you are 100% right
that movie the Irishman was trash also
are you still coming out with your
animated series question mark well I’ve
got some people that were working on
something I’m I’m shooting a television
pilot late January that’s more so my
focus right now but I have some people
working on that and I’m not you know
rushing them but thank you for your
donation okay 4:03 on the check-in says
via super jet I’ll catch your body for
star allegedly salute a living legend
well listen I appreciate the super chap
I don’t need anybody catching the body
for me I carry extra clips I’m no tough
guy now I don’t want nobody out there
catching the body for me and then and
then suing me and then trying to blame
me and then we get caught up in a
conspiracy charge but thank you just the
same all right can I think that was the
last Super chat all right Ronnie I’m
gonna wrap this up we’re a little bit
over the two-hour mark anything else you
want to say Ronnie or are we good for
tonight bullshit morning um yeah I guess
we’re good I will be
this whole case to see what transpires
with P and we’re a galore and I’ll keep
you updated I appreciate that
have a great night Ronnie we’ll talk
tomorrow you can take care okay boss
take money on the chicken guys all right
I think we have flushed this out for the
most part and folks if you join the show
late I’m not rolling I’m as serious as
colon cancer
I think wack 100 is the new Tupac a lot
of similarities there a lot of
similarities there and he goes apeshit
on social media if there would have been
Twitter and Instagram when Tupac was
around he would have been going apeshit
um I don’t know about the whole getting
knocked out thing and who gives a fuck I
want to see the clap back I’ll be so
honest with you at this point in time we
live for the dump shit don’t we let’s
keep it real it’s not played that game
where you know we’re all acting like
it’s beneath us okay I’ll see you guys
tomorrow at some point let me get mr.
Schuyler Saunders banner on the screen
first this man put some respect on his
name he always sponsors the hata thongs
and we may do one for Christmas or New
Year’s I will keep you posted right take
care of be safe and good night

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