Why Is Damon Dash In Lifetime’s Documentary?


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Damon Dash is speaking out about R. Kelly’s relationship with then-underage singer Aaliyah. The record executive and former manager of Jay-Z is interviewed in “Surviving R. Kelly, Part II: The Reckoning,” the follow-up series to last year’s explosive documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against R&B star R. Kelly. In the first new episode airing on Lifetime Thursday (9 EST/PST), Dash says Aaliyah tried to distance herself from Kelly after their secret marriage when she was just 15. Kelly was recently charged with bribing an Illinois government official in August 1994 to obtain a fake ID for the singer, who was illegally married to Kelly for six months before her parents annulled the marriage in February 1995.

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okay boss hogg him in the building
Friday evening welcome back from the New
Year’s the New Year celebration let’s
just say that all right I’m uh behind
schedule bear with me bear with me
putting on my triple butter calm strike
a pose
getting ready how you feel tonight how
you feel
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huh good stuff good stuff all right my
troll babies good evening yeah
back to the dumb shit I’m still
celebrating the holidays
I know it’s over I know it’s over but
I’m gonna you know touch on some more
that limited-edition white grape Ciroc
get nice and toasty for you to know you
know handle some current events trending
topics on the screen our vows revenge on
the United States do you care
let me just say before we start doing
too much thank you to everyone in the
armed forces for killing so that we can
live the lives of freedom and for khari
that we live thank you so much do what
you have to do and if you are abroad
stay low and keep your finger on the
trigger thank you so much okay all right
um I got some notes here hold on a
second just situate it was my cigar
okay I’m gonna finish up the other
dragon from New Year’s finish it up
you know just yeah I love to hear on my
desk didn’t even touch it
hold on hold on get the ice cold blood
light going boss shit money sit tight I
got you
Ronnie we’ll be in the building and
helping me out tonight because some of
this stuff is a little chatty patty ish
you know I’m a little too old to be a
you know approaching some of these
topics but we have to we have to address
the bullshit whoa cheers okay okay here
I am your main nigga on the trigger
Troy terrain PKA star and can someone
please remind me tonight by we have cash
app or super Chet because the live chat
is here and I don’t look in the live
channel I let them do what they do
there’s no admins no moderators someone
please remind me tonight to speak on a
forgotten hero and I got a beautiful
email from a woman she’s a woman now but
when she was in high school when I was
on power 105 we used to call it jive 105
back in 2005 I came in one morning and I
I’m not gonna lie to you I had some
bourbon in a 7up can and I was just like
blacking out on the microphone and I was
talking about this hero and he was a
fucking hero and she remembered she sent
me a nice email saying hey I’m Jamaican
and I didn’t know and you taught me
something so I want to address this man
tonight give me a second I’ll pull the
notes or you’ll pull the notes I’ll just
say his name and you’ll pull the notes
so please remind me of that tonight we
turn the phone volume down you know
these hoes be stressing a nigga okay
okay on the screen why is Damon Dash and
surviving our Kelly part two let’s go
there tonight let’s go there tonight
folks this is a trending topic I don’t
like to you know do anything that looks
like I’m kicking dirt on Dame – Dave and
I we met one time the man put me in a
film I did that dumb shit you know what
I did with the sound effects earlier and
we haven’t
seen each other face-to-face since
although he did exchanged some emails
somewhere maybe a decade ago saying hey
maybe one day we’ll break bread yada
yada yada
but why why is he in surviving our Kelly
part – huh if I put my foot on the gas
you’re gonna say I a hater star yes I’m
the objective heater but not a player
I like game I like all the balls – I’ll
keep even if he’s pump fake into some
degree and I think he is but you know
what I don’t wish anything bad upon the
man but if I put my foot on the gas and
I talk about him being accused and the
civil lawsuit back when he was in summer
camp when he was 16 years of age and it
was a 14 year old girl that said that he
raped her I would be kicking dirt upon
the man but you should know this also
let me just point something out here for
those of you from you know whether
you’re from my generation or a decade or
so younger than me do you remember just
one of my monumental interviews and I’ve
done some monumental interviews I don’t
want to be known for my interviews
because when it’s all over for me where
I’m taking my dirt nap you know eternal
darkness people will say hey that guy he
was a fuck nut but he taught me
something but one of my monumental
interviews was with Karen Stefan’s aka
superhead she was a sloppy bitch then
she’s a sloppy bitch now and she told me
during the interview that Dame – helped
her with her book to snitch on niggas
let me look in the live chat anybody
remember that
huh she got so tight she got up and left
the interview it was just one break and
then she went to a couple of other radio
stations a couple of days later and she
started walking off of other shows
because of what the hater asked her
about yeah Dame Dash helped her snitch
okay a couple of you thank you so much
thank you yeah
Dame help her snitch on ja Rule Bobby
Brown who else back loose take her my
homie big Tigger yeah take was my guy
fuck what you heard that’s my guy we
pieced it up so Dame has a history of
talent as Harlem niggas do huh oh that
fly jiggies ship with the Ferragamo
belts the fuckin AJ Lester’s all I
remember all this shit back in the days
and you know the marshmallow shoes
quarter veils but then they could stay
tellin so if you ask me he been doing
this but why is he now in the r.kelly
part to docu-series Lord Jesus and if
you’re not the speed folks showed one
debuted last night on the Lifetime
channel the story continues following
the groundbreaking Emmy nominated and
Critics Choice Award and MTV Award
winning explosive documentary holy
yeah Dame Dash is an episode 1 did you
see him why why why and for those of you
babies who are too young to know let me
let me tell you something I want some
real shit Dame – who we used to call the
cake a holic or that nigga was popping
tags I don’t wear the same shit twice I
wear this shit and I throw it away
yeah I mean that’s what niggas who
saying yeah I mean he was on that monkey
ship on Cristal on bitches yes Cristal
hmm that’s the cake Oh holic Jame if you
ask me is probably the original roast
master I never hung out with those
niggas well except for that one time we
were filming paper soldiers Kevin Hart
was there Stacy – beanie sigel a couple
of other people dan used to stay
roasting niggas you couldn’t stand
around him if your shit didn’t match he
let you have it
give me a second I got so much to talk
about Bostick Lonnie sit tight I’m
coming to you I just I’m feeling good
you know and folks I have to throw
myself upon the mercy of the court
tonight and I have to confess yesterday
I went back and got a second dose of
that fire pussy yes I did in the name of
the blood yes I did hang on whoa okay
okay okay um what was it was fire pussy
okay I’ll come back to Dame – in a
second beautiful young lady who reached
out to me she’s not a stripper
if she don’t sell no pussy part of my
language reached out to me months ago
you heard me talk about the fire pussy
or the fire coochie I had a couple of
months back and yes let me see if this
is if it’s really all that and it is
started smoking summer wherever she has
some type of hydro cush I don’t know
coach point me it wasn’t hydro wasn’t
Saudis or cush fucked around my heart
started pounding in my chest I said well
oh I gotta go this was after we did we
did the you know the wild thing and I
said look I gotta get the fuck out of
here it’s getting late I got to do a
show now you know I did not do a show
last night I just I was tired I was
exhausted and the funny part catch this
the funny part when I was leaving she
said are you okay I say I’ll be okay
now she’s a young girl of age 22 years
of age I’m not gonna lie to you I I’ll
be okay but let me just get the fuck out
of here because you know this ain’t what
I want but she gave me something she
said take this with you it’ll make you
feel better I said what is it and I
saved it so you can see it pile a
Newport I know board huh I laugh now I
filmed a little something on Instagram I
may or may not post it with me to her
talking about the Newport but there it
is I saved it my dumb ass huh help me
Jesus help me Father
okay so that’s the first topic tonight
why is Damon – and surviving r.kelly
part – did you see it I watched it today
and I got a couple of notes hang on
got a couple of notes in my opinion it’s
just a propaganda piece a propaganda
piece or Akeley is he’s out of here it’s
kind of sad to see the people now just
pile on because life time wants more
ratings this was according to my
research lifetime’s biggest docu-series
ever and they’re just pulling up a bunch
of people still from the past rehashing
their stories and salute to the – to the
two white women Lindsay Perryman done
and Jen Emmerich who defended our Kelly
in this new episode of a surviving our
Kelly part to their sisters are one of
them works for our Kelly for 8 years and
she didn’t use the word cloud chasing
but that’s what she was saying and
roundabout way she does not believe
these girls and it was nice to see them
stand up for our Kelly huh white folk
stand up are killing everybody else in
the docu-series just looks like they’re
you know trying to get a bag trying to
get a check really sad vault lines open
bear with me um and what else want to
put on the table here before we start
doing the most Oh
a salute to whoever caught summer Walker
lacking down in Miami yeah they hate it
misses nothing somebody beat her for
some weed down in the 305 yeah she got
scanned did you see the story up on
worldstar gave her a big-ass bag of
oregano and and she’s up on the gram
showing oregano yes please gotta eat
baby 305 don’t give a fuck about you
coming to their weight you know selling
out or whatever you did yeah slew those
niggas you guys are talking about in
your live chat yeah man
go to Lacan back in the days we used to
beat people with that what’s that called
Humphrey leaf I think that’s a see it
come freely rambling sit tight money
I’ve got you
Cheers hallo so let me just say salute
to Tasha Kay oh we was going back and
forth today Texan calling and talking
Tasha’s pulling out not the cannon she’s
pulling out the tank on a couple of
people and I don’t want no parts of it
Tasha don’t give a frock Tasha’s from
Florida in case you don’t know and then
girls down there they hey hey fight
dirty so I just want to say that put
some respect on her name yeah Todd shit
Kay those wine glasses up if you know
what I’m talking about
loopy God was popping loopy God 135 yes
yeah that’s my beautiful daughter that’s
what she said once upon a time she said
you made me and I said I thank you
goddamn when I I support her all right
other things we’ll talk about tonight if
you want to call an Adrien Broner
is it time to cancel that nigga huh
hollering a bad baby up in the dance and
she did what she was supposed to do
exposed a nigga
let’s look too bad baby took the
screenshot and niggas in his 30 turn to
hold that little 16 year old baby
alright and we can talk about Kevin Hart
if you want to owe and the homie I’m
gonna put some respect on his name later
funny Marco do you guys know who funny
Marco is or is he getting a Walmart bag
oh the hater misses nothing huh Bostick
money are you there bullshit Ronnie a
one two a one two good evening hey hey
how you feelin alright how are you let
me turn your volume up I’m a little
silly right now I’m trying to get nice
and toasty where do we start is why is
Damon Dash in surviving our Kelly part 2
did you see it the first episode yes
he’s in there for two reasons one a
check you know Damon’s always been about
a check
okay and two I think he was there like
two subliminally subliminally throw
shots at J because you know he’s saying
he’s saying everybody knew anybody who
was around him at that time knew and you
know he’s referring to you know after
the case and you know the whole
situation with alia and all of that they
did that joint album together the best
of both worlds of course that was a
disaster but he’s still insinuating that
you know you well I think the first
album did pretty good and then they put
out a second when I forget the names of
those albums you know we used to play
them on the radio all the goddamn time
and if I’m not mistaken didn’t Dame have
some type of executive producer credit
on one of those or do you know that I
might am i doing too much of a deep dive
here well what I mean by disaster is the
way that things fell apart with you know
our Kelly accusing J of you know having
someone threatened him with a gun at
Madison Square and allegedly him getting
pepper sprayed and you know them going
to the radio and you know it was just
for two people who didn’t album together
it was a disaster the way it fell apart
in the end right what was the second
part of your question I’m sorry hang on
a sec let me take a swig of this
Sarah : no sometimes what I need to
remember things that take a little sip
yeah so um Damon – yo why is he in the
docu-series you know I mean with his
track record and never mind earlier
let’s it’s time to bring alia into this
Damon – does not pay his child support
I don’t give a fuck what people say
dragged in and out oh boy Lee Daniels
out here having to bail him out Hayley
Daniels hey girl
we Daniels uh has to bail him out why is
he there he’s always talking about the
culture honor loyalty yadda yadda yadda
woowoo it just I’m looking like damn
nigga you your life is gone from sugar
to shit probably good
so now stop okay so I just I just
remembered the second part was about the
producer credit so Jane goes back and
forth and you know he claims that he
didn’t take any money that was
associated with our Kelly he’s also
claimed that you know he didn’t he was
never in the same room with him but then
you know the receipts came out in the
form of you know footage from the video
you’re dancing and doing your game – in
the video but you claimed you never
stood in the room you know with him so
but he did make a lot of his commentary
about alia and saying you know that she
told him the history and he felt that
yes other other victims covered up I’m
sorry yeah let me slow down that wasn’t
right let me slow down with hold on okay
okay money on Iran vows revenge or
should we come back to that later
I’m charge let’s go yeah we can come
back to that but I do want to say that
the women that appeared towards the end
of this episode one
I really enjoyed their commentary the
two that previously worked for him yeah
oh the white women yes yes yes yes
now they previously worked for him for
you know many years and but neither of
these women have been employed by him
for four years they don’t need to they
are our ends that real notes is now they
shook off the yoke all that a hip-hop
you know black shit they’ve gone on and
they’re going back to their whiteness
right so I mean and even still like
there’s no real motivating factor for
them to lie or attempt to Kate for him
but they both they both spoke very
straightforward in a manner that some
people would classify as victim-blaming
but it raised excellent points for
example one of the things they said was
you know if you’re sexually assaulted
your first course of action should be to
contact the authorities
and I agree with that you know when you
wait five 10 20 years to tell your story
to a television network it comes off as
disingenuous okay all right Lonnie hang
on a second we got a lot to do tonight
folks phone lines are open but if you
can’t get through on the phones you can
send in a cash app a super chat the link
is right up under the video right there
were you sending your donations and I
always respond I tried to read
everything if even above so then even if
I’m rushing I tried to read your
donations okay I just want to say that
hang on right let’s bring an area code
um I think that’s my homey nomad NIC
nomad nickel are you there sir four one
five what’s poppin starting on that
nickel on hey what’s going on man good
here boys how are you man on a Friday
night smoking a little banana sure birds
have been on the glass of whiskey by day
okay you said banana what sure but what
the hell is a banana sherbert banana
sherbert uh weed cartridge strain this
is fire maurices Friday night man listen
I smoked some shit yesterday with the 22
year old and my fucking chest swelled up
I mean I say whoa let me get the fuck
out of here I don’t know what it was and
I asked oh really well it was after we
smashed you know out after the three
minutes after we smashed I said yo I
gotta get the fuck out of here as hot
and you’ll want okay you saying yeah I’m
just saying that sounded like a good ass
night man well listen I’m down here in
ATL with brown sugar that’s what I’m
dating now okay you were saying Nick
yeah nah man like I said that sounds
like a fun night I just wanted to call
in and jump in on some of these topics
please come on let’s go one day what one
thing I will say star you got to give
damn a little bit more respect than that
man come on all one point come on one
point one point you said that he got
bailed out by Lee Daniels he didn’t get
bailed out no no no no
I said Lee Daniels owed him money he
gave him the money but now Lee Daniels
is hanging him but you said he bailed
him out okay said he building a tomato
tomahto pardon me if I said something
wrong the bottom line is Lee Daniels has
now put the money on the table that Dame
needs go ahead yeah so yeah he gave him
the money you know and he was able to
get himself out or whatever you know I
was just an investment like because I
think that at the end of the day Dame
still shouldn’t have been on that on
that documentary I think that you know
he he’s a smart dude why put that much
heat on yourself why bring that kind of
attention to yourself like I just don’t
get it make money in the cut and shut
the fuck up you know I’m saying yeah
like I don’t know now hang on Nick
you’re from the bay yes my whole issue
you from the bay yeah point about okay
yeah give me your opinion never mind me
being 55 you’re a younger man it is Dame
Dash or Dame Dash joining forces with
Adam 22 is that a good look or does that
look like damage just like on his last
leg keep it real let me keep it real
with you I think Dame is so smart he
picked one of the top culture vultures
and he’s about to figure out a way to
spin it back around and and and take
that energy from him okay I even though
the white boy already went up on vlad
jvcom and was telling the business yeah
you’re saying that yes
yeah i mean i legitimately think that i
don’t even think that he’s using him out
of desperation i think he’s trying to
figure out what the sauce is for that
kind of for that kind of media for
somebody that’s not from the culture to
be that powerful I don’t think he
understands it and I think that he’s
there to understand it’s basically him
in turning off the off Adam 22 hmm about
this new age yeah so I’m not saying what
you’re saying is wrong and again you
know I pride myself on paying attention
to small details so you might be saying
something I don’t know but here’s my
here’s my thing I spoke to King Otto
Griggs last month and I don’t know about
now but but last month when I spoke to
King OTT I said hey man have you in-game
spoke since he
giant silly on those guys and he said no
so that bothers me and that bothers me
but I’ll give you the last word please
Nick like I said I’m not I’m not saying
that what Dame has done in the last
couple months – last year – have all
been great moves but at the end of the
day that you have to give that man his
respect for what he’s done for the
culture and what he’s what he’s brought
up brought forth you know and I’m saying
like I said I don’t think that all the
moves that he’s making is right but you
know I respect what he stands for and
with respect what he means I mean okay
anything you want to mention by way of
MMA or Bob saying I like for you to talk
about you know the events coming up and
you want to fight it yeah you know the
fight is official for Tyson Fury versus
Deontay Wilder that’s gonna happen
February 19th that the contract was
signed that’s an official fight it’s
coming up right around the corner not
this weekend but next weekend the
weekend after you got the Donald Cerrone
vs Conor McGregor fight and McGregor’s
first fight back since he got put to
sleep by uh Nate Diaz
okay listen Nick stay in touch with me
you and I have to commentate that that
particular fight if I am available we
have to okay I appreciate score man 100
percent bees you guys thank you man
okay no man Nick on the check-in whoo
okay okay Ronnie give me a second um I’m
grooving I got a nap earlier and I got a
lot of good rest yesterday yeah Ronnie I
got a new port shorty gave me a new port
she said here smoke this when you drive
it home it’ll make you feel better I
said I’ll fucking Newport never in my
life that I want me I tried to smoke
Newports you know back in the my coke
era days from 1981 into a 91 I don’t
fuck with Newports I’m gonna keep it
there I’m not gonna throw it away I’m
gonna keep it to remind myself of the
fire coochie just wanna say that a
couple of calls in and then we will go
back to some of the notes here good
evening area code seven one eight
are you there seven eight gleaming hello
pick it up seven eight okay they’re
moving slow let’s get them out of there
I tried to wait for you watching it’s
probably a Brooklyn nigga Brooklyn pick
it up nigga
Brooklyn and stop trying to claim me if
you’re from Brooklyn I’m not from
Brooklyn I was just passing through
Brooklyn is not the same stop it
area code seven three two good evening
I’m on that bullshit good evening seven
three two are you there what up how are
you I’m good man thank you but I’m about
to get to it what’s your name sir are
you power bottom or a hustle g98 who are
you no not q3d okay what’s poppin let’s
get to it homie let’s go start new you
fucking new war okay elaborate please
I’m saying you know me like killing the
top General of Iran yeah you know you
should at least wait it let everybody
enjoy the new year before getting into
this are you a proud American citizen
sir where are you from and where were
you born I was born in your hand okay
pablor spin yo hablo espanol know you’re
born in New York no I don’t okay so
what’s your background what’s your
background come on what’s your
background I’m Puerto Rican you’re
Puerto Rican and you don’t speak Spanish
you know do you speak Spanglish
nah listen stay with me no no stay with
me I got love for you man because listen
an old associate of mine we work in the
MTV mailroom
together King tone you know who that is
yeah let me hear you salute the Kings
Kings love how do you say it how do you
say Kings love according to the light
come on man we ain’t have no Latin Kings
out here okay all right okay so listen
um you’re American you know even though
the US Navy has used Vieques for target
practice you’re American you know Puerto
Rican you’re American yes yeah yeah sir
and I say this you respectfully we have
to kill people abroad so that you and I
can walk around this motherfucker in
Gucci slides and we can smoke fucking
alien og Skywalker og and we can smash
whores and and do dumb shit you know
that we have to kill people yes yeah but
let’s not kill people that girl you know
punches back you know pretty hard so we
have to kill whoever Howard with a bully
pick on the weaker people we can’t pick
strong opponents to take on okay Ryan
you want to jump in this young how will
you sir he’ll do you up 40 40 Jesus jump
in there Ronnie please please I was
gonna go back to him calling himself
Puerto Rican are you port were you born
in Puerto Rico no I was born in
Manhattan okay Oh y’all call ourselves
border region you know were your parents
born here or were they born in Puerto
now that was born in Puerto Rico okay
sir can I tell you a secret I’ll tell
you a secret
what’s up don’t ever tell me by this you
listening yeah I love Puerto Rican
culture I love it
don’t tell me by there
uhit that’s the secret okay now hang on
a second your forty years of age have
you ever seen West Side Story yeah I
mean thank you for the call thank you
with that kids from karate that that
dude from Karate Kid
let’s give me the fuck out of here
what’s he talking about
geez how are you forty years of age and
you don’t know how to say Kings love
according to the Latin Kings let me look
in the live chat with my troll babies
Kings love how do you say Kings love
let’s go I’m on that bullshit tonight
they got it okay okay yeah it’s this
talk get him my battery yeah I’m more
than a fuck Ronny hang on a second I
have some super chats and cash ups
good evening hustle hustle says yo store
that academics versus nav beef is lit
act in his feelings because he said man
I’ve said academics hops from one
rappers dick to another he’s surprised
he doesn’t have STD listen AK is my guy
that’s my guy even though the chemistry
wasn’t there because I’m not an old
hater of young people that’s what it was
Ike is my guy and AK has learned from
star don’t ever get that twisted when
you hear academics regurgitate what star
used to say I’ve never carried anybody’s
records I’m not a comedian
I love him for saying that he heard that
he heard that from star actors gonna be
fine a hustle yeah fuck nav and fuck
that I wish he from Canada somewhere
fuck him actors doing what he’s supposed
to be doing like light that motherfucker
up like a Christmas tree salute to add
holistic Narnia power bottom for you
sends you the cash at fuck are Kelly
who are you talking about all this fire
coochie that you had yesterday what
about me question mark you know you
never mentioned all this fire Buzzi that
I give you a salute to power bottom
folks we get our troll on that’s what we
do thank you for your donation g98 says
black Trump voters like yourself need to
go to the front lines with them crackers
in Iran we not fighting with the white
man’s war no more hashtag a das some
color neutral but my father did fight in
World War two and he was a pre teenager
in the US Navy I got the receipts I’m
not the fuck you talking about
and many african-americans fought in the
war I signed up for Selective Service as
did many people in the early 80s I was
ready to get down from my crown and to
fight for this country yes I was don’t
you ever get that fucked up about me
thank you for your donation and people
have to die for this freedom that we
have yes they do just so we can walk
around in our boxers eat Cheerios you
know okay hang on a second right let me
go to a couple of cash apps here hey
Terry how are you doing she says star
good to see you on yeah thank you baby
I’m a little turnt up I know I know I
had some fun at coochies Terry says holy
shit star 22 years old
lol listen she reached out to me I don’t
chase him she reached out to me and we
were talking about silly shit yesterday
silly shit
I looked I took a look at myself in the
mirror and said nigga what are you doing
stop it star Troy stop it Troy okay and
she put on those size six-and-a-half
stilettos and started dancing that’s all
I’ll say right now hey Derek leaving so
he sends in a
kashyap he says young pussy have a nigga
hook like pokey I’m not hook sir I just
you know I I I smashed one smiled and I
snap out of it you know Gucci Marx says
Ronnie why did you ever give star that
Newports gucci Marx Ronnie is in New
Jersey I’m in Atlanta that was Cuba
thank you sir
yeah Nehemiah on the check-in hey hey
Nehemiah says your boss let me know if
you got this yes I got it so Nehemiah
huh sir do you know where your name
comes from Nehemiah it was my lighter
where’s my fucking lighter holy shit
okay thank you for your donation
Nehemiah whenever I hear that name I
think of my one of my neighbors back in
Scotch Plains New Jersey back in the 70s
Renaldo skeets nehemiah google him our
families were very very cool his sister
de lethea aka Lisa and his other brother
Dion thank you so much for your donation
Nehemiah hang on Ronny guys
crab daddy where are you man what is
crab daddy’s number hole in his second
Jesus Christ that’s my son he’s six foot
five he’s a white boy out of Erie
what is his number hold on a second crab
daddy are you here crab daddy announce
key yes do you boys man here station
front door security cut he say he
protect me okay now listen hang on a
second before we have a conversation
because you haven’t been on the show in
a while for those who don’t know are you
still podcasting what’s going on fuck
your lab will have a drywall company I
got a whole crew I got three trucks
I hired a kid turns out he’s very
autistic but easy easy easy white boy
right what I say talking about autistic
and I know you you’re reckless now
now hang on a second for those who don’t
know you’ve been down with my machines
very strong shows up every day and can
happen a freestyle and you’re a drug
addict okay
alleged drug addict slow down you see
you’re going left already slow down slow
down now you’re out in Erie Pennsylvania
you’re six foot five you’re a former MMA
fighter and you had and you had a fight
with five police officers in a bar slow
down slow down white boy they tased you
you made the newspaper so your gangster
is official go bag the gangster I’m a 37
year old man who podcast you could check
out my YouTube page the crab daddy axe
that’s crab daddy with a K and an extra
revenue for five because I come back
every time I can’t be dead you can’t
kill me nice but you brought up an
interesting point with MMA and boxing no
mad nadir crucial air live in
transmission on YouTube saying that the
wilder and Tyson Fury fight was on the
19th – 20 seconds he said I’m getting
excited I don’t want to get ahead of
take it easy folks he’s bipolar hang on
a second his momma had some fire coochie
like Diaz knocked out Conor McGregor but
I think you just put him to sleep I’m
not sure I don’t have to go back what he
said what okay listen listen slow down
don’t mention other people’s names
you’re doing great let’s stay focused
come on man
stay focused
nice nice let’s not talk about anybody
else let’s talk about your channel
promote your channel you’re a guitar
player he’s a white artistic drywalling
drug addict and I stop calling people
drug addicts slow down slow down
no you slow down stop calling people
drug addicts if you’re not going to take
a stand and baculum words up I don’t
want to be an involved
you two play a different game yes sir go
down I know it’s a fact
you know I’m recording with them were in
the studio he’s a rapper you know they
like that stuff okay all right also on
Twitter and I do abortion mmm a show and
we definitely don’t get out wrong dates
for big fuckin day s and fights
headlining advertising series in the in
the routers of the world we don’t mess
up dates like that got you okay I don’t
have no girl armies out there I do it
for the people Pop’s I still I’m still
doing it
I can ask you listen to me hey good to
hear from you man have a great evening
thank you hey let’s get him out of here
good guy good guy but you have to know
when to cut him short hang on why let me
go to a blade blade sends in a super
chat he says message and email hang on a
second blade I got you
and again thank you Terry King for your
donation okay hold on okay 100 Acre
Woods I got your new banner salute 100
Acre Woods I got you
Antonio gleaming he says Chicago is the
last real City Star r.i.p New York City
sir I beg to differ
respectfully I thank you for your
donation but listen if you ask me the
Bronx as always the BX there are some
other shit all right Ronnie do we have
an update on the alleged kidnapping of
the crowd of the alleged crackhead who
people thought was a child and then you
had this guy that was beat down he’s now
taking pictures in the New York Daily
News and and slope to his son I don’t
want to put his son’s name in the
equation but his son was up on worldstar
and the updates Ronnie or is that like
old news now I wouldn’t say it’s old
news I see a lot of people are still
talking about it because you know the
father has put out some videos and also
the son has put out three videos so far
and I actually communicated with the son
and he was just you know very adamant
that he does not want this situation to
be a reflection of him he said that he
has already lost his mother and you know
in a way he feels like he’s also lost
his father he doesn’t want anything to
do with him you know you know and the
guy has problems
the father I’m speaking about he has
I’ve seen several videos where he looked
to be you know really out of his mind
you know where he was recording and
singing and so I don’t think I think the
right now is under review he has not
been charged as of yet so this
definitely was not a child well I think
he was arrested and then released I
think I read him and then they said and
then they determined that it was some
type of alleged crackhead not a minor
and they cut him loose
right right they did bring him in the
Bronx is lit the last I checked there
they’re looking at the situation I don’t
expect for him to be charged
I don’t believe his story that he was
trying to save the woman as he claimed
we all saw the footage I know Ronnie
Ronnie I’m going with the man who said
that the crackhead wanted him to say I’m
going with that footage it that makes
more sense to me that makes more sense
to me and folks there’s another video in
case you have not seen it of another
confrontation in the subway where the
alleged crackhead is talking to this man
trying to blow him up about Facebook
yadda yadda yadda and it’s crazy it’s
crazy it’s crazy yes this this entire
situation is a hot mess you know
from the guy that she was with being you
know no shoes just in his socks on the
New York subway system there are rats
that live on the New York subway system
you know the regular shoes it’s a cat
yeah they’re they’re as big as cats
so all right hang on a second one day
stay with me Antonio thank you for your
cash at Antonio also says this was that
American might Swift yeah ma’am must
look to the Trump administration we bomb
in niggas fuck y’all talk him out come
on and get the smoke Bush carried me sir
sends in a cash at we kill those who
hate my America hashtag shoot first
judge dropping bombs regular shit
no freedom cost hey Eric how are you so
let me see if I can find you area code
five seven one hold on a second and
someone wants to call her and talk about
Eric is at u-571 good evening five seven
yo what those are Howie’s yeah those are
hey MA yo did you see Steve Harvey did
um embarrass on New Year’s talk to me
Gronkowski too tight in for the Patriots
right okay
the former side in for the Patriots well
anyway okay Steve Harvey whispers are
you talking about when he threw down the
Lego statue or something like that yeah
Oh gives a shit yes
so that was staged you’ll get come on
who gives a shit
oh man but you know what Steve Harvey
but he’s because Co never seen in my
life the biggest Kunis in my life to let
that happen let the people play off him
like that
you know sir he was stomping on after
you do with that on he started stomping
on it man yeah man look looks so bad it
looks really bad I was shocked to see
that man listen sir I appreciate your
Kashyap let me just say that first and
foremost I take your dollar series I
take your dollar series okay now are you
from Jamaica bunny chance to come
Jamaica your family nama okay not at all
how old a but stay with me stay with me
how how old are you how old are you I’m
in my forties man
perfect perfect now someone sent me a
beautiful email earlier and she just
reminded me that when she was in high
school when I was back on power 105 back
in the days that I went on a rant
showing love and support for Jamaica
don’t get it fucked up about me I throw
you some curveballs
but now you’ve heard of nat turner yes
absolutely yes have you ever heard of
Samuel Sharpe
no um Zepa god I made this sharp rifle
you tell me sir
you tell me I’m a high school drama I
don’t know Ronny have you ever heard of
you will sharp who’s Bostick money I’m
ranting tonight
Samuel basicall him Sam Sharpe from
Jamaica we go pushing this pound isn’t
it no okay all right no no okay Ronny
looking up sir I thank you for your cash
up anything else you want to say about
Dame – why is Dame – and surviving our
Kelly Park to finish up I don’t know man
but all I know is I was in New York man
a couple weeks ago and uh they very
fruity out there man the news is very
fruity I was on the subway you don’t say
I’m running a train and every brother
gap on that chart was fruit is a mug man
what’s going on New York man rule well
don’t come down to Atlanta because these
motherfuckers is down here tweaking and
geeking thank you sir
let’s get him up out of here how are you
in your forties he you don’t know who
Samuel Sharpe was hold on guys and I had
to pause and think because I didn’t
remember the conversation but she
reminded me verbatim and she said you
know you say a lot of crazy things but I
thank you for that because she was in a
conversation with people about you know
just you know Haiti and Haiti of course
you know winning the war against the
French and and she it was a nice email
that’s what I’m trying to say
Ronnie sit tight I’m coming back in a
second Eric thank you for your donation
sir again Rick Rick says Stacy is
looking for you in East Orange Stacy who
sir Rick Oh Stacy who sir did I smash
Stacy with no condom what do you talk
him out so I don’t run from nothing send
your email Stacy who he saw his New
Jersey you’re talking about yes okay
thank you for their donation hey
Jennifer Jennifer says Damon Dash is all
about the bag he don’t give a frock okay
okay okay oblate says fu star and don’t
go too hard at dame and are Kelly
because you might be getting yours
pretty soon nigger I got a private eye
tracking down oh the white girl that
your degenerate ass was pimping while
she was pregnant out of the back of your
car back in the day we gonna find her
coach her on how to cry for the camera
and get her to tell the whole world how
you took advantage of her hashtag me too
is coming for you Oh nigga but still
salute to you all the same hey man thank
you a blade okay in the blade you’ve got
to get the story straight if she was
eight-and-a-half months pregnant she was
smoking crack krills in the back of my
van it was a van not a car and we were
in the Bronx did you say the Bronx okay
was in the Bronx it was a low point in
my life but you know she was she was
about it you know I was just driving we
were up there around the Hunts Point you
you know the story man thank you for
your donation blade I appreciate you
Cali clarification says cowards die many
times before their ultimate death okay
thank you okay Ronnie don’t read
anything on Samuel sharp just yet if you
had time to Google I want someone to
call in and put some respect on his name
that young lady reminded me that I came
into power 105 one morning turnt up and
saucy and I was I was showing Jamaica
love as I do don’t get it twisted
I’m looking live Chet Samuel sharp have
you guys uh google that yet how many
days was that rebellion in Jamaica
Jamaica me
and he was educated to work in a minute
give me a minute
spraying every co2 one good evening 201
are you there 201 201 cleaning no star
what up how are you sir what’s going on
all right all right I ain’t going to
comment on that Donald Trump shit on
what we was already at war so I don’t
know it scared of
but anyway armed demanding that all
Kelly like that go let’s go see it’s not
even read it’s not even it’s not even
reaching no more it’s not even it is I
believe that he’s doing that shit
because he’s trying to find a way to
undermine and take down jay-z and cuz I
think that that’s how that’s how deeply
rooted his hatred his jealousy his
envious I think you’re trying to
undermine jay-z by doing that because
there’s a there’s a lot there’s a lot
there just in terms of alia even though
you know you don’t really have to go
that deep it was just a girl that was
with all three of them at the end of the
day you know god bless her rest is dead
whatever but he’s just he’s jealous man
jay-z is in a place that he probably
only dreamt of and you know he’s dead
he’s doing it you know as much as people
might talk about him and his uh his
business dealings and situations that’s
still a place that he’s on he’s in terms
of rap music he’s the only one that has
reached that Plateau okay you know Suge
Knight if I can just throw some bullshit
you know in the mix system bullshit if
I’m not mistaken because I was on the
radio in those days I’m hot 97 from
March of 2000 until 2003 if I’m not
mistaken I remember Dame was smashing
Rachel Roy when he was with Aaliyah
III don’t you know I don’t know the
overlap and the time and and I’ve never
spoke about that because I’m not on that
type of Hawaii shit you know I’m saying
but what are you saying about earlier
now of course we’re sympathetic because
baby girls out of here but I think Dana
ash was smashing Rachel what she was the
the receptionist up at Rockefeller she
didn’t come out of no motherfuckin Ivy
League background you know right right
see here’s the thing that people
misunderstand at home when people are at
these events and they’re taking pitches
and for them for them on that other side
of the fence that industry in their
music business they we’re in the sports
game and all of that it’s all a big
party yeah it’s a pause yeah every Paula
Paula everybody
yeah so was he sleeping Rachel Roy why
wouldn’t he be sleeping Rachel Roy if
even if he was what Ali did the same
thing was going on you remember the
whole scandal with Nas baby mother right
stop stop stop stop stop stop so you’re
talking about you’re talking about my
cousin Carmen she’s related to me
come on she human right right
susceptible to all of it to all of the
stuff that goes along with with people
form entities you know the looking at
people like they beyond human and all
that stuff but yeah Aliyah the same
thing even though I’m an in fact was
Beyonce was coming up yeah like that
whole thing between him maja and Jay and
and the wack and all that yo she was a
fan yeah she was a fan all right so she
was susceptible to the gnosis to there
everybody starts from sorrow – boom –
it’s so big now and you think that
they’ve always been that big yeah they
happen everybody had a starting point so
now did you see episode 1 of the Bolivar
Kelly surviving are Kelly part to the
did you see it listen I will never watch
that not no no sir Sir sir Gordon I need
you to watch it and then call back in I
need a real nigga like yourself to tell
me and am I am I wrong I watched it I
watched it Ronnie you watched it – yes
was bossing you have to watch it and
then call back in and say star here’s
what it is you’re wrong or you know
you’re not walling the nigga Dame is
sitting up there with the fucking dog
leash she’s got the dog whatever that
dog’s name is and it’s just like you
know come on nigga Louie no way he got a
dog leash he’s trying to look for us
yeah he’s broke what they’re trying to
destroy another man that you said that
you had nothing to do it come when she
was up there doing the damn titty damn –
damn dummy they’re in the Fiesta video
like come on man why you doing all of
this this is like when people could make
crowns with each other right why are you
telling if we got away why you trying to
reap Corey from something if nobody knew
we did it and we got away why do you
want people to know that we the ones who
did it right like come on man come on so
are you calling from New York where you
come from
I here in New York accent we come from
Iran beat the og Iran I mean I try that
right right okay but people die everyday
like my man said when we was kids
how old are you sir oh they’re 45 mm did
you see the guy up in the Bronx couple
years back they were in the bodega and
he’s pistol whippin the guy on the floor
as he’s holding his drink up in the
Bronx yeah you know stop stop sir so we
talked about the BX niggas getting
as the man is holding his drink that’s
classic come on man
see you wanna you know the other thing
about the bronze is that sorting star
Wang goes on in that that some people
are afraid to pull out the cameras but
like that thing would it do try to
snatch the girl in a train that’s normal
but yeah that’s normal that’s not it
just got caught on tape salmon a you
like to quote the shocking thing about
it is is when he ran off the train and
he just sat there people don’t believe
that people do that but that’s what he
did then they ran into him again they
beat him up on his block I’m wondering
why you don’t you could beat him down
for that why you can’t start you know
swinging on some of these tops but you
know people got different agendas and
different things different motivation
though so I appreciate the call man
thank you for your call thank you so
much no doubts all right whoo all right
am i doing too much let me check on my
troll babies folks if you’re new to the
show every time I take a nap I’m like
supercharged and yesterday I had to
power down after I had some fire coochie
and then today I handled some business
and then I came back and took another
nap and I’m just like I’m kind of extra
right now I’m looking in the live chat
which is right here most of the times I
look over here to the money guys am i
okay should I shut it down or keep going
they said turn up nigga till you die
okay okay Ronnie
um Samuel Sharpe what do you got um this
was this is a great man and if I’m not
mistaken right it’s been a long long
time back in the late 70s I went to some
great schools public and private
somewhere in the 70s I forget when they
I think they put a statue in gym may
1975 75 okay and 75 they proclaimed him
a national hero a maker and his images
on the $50 Jamaican banknote box
let’s go running what else you got read
it please take your time what do you got
okay so he wasn’t enslaved Jamaican man
who was the leader of the widespread
18:32 baptist war slave rebellion and
jamaica he died in 1832 in Montego Bay
Jamaica but he’s from the st. James
Parish in Jamaica he was very young he
died if I remember correctly it’s very
young he died he was not even 30 okay
okay Sam hey Samuel sharp they called
him Sam sharp and again I just I so
thank those of you who send me emails
and you remind me that I educated you
because that’s what I want to be known
for fuck all that giving away tickets
interview fuck white interviewed I’ve
had monumental interviews I interviewed
Justin Timberlake you can google this to
verify this and Justin Timberlake was on
the store on buck wild showing a hot 97
I said hey man if you just admit that
you ate Britney Spears code she I’ll
play your records your record some song
here 25 times a week he said all right I
did it
it’s like access TV everybody was saying
pardon me I’m rambling yeah so what
originally started as a peaceful protest
turned into the largest slave rebellion
in Jamaica and he was the leader of it
so it lasted for 10 days and mobilized
60,000 Jamaicans right it went on for
days two weeks maybe the rebellion in
Jamaica yes
approximately 10 days the government
actually had to use the Jamaican
military and warriors from other towns
to basically suppress the uprising yeah
and then they executed more than 300
people including him rebellion and if
I’m not mistaken it’s been a long time I
was born in 64 he wanted death rather
than to live as a slave yes he was on
shit rightfully so yeah folks if you’re
Jamaican and you’re new to the show or
if you makin and you know this show a
beautiful woman sent me an email
reminding me that I spoke about this man
once upon a time Samuel Sharpe from
Jamaica thank you so much money I have a
quote actually from him what you got
he said this is in the months leading up
to his execution he said I would rather
die upon yonder’s gallows than live my
life in slavery then live a slaves
Rastafari I like that I like that
folks I’m doing too much bear with me
every go five six seven good evening
five six seven I’m on that bullshit
tonight are you there five six seven
hello yeah hello
yesterday evening hello good evening
Thank You mr. Boyd a man I don’t know
talk to me man talk to me I did not
believe that was on that are Kelly
surviving our Kelly man do you not know
I lost my mind when I seen it I said yo
he he fucked up Annie yeah we trying to
go to area where you come from so first
of all we you coming from Ohio okay okay
if I can just say this and then I want
you to talk all them hauling niggas be
telling go ahead I just lost it all you
know I was subscribed to his shadow man
when I seen that I said damn he didn’t
keep doing this to me out there man
like I mean shit I don’t know too much
about it but I said I’m thinking about
him to leave you I’m saying like it just
don’t make no sense then you come out or
you tell jokes on man you’re saying he
tell you not to do it it’d be less
Ronnie Mario’s late for like the whole
facts good boy Wow
now if I could if I can jump in and my
timeline could be off my timeline could
be off but um I think jay-z and I say
this with all due respect to alia I
think jay-z’s said to Dame go ahead and
take her and take her you know I don’t
know when Jay started hollering at
Beyonce because you know um Matthew will
know Matthew Knowles
he came on my show with Solange you know
who Solange’s Beyonce’s younger sister
yeah yeah
Solange had a track with law Romeo I was
playing it I was only one in Europe
playing the track I loved the track Oh
Solange Solange was cutting her eyes at
me because she knew this hatin ass nigga
getting at my older sister but but Matt
but Matthew knows said to her during the
break he said relax he’s trying to
promote your song now if I’m not
mistaken Jay let Dame have Aaliyah and
Jace are evolving at Beyonce
I could be off with the timeline but
girl you were saying yeah I mean oh
that’s what that’s what it looked like
it was man but god damn is even on the
jay-z hey trailer she damn near whole
year did he start when T 20 off like
that man I understand many damn man is
messed up didn’t I say another woman –
allegedly you know sign tomorrow a
sexual assault or whatever the fuck man
come on yeah are they trying to bury
Maxie you shouldn’t be doing all of that
because then I think that’s gonna be the
repercussions Manor Hill coming out
talking this crazy drunk man yeah you
trying to go up against jay-z man you
should have hashed that out over the
phone he putting that all over the news
although although YouTube is shit man
it’s gotta be a rough time you see some
almost no bad blood or anyone know hey
buddy move along yeah Dan thank you sir
have a good evening thank you for your
call oh okay all right
hang on a second guys and I’m doing a
lot tonight I’m just charged
I had some fire coochie yesterday again
hey Michelle Michelle Michelle oh hey
hey hey yo there can you come closer to
the phone we want to hear what you’re
saying come closer you you want an
African head set up for a head set off
on Brooklyn nigga yeah yeah that Dane
was the one trying to get at foxy sure
if I can say right now I don’t know who
Tosha K gets some of her information
from that’s none of my good goddamn but
is this but she don’t give a crap she’s
from Florida you know
all the girls don’t give a fuck you hear
me oh yeah tell your wine glasses up in
the live chat guys are you saying it
everybody smoked everybody talk about
your project will you go where you going
we going you got a lot of girls just
nigga snitchin on my Italian uncle pay
attention oh come on go come on come on
my family black t-shirt use the muscle
in the project no ok now you still in
Brooklyn sir you still there yeah of
course of course
I step it up I move the ozone it’s still
dirty but it’s in the back of Brooklyn
like right in fatty ok ok well I
appreciate the call man I really do and
yeah we just talked to my Dame man you
know he’s up on surviving our Kelly part
– man I mean I know I’m not hating man
but come on my nigga what are you doing
pay pay your child support again and
fall back you heard about anything
what did og say back in the days what
would an OG say be a father to you be a
father to you child
thank you man salute yo holla Lewton
yeah Brooklyn they go in the chicken
folks I don’t trust Brooklyn nigga as
far as I can spit but I appreciate the
call hang on Ronnie I have to go to cash
at I’m falling behind here Thank You
King peace Shabazz King says the baby
trying to be a cellmate with Kodak black
hashtag L yeah yeah
the baby’s living his best life right
you know he’s turnt up on it only shit
whatever whatever he does
daddy whoa my alleged son he says Happy
New Year dad let’s get more scrilla in
2012 addy good to hear from you man
Ronny have you ever seen my alleged son
Fadi from New Jersey uh yeah yeah you’ve
seen this picture yes I have his picture
and you guys could be related we would
need to see a DNA test oh no no no no no
no we’re gonna do all that extra shit
right now he’s not trying to sue me for
back child support his mother beautiful
woman she’s not trying to sue me let’s
just leave it where it’s at vadi Thank
You Man fucking DNA test
way too retro actively make a case for
like you shit on my golf what she talked
about snitching slow down Ronny slow it
down slow down one GOG low on the
chicken says Connor didn’t get slept by
Diaz he tapped Habib what the fuck is
nomad Nick talking about
listen nomad Nick is my guy and and he
and I have done some really what I
consider to be some good commentary in
terms of boxing and MMA fighting so
thank you for your donation og lo
Nehemiah says this is for Ronnie man to
get lap-band surgery what okay so much
talking reckless about you Ronnie
Nehemiah Rick thank you okay Rick says
Stacy Gloria’s in East Orange New Jersey
star I wouldn’t know Stacy Glo was in
Atlanta oh yeah I wouldn’t know but
thank you all Rick thank you I’m going
through the cash apps folks holes
I can blaze
star your boy Trump starts off the new
year by whacking out sand niggers I
guess we can expect some more planes to
be flying into the World Trade Center
before long and I also remember you
bigging up Jamaicans on the air but you
always said trinny gun man with the best
gun man okay hang on Ronny stay with me
devar Thank You blade first and foremost
yes in my opinion I’ve always said this
Trini trainees are the best gunmen they
have the most accurate you know range
I’ll just say that but but you know I
throw you curveballs about Jamaica but
Jamaica has a rich culture never mind
the IMF never mind the shrinking beaches
and years ago when I spoke about Samuel
sharp that was from the heart man
because people always talk about not
what is that his name nat nat turner but
Samuel sharp in Jamaica led a fuckin
rebellion he was educated if I’m not
mistaken part of me if I say something
wrong for almost two weeks
killing white people put some respect on
that man’s name let me look in the live
chat anybody for making that live chat
star was always gonna throw you a curve
ball always I’m gonna make sure that
you’re paying attention to what I’m
saying never mind interviews and shit
that I’ve done who gives a fuck never
mind star in the OJ Simpson having an
interview never mind star and uncle Luke
when we talked about pissing on bitches
never mind starring Chris Rock never
mind starring countless interviews I
appreciate when people send me emails
and say hey fuck nut you taught me
thank you so much thank you blade for
your donation
whoo okay give me a second money okay
hey Phillip hold on a second sir area
code three three six were used to a
three three six let’s get you on the
line here is that fellow grieving sir
three three six hey what’s happening
how are you sir green where you coming
from man I’m calling from Guilford
County man I got my man to you a
shout-out with you talking to tip the
key Thank You mr. bass that’s going to
how old are you there
how old are you sir I shot dice with
I saw dice with deke hey now you’re
talking my language
absolutely Hey look man I’m sitting here
with a Java chocolate and related Jamis
and I got it and I got my good shit
rolled up in a 1.5 baby that I decayed
your house we made it we made it
negative this a lot of niggas are in the
penitentiary or they’re taking a dirt
nap we made it come on yeah we did we do
a good look man I was just scrolling man
and I and I heard you man I was like
okay I don’t know nothing about Damon –
and I brought but I know if he hang out
with our kids he either of three or he
part of the game and he don’t catch
something else man but I don’t know
nothing about the privilege but hang on
so you calling from what state what
state you come from North Carolina baby
daddy needs receipt okay now you know
something about that uh yeah oh you know
something about the Bull City and I’m in
Guilford County Greensboro okay no see
if you ask me all them niggas was on
that bullshit game – jay-z are Kelly
them niggas was on that weirdo shit back
in the days now the only thing that I
want to say is that I I’m not with the
gossip and the team Wendy Williams back
in the days when when he was with the
shit’s don’t get it fucked up went when
Wendy told Treach no he’s by nature
nigga come on down to the station let’s
fight you follow me
I wish yeah so I don’t know what the
niggas was doing Dame jay-z Biggs wasn’t
a big face guy so it’s a big face Gary
absolutely big face Gary all them niggas
was on some real different type of shit
Foxy Brown was a baby when they brought
her out if you ask me she was 15 but now
they’re gonna say something different
but Foxhall was a baby her brother was
her brother’s name Ronnie foxy Brown’s
brother he went to jail was it
Gavin job John Gavin foxy was a baby and
them niggas was pimping foxy out so I
don’t know where we’re gonna but burger
so you were saying good hey did you show
me you know we have a partner we say
we watched couple ball games though you
up on the other screen and Yemen catch
oh well we own a fire stick where we
know they’re smart shit but we are
they’re plastic Thank You Man we catch
up on that you too babe
look man I appreciate what you’re doing
man hey man but look man keep them
little Bobby Brown’s intend to run it
off the damn dime and they don’t catch
it but I appreciate how you educate
thank you miss appreciate how you
educate thank you Miss build clowns man
I was sitting there like yo Brett listen
they don’t understand that your boy
trunk they went off up on the tangel cuz
he used to getting his ass kicked called
a miss Anderson
hey when the hangar
stay with me stay with me but stay with
me if I can just say this if I can just
say this we America are the biggest
terrorist yes yes yes lutely yes we God
Bless America huh the Manhattan Project
they had to sit down and figure out more
ways to kill people abroad yes
absolutely yes yes I told my boy man I
said look man here’s what here’s what
the real deal is yeah
Donald Trump is a businessman yeah did
you decide what you want about it I
don’t like his antics but he’s been good
for my pocket I ain’t trippin judge for
my pocket but he ain’t worth for crap
I’m so did you get that cat out of
Kentucky 20 years ago and I hit this
famous good thing on my phone called
Google his dumb ass kept saying the same
stupid shit this dude was saying and
they just reversed 20 years ago okay I’m
like man about to smoke me a damn joint
ego and drank me some good Ally
there you go yeah and get yourself some
young pussy let’s go there get some
young pussy it’s America let you get
that pussy last night did you monkeys
don’t squat it on no it was it was
yesterday afternoon it was an afternoon
right yeah so which one did you monkey
stop it then I gave her three minutes in
there and then I laid down and took a
break and then about 20 minutes later I
gave her another three minutes and I get
the fuck up out of it
hey guys
ain’t gonna help no bitch find her
g-spot that ain’t me hey that ain’t me
yeah hey man I like to sit there I like
to come to the 8001 de merna sit down
and play a game of chess which you got
in the park man and we sit there and sip
on some damn moonshine smoke a cup of
java you know let’s get him out of here
what’s he talking about sit down and a
drink and play chess it sound like he
was inviting you out Oh No thank you for
the car you doing thank you for calling
sir no whoosh okay Ronny am i doing too
much should I shut the stream down let
me check in the live chat guys am i okay
I think you’re doing great okay okay let
me just talk about coming down to the
ATL yeah get some drinks nigga my cake
bag I think I might try and slip me a
Mickey hold on a second one give me a
whoa okay Ronnie okay so we broke you
down about Samuel sharp
yeah ma’am if you’re from Jamaica and
you’ve never heard of Samuel sharp get
to googling and you remember that the
hater put respect on this man’s name and
people can talk about nat turner here in
Samuel sharp he said let’s kill as many
as we can Ronnie any thoughts on Adrien
Broner trying to holler it a bad baby up
on the ground and she exposed that fuck
nigga as she was supposed to Ronnie
thoughts on that good bad baby
I think things just are continuing to
decline for her Adrien Broner
originally I really liked him but he’s
just on a downward spiral I don’t know
what it’ll take to turn things around
he’s still young maybe he still can but
you know this was in his thirties he a
young Saudis fuck ass nigga you still
got time that he could turn it around
I’m just letting you think he’s out he’s
finished no no no I mean well in terms
of boxing I don’t know but there is an
update hold on a second there’s an
update that Adrien Broner claims he did
not know that bad baby was underage
since she exposed him she took the
screenshot and put out there for all to
see featured box on flat tv.com well I
think bad baby has been 16 for years now
I’m starting to think that’s her
Hollywood age I could be wrong but I
thought that she was 13 or 14 when she
was on dr. Phil she popped off yeah I’ve
got to look that up because I thought in
my head that she was 16 when she did the
show but I’ll check okay hang on a
second money uh life like beats ends in
a cash at a king never taste death but
hey once for slash Sam sharp $50 yes
thank you man thank you yeah putting
respect on Sam sharps name tonight
Samuel sharp the great rebellion in
Jamaica don’t get it fucked up about
Jamaica hey Frank how are you sir he
says Dame still mad cuz Brooklyn keeps
on taking it yeah
Daymond – did an interview back in the
days he was talking about when he first
met jay-z and he was talking about how
jay-z laced up his sneakers
high-top joints
I’ll never forget it and we played that
audio on the Starbuck Walt show over and
that’s what Dame Dash paid attention to
when he first met jay-z how jay-z laced
up his sneakers whoo
hold on Ronnie let me go – I’m super
Jeff hey sugar G the only way you know
it’s fired coochie is if you in it raw
star walnut pay attention I didn’t say I
had on a condom sugar G thank you thank
you for your donation loopy God says yo
I listen etosha k today on the strength
of you and she she was she went in on on
Dame yeah she’s posed – Tasha case from
Florida don’t she don’t give no fucks
big off good evening sir big R says
normal question mark shit ain’t normal
I’m a what lmao this nigger lyin I don’t
know what the fuck he talkin about
anyway salut okay I’m not sure what
you’re talking about sir but thank you
so much
pimp juice jr. says you’re startin was
you able to get that grocery stench out
of your mustache from last night’s date
sir I don’t put my face in the coochie
like that you know with all due respect
you know the old-school Jamaicans taught
me back in the 80s don’t push your face
in something that bleeds every 30 days
and doesn’t die you know don’t be fuckin
going down remember thank you so much
pimp juice Jr propane K 1980 Tuesday’s
Dame loves snow-white more than the
Seven Dwarfs oh and have you
seeing doggy diamonds Scott lorac jr.
interview question mark he’s clapping at
niggas hard body quite listen doggy
diamonds is my homie yes I saw a Scott
larog jr. who never met his father he
died when he was very young I forget how
many months but yeah he’s up on doggy
diamonds tv.com
talking about he was about to put hands
on Keros one you know yeah man doggy
doggy diamonds gets the exclusives don’t
get it fucked up with regards to all
that you know New York tri-state area
you know rah rah shit but thank you so
much propane que 1982 we love hip-hop
Iturbi this one we love hip-hop says
star how you ain’t talking about
academics versus nav 4 1 6 where are you
4 1 6 hold a second I spoke about that
earlier where were you there on
Instagram and YouTube we love hip-hop I
think and they also sent in a donation
store Dame wants that Shaq he would do
anything for them
cloud points salute from the four one
six we love hip-hop podcast and live
stream on smash thank you so much we
love hip-hop thank you okay but super
juice says it’s payday Friday hater I
get it when I give me a second folks
it’s Ebonics ask boss chick Ronnie if
she’s seen the atom 22 forward slash
Lina the plug video on pornhub and her
thoughts Ryan do you know what this
guy’s talking about Adam 22 and Lina the
plug video I’m confused
no I have not watched that video I
really have no interest in watching it I
just not really interested got you okay
whoo all right let’s go back to the
phone lines and then I want to ramp a
little bit more hang on a second oh I
had to put some respect on my homies
name tea rags Oh and salute to the ho
meet a rock who saw t-rex vs. teh robbed
hey Rock is my guy but t-rex Oh bars
from t-rex let me looking live chat hold
on a second hmm t-rex top 5 greatest of
all time
battle rappers that man treated me with
so much respect back in the early days
of dot mob t-rex has given niggers
workout here over the years if anybody
has time please make sure that you tag
t-rex and say hey man star always shows
t-rex love hey Rox my guys well Ronnie
you said you saw a battle a recently a
Sioux surfer versus who Ronnie no I’d
ask you if um if you watch the battle
and what you thought about it
did you see it you sent me a tattoo Leo
the surf first Kiki did you see her
first dg2 a part of it no I didn’t get a
chance to watch it yeah that’s why I was
asking you what you thought I saw a
round one I saw a round one su surf put
his Mac down as always Jersey as always
all right hang on a sec let’s go to uh
ok blade Thank You blade you’re sending
me the video to the bodega shooting in
the Bronx I saw that sir thank you so
much hey Gigi says alia died 2001 mm Ava
– born 1999 okay easy easy
yeah man a little extra carrying on
Marlon hey Marlon thank you for your
cash yet foxy getting at DJ envy said he
was carrying
her see okay
I’m not at the speed Thank You Elvis
there chef Rosenberg greetings sir thank
you for your donation Elvis the chef and
what is this a nomad Nik is sending me
something about Kevin Stacey’s accuser
okay we don’t care about that tonight no
Manik but thank you so much yeah
he’s talking about accusers he’s gotta
clear up this and correct information
okay hang on a second I’ve got a seven
eight that’s got to be a Brooklyn nigga
hold on a second seven one eight B Kade
let’s talk about it
seven eight so great look at that pick
it up
are you there seven eight pick up the
phone hello hello good evening sir how
are you more than a let’s talk about it
man come on Kings love let’s go man I
was happy here Craig the other night
Luther those genes to Luther though G
okay holy shit ding dan has to be call
the time I think we got a cold day in
the tax right now come on fucker later
yeah too much come on between the atom
22 situation now I can’t bear to watch
it I haven’t been able to watch it but
now he’s trying to bring Dave jay-z down
again right surviving I tell ya keep it
fuck it he’s a second to me he’ll do
anything for a check at this point the
atom 22 move is a desperate move come on
come on uh uh well hang on a sec how old
you so let’s go out there how old are
you yeah I had a 21 year old out-of-date
look at the hangar sir how old are you
start their whole do you hum 33 okay I’m
33 a 21 year old okay
it was too freaky
it was too freaky and it was too freaky
not and I just need something call Mike
I need one thing and the thing is for me
I’m just I’m just a little I’m a little
nasty and so if you out nasty me I’m
thinking who else are you being this
nasty with just gave me away
you call feelings for the bitch keep it
real you call feelings niner no no no
feeling okay but I’m trying to make a
boss moving up and I go then I go on his
own when I started getting weird with
bitches so I got it I got it
I can’t I gotta stay focused on one
thing so I I let it go okay well listen
I was with a 22 year old yesterday she
looked like k.michelle and she started
like you know pop and a booty and I said
hey slow down
have a seat unless let’s just you know
let’s talk dropping down getting the
Eagle on has to listen slow down I need
I’m gonna come back in a few weeks okay
give this a week let it marinate she was
hit me up over the holidays i’ma lay low
on that dumb are you in love
respectfully you love her
what do you love her hello so you learn
it your African heads that stop it what
are you doing come on let’s get him out
of here we were having a conversation
than all of a sudden Heep he puts me on
the speakerphone fuck is you talking my
nigga every coach yeah 609 good evening
how are you sir or ma’am or sharm it
gender-free person or you think so none
hello help pick it up Peter Pitts him
get you out of here hello are we from
Trenton New Jersey 13 years old yeah
yeah yeah I’m a big fan of yours
I’m big fan of yours I’ve been watching
for about a little over a year now I’ve
been when I hang on a second you’re 18
years of age are you from Trenton New
Jersey yeah yeah okay
no listen respectfully respectfully I
don’t have a fan fuck a fan you were
supporter oh yeah yeah I know that’s
clear and I watched your podcast with
Joe Budden and Rory that bitch you know
Rory right
Rory’s a good guy where are you going I
like Rory he was respectful 3 listen I
like to but it seems like you again Adam
a little bit on the podcast
well he’s white I have to but Rory’s my
so let’s never mind that you’re from
Trenton New Jersey you’re 18 years of
age yes come on let’s go I want to talk
about when you are on everyday trash and
you uh you called xxx a suicide parsley
I don’t really like the new music that’s
going on I don’t like the direction is
going in you know I was listening you
know I listened to Prince I mean I’m a
weirdo okay you know and and when you
called him a suicide muffler it kind of
was like a great term a great term that
you came up with and I started using it
and it’s effective yeah it is it is I
know no stay with me stay with me you’re
18 years of age your foot you’re from
Trenton New Jersey and let me just say
this academics is a great guy salud –
Wayne oh and I like nadeska but I wasn’t
then I hang on listen to me let me let
me just say this let me get this off my
not an old player hater I’m an objective
hater I’m not gonna sit and hate on the
younger generation I like a lot of the
newer music I like it
you follow me but with regards to xx
extant a scene yeah I did say that and I
stand on that he’s gone now r.i.p but
them oh yeah you’re from you’re from
Trent New Jersey do you know that one of
the greatest hip hop groups that came
out of Trenton New Jersey during the
golden Aryan who they were yes from
Trenton well I don’t poor righteous
no no jay-z’s from Brooklyn in Brooklyn
listen listen to me jay-z’s from
Brooklyn DeHaven if I’m not mistaken
DeHaven was pumping drugs in Trenton
yeah but if we’re talking about
threatened you guys have a very rich
history poor righteous teachers yeah man
okay i yeah you know I just wanna let
you know how I found you real quick
though is I was watching every you know
I was I was actually a gigantic
academics fan
that’s my god when I was in the tenth
grade nice right and I was watching them
on Twitch and everything and I knew
about everyday struggle before it came
out a couple months right okay and then
I see this guy you know stars and I’m
like you know I’m a huge Joe Budden fan
also I like his music Joe’s a great guy
great guy yeah
and I I i watched your your everyday
struggle and i go oh my god this is
great you know what I mean this is
better than Joe this is thank you my
next level no seriously because I’m only
you know I don’t really I was in sixth
grade when I started to watch you know
hot 97 and The Breakfast Club and you
know sixth grade it’s pretty early 97
never paid me any money they offered me
nigger pennies so I left
nigger pennies yeah yeah I know I know
I’m not a nigger from Holland so I left
and you’re like really running shit well
listen I love all those guys you will
never hear me say anyone stole my shit
I love academics Joe Budden great people
but listen you’re 18 years of age yes
yeah do you have an older sister or an
auntie or your mom you know looking for
a looking for a significant other thank
you Miss Alou thank you
okay all right tell your mom you know I
said hello all right Thank You Ronnie we
got 18 year-olds calling in Ronnie how
about that huh storm boss yeah down you
know let’s go Ronnie you notice he
didn’t want you to have a don’t want you
to have anything to do with his mother
he curves you should fuck out of here
nigga poor righteous teachers Trenton
New Jersey you heard of them Ronnie yes
yeah Rock this funky joint oh they had a
track let me just let me ramble for a
second here they had a track called is
it shakeela can you google Ryan do you
have your laptop in front of you is it
shaky little Shakira Shakira McQueen
yeah sure before Tupac came with the
song um God um before Tupac came out the
song keep your head up poor righteous
teachers use that same music let me
looking live chat guys was it Shakira or
shakeela I forget shakeela my queen hey
thank you Frank Ross if your give me the
regular Shaquille oh yeah
and how that was my shit where did that
come out Ronnie shakeela
1990 that was released hmm okay okay I
was still sniffing coke in 1990 yeah you
sure 1990 or not 1991 well it says the
album that I was on was released in 1990
it looks like the video the copyright on
the video is 1991 okay okay yeah whoo
folks I’m doing a lot tonight just bear
with me and Ronnie can I ask you a
question and I’m gonna come back to you
just just think about this and don’t
answer just yet did Bobby Brown put a
hit on Nick Gordon don’t answer it don’t
answer this yet did Bobby Brown put a
hit on Nick Gordon come right back to
you sit tight
whoo hey Terrence screaming sends in a
cash at says he wants to call him but I
do not see a number Thank You Terrance
for your donation you are appreciated
okay blade you’re sending me like
paragraphs dude where we going man I’m
sitting here sipping I had some fire
coochie yesterday a 22 year old what are
you doing my nigga it’s like two
paragraphs starfox he was only 15 when
she came out with that song ain’t no
sounds like Jay was a bad boy and yes we
Americans are the biggest terrorist Fox
okay this this is too long to read man
I’m sipping my nigga but thank you so
much okay no madniks is I’m on the line
I want to get at these fuck niggas hold
on a second no man Nick you say when
good at times fuck niggas let’s go Nick
don’t plug these niggas man let’s go
Nick everybody
fuck fuck everybody Ronnie are you
trying to say something about me earlier
somebody got to get my what right I
reiterated with the other two callers
said which is that you have bad
Ronnie let me tell you a little
something on e how long you been
watching me man Ronnie Ronnie I’m no
magnet why are you I’ve know Ronnie
since middle school Nick slow it down I
don’t promote that middle school good
Anthony mile-long evening with your man
I don’t know why I called you oh I’m
sorry I got you flabbergasted I get it
Ronnie what’s the day of the fight can
we know the car long you been with your
man why you can’t answer a question with
a question how long have you been water
man answer the question answer the
question how long you’ve moved your man
why are you deflecting why you hasn’t
had to answer the question how many my
right Chuck ulama Queen blue two wise
intelligent oh that was my guy about
that you’re not proud of how long
come on that looks that come on that guy
Instagram you not proud of my brother
how to say how long you’ve been together
Ronnie no that’s my brother so now can
you tell us the date of the fight Ronnie
Ronnie you’re not proud of your
relationship with what’s going on Ronnie
we’re going dark ole here okay no Manik
you said you wanted to get at people
about the boxing information MMA if can
you can we get to that please no Manik
please as soon as we answer this
question Ronnie how long you been with
your man are you so are you I don’t have
one that’s my brother that’s my brother
I don’t have one but the fight safer now
Ronnie so complains about that do we
need to have a few more callers call in
with the correct information
listen you know listening to the show
right now saying she can’t even she
doesn’t even have the heart to say
that’s a little suspect don’t you think
I’m trying to ask you I mean I’m not
concerned about are you so everything
here okay listen no man Nick I want to
let you speak man but I listen I’m
sitting here you know all for this
limited edition Ciroc man we were going
where we go Nick Nick we’re we gonna go
where we’re going is that Ronnie is
uncomfortable with talking about how
long she’s been in a relationship you
know I can’t make Nick Nick I fuck with
you a heavy man let’s talk behind the
scenes and get in let’s make sure that
we are commenting that next event all
right Nick thank me okay no man Nick on
the chicken oh shit okay Ronnie hold on
a second transcendent music sends in a
super jet star from your interaction
with that teenager
you’d be the dad that would be teaching
the kids about fire Buzzi and how they
can’t trust brooklyn niggers okay what
teenager you talking about sir the
18-year old I’m confused
thank you man transcendent music he also
says that Brooklyn nigga had some 21
year 21 year old bussy and was driving
insane it’s called ooh
yabba mania made that nigga hang up
early oh shit okay okay
propane k 1982 sis I’m surprised you
didn’t mention Bobbi Kristina’s
ex-husband taking a dirt nap off them
drugs and do you consider well listen
I’ve asked a question did Bobby Brown
put a hit on is it Nick what’s his name
uh what was his name Ronnie Nick Nick
Gordon what do you think Juan do you
think that Bobby Brown put a head on him
he died on New Year’s
even New Year’s Day over an apparent
drug overdose we think money I mean if
you look at all of the deaths just going
back to Whitney and then after Whitney
was of course Bobbi Kristina and then
after Bobbi Kristina was the guy who
found Bobbi Kristina and tried to
administer CPR he died of an overdose
and now we have Nick so I mean it’s like
everybody who is connected Bobbi should
be careful I don’t know if he’s the one
if he didn’t put some sort of spell he
should make sure that you know he’s
straight because this is weird
everybody connected folks are Roxbury
projects still in existence or did they
tear them down looking live chat hang
with second Ronnie Bobby Brown and some
of the other new addition members there
from a place called Roxbury projects
Bobby if you ask me he probably paid
somebody you know paid a bitch you
always send a bitch to give Nick Gordon
some good shit Hagee when I nigga starts
getting good and high because Bobby and
Whitney raised Nick Gordon you know this
yes Ronnie yes no yeah yeah so Bobby
probably knows Nick Gordon’s habits he
could have sent a bitch allegedly to
give him a package when he gets good and
high telling to sniff this or inject or
give him this to inject himself you know
between his toes and his neck wherever
my sister chill
Anthony Prince yeah my nigga let’s go
there let’s go there Bobby said listen I
do think that Bobby I do think that
Bobby blames Nick for his daughter’s
death I think that you know the family
and they actually want a settlement not
a settlement that super-super
million dollars yeah right 436 million
dollars because they found that he was
responsible for her death
right so um but you can’t get blood from
a stone you know he didn’t have any real
asset Bobby is either from Roxbury
projects or Jamaica Plain I forget it’s
been so many years I had some good pussy
back in Jamaica Plain back in the days
but brought Bobby probably said
allegedly I’m gonna hold this L on
Whitney but I’m not gonna hold the L on
Bobby Christina I’m gonna send a bitch
to get this nigga real high and then
nigga checked out hang on a second want
to stay with me okay someone’s saying
he’s from being court I don’t know I
forget folks I am as old as dust I
forget I could have sworn they were from
Roxbury projects am I wrong Dorchester I
don’t know Southie did Bobby Brown put a
hit on Nick Gordon did he get him the
fuck up out of here okay possible was it
one certainly possible it’s possible I
said it’s certainly possible Yeah right
can you hang on my own behalf you have
to run you okay yeah did you hear what I
last said what would you say no I just
said that it’s it’s certainly possible
you know because the guy who overdosed
that sound Bobby Christina with Nick
he had a fentanyl overdose so it could
be the same situation it but it could be
you know that his drugs whatever he
purchased got spiked right yeah because
fentanyl they say it
only takes like the amount that’s the
equivalent of a grain of salt for
someone to overdo it
I wouldn’t know okay Rodney I’m going to
run to the restroom I’m gonna put a
banner on the screen I’ll be back in two
minutes okay
can you hang out all right okay all
right guys I’m gonna take a break sit
tight I’ll be right back okay
intermission or whatever whatever the
fuck you want to call it give me a
okay boss welcome back in the building
Ronnie are you there boss it Ronnie okay
for a second who’s Ronnie hello can you
hear me now yes yes hey side I just want
to clear something up I have I have not
known you since you were in middle
school that was a joke yes I didn’t know
you back then no I didn’t know that was
that would be sort of creepy depending
upon the capacity that you knew me right
there be very very creepy hey good
evening to a punk in 23 sister Ronnie I
would eat her booty like okay so you you
you said it her booty like groceries
that’s a misspelling yes not me
you made a Mis bowing that he must be
turned up on that dank okay thank you so
much for your donation
alright let’s bring in a few more calls
we wrap this up tonight then I’m coming
back to blade Gemstar transcended music
and a few others that’s good every cool
for 1 3 good evening for 1 3 why is
Damon – and surviving our Kelly Park –
point three what’s going on starman
happy new year how are you sir happening
you too good manners paying at a canter
man smoking that cush all day please
here bagging up some dope he’s not at me
you know how do okay but um yo basically
Dame Dash is running like a nigga
chasing chicken right now mmm let’s go
um he he need the bag man he need the
bag and he had the opportunity to
spilled the teeth so he said you know
what I gotta pay these bills who knows
what they threw at him but it was
probably a couple a couple zeros and you
know when your back is back is up
against the wall and his position with
jay-z is pretty much
or his relationship with jay-z is pretty
much you know down the drain so it was
like you know what screw this nigga I’m
gonna go all out you not I mean gee all
they trying to help him so why he trying
to help hope he goes fill the team right
you know what I mean so I’m curious to
see what else he got he got to say you
know I guarantee in the next 22 in the
next couple months for 2020 Dame is
gonna spill the tea hmm you notice a and
what’s really sad about it is look hold
even though in the relationship with
Kanye isn’t what it is on mainstream
like it was like to the media but they
still have somewhat of relationship they
speak right so hope is Hogeschool
laconic hope is cool with bigs you know
bigs came out of jail hole gave them a
bag to start to start whatever business
he needed to start hold the only one in
that equation that’s that’s that’s still
not someone cool with with with
everybody is dang what’s going on with
that and and inter intend to take it a
step further harlem niggas is taken out
they think they’ve been taken out for
2019 to 2020 jim jones with the old
takashi thing ASAT rocky with the whole
like sex video damn with his antics what
what’s going on in harlem what’s really
good I’m concerned for the fuckin ass
where are you calling from sir area
called for one three-week-long in from
I’m a Massachusetts man I mean I mean I
mean I’m in Springfield Massachusetts
okay did you see the video with Cam’ron
and Jim Jones playing basketball a
couple weeks ago did you see now what
was that about what there was what there
was balling like you money in no no no
listen to me listen to me sure sure
maybe I pay attention to shit a little
bit too much but Killa cam and Jim Jones
were playing basketball on a court a
couple of weeks back both of them niggas
look like they got knows no handle no
skills it look crazy
I remember Killa cam talk him out he
could wash Stephon Marbury and I said
what I looked crazy I just want to ask
you that
in crazy I mean i’ma watch the video as
soon as we uh we get off this this phone
call but but both of them dudes is in
their 40s they both smoked hella hella
weed all day you know I’m saying they
I’m I’m pretty sure they don’t it was
just it was just a quick little pickup
game for the two of them they put it on
the on on on the net and you know they
look crazy it’s crazy but how will you
sir if you don’t mind me asking how do
you I’m 42 I’m 42 now okay okay yo and I
salute to you for that fire coochie man
I knew there was something that made you
take some time off that fire coochie
just had you you had to go relax
recuperate and Juvonen do what you
needed to do that girl’s a life sucker I
don’t wanna see her anymore she’s a
fucking life sucker ah
yo but check it out the Bronx keeps
taking it out of all the borough’s I
told you this before we had a
conversation I read The Daily News every
day I check it at least two or three
times a day to see what pop it in all of
the boroughs and out of all of the
borough’s the Bronx keeps it Oh golly
you know how it shall hang on that now
to be precise the old saying is
Manhattan keeps on making it
Brooklyn keeps on taking it that’s the
old saying verbatim you know we need to
change it we need to change it we need
to change it man thank you nigga and the
new name for the new name for Bronx is
Bronx dad instead of Baghdad Bronx that
got you Thank You Man look let’s take it
there have a good New Year man what you
doing Ron either bless all right all
right all right
Oh Joshua on the check-in via cash app
he says Joshua Brooklyn best BK and why
real estate broker thank you sir sounds
like a man who’s handling some
gentrification business down there in
Brooklyn folks Brooklyn’s not what he
used to be
I say that with all due respect van said
star did you wash your hands or did you
did you pull it Omar Johnson sir I
always wash my hands I’ve got you know
OCD going back many many years yeah I
have to wash my hands and I always wipe
them on my shirt and I’m rocking a polo
train as always you know pal and I’ve
got some wet stains on my polo thank you
thank you so much hold on Ronnie hey
Troy good evening sir he says Bobby
Brown took a hit with Nick Gordon
hashtag dog food you know I could be
talkin reckless folks but Bobby Brown
may have paid somebody to off Nick
Gordon Ronnie is that is that crazy for
me to say that or do you think there’s
even a possibility as a father I
certainly plausible because I mean like
he said if you used to her father and
they find that you know Nick is
responsible for her death so there’s no
telling how far his grieving might have
taken him I mean with all due respect to
uh Whitney Houston you know you can
always say man fuck a bitch but when you
when it come to your daughter you know
that the average man will say you know
I’ll go to the penitentiary fuck it I’m
gonna depend I’m ready to go as I’ve
always said real niggas don’t want to go
to jail but they’re not scared to go to
jail Bobby Brown may have sent someone
you know to give that give that guy Nick
Gordon a package you know until that
whole ass negative fuckin beam up on
this it’s always a bitch sugar jiggling
sugars G says I see Ronnie
giggling on that comment about eating
her groceries I paid attention okay
Thank You sugar G blade blade says my
sometimes I get long-winded and I hope
you keep the ratchet close by when you
visit these young ladies they set niggas
up on the regular well sir listen I’m no
tough guy you’ve heard me say that
before but I don’t I don’t carry cash on
me like that nor do i trick off on a
bitch I don’t go there to spend no
motherfucking money
you know I know I don’t be putting
bitches up in red bottoms and uh what is
that other shit with a Jimmy Choo it’s a
Jimmy Choo shoes Ronnie and I’m talking
about Jimmy shoe or Choo
Jimmy Choo Jimmy yeah yeah bottom red
bottoms me put no bitches up no
motherfucking red bottom so so she knows
what it is with me I’m coming in you
know with three extra clips well thank
you sir yeah gem star says star getting
a boner over the thought of going to war
just like the creepy cracker
he’s always desired to be oh listen gem
star somebody has to die for this
freedom that we have come on you already
know that you know I don’t wanna get
talking reckless about hiroshima and
other things but you know come on huh
and you know folks one day we’re gonna
have another conversation we did years
ago about the African army the Atlantic
slave trade one day we’ll have that
conversation again
and how abolishing slavery here in the
States and other regions really hurt the
slavery business in Africa and Africans
were upset Ronnie do you do you um are
you a slavery person do you know about
slavery and uh what sort of jazz is that
not your your thing I mean I I have the
basic facts about it I wouldn’t call
myself a scholar in any way
okay maybe we’ll get lucania on the line
on that particular night and yeah you
know when slavery was abolished here in
the states and the Caribbean islands
niggas in Africa were upset yes they yes
they were hold on a second who was this
here sending in an email okay someone
said star Bobby Brown is from Orchard
Park projects in the Roxbury district
thank you so much I forget all the all
the other technical niggas shit I
figured who’s from Roxbury Maurice White
or whatever the fuck his name was you
know I hate it new edition candy girl
hated them yeah thank you so much but
the question remains did Bobby Brown put
a hit on Nick Gordon well gives a fuck
about where he originally was from you
know who okay hey Ronnie I’m gonna
finish it by myself I just want to touch
them a few things I thank you so much
for being available tonight anything we
want to promote a touch on before you go
Fawcett morning um no I would just say
that um I start reading I started
reading well not reading listening to
because I’m doing it on audible a great
book by Alan Carr and it’s called stop
smoking now and allegedly helped 25
million people stop yes okay what are
you saying I mean I want to dig yeah I’m
listening I’m listening to the book to
stop smoking so yeah it’s a great book
so far I’m like on chapter 12 okay okay
well I I wish all the best yeah I always
say go harder go home I’m not telling
you that you
stop smoking but if you feel you need to
then I wish you the best
uh yes it’s been long enough so we’ll
see what happens
good I’ll keep you up to speed good to
talk you money we’ll catch up tomorrow
you take care good night okay alright
boss shit weren’t holding me down
tonight on the Friday yeah bullshit did
I miss any super chats hold on a second
guys you know sometimes I get to doing
too much ice moves 79th and I’ve get
you’re part of me what about okay what
is this sound’ last fifty years
Smalley Somali Wars slaves from South
Carolina and GA went down there to fight
against the American military hashtag
ados okay okay thank you so much what is
it you’re trying to say sir do you want
to call in sir if you’re a TOS like
myself you’ve got a lot to be proud of
in terms of defending and fighting for
this nation if I understand you
correctly I don’t want to say the wrong
thing but you’ve got a rich history of
african-americans that have fought for
this nation and this freedom I think
we’re on the same page to be honest with
you part of me if you get into your
superjet late
gorillas Oh sister how the fuck you
gonna tell Dame to pay his child support
but you ignore vadi hashtag
light-skinned niggas sir daddy just
reached out to me within the last year
he’s in his early 20s now I think he’s
24 his mother a beautiful woman oh she’s
still lookin hot but he never hollered
at me you know
Stars favorite Buzzi on the check-in
sister why are you hiding the word from
me I’m not part me why are you hiding
the world from me if you don’t confess
your love for me I will be submitting my
show idea to Netflix hashtag surviving
star thank you so much stars pussy
whatever that is Gorillaz o says star
okay i read that one part me blade i got
yours loopy got sugar g loopy god big
cock i think i got all these hang on a
sec guys I got I gotta go I’m gonna get
up early and and take a drive down to
Riverdale Georgia the home of waka
flocka and Sierra early in the morning
hold on okay we’re good okay guys let me
get a hundred-acre woods banner on the
screen that’s the homie yeah and I will
see you guys probably not tomorrow I’ll
see you Sunday at some point thank you
so much for your support your dedication
and imparting I used to say may all of
your children speak proper English and
made the gates that surrounds your
property keep you safe from common
ghetto trash good night

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