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In law, a DEAD man has no rights… While you are dead, the administrator-trustee, has total control over your estate, (Birthright ownership over the mineral and energy wealth of the country you were born on) because you are assumed dead… If you were assumed legally dead at such a young age and you never returned back to your true correct birthright legal standing without making a will or an agreement of compensation in order to enter into their fraud, (Because you were too young to know and you were never told), your whole life as an assumed legally dead “person” will be under the total control of the person that perpetrated the fraud against you in the first place… If the registrar general of your birth certificate is a banker of the foreign private Rothschild’s banking system, than that is your master within their legally dead world, you left your real Christ…… The world of Mamon and usury is the underworld of the legally dead and if your equity dies (Your real body) while you remain in their system of the legally dead, so does your true God given rights that was only given to the living, die along with it… To let go of the underworld gutter of Mamon is to reclaim your “life” but too many people love the life of the underworld-mamon too much to ever let go of the legal titles of the world of the legally dead… Once you let go of the legal title, the equity returns on the condition you know who you “really” are, as in your real name, your real date of birth and your real number in registry… Being “BIRTHED” into the underworld is being birthed into legal death … <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

some it deals with the word inclusive
include or inclusio exclusive it’s
dealing with include and it also relates
to the word birth and the birthing
certificates and the the actual meanings
of this word and the word exclude or
include these both words are used in a
term called double speak quite often the
word include is also used on a bill to
include what is on the bill which means
in a legal sense what is included
excludes all others so when so so when
they’re using this word include it’s
being used in a legal sense and you have
to be very careful with them politicians
love using it and so does the mainstream
media because when they say something
and then including something what is
included excludes all others in a legal
sense so in this video Rowan is going to
point out a couple little things in
relation to the meaning of birth and the
meanings of their official meanings of
what the word birth means what it
includes so I’ll leave you with this
it’s only a short video but it’s um but
it’s really interesting
and it’s good to hear Rowen still fine
and free take a look at this video thank
you everyone welcome back to the
Justinian deception channel just a
little bit more research they wanted to
know throw your way all this stuff I’m
about to show you is it’s irrelevant but
it’s kind of how they’re doing it
they’re not even following their own
laws when they do this stuff this is
sort of the best path that I can find in
what they’re doing when in 2014 when
Rome and I found the dog latin the all
capitals it killed the system there’s
not like we can everything we’re about
to show you we can then say is criminal
so but I just wanted to show you what
they should be doing within their own
system and then I’ve been doing this but
it’s as close as I can get to showing
you what I guess their legal
presumptions are and how they justifying
what they are doing to us so why you are
dead so I’m gonna start at the top as
far as I can go so this is the United
Nations and they call it United Nations
because it sounds a lot better than
Vatican Collins consolidated slave
that’s the Roman Caesars wreath their
so the Vatican is wrong this is running
the world and it’s doing it by trusts
the truss obviously all counterfeit so
all the documents I’m about to tell you
about or talk about counterfeit and you
can’t use them for anything other than
operating illegally in this system
calling it the United Nations is like
going to an Apple store and buying a bag
of apples it’s a private company it’s
nothing to do with what it’s called all
the people there are appointed they’re
not elected and they’re all there to run
cybers trusts international siteís trust
and situs just means location
so I’ll show you how this ties in with
you and how you ended up with a contract
with a Vatican there’ll be a counterfeit
one this is the trust Hague Convention
Act 1991
so put into the Commonwealth of
Australia via the company called
Australia you can see the logo there the
all capitals Australia and the wrapping
the truck so this act chapter 1 article
1 so this is just all the laws on trust
so the first thing you should be asking
yourself is why the United Nations has a
trust law in the Commonwealth of
Australia and why do they recognising
them you know this could be done
individually between each country via
treaties but they’re doing it this way
so this is how you ended up with your
contract it’s a bit wordy so I’ll try
and get through it for you so the
purpose of this convention the term
trust refers to a legal relationship
created inter vivos or on death on death
as one we’re interested in to vivas as
during life which is by a gift by a
person so remember the person as a
corporation company or society from the
Crimes Act 1900 I think it was the set
law so set law is the one who settles
all the debts so what happens is when
someone becomes your trustee they become
set law when you’re dead that’s a
trustee when you die becomes your
executor that’s the difference an
executor is a trustee of a dead estate
so in the assets have been placed under
the control of a trustee for the benefit
of a beneficiary that’s the only place
we’ll see beneficiary no no don’t talk
is talk about this as coming back as
beneficiary as much I guess they never
expected this to so the Trust has the
following characteristics and these are
just all normal trust stuff that it’s
trustee is not it’s not part of the
estate the title is in the name of the
trustee so this is the corporate name
that they put on your birth certificate
of another person so the other person is
actually new under the surname
so when you’re the under the Christian
name or the Christian trademark whatever
they’ve done you’re a beneficiary when
you come back as trustee for yourself or
trustee of a trustee of your own estate
you come back as another person so
they’ve got to put you back in there
somehow and that’s what they’ve done
there the trustee has a power of
attorney respect which he or she is
accountable so this is how they make you
liable when your trustee to all their
laws or their terms and conditions these
are dizzier laws they’re all just terms
and conditions that you’ve agreed to to
be trustee of your own estate now if you
have a look at the bottom now this is a
really important bit the reservation by
the settlor of certain rights and powers
and the fact the trustee may himself
have rights as a beneficiary they’re
telling you right there that you have
the right to be a beneficiary but you’re
not being because you’re being the
trustee of yourself and I said it’s not
necessarily inconsistent with the
existence of a trust it’s not
inconsistent with the existence but it
means you cannot be the beneficiary if
you are being a trustee at the same time
so you’re either going to get the
benefit or you’re going to be paying the
benefit to someone else because you
can’t be both in trust lawyer just can’t
cannot exist and that’s so you know
that’s you know being a beneficiary of
your own of your statements you get the
money if your trustee you’ve got to pay
the money you cannot be two people in
one trust that just defeats the whole
purpose of a trust existing so you’re a
trustee of your own estate in a little
company that involves the police it
involves a bunch of other ranked
trustees so that goes from the Queen all
the way down to the police to you so if
you’re a beneficiary all those people
look after you if you’re the trustee
you’ve got look after not only your own
estate people look after all those
people above you in that trustee rank
that military that’s what the knowledge
is for us to take care of these trusts
you know to make sure your estate you
own is not taken from you but because
you put yourself back at the bottom rank
of all these other trustees and there’s
some few sort of arguments going
roundabouts you call yourself the crown
and I know that I know a few people that
are doing it I don’t think it’s a great
idea because a crown is sort of the
first trustee and the police are the
crown trustee so you’re becoming just a
higher ranked trustee rather than back
to the beneficiary as far as I can tell
so what happened article 3 of this Hague
Convention on trust the convention
applies only to trusts created
voluntarily and evidenced in writing so
the evidence in writing is the form of
information in New South Wales in
Queensland it’s the certificate of birth
not the birth certificate it’s whatever
your parents filled in in your
jurisdiction so there’ll be a long form
I think in America that’s a form that
creates the evidence of the trust now
your parents are actually the trust laws
and the Registrar General becomes the
trustee so your parents trusted the
Registrar General to look after your
estate which was really big mistake
because they’re not trustworthy at all
they don’t put trust or on the paperwork
they put informant and Google informant
it comes up with like you know prison
snitch Rat Fink all these things because
basically your parents sold you out so
there is a trust there there should be a
trust there there should be an estate
there and they want to keep the estate
so why the Registrar General would
volunteer because she volunteered
because there’s no requirement in the
best of marriages Act for her to be a
trustee she’s just meant to be the
custodian the Registrar of the documents
but your parents fill in the form and
they’re not mine she stamped the back of
it and said well I’m gonna be the
custodian of this this estate and look
after it for you because she knows that
she can issue a birth certificate to me
back to me they will say I’ll be a
trustee of her so the Registrar
volunteered to be the trustee then you
volunteered to be a trustee of the
trustee now think about this are you the
trustee of the Registrar General of your
through de jure Commonwealth of
Australia or have you unwillingly become
the trustee of the Registrar General of
a foreign United States registered
Commonwealth of Australia company owned
by the EU and the European Roman
Rothschild banking system being what
could be assumed as a foreign banking
cartel so is this the deceptive dry
exchange are Australians the real
beneficiaries of the foreign company
registered in a foreign district such as
the District of Columbia well that’s the
question can you see how it goes to the
first document the appearance building
creates the estate the second one
appoints you as the lowest ranked
trustee of that estate to look after it
that’s a neat trick and it’s really
quite clever and that’s what they’ve
done so that’s why the birth certificate
you’ve got to get rid of it I know that
a lot of people are looking at you’ve
got a you know a poss dealer and get it
stamped and do all this stuff I just
don’t think you can I think you’ve just
got to go back to being the beneficiary
we have no business in this world as the
beneficiary this is the trustees
underworld the the secret language the
codes the the devil you know Satan you
sat in the trustees seat so I think this
is what the Bible is trying to tell you
don’t eat from the tree of knowledge
don’t become trustee of yourself don’t
put the clothing on don’t take the name
so that act The Hague Act is a federal
act so and it says that basically
wherever the trust is we’ll go by that
law so this is the New South Wales
trustee Companies Act 1964 I was looking
for the nexus between trustee and
company and I found this act so this is
a trustee company which is basically
given your estate to deal with this act
allows the Registrar General to give
them your estate and it allows them to
do basically what they want so they
could have act as an executor which
means antone probate and they can also
obtain letters of administration which
basically means they can do what they
want with your estate but obviously
you’re dead because their executor
they’re not trust either executor so
this allows them to apply to the New
South Wales Supreme Court on your
certificate of birth the first one to
obtain probate because they go we
haven’t seen him he’s dead we can’t find
her she’s gone so person named as
executor my authorized trustee type
company to take out administration CTA
so they can administer your estate they
can do what they want and I found one of
the companies is Perpetual and they are
administering it through JP Morgan
there’s a in one of the schedules of
this act it tells you all the companies
that are doing it so what I’ve done is
I’ve tried to get in contact with the
New South Wales Supreme Court to ask
whether my foi document form of
information of a live birth or
has been put through probate and I
haven’t heard back yet I haven’t heard
back from anybody actually since I put
that foi form in everyone sounds a bit
scared of it so trustee company may be
authorized to obtain letters of
administration so let us I guess that’s
a greening of authority to do what they
want with a deceased estate so instead
of applying authorize a trustee company
to apply for and obtain letters of
administration of the estate so they can
do what they want then they’re running
running your business and this is how
they this is how they you saw through
the US Federal Reserve through the
JPMorgan back to the United Nations how
they’re getting access to your estate
because they can never own it but
because you’re missing they can use it
to invest on their behalf and they can
take the interest but under the sister
care by act you have to give it all back
under Section four that’s your remedy
there so I didn’t put it in this video
should have powers to delegate trust to
a trustee company so this is a bit of
the act that allows a man to re-enter in
New South Wales to give your share of
New South Wales as the land the mining
rights attacks everything to this
company one thing it was interesting
when I put this act in this book came up
and this book is this is a page of it
and it’s called the power of attorney in
Australia and New Zealand so proof of
identity of Donal and Dhoni so this act
is actually imprinted on the back of my
form of information so this act says
that this is proof of power of attorney
so under the Royal Trust Company’s case
so on the loan top loan title tax so
they’re taking your land off your royal
trust so that’s the Queen coming in
taking all your stuff which is all part
of this so they have to prove power of
attorney never don’t have the original
documents I said they destroy them but I
think they’ve just traded them off I
don’t think that that’s true but I’ll
check on that and let you know the
original so they’ve got a copy of that
document to prove that they are the
trustee because they have to have your
get your Dominion off you before they
can give it back to you under a
different under you as a different role
in the trust a trustee this is pretty
scary guys certificate evidence when a
trustee company is executor or
administrator it is by law authorized to
administers they arrange this person so
I can get a certificate so your
deceased so and what it can do is
despite any act or other law to the
contrary be accepted for all purposes as
primer facie evidence you can’t really
argue it so without a production of any
other proof of the death of the deceased
person so we got without any other proof
all they have to do is apply for a
letter to say that they’re the
administrator and they you’re dead
that’s it that’s your legal fiction your
legal death right there 32a that’s
that’s pretty scary law guys of course
all those documents are forged because
they’re all in the all capitals now this
is just one forty five point two I think
of the criminal code 905 or the Crimes
Act no camera which one I pulled out
it’s it’s illegal at all levels anyway
so ten years in jail for them doing what
they’re doing with those forms this is
why you can’t have anything to do with
it this is what you don’t want to be
crowned and so where you want to get
back to beneficiary and they can’t
identify you you identify them that’s
how it works
so make a false document so stand this
is a New South Wales law here so the
other one was to come on off this is the
New South Wales one make a false
document to influence the size of public
duty so you can’t have a false document
they did get rid of all the false birth
certificate laws though but we’ll get to
that this is just the police standards
publication management so they’re your
co-trustee and this this is why you have
your little company because you and the
police are there to look after the trust
together and if you and the police can’t
agree on something that you go to the
court and then the court decides on what
you should be doing best for your estate
so you actually saw they become a police
officer in a funny way an officer of the
court this document is a styles manual
so it says using old cup using capital
letters presenting whole words in
capital letters uppercase including
family names and place names is not
generally appropriate in business
writing it’s only appropriate it’s
2:54 using a false document 255
possession of a false document 250
six making your possession of equipment
for making false documents part 5a this
is the Criminal Code 1995 407 a false or
misleading applications through our 7b
false or misleading information 307 C
false or misleading documents so yeah
I’m glad that they don’t consider this
generally appropriate because it’s
criminal basically use only one capital
letter to begin a sentence or indicate a
proper noun eg a person’s name so
they’re telling the police right there
don’t use all capitals except and this
is this is a strange part guys this is a
really strange part this applies to all
New South Wales Police Force documents
except legal documents they have to be
counterfeit so there we go that’s
straight out of the police dial manual
you can look it up so the police will
only make a counterfeit document if
you’re going to go to court they’ll only
commit that crime and this is
interesting because under the Nuremberg
principles which the Rome Statute the
International Criminal Court operates
off if you’re an officer and you follow
in a legal order which this is you’re
you’re screwed you’re going to be
charged that’s what they did with all
the Nazis so and the that was the
Nuremberg principle there’s another one
where the superior officers are also
liable so I can’t think of the name of
that one offhand I’ll get back to you
New South Wales Police corporate
branding and policy standards well at
corporate their company then they
couldn’t an equity entity they need
consent from you and as you saw that
volunteer thing earlier in that act when
you volunteer
so Amanda Iona volunteered and so she
doesn’t get paid she’s got no rights in
law but then you volunteered and then
you don’t have any rights in law because
volunteering equity does not assist the
volunteer this is equity
and you volunteered so they’ve got no
rights at all you can get paid to do it
and it’s all for it it’s just a New
South Wales forgery when I think a
person makes a false document the
intention that another person or another
will use it so yep and that’s what the
police are doing I see a Emoto principle
was the one that puts see high-ranking
police in charge of the they should have
known what their lowers officers were
doing and so they get liability in
internet International Criminal Court
that way my case is still going in the
International Criminal Court on us and I
tried to send a letter to NSW so I just
sent it back it takes about a year to
get a letter out of them so I don’t know
what’s gonna happen there but it seems
to be going okay they seem to be taking
it fairly seriously okay so now I want
to get down to a name of a child this is
the bestest marriages act 1995 in New
South Wales name of child child being
underlined so the birth registration
statement must state the name of the
child I didn’t get that I got two
trademarks however the Registrar may
have signed a name to the child if the
name stated in the birth registration
statement is a prohibited name just
remember that prohibited no more wanna
have a look at that a prohibited name
means a name that is like a obscene
could not be used so Part B number two
there because it consists sort of or
includes symbols without phonetic
significance now this is one of my
argument from the start that the all
capitals is a trademark and therefore
does not have phonetic significance it’s
not a name in English so and d-done is
contrary to the public interest for some
other reason while the other reason is
it’s a criminal act to make a false
document which I’ve just shown you so
this is what they’re registering they’re
going against their own act and I’ve
noticed I’ve been trying to now make the
birth certificates a bit more compliant
by putting the name in title case but
the the original birth certificate the
form of information is still a
counterfeit document is still fraud it’s
forgery it’s not not written correctly
it doesn’t have phonetic significance
it’s a prohibited name and therefore
should not be registered under this act
under this act also I just want to have
a look there’s just section four
definitions birth includes still birth
that’s really important guys remember
that expressio unius exclusio alterius
maxim and from the last video so the
mention of the class of one thing is to
the exclusion of another so a birth
includes a stillbirth that’s it so it
doesn’t include a live birth up there
above it has adult means a person who is
18 or above or so birth should be
written birth means a stillbirth or like
born alive birth it doesn’t say that at
all so that’s that includes includes
always comes with that caveat that
maximum and a child down the bottom
includes a stillborn child so that
includes again excludes anything living
so you can only register dead babies
under this act according to the maximum
so this is how you get your presumption
of death so this is presumption of death
of the beneficiary because you can’t be
a beneficiary if you’re dead and then as
I showed you they probate your estate
because you die because you probably
didn’t write a will in utero or a couple
of days old when they killed you off so
this is what’s happening
so stillbirth means the birth of a
stillborn child so isn’t it interesting
that birth includes and stillbirth means
see the difference in the way they write
these things that’s really tricky so
stillbirth means the birth of a
stillborn child so everything is telling
you this is dead
so stillborn child is a child that
exhibits no signs of respiration so
here’s your legal fiction that you’re
dead so you know that’s it right there
of it and you can only register under
the act you can only register you can
only register a dead child that’s it
so there’s your legal fiction stillborn
child so this act is only dealing with
dead dead babies it’s pretty awful but
the legal fiction once again requires
consent how did you consent or get to
that those two false birth certificates
we had a bunch of laws that stopped it
but they’ve all gone they’ve all been
repealed one two three four we can get
rid of the false documents but they’ve
really tried to cover their tracks here
by making us not liable for a false
birth certificate you think that you
know a false birth certificate should be
a crime but then it’s all repealed and
it was even taken out of recently it was
taken out of the federal act that the
Criminal Code 1995 has removed any
anything to do as I pointed it out to
the place I said look he’s the act
he’s the crime he’s versus it and the
birth certificate disappeared the
federal police just basically stole it
and then the law changed that there’s
nothing to do with birth certificates
being illegal you know false perseus
being illegal in the act anymore so
they’re trying to get around it so
obvious we’re having a bit of an effect
just Maxim from Black’s Law a narrow
that’s no resisted is approved so you’ve
got to be across all this stuff guys
sorry for the capital over there didn’t
own it happened you have to be very
careful so you gotta be very careful
what you agree to walking and you can’t
walk into that court the place can hold
you for four hours and then they gotta
let you go so that’s I mean don’t agree
with anything they look you up for a bit
they gotta let you go because they’ve
got the police’s job is to get you in
consent of the contract that’s it and
there you have and you’ve got the right
to consent and you’ve got the right not
to consent and I’ll show you how that
works right here this is the last slide
and I’ll leave you with this one not an
patek subsidiary Wrentham honorary
imposition new bus the King cannot load
a subject with impositions against his
consent she requires consent so what
they’ve done is created this consent
system that’s so complicated you’ll
never work out one how you ended up
consenting into how you undo your
consent once you’ve done it it’s a
presumption of death that’s the use of
this demonic you know as ROM said
bullshit babble on language
it’s everything tacit consent it’s
presumptions of death
when you’re a baby you died intestate
because you didn’t write a will all
these awful awful tricks that these
people do and that’s from Black’s law of
all you mean page 1 667 so if you want
to have a look at that one so they do
require consent and I saw once a maximum
so all men are created equal but by a
series of events they become unequal and
a series of events is the contract Ron
pointed out to me the other day that God
is actually the contract if you read the
Bible and you replace the work dollar
contract oh my god it’s my contract what
happens in there is it changes
everything you really start to see how
the whole Bible system works so anyway
guys that’s
that’s how they’re doing it so run
through the Bar Association are on the
police using the you know their own
styles manuals that they shouldn’t be
using and giving illegal orders and
they’re creating these false documents
only when they’re going to court but
it’s not courts just an arbitral
tribunal because it requires your
consent these are the kings of the
Queen’s courts were there for you know
they need consent so it’s just a really
neat trick they’ve got of getting your
consent I hope you enjoyed the video and
I’ll talk to you in the next one which

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