Why Are Pregnant Women Always Fighting?


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Lori Harvey, the 22-year-old stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey, was arrested on Sunday after a car accident took place in Beverly Hills on Moreno Drive. According to reports, Lori walked away from the scene after hitting a parked vehicle and was arrested on two counts — misdemeanor hit and run and delaying a police investigation. She was released on the scene. The Beverly Hills Police Department revealed that she “received a misdemeanor citation instead of being booked.”

Story https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/steve-harveys-daughter-lori-harvey-143318819.html

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hey Star report good evening Monday
night and tonight I’m Agee I’m a little
Aggie today I’m let you know early okay
fixing my pipe hang on a second I’ll be
right with you I gotta take off the edge
a shitty day a shitty day a Monday okay
all right
how you doing how you feeling not that I
give a damn but you know come on in yeah
um pardon me with regards to the
subtopic let me just say that right now
pardon me I’m not trolling I’m dead-ass
I’m as serious as colon cancer
why are pregnant black women always
fighting always I started doing
terrestrial radio in March of 2000 and
since that time up until now I’ve given
multiple stories about pregnant black
women fighting turning up you know I
don’t give a fuck I’ll give up you know
and we’ve got another story I’m gonna
give you just some of the talking points
here October the 12th Mayfair Mall
somewhere in Milwaukee a mother um you
know her name is just the 36 years of
age her daughter 15 years old was at the
mall hmm and now keep in mind they have
a curfew at that mall no one under 17
past 3:00 p.m. keep that in mind
so her 15 year old daughter was hustling
somewhere around 8:30 p.m. the mother
and whoever else they were having a
party some type of surprise party her
baby didn’t make it to the party somehow
she wound up at the mall fighting
fighting turning up security threw it
out it must pregnant then all of a
sudden I’m pregnant I’m pregnant
not to come down on her but how did she
get to the mall pregnant who assisted
her you see that’s what we’re not
looking at he oh that’s what I’m gonna
look at tonight who thought it was a
good idea for an eight-month pregnant
mother to go to the mall
even if babies fighting where’s the
father that where’s the boyfriend
where’s the uncle where’s the nephew
where’s the granddad why did she have to
go there fighting and then get thrown
down now you got some old dusty niggas
I’m sorry some old dusty niggas the
original Black Panthers niggas running
around with there all sorts of gray
locks and a fucking UNK and I’m looking
for a bag let’s keep it 5,000 tonight
okay that’s my subtopic pardon me hang
on a second okay okay whoa uh
Pellegrino on deck all right and polo
for those who give us you think it’s
always worried about the fucking wearing
it is this little man on the horse all
right hey my beautiful troll babies how
you doing yeah daddy’s here for the
get-down and ladies I’ve asked you this
before I’m gonna ask again before we go
any further is there a heterosexual
after work mixer party that someone does
in Atlanta if so please holler at me you
know I want to talk about that a little
bit later you know just it’s it’s a
little weird out here uh well it’s very
weird and landed but I want to talk
about that at some point just give me
some time
also uh pardon me the first topic for
tonight Steve Harvey’s daughter arrested
for a hit-and-run in Beverly Hills
California now to my knowledge she did
not hit anyone but she tried to leave
the scene of the crime Ronnie with the
Bostick Ronnie will be calling in
shortly Ronnie’s gonna give me the
details I have nothing against Steve
Harvey we met one time shit was kind of
tense you know we got past it or I did
and I’m not gonna try and clown the man
no because I’ve got a brother named buck
wild who has left the program again
I can’t line the microphone a couple of
weeks ago a month ago remember I said a
judge gave him another chance they were
sending him upstate well he never made
it buck where are you so I can’t clown
Steve Harvey’s 22 year old daughter if
she was high on that shit drinking
whatever she was at some type of a cafe
or eatery before the act the accident
they didn’t suspect her being high on
high or nothing drinking they cut her
loose at the scene of the crime even
though she according to our reports she
tried to leave she tried to leave bless
her heart huh she tried he get the fuck
up out of there and there’s pictures on
TMZ comp or me I didn’t reference the
source and she’s doing this you know I
guess she’s FaceTime and Steve Steve
probably said give the phone to the
police I’m just I’m guessing and then
Steve probably said hey God will take
care of this God mystified God will take
care of this and if he spent some
scrilla I ain’t mad at that I’m not
gonna clown him you know he if he got
his baby out of a jam that’s what the
fuck you supposed to do you know but my
question did I have a question I just I
Maggie my question is his baby
on that shit you know Molly percocet
tweaking on something is she if anybody
wants to snitch call me email me you
know I run the snitch Network okay give
me a second oh shit
I’m also Agee about a situation that
happened earlier at a deli here in
Atlanta I don’t wanna say the name of
the deli cuz none being watched I’m
doing business but let me just say um if
you act funny style with me when I’m
about to purchase some food oh fuck you
and fuck your food and fuck you
tabla shman I walked out give me some
time I’ll map it out a little bit more
but yeah I’m not gonna be arguing up on
camera you know down here in Atlanta you
know some shit goes left and I got a
start you know dumping the steel then
they’ll say oh yeah you know that guy
star he just doesn’t learn so I left and
that fucking tick me off right hang on a
second I got some super chats in
character from yesterday so I need to
get to yes I’m rushing I’m rushing
fucking hate it okay Bush kid said that
I got you tea Melvin Byron I got you
okay and uh bullshit Ronnie hang on a
second hang on just I got I got to bring
it down a few notches you know yeah look
at me alive say yeah damn star he left
the program left the program again buck
it’s it’s a nightmare
it’s a nightmare I haven’t spoken to
buck in weeks I don’t know why he left
but he left the program help him Jesus
huh okay okay let me turn my phone down
there just so much has been going on
since I had to walk out of that uh
delicatessen yeah fuck your sandwich
also tonight folks
I need someone from ados an official
Atos person to call in mecca if you’re
out there please shoot me a text message
I want to be respectful I got knowledge
that Antonio more aka tone talks was
uninvited from their rowboat summit
coming up in LA who’s a known Atos and I
don’t want again I don’t say the wrong
thing but I got wind that he was
uninvited he was supposed to be on the
panel and then they took to offer back
anybody live chat knowed him talk him
out is that a rumor original man said
when it was popping you a TOS : sir
please I need you I want to be
respectful you know I support uh you bet
Cornell and tone talks heavy huh I’m
half-italian goddamn but my father and
my family
my father’s side is from the south north
cackled akka and i want part of a check
yeah part of a check what in a goddamn
war yes he did
world war two when he was a teenager
u.s. Navy want my fucking check all
right okay give me a second I just I
gotta bring it down before I bring a
boss Iranian okay okay okay let me I’ll
catch up on some super chats from
yesterday uh Bush kid good evening sir
if you’re watching he says star Corey is
it Pegasus was a black freedom fighter
even being a cop I disagree you’re
talking about that guy from Queens and
he was down with the Supreme Team a
little silly shit he wasn’t no fucking
freedom caught a freedom fighter no he
was not somebody I know very well knows
him yeah I know he’s a documentary a
book no goddamn freedom fighter he was a
bad cop
take him in TT says that Hispanic man
with the 8-ball jacket who beat up the
black chicks on the New York City subway
a few years back is a freedom fighter I
kind of somewhat sort of remember did he
smack one of those girls who did he
actually punch one I don’t know if he
would be freedom from a freedom fighter
but uh that wasn’t right that wasn’t
right uh and I got Melvin Byron good
Melvin Byron from Nottingham UK star
thanks for your show always watch it
even though it starts at 2:00 a.m. here
also respect for to Ronnie for always
keeping it real thank you sir from the
UK yeah ok ok let me get to the UM get
to the phone uh boss chick Ronnie you’re
ready to call in call them up now Ronnie
let me um look for your number in the
queue so you can bring it to speed I
want to be I want to be sensitive to
Steve Harvey again yeah that was years
ago I’m I don’t hold any animosity or
anything like that you know he’s doing
the damn thing he does a lot for charity
– let’s not get it fucked up you know
I’m the objective hater not a player
hater Steve Harvey does
a lot for charity I’m sure he does a
whole lot of things with the HBCUs and
you know what he calls the step shows
and all that fly shit so I’m not gonna
clown the man if he got his daughter off
if he told the cop something and they
cut her loose because they cut her loose
at the fuckin scene of the crime she
flipped over the SUV and smashed into
somebody’s goddamn a phantom or some
shit like that and they let it go if it
were just a random nigger or a basic
bitch you still be sitting in jail hold
on a second greasy Ronnie’s at you
bullshit Ronnie hey hey how are you I
called your greasy Ronnie because you
know you and I talk behind the scenes
sometimes and you just you like
respectfully how you doing since we last
spoke I am doing great how about you
I’ve calmed down I’ve calmed down you
know I had that situation with the
sandwich you know that it really just a
sloppy sloppy Caucasian you know she
tried to play me over the fucking I was
in the takeout line I’m standing there
and she’s helping people and what I
thought was you know the the main the
seating line if that’s what you want to
call it you know just shit got weird
night left and she kept saying sir come
back come back I just kept it pushing
but I’m better I’m better um Steve
Harvey’s daughter what do you have
Ronnie because when you and I spoke
earlier you said that she was involved
with trey songz future some type of
relationship that went left right left
right left what do you got
mm-hmm also Dutch professional soccer
player Memphis depay didies didies son
Justin and most recently Diddy although
they have recently broken up and she has
you know unfollowed him on Instagram
which these days they say that’s the
official way of you know letting the
world know you don’t f with somebody
right okay okay she’s at some type of
cafe or something
at a cafe taking pictures of a bag and
then she wound up in her SUV right right
and reports is saying that she was
texting at the time of the accident yes
no texting while driving
and hit a parked vehicle which is you
know there’s really no excuse for
hitting a parked vehicle it was parked
it was there so you’re clearly at fault
what whether or not I can be proven that
you were texting or not there’s no
excuse for hitting a parked vehicle it
slipped her vehicle over onto the
driver’s side so it was you know
literally standing up sideways you have
the image there the mercedes g-wagen no
injuries reported so yeah she’s very
lucky and but the police found her a
short distance away she was just
casually walking off that’s what the
Porsche is saying she left the scene of
the crime that’s why I was just asking
you know is she was she was she high on
that ship because you know John Jones
from the UFC you know other people have
you know done similar things and they
they were trying to get the fuck out of
Dodge because they were under some type
of influence so now was she given a
breathalyzer did they well they didn’t
take any blood because they cut her
loose at the scene yes yes and you know
I this is the first I’ve ever heard of a
person leaving the scene of an accident
and being arrested and released from the
scene I mean normally I would assume the
procedure is to bring the person down to
the station get a picture you know with
the bracelets and the you know the
fingerprints the mug shot but no okay
in any statement from Steve Harvey yet
that’s his baby even even though it’s
just over his stepdaughter he raises her
he’s got a beautiful marriage from what
I’ve seen over the years I was in his
radio show but no statement from Steve
yet well I expect for him to release a
statement soon as asking us to keep
their family and you know our prayers
right right
yeah God saved her from the demons and
the you know the witches and the
warlocks she’s she deal with a lot you
know ooh yeah hallelujah no you said
someone helped her get out of the
vehicle oh that person I saw another
report that said another witness had
actually helped her to get out the
vehicle and called when after she
started walking away we called the
police after they noticed that she
wasn’t going to stick around so when the
police arrived they got there very
quickly they they were able to locate
her a short distance from the scene yeah
she was walking up the block and she’s
taking about good time for that I really
don’t understand why he wasn’t at the
scene of the accident and the only thing
that happened is property damage it’s
just a matter of writing a check you
know so I don’t understand that no one
was hurt it’s not a situation like do
you remember the accident that brandy
had where someone died and you know
people were calling for brandy to be
charged you know they really wanted her
to do some time because they felt felt
like she was at fault in that accident
so this isn’t anywhere near that level
of severity
it’s just property damage yeah if I can
ask you to speculate she’s 22 years of
age she’s moving shaking and pop and her
daddy is wealthy and I’m not mad at him
do you think she was hanging out with
some girls and that you know they’re
doing a couple of bumps you know a
couple of toot-toots and you know she
she’s behind the wheel you know blasting
that to change text and bang put that
bitch over it could be that you know if
I think back to when I was 22 it could
be that or it could be that you know
that phone having that phone in the hand
because the phone is almost like a drug
these days because drugs impair your
ability to focus on your driving so does
the phone you’re texting you’re on your
social media you’re just taking the
selfies it’s just as dangerous
that’s taking your attention off of the
roads is a danger
yeah and if I if I can also say this for
those who’ve heard me speak a couple
years ago you know I bought I bought
buck wild a Durango it was used but it
was really really nice at Durango and I
put about ten thousand dollars into that
thing to soup it up and customize it he
didn’t even have it for 30 days he was
in Brooklyn somewhere him in a couple of
dirty-ass Brooklyn niggas something
happened they got into an accident they
all got out and ran and left the fucking
Durango now the Durango was impounded
and they kept sending uh well they kept
calling some number that he had to
somebody else’s house till one of his
get high buddies and he never went got
the Durango they never went got it so I
can’t you know clown Steve Harvey or his
daughter maybe she’s just young out the
on that shit allegedly I don’t know are
you there Bostick Ronnie was running no
no I’m here I hadn’t eaten my phone for
a second yeah uh-huh I’m gonna bring you
no no no no I was just reiterating the
point that there’s absolutely no excuse
for her leaving the scene of an accident
that’s just it’s irresponsible and she
hopped on a FaceTime with Steve Harvey
he should have been telling her go back
to the scene of the accident what are
you doing Steve Harvey Harvey probably
said don’t say nothing you hush your
mouth I’m gonna take care of this and he
probably did he probably told the cops
listen God is going to take care of this
if they were yeah if he was on the phone
talking to the police and they could see
him you know talking he probably said
god it’s gonna take care of this so just
do if anything just just send me your
cash app and they cut her loose hang on
a second Ronnie and I’m coming again
yeah coming to catch a pass well let’s
go to area code four zero one
hey 401 good evening I’m a little turnt
up are you there 401 yeah
hey ho ain’t it good good yeah I mean
this is pretty much what happens he got
into an accident Texan she was probably
high she was on the phone with her dad
she was walking away
dad said probably I are the cops fear
let’s let them get the pole sir I’ve
already said all that are you bringing
something new to the table I said all
that if you ask me she was on the phone
with future or trey songz or somebody
she calls her father after she flipped
the gun did she flip the SUV over then
she called daddy he’s worth about 400
million she ain’t calling one of them a
hip-hop nigga she calling daddy daddy
I’m fucked up I’m on that shit again
still crying over P Diddy gives a fuck
about Diddy did nobody compared to the
poem you know that they probably
neck-and-neck anyway so listen okay can
I ask you a second topic why are black
pregnant women always fighting sir
keep it real always fighting no not like
they don’t know how to act well let’s
get jet here if you don’t know I said
keep it real don’t see how I don’t I
don’t know I can’t figure it out you
know I hate to go back folks but you
know growing up in the 70s my father
whenever whatever set you know whatever
whatever happened up the block nice to
come home it’s a bill so white guys
talking really a tough up the block my
father would say what you’ve grabbed the
gun until my mother you stay put in case
I got a killer crack oh and Uncle Tom
never saw my mother in the street you
know turning up why are black women
always fighting it’s going to area code
83 – good evening
pregnant black women pardon me are you
there 83 to pick it up pick it up Peter
let’s get you out of there play me
tonight please don’t play me tonight
folks I’m good evening 201 are you there
good evening this is a star oh good
hey baby who’s this how can you learn
clear Lulu come Tina how are you hey
sugar what’s wrong with you um
everything and nothing how are you doing
okay I’m good you know it could be
better I’ll be about a bounce back
tomorrow I was going with you oh you
know if my dad if my stepfather was
famous and I was high and I fucked up
please be clear I’m calling my get out
of free use my gather gel car of course
I’m calling my dad to help me are you
kidding me like what like for real tell
my son listen you can kill someone and
get away with it you just need two good
things two things money and an amazing
lawyer and you’re good and you’re good
and you’re good so to me do you think
the daughter has a problem I mean come
on listen she gotta add the weapon
weapon sort of walk it off totally
absolutely of course of course you run
from the problem are you kidding me and
that’s what celebs are you kidding me
like you suppose daddy I’m on that k2
again daddy I walked up the block and I
hit the spice behind somebody else’s
bushes allegedly allegedly allegedly
let’s talk about the black one and a
hang on a second now you’re from Teaneck
the home of the Isley Brothers how old
are you darling we’ve gone before how
old are you i we have okay we have okay
season coochie I remember now okay okay
so Steve Harvey doing the damn thing I’m
not a
player-hater if he put that call in to
get this you know a hushed swept up on
the drug I’m not I’m not mad at him but
I’ve got a stepbrother named buck wild
just left the program again do you think
that this young lady may have a problem
because you know no normal people don’t
flip over vehicles and then walk off
unless something right normal people
normal normal people don’t you’re right
normal people don’t however she’s not
her life isn’t normal there’s nothing
normal about her dating life isn’t
normal her lunches is normal so low she
gotta lose something normal do you think
she should sue Diddy for some type of
stress anybody anybody that touches City
at this point anybody that such kids
deserve everything everything that’s
coming to them everything deserve that
everything nah you got to eat that okay
but before you address the second topic
can I ask you are you a TOS am i ad o F
radio s I’m trying to inquire about tone
talks supposedly he was uninvited from
the revolt summit are you a TLS SUV yes
or no no no I’m not even know I don’t
let’s get to the second topic why are
pregnant black women always fighting
always please hmm you know what omen
chalk it up to this cuz no I did not
fight when I was pregnant with hot Sun
many many moons ago however I will say
this about when you’re pregnant in your
house okay I know this is bang sound
like a cop-out but your hormones are so
crazy when you’re pregnant you’re not
even the same person like it’s different
so I feel like things that usually don’t
anger you makes you like angry at such a
level I feel like the maybe that’s what
I think
oh no I’m going to say that it’s
hormonal I’m not going let’s say that
stuff it’s hormonal
it sounds like you smoking some Sour
Diesel you’re dragging I don’t believe
I’m sorry I don’t believe you and
respectful I don’t believe that I don’t
believe that you weren’t fighting when
you were pregnant I don’t believe you
I’m sorry I could be slightly racist
yeah you are know I could be
marginalizing you always whining women
thank you for calling I’m just I’m a
little height right now thank you thank
you you are dragging poke and I don’t
believe in black womens stay fighting
the pregnant ones and Ronnie was I’m not
trying to pull you into my thought
process Ronnie but wasn’t there a story
about a month or so ago with the two
black women fighting one shot the other
one in the stomach no one good and
goddamn oh yes yes at but the one who
got shot got charged right right because
she started the ruckus now white women
have their shit with them I’m not
excusing white women I’m not excusing
Hispanic women Asian whoever but you
know what we’re talking about fighting
folks fighting okay hold on a second let
me go to cash app Bubba Quan gleaning
sir he says tell that Beach boss wigger
I can tutor him on the alto saxophone if
he needs it can I call in and play my
sax or my second-grade recorder hashtag
fuck out here
Bubba Quan you most certainly can call
in tonight and I hope that beats boss
calls in and plays the saxophone again I
enjoyed that last night didn’t you
Ronnie we spoke about that earlier that
was the highlight of the show for me to
be honest with you I had to go back and
just I there should be a separate clip
of that
yeah bubble Kuan if you want to call and
shoot me an email so I can know what
number you’re calling from if you want
to play your grand piano or whatever
just call in and hopefully beats boss
will call in and play other sax again
tonight let’s go to area code two two
five good evening – – favi there man
yeah storyboard man okay you know you
don’t sound like a dangerous friend man
so you’re not caught this is me man hang
on sir you’re not oh you’re not calling
from kid dangerous number you’re
personating him who are you
no I mean you can’t dope it man me it’s
kid David how y’all doing okay that
sounds like you yeah what’s up man yeah
I think I invite you to the battle I got
another battle Thursday impacts you me
brynge suggest you retain your email on
Twitter – hey hey Bostick Ronnie when I
hang on a second I only checked my
Twitter DM s twice a week and I got
Twitter DM z– I got fucking Instagram
DMS can you send that to me via email
okay oh let me write the email down hold
on what is it the hater one nine six
yahoo calm not gmail yahoo the hater
what one nine six for a yahoo calm all
right okay bro okay we’re talking about
Steve Harvey’s beautiful daughter 22
years of age she flipped over the SUV
nobody got hurt but she tried she tried
to hide tell her you think she was on
that shit
oh yeah but I also want to say this a
lot of people don’t realize that being
in Hollywood even celebrity kids have
problems like they have a lot of issues
that they deal with so people think oh
this because of their reasons for they
don’t have problems yes they do like
they deal with the same problems that we
deal with and I just I think it’s always
good to pray for people like that man
because um you don’t never know what she
could be no sir she doesn’t have the
same problems as ratchet bitches in the
prow and the projects no sir she does
not know I wasn’t saying that I was just
saying I was just saying that no I was
just saying people think that just
because there’s four that they don’t
deal with things psychologically they do
I wanted we know that
that’s right that’s a fake but I was
saying this for is which she could be
thinking mentally she might you know
have psychological issues really bad you
know we mean like no the drug that you
hang on the same kid danger’s why did
you say Ronnie would you be this would
you be this sympathetic if it was your
car that she hit and you walked out and
the person who hit your car just left
the scene handed it I probably would be
pretty mad yeah I’ll probably be made
yes I think I’ll be a fit I’ll be really
angry now hang on kid danger’s how many
times have you been arrested because I
pulled your police record
three times keep it real mm-hmm oh let
me see I think about maybe four or five
times okay this cuz I you know I was
always being about this read about their
life is you see dangerous you got some
real hardcore charges I’m not gonna like
you’re trying clown you but I’m just you
know turn it let people know who you are
you know and you’re six foot four yes
right begun yeah yeah yes I am and I and
I and I look like a little kid but
people don’t think that I’m bought it
because I look like a little kid but
because I look the door we’re looking
but I’m actually woody so have you ever
done this stretch or you just did skid
beds well what was the most amount of
time you’ve ever done okay I think the
first time I did like I did like a year
I was almost my head almost got uh
finished the three to five years for uh
you know eyes don’t say what I know
don’t say what hey keep it continuing
yeah it was a just because you know me
losing about me losing my cool and
people just testing me too much you know
so I just tried to sell our well this
man do you want to comment before you go
why I’m pregnant black women always
fighting that’s my second topic you know
yeah I feel like I feel like uh I feel
like to me maybe they just be upset
because uh you know you know they they
they try to make the case seemed like
they occurred to like they do a lot
things I feel wrong like if you when you
look at Tupac and his mother he felt
that’s the same we like how the black
woman you know angry that they take it
out on their kids too
I just feel like um I think you need to
stop doing that because it’s not it’s
not cool at all because it’s like it’s
not gonna stop kid dangerous it’s never
gonna stop in America never right but
thank you me thank you man thank you kid
dangerous on the check in Ronnie you
said when we spoke earlier that you
didn’t think it was this woman’s fault
is her name Octavia I forget
shaquiesha Octavia Belinda what’s her
name her name is Octavius bitch okay and
this this happened October the 12th at
the Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee you said
it wasn’t her fault
what would you mean by that this wasn’t
a situation where she was fighting she
received a call that her daughter was
being jumped at the mall and apparently
there was a situation at the mall where
mob of other teenagers was jumping other
teenagers at the mall like mob violence
says Colin flower he says no not that
I’m showing him any fucking respect but
you know that guy
right so when she received that call she
showed up to the mall she wanted to pick
up her daughter because you know the
information that she received was that
her daughter had just been jumped when
she got there she saw that her daughter
had been cuffed by the security guards
so this is mall security this isn’t even
police she was emotional she admits that
she was emotional and she said you know
my daughter is the victim why is she
so they got upset with her threw her to
the ground and if you watch the video
she’s not resisting she’s not throwing
punches she’s not trying to slap or grab
anyone she’s on her back they forced her
onto her stomach she’s eight months
pregnant you know so she’s very
obviously pregnant it’s no way that they
mistook tit now the reason why I say
that she’s in no way at fault is because
honest not only what I saw on the video
but also when the police arrived they
ordered the security guards to uncover
and her daughter they charged the people
who were doing
jumping they didn’t charge her she was a
victim a victim in a situation so I see
now she has an attorney she needs to go
ahead and do the law I’m sure she’s
gonna come up off of this and this will
be a big hoorah now hang on a second
hang on now I don’t know the details but
I can just say again from doing these or
delivering these types of stories over
the years we don’t see what led up to
the incident itself and my concern or
issue here is why did she go at you know
eight months pregnant to the mall where
her daughter was jumped allegedly jumped
or maybe she was jumped I saw video
footage I saw a whole lot of kids you
know just doing too much but again they
weren’t supposed to be there her
daughter wasn’t supposed to be at that
mall past 3:30 I think that was the time
I saw in one of the videos her
daughter’s 15 17 or under you’re not
supposed to be at right right right
so we didn’t see if my mother went down
there yo fuck that let her go fuck that
we she none of that what nice well it’s
plausible that she was she was serving
serving them that type of energy because
in her interview she admits that she was
emotional but that’s not a crime
I any person would be emotional if your
daughter is the victim of an assault and
she’s the one sitting there in handcuffs
right okay but again my concern is why
didn’t a man go on her behalf or a man a
sister why did the the security guards
then feel the need to grab her and if if
there was a man with her why did he step
in or was he doing this I’m filming all
this don’t worry I got it I got it you
know monkey shit monkey shit hey hey
mistake hold on Ronny let me go to uh
super chat real fast Bubba Wankel
evenings he said story I was joking but
I’m down for a sax battle salute to
beach boss for making me dust off my
high school sax
oh okay so he was I don’t want that
smoke with beach balls
last night a hashtag blue thunder March
thunder March bang okay thank you man
thank you
holy Ronnie I’m gonna get some more
Colton and I’m gonna give me a trick of
the super chanson Bush kid good evening
sir he sends in six dollars and sixty
six cents a piece store you put that
sandwich down and told that white person
f you and your sloppy sandwich shop
hashtag no gay meat for me now imagine I
just got the fuck up out of there
because then I’m not gonna talk about
what my father used to tell me about you
know I left I left you know I just I’m
not gonna argue I’m not gonna get upset
in your establishment about you taking
your time to service me I can go
elsewhere I can take my money and go
elsewhere if you’re dragging your ass if
you if you even if I even think you
think you’re doing me a favor
f you and your establishment I will
leave Thank You Larry coyote says
realest black freedom fighter lel
younger slow star from the fraternal
brown hand who is that is that one of
those mexican guys who is that Ryan do
you know L young da Y ang a it sounds
no no I’ll see what that is okay and
then we’re gonna come back to a story or
one of the stories here Ronnie is saying
that the woman is not at fault and again
I’m not saying she is I’m just tired of
seeing black women pregnant black women
pardon me fighting tired of it okay I
read that one from beach bubble Quan
poor me let’s go to area code 864 give
me eight six for you there hello oh hey
good evening
hey baby hey Mary
I can’t were you calling from
I’m parka Taiwan time can you turn your
laptop or computer down in the back and
talk to me on the phone so we’re calling
from you have a nice voice okay
no Jack Alaska good evening how can we
help you dear yeah okay um so I guess
the socks what I wanted to dress first
I’ll just go ahead and say that was Lord
and Harvey I honestly don’t think it was
that big of a deal and I only say this
because we’re acting as though Texan and
Jonathan is that like new it’s not I
remember when I was in high school
up around especially around wealthy
white kids this is the everyday thing
for them okay this is like every weekend
their friends died I remember being in
high school
and a girl who was too great don’t in
underneath she got into accidents they
were drinking she was texting he hit a
tree her friend went through the
windshield and her family and everyone
made the whole thing about her but she
killed her friend so that was a while
ago I’m saying that this is only new
because we don’t have new so she may or
may not have been hi out there
I mean isn’t this a whole Paris Hill to
eat you know what the commodores
daughter named Nikki her name she used
to be on that TV show at Paris Hilton er
do you remember her name
Ronnie Nicole Richie Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie yeah Nicole Nicole Richie
this is difficult people’s life you know
it’s not like it’s new it’s only
something for us to talk about and to
answer just not that big of a deal
honestly like no one died she hit like a
car and they’re gonna pay for it mean
what people don’t understand is that if
you’re if your family has the money to
take care of business this wouldn’t be
an issue for you either so it’s not that
big of a deal okay can I ask how old you
did were you calling from
I’m 31 okay okay
and you clown from where what state yeah
I’m in North Carolina
oh that’s my point yeah I mean you did
say there for me okay
yeah now listen again I’m not I’m not
gonna clown Steve I can’t I got a
brother named buck wild
who let the program again you feel me
but but she’s famous
her father’s famous so it is news it’s
news you know but um I hope she’s okay
if she’s got a problem and I say if I
don’t know I’m just speculating
hopefully she’ll get some help because
she flipped that motherfucker over and
she walked away right right and that’s
what I’m saying I’m not disagreeing with
your point of view there no because of
course it’s like I said it’s new that’s
not really new that’s what I mean like
okay yes he put the car when I hang on a
second hang on now if you flipped over
an SUV if you flipped over uh
what is their m5 okay our 2002 m5 if you
flip that motherfucker over you don’t
think you would have been taken down to
the station and putting the bull pen
honestly it depends on how you put how
you spend the story
I mean honestly maybe if your daddy
wasn’t if your daddy ain’t rich you gone
to the bullpen stop it stop it okay well
I appreciate your perspective I’m not
trying to like you know just push my up
I’m not just gonna push my feelings here
I appreciate can I ask you before you go
up why or if you feel different why are
pregnant black women always fighting so
my real my real accounting that we’re
discounting the type of black women that
you’re finding that are fighting if you
want to be real these are usually black
women on a lower socioeconomic level and
that’s the ones that you’re seeing
fighting in videos that’s that be real
we’re not talking about black women with
higher income or black people out here
who go in it’s a pregnant black woman
who who went to college got three
degrees and she had came out here and
was like oh my god I’m all about melanin
magic and I’m black love I married a
black man and I got a you know Mercedes
and I’m living in a nice house we’re not
talking about that black woman what’s
talking about come on like ghetto black
women I mean can I be racist can I jump
in and be racist
what Oh black women that are pregnant
they want to show that they bowed about
it I’ll go fuck I think I think that I
think that honestly yes I mean the only
part of that other woman’s opinion that
out there don’t make me get ghetto
kimono I make six figures a year my
house is what 400 K but don’t make me
pardon me folks
I’m doing too much dad apart you go
ahead no no no I mean I get what you’re
saying but of course that’s a
perspective they want to make I mean if
you can make black people jungle animals
all across the board why not but the
real the realist of the real is that if
the lower socioeconomic black women who
don’t have husbands because you want to
be real about it my father would have
never allowed something like this for
happy well one of his kids was in a
situation when I’m telling you there’s
no way he could have outran my mother to
get somewhere to save me or my brother
or my sister you fucking crazy
excuse my language but her baby daddy
which he chose ain’t shit and this is a
popular opinion to make a song because
all black women but it’s being sent
through the black people it’s blue it’s
not why do you want to jump in and
address with the caller saying what did
she she say enough Ronnie was a faucet
morning oh yeah all right thank you so
much for calling Darla have a great
you have a great thank you yeah North
cackle a kikuchiyo
on the line hey a couple of people sent
me emails because yesterday I mentioned
that I’m gonna be planning a trip to
Durham North Carolina I have to go back
to a Kent Street I spent three summers
there in the early 70s Kent Street it
was so beautiful my grandmother Roberta
terrain she of course she passed away in
the early 80s and she left me some money
to left me some money not a lot but she
you know there’s so many great memories
and I need to go back there so I’m
please be patient I got your emails a
couple of people I just I want to go
back to a night Ronnie doesn’t mow live
in North Carolina yeah that’s what I was
just getting ready to say I was gonna
ask if you have any plans to meet up
with mom I would like to go there
in the winter it was always hot a shit
there when I went there as a kid but I
want to go there you know and just you
know enjoy myself in the go to Kent
Street of course let’s go to area code
four six nine
good evening four six nine we’re talking
about Steve Harvey’s daughter arrested
cut loose hit run are you there
point six nine hello hello good evening
how are you sir your wild goose man I’ve
watched you for years you’re a while
dude I’m splitting I need to grow up
whatever it comes to us Steve all these
daughter I mean it’s just a sign of of
the culture that you live in maybe think
about it like you know human life is
treated very cheaply okay so it’s not
it’s not a shocking thing to see someone
who’s whose whose fathers filthy rich
just get up and walking and not care for
you know even the you know suppose the
threat that you opposed to human life
see because she could care less and I
don’t blame her you know I was in the
military okay I see how you know I saw
firsthand how cheap human life is
treated so not
not shocking at all well first and
foremost let me say thank you sir for
killing so that I can wear you know polo
gear and all this other fly shit button
now to be fair yeah to be fair to be
fair you know she probably when she
crawled out of that motherfuckin su SUV
and she she she put that little bag away
allegedly she probably looked around and
she said ain’t nobody get hurt
let me get the fuck let me get the fuck
out of here you know it’s not like
people of lut lying in the fucking
Street no arms and shit you know flying
around she probably you know I fucked up
daddy I fucked up daddy
I fucked up daddy but now the real
question is if she did kill somebody
wish they’d have walked away I believe
sir I don’t do hypotheticals I’m not
gonna put that on her not gonna put that
on her she didn’t see oh no come on I’ve
seen how they behave when come on
whenever it comes to you know if it’s my
life or someone else’s life okay and my
life can be in prison I’m gonna choose
my life but that’s how Americans are
bred that’s the way it is here right
you’re absolutely right you kill and I
and I and I appreciate your killing you
kill so that we can be spoiled pieces of
shit here Oh 100% I come from a military
family so I saw it you know firsthand
and it’s even nastier
whenever you’re a quote/unquote
so-called black feeling on behalf of
American yeah that’s crazier that really
focus your head thank you for dropping
bombs and when in reality we are the
real terrorists thank you and I’m sure
to tell every white person every time
they tell me thank you for your service
I say I didn’t serve anything for you
are you or are you still in the military
oh you uh you been
III was discharged honorably I did my
four years accident two years ago okay
okay yeah I got an honorary Air Force
recruiter plaque because I used to help
get people into the Air Force back in
2004 2005 find that that a would and put
up on the screen tonight
yeah listen thank you for your clothes
thank you thank you okay I’m gonna send
guys I know I’m doing a lot tonight just
you know okay hang on a second bullshit
money okay Bubba Quan sent in a super
chat I’m coming to cash yep give me a
second guys then I get Larry coyote I
got him Bubba Quan
hey hey LA says yo Starr three shots of
b12 now I’m giving them hell out here in
LA respect boss nigga Thank You Man
thank you for your donation is mama
mamas only check and he says boss is
zoomin pay attention Steve Harvey’s
let’s get her up out of here I had a nap
today and I’m fucking charged right now
I had a nap I’m feeling great um amen
again she’s 22 years of age she didn’t
kill anybody you know yeah she tried to
get the fuck away way from the goddamn
accident Ryan do you want to say
anything reckless about Steve Harvey’s
daughter earlier when we spoke you were
telling me about she was doing something
with trey songz future king home yeah
there was a little bit yeah there was
some overlap when she was seeing Trey
Songz and future there was a little bit
of overlap so I mean this is you know
she’s young I guess she’s entitled to
you know
date around and live her life but you
know when you link yourself to so many
men so early in your life people start
taking account and they start you know
keeping a tally and then it becomes a
point where you’re almost like you know
industry pocketbook trying to PG turn
here you know when it becomes a point
where you just get passed around and ran
through and it just degrades your value
what not we don’t know we don’t know if
she was getting you know plowed by these
guys but she was connected to them are
you saying something you know well
you’ve already said it for me you say
giving him ran through do you dislike
keep it real um I don’t care for her I
mean she’s I don’t you know it’s nothing
about her she’s not a musician so
there’s nothing that she puts out that I
enjoy as far as I know they say she’s a
model you know I’m not too well informed
on her modeling credits but I do know
she’s you know the daughter the
stepdaughter of a very wealthy man so
you know her life is it is what it is
she has access to you know different men
men want her and so it is what it is
she’s entitled to date but I don’t think
I would date a father a son and then his
father later on that’s a little bit much
hang on a second everybody I have a
super chat from buck wild on xanax hey
star I’m a bail bondsman how are you
question mark I’m five to three hundred
and seventy pounds
I want to fatten up Ronnie Ronnie could
stand to gain 75 to 100 I’m a feeder and
it’s okay he’s a little talk little
reckless doctor
Thank You buck wild dogs annex on Vanek
yeah hang on a second I think this is
detective Smith he says store out here
about to pull
the totally out over a cold-cut sandwich
because he couldn’t get extra meat
straight niggas ship no no no no no I
I left the establishment I left I didn’t
argue I just I just said I put the menu
down and walked off she was she kept
saying sir come back it’s okay I’m sorry
and I just I kept moving I’m not gonna
be on camera
arguing none of that shit I learned my
lesson in early 90s and I don’t say this
to sound cool I was involved in a
shooting they took my gun and the judge
told me he said mr. train the next time
you been here twice you get into your
get into a shooting your life better be
in danger
so I don’t argue I don’t get into no so
no sorts of extra should I just I keep
it pushin but thank you sir for your
super chat okay hey mister come on I got
a couple of cash shops to get to here
this is a okay kid danger’s Thank You
kid dangerous I got your email Elvis
that Chef Rosenberg greetings sir he
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Donovan okay gotcha gotcha and someone
else sent me is some super Ches from
earlier hey um drill p21 thank you sir I
got your cash shop I will look for your
email okay I’ll look for it I don’t talk
about that you know on the show it
sounds like police work hold on a second
guys someone else sent me k43
Emerson don’t mad nigga want smoke with
Gucci man la flair okay something’s
going on I’m not the speed with gucci
mane Charlamagne and DJ envy I don’t
know the details I hope everybody’s okay
you know do you know what’s going on
Ronny with gucci mane and DJ envy yes
apparently an energy came out today with
gucci mane and Charlamagne where gucci
mane threatened to either slap the S out
of DJ envy or
something to that effect when he sees
him and it’s gucci mane not gucci man
who Jemaine yeah she made you know what
I’m actually a fan of gucci i shouldn’t
destroy his name like that i like him
okay hey mister alright thank you uh k43
emerson and let me see if i think he had
one more cash uh okay no that was
something else here okay he sent me that
cash out before the show even started
thank you very much
Freddie Freddie says fu star salute from
Morristown New Jersey
okay Marta styling to check in Thank You
Man for your support okay kid dangerous
I got your other email can he send me a
bunch of stuff I’ll check that out later
on hey Ruth thank you for your donation
she says support star rich parents kids
go to wilderness programs okay okay you
know but wild let me just pause for it
Ronnie hang on a second fuck well love
them left the program again I’m trying
to contact him right now I don’t know
it’s gonna take but them salute to DMX
DMX put himself in the program you guys
should know that a couple of days ago I
think was last week pardon me about me
and salute to those of you who have sent
me emails of support this is a real
situation you know and um I’ve never
done an intervention I don’t know how to
do that but I think the time is now
that’s all I’ll say for now but thank
you for your donation Ruth but again I
can’t sit here and clown Steve Harvey’s
daughter buck was like a son to me
allegedly he’s my half-brother but he’s
more like a son to me I’ve worked with
him over the years great guy great
fucking guy and that that’s part of the
reason why he gets so many breaks
he goes before that judge he turns on
the charm and the judge says hey you
you’re okay and it cut some slack but
Tim I’ll keep you posted
let’s all say for now Thank You Ruth
again for your donation okay hold on a
second Ronnie coming back to you okay
Bubba Kwan he’s gone area code seven
seven zero he wants to talk about
playing the piano somebody the whole
second public want you there good
evening Bubba Kwan hey were you calling
from thank you for your support thank
you from the okay okay so now you want
to play some piano for us right now yeah
man you know Beast ball salute to him he
got me inspired ain’t got my read my
saxophonist you got that you know where
I might as well bless the people tonight
with one of them tuned to help me up and
give me every day in the morning y’all
niggas ready is this really you playing
you can’t play someone else’s music
that was nice bubble Kuan Yew there that
was nice man those nice are you up on
YouTube you have YouTube videos playing
the piano what none I’ve got my old high
school videos but my little brother you
know he plays the piano too short mic
too short Mike you know he played piano
got my start two phones okay you know we
do we do man but so thank you Mary last
night I have to salute thank you so much
for your support
okay all right Bubba quantity checking
yeah maybe we’ll start having people
calling and singing and rap if you send
the donation you call and spit some hot
bars but it’s gotta be some real gangsta
shit hold on a second run King Bankhead
bass ends in a cache at integrity
question mark I have to make sure my
kids free ok I think that was a response
to one of the earlier callers and Ronny
I just sent you an email
something about Terrence J’s car
destroyed can you check your email what
is that about
that’s his $200,000 McLaurin that was
destroyed in a hit-and-run accident for
which no one has actually still been
charged so whoever did that hit-and-run
they were able to get away in time
enough okay and Terrence J formerly
about 106 and park he doesn’t like me
yeah hey Terry’s Jay hey girl hey girl
yes originally people thought that it
was his beard I mean I’m sorry
originally people thought it was his
girlfriend who crashed the car but her
attorney had released a statement saying
no she’s in the UK doing work so then
the question became who was this mystery
woman that was in the vehicle during the
hit-and-run or mystery boy or exactly
yeah how are you doing okay
this has nothing to do with Steve
Harvey’s daughter this new story with
Terrence J formerly 106 in part no it’s
a situation that Lorri sort of should
have taken notes from okay a rep for
Jasmine Sanders tells us on behalf of
our client Jasmine Sanders we would like
to clarify she was not in the vehicle at
the time of this morning’s accident okay
okay so the car was registered to
Terrence J and it’s just it’s a mystery
yes yes what’s going on here now it’s a
mystery but I mean a lot of time is
passed you know someone should have been
you know claimed responsibility for this
it’s a $200,000 vehicle someone was
driving it it didn’t drive itself but
you know you know sometimes money makes
things go away I do a lot of the young
people are high on that shit
you know they’re doing all it’s not just
spicing k2 they’re doing what is it dad
well I don’t know if you would know
Ronnie but they used to do a drug called
Special K back in the days dear the
horse tranquilizer you know okay and
then there’s also what’s that the the
marijuana that’s synthetic that’s not
came to and that is that k2 right I
think that’s spice and k2 I’ve I’ve
never smoked synthetic marijuana I’m
tall for that you know but I’ve done
stories over the years about that stuff
yeah hold on a second Ronnie Khaled
double-oh-seven sISTAR what city is Baba
Kwan from question mark oh no Colin
and he lives he leaves his uh his
Instagram hold on a second hold on cut
late I’m gonna take a screenshot girl
and I will send your information to
Bubba Kwan is that okay with you : he
said what city is is bubble Kwan from
question one okay now Carla do you want
me to put your Instagram out there hold
on a second
should I send this to Ronnie it says
Instagram AZ IROC KZ what is that as a
Xerox Rock hold on a second
I think Ryan to help me out tonight I’m
sending an email right now Ronnie this
is kool aid wants to know Bubba Kwan’s
location cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha
cha folks I know I’m doing too much
tonight I had a nap earlier just I get
like this one what I’m too fucking
energized let’s go to area code um did
you did three six zero evening three six
zero are you there good evening hey
what’s that man who’s this you like
Asian you are agent black life scam okay
sir can you come closer to the phone
please and please don’t disrespect
females BAE calling them bitches
ultimate sega slow let’s work our way up
to that come on what’s that
you know do you like sir you like some
you like life can’t
Aiden white bitches from Atlanta sir
were you calling from the hell do you
don’t you okay we’re talking about a
Milwaukee story tonight no sir I don’t
have a preference like that I mean
there’s times when I want something is
so dark it’s almost blue I’m a man of a
certain age I like variety so no I don’t
have like one particular type of chick
that I like you’re new to this show I
appreciate that but I’ve said on
multiple occasions that you know
sometimes I want something that looks
like Barry White’s ex wife glodean white
now that’s way before your time but now
I don’t
I’m not picky like that you know how
about yourself
yep yeah what type of boys do you like
all right Darth Johnston boys only no
boys stop playing with me Doug stop
playing with me star oh I know damn boy
I like I like darts can put Pete with me
that’s what I like you in Atlanta you
said sir no walkie okay okay so what
type of how often do you go out with
girls keep it real okay any questions
running for this man he says he’s 26
years of age claims to be heterosexual
and says he’s married Ronnie how long
has he been married my wife was there
you want to talk to my wife no sir
whereas not really ask you how long you
been married
I’ve been with my girl for nine years
okay also you’re not married – no I’m
married I’ve been with her for her I’ve
been married for four years you guys by
the way yeah I got kids on the way Wow
okay Congrats Congrats man yeah you do
any day
oh man that’s your better man than me
I’m chicken shit
yeah coward
okay so now you’re from Milwaukee if I
can ask you up because we’re talking
about a story that happened at a
Milwaukee our separate second topic yeah
Mayfair yeah do you know about that
amazing form all went down October the
12th I think I’ve seen I’ve seen the
video on Facebook a couple of times
who’s on my timeline because I’m a
Milwaukee okay so you know a lot of
people shared it yeah but yeah I seen
that bullshit excuse my language but
what it looked like that 50 oh girl it
looked like she was going through
something they were after her maybe she
did something up on a Facebook and you
know maybe the mother girls want to get
at her I don’t know but the mother you
know she um she wound up down there at
the mall you know doing a whole lot and
then they threw it to the ground and now
you got the Milwaukee Black Panthers
talking about they won justice what’s
going on the Black Panthers in Milwaukee
oh yeah the more they live they live
they get down for real they they said
down stories if you ask me the FBI
thought to a standstill shit down they
lit so Mayfair Mall is a big popular
mall in Milwaukee there’s like one of
our top tomorrow yeah I saw one chubby
white man it looked like he punked out
the whole Milwaukee chapter of the Black
Panthers look like he punked him out he
had a smirk on his face he said I
understand your you know your concerns
but it’s under investigation and that
was it so I don’t know how lit they
could be the more police and Sheriff
with that because holy B at that mall
so they didn’t want to smoke with with
the police like they want that type of
smoke and white is a lot of harm
segregation immoral so yeah you know
like the northsiders black people is so
outside as what uh banished people
the east side is all white people
imagine about a lake and the website is
like asian so this is like real
segregated probably most certainly is
in America okay so all right so do you
think anything’s gonna happen because it
looks like it’s just under investigation
and I don’t see the Black Panthers and I
say this respectfully I don’t see them
doing nothing you know all right I mean
they it’s a small group of Black
Panthers there’s not like a large group
of Black Panthers there’s not like a
major super major group of Black
Panthers so the mall is still open for
business yes after throwing that black
woman down eight months pregnant being
manhandled moreover it’s gonna be open
for business
you know black pants can’t really do
none because Milwaukee Sheriff is up
there I hear you but you know five
Jewish women would have had that model
shut down
believe me you the whole thing shut down
until the investigation was complete you
ask me God’s chosen yes the Jews yes you
talk about the black jeans call them
whatever you want sir I mean I just the
Jews would have shut it down I’ll give
you last word though let’s see here yeah
Laurie Harvey shit is daddy’s a
billionaire so to say don’t matter
anyway okay and why black women always
fighting because black women turn away
the best people in the world Oh neat
start all right so I thank you for your
calling I wish you and your boyfriend
all the best thank you so much thank you
sir I let him speak folks sometimes I
just wanna let other people speak I
wanna like you know always hear the
conversation hold on a second Bonnie um
who’s this black man brown skin says I
just started a podcast called sports and
music lounge on YouTube I told my host
to call me Boss Hogg she said fuck out
of here you have to you have to
treiber’s black man brown skin good
evening sir thank you for your donation
listen that’s between you and your your
co-host man you know I wish you the best
okay Santa Ana Vic says hey star the
devil knows his own okay and these troll
babies on this live know that you got
curved tonight and that’s why they’re
Agee keep it real okay I got curved who
would I get curved by sir I had no
problem with getting curves I just if
you’re talking about the dollar
contestant yeah I don’t want I don’t
want no drama out of fuckin delicatessen
I’ll take the El I’ll keep it pushing
if that’s what you’re talkin about I’ll
let you think you know whatever but I’m
not gonna shoot the place up you know
and be in jail and then you see you know
tan that nigga didn’t learn nothing you
know still hey ivl thank you have y’all
sends in a super he says lori harvey is
an industry catch okay he says catch rag
okay even classy black women have to be
as hard as niggas or ghetto hood boogers
will eat them just for smiling okay why
do you said mm-hmm you want to take a
shot at Laurie Harvey we going well I
mean as far as Laurie Harvey I would
just say that the apple doesn’t fall too
far from the tree if you look at her
mother Marjorie you know she was
involved with two men who were cousins
both drug dealers so when one went to
jail and you know he got his long did
she just moved on to the cousin and got
with him and then she upgraded to Steve
so you know Laurie is constantly
upgrading her choice choices and men so
our people hating on laurihart the
hustle okay hating on her
I mean I’m not hating she’s entitled to
date whomever she wants to date you know
I’m just making the point that you know
the apple doesn’t fall too far from the
tree okay I know nothing about this
young young lady she’s 22 years of age
you know and with regards to you know um
people crashing cars leaving them if I
remember correctly Mike Tyson crashed a
Ferrari over 20 years ago and when the
police came he gave the cop the keys he
said here you can have this piece of
shit you know I’m saying so if you’ve
got money like that it’s it’s not you
know out of the ordinary to deserve fuck
that car you know that makes me say
that’s that’s one thing I mean it’s one
thing if you it’s your own vehicle you
feel that way about they’re saying a bit
yes it was the Bentley part me famous
iguana in the live chat interesting
story that was a Bentley good Ronnie he
was saying funny
yeah it’s one thing if you you know
don’t care about your own vehicle the
problem is when you cause property
damage to someone else’s vehicle you you
kind of need to stick around for that
so that we can make sure your insurance
takes care of everything and you know
bump up up a bob that wasn’t that hard
to just stick around and give your
information what’s so hard about that
okay okay hang on a second accolade
sends in another occasion he says yes
lol I produce oh no what do you mean you
produced Kalia Kalia now he’s looking
for Bubba Kwan isn’t he Ron did you get
accolades Instagram email his since yeah
and I went to his yeah I saw his
Instagram also but did Bubba Kwan say
what town he was from I forget cuz
that’s what he wants to know yeah but
where are you can you send me an e-mail
Bubba Kwan Colette is looking for you
thank you can you give us a Khalid’s
Instagram again Ronnie please sure one
just hide it no I think Bubba Kwan’s in
Atlanta program is his Instagram is as
is rocks and I spelled a Z as in zebra
ir o ck z z as in zebra or zip it up
okay and then Khalid sends in another
catch up he says as I Rock nosy okay he
said now at first he put a Z on the damn
thing now he says no Z so as all right
so then alright so that was there were
two accounts that came up so then he’s
the one that sells real estate in New
no as I rock on Instagram a Z I are Ock
ok there you go
Thank You Khalid okay he’s looking for
Bubba Quan are you setting up date if
you’re sending in donations with setting
up days although we have Shem sticks
sending in a cash Ronnie I’m still tight
about the Gandhi comments yesterday
go watch the Gandhi movie Ben Kingsley
and tell me he was he wasn’t a great man
yeah I saw that years ago Ben Kingsley
say good money that’s propaganda it was
made to make him look like you know a
great guy so I’m watching for what
propaganda do your research if I
remember correctly Gandhi took about
four hundred thousand Indians to their
death against the British so you know
why people hold that people hold up
people like Gandhi and Martin Luther
King up because that’s how they want
people who are oppressed to react they
want them to be you
the nonviolent mythical people who just
turned the other cheek if you I mean go
back to the days of the citizens people
were showing up to places where they
knew they wouldn’t be welcome and the
people there would spit on their face
they would take a napkin out of their
pocket and just calmly wipe the spit off
the face they would pull their hair they
would throw sodas on them food on them
ketchup on them and the people didn’t
respond so you know that’s why it’s not
surprising when you have people like
Jason call and say yeah muck Martin
Luther King was a real freedom fighter
no no he wasn’t he wasn’t a freedom
fighter in the sense that he was willing
to get down and dirty to fight for his
freedom he was a pacifist money going
hard in the paint and what Gandhi yeah
hang on a second money Johnny did Oh
greetings sir sends in his super kick
star put some ephemera speck on the name
of the greatest black freedom fighter of
the last decade afro man oh wow for
giving that white chick or Tyson hook
and to 2015 your that was crazy
that was crazy did you ever see that
video Ronnie with afro man he slugged
that white girl on stage no I didn’t see
that pull it up
yo afro man was on stage somewhere and
he was playing the guitar and a white
girl came up behind him and she had a
beer yo he slugging shit hey so what you
have a Serbian fucking them an email
talking about freaky London wasn’t
freedom fighter get out of here dead
dumb shit I’m gonna put your hold on he
once you find the Afro man video okay
I’ll be right back
be right back hold on guys
good every cone six-30 green e63 are you
there yo hey yo star what’s good I’ve
been waiting for like a half hour what
the fuck
okay well who are you I know you let’s
go let’s go my name is Kareem okay first
time you send in a donation cream who
are you so what’s your weight in half an
hour you I’m a fucking Muslim brother
that’s all you need to know you’re not
my brother have you ever sent a donation
to the old you ever send a donation to
the show actually I have leg went into
does well what’s that I used to watch a
shitload in like 2012 poor boy
well go send a donation and get back to
me bitch boy that’s like I owe you
something yeah I’ve been waiting a half
an hour F up out of here
black racers gleaning sir he sends in a
super champ
I’m sorry store this has nothing to do
with the topic but I feel I have to
remind people agents and Mexicans okay
he’s talking about their driving okay so
that’s that’s racist for you to say that
Thank You black racist for your super
chair he feels that there are the worst
drivers okay I can’t say that about
Mexicans I mean my experience if you
care I’ve never had any problems with
Mexican drivers you know and if we’re
talking agents ones that come here from
Asia I mean there’s a whole different
approach in terms of driving over there
I don’t know if that’s if that makes any
sense enough but thank you for your
thank you for your support black racist
on the check in hold a second let me
pull in another call here yeah folks
sometimes the phone lines are crowded
you know I try and get to the phone
lines but truthfully I put respect on
those who send in cash apps and
donations first okay everyone go 4-0 for
you there for for baby how are you sir
give it some pretty well now how are you
good good good that’s good just one
chime in a little
you know appreciate you got in tonight I
actually was just ahead of started
listening for three seconds but I came
back on Oh Ronnie talking bad about
Martin Luther King Julian you know
saying he see me he didn’t put his neck
out there on the line but you know I’m
saying I don’t know where that comes
from you know I mean I don’t know where
she’s coming from with that because he
was just out there just along with
everybody else I mean how else did he
get to be the fake Ronnie oh yeah there
was Boston wanting me hang on him out
the way yeah he yeah he just asked a
very important question he said how did
he get to be the face that’s how he got
to be the face by preaching non-violence
by you know preaching and telling people
to turn the other cheek and when someone
spits in your face
just just love them anyway that’s your
brother or sister in Christ we have to
be nonviolent to affect change so that’s
how he got to be the face he wouldn’t
have got to be the face if he was saying
we need to burn this thing down to the
ground you’re right you’re right you’re
right it was mainly because of this
message but the way you were speaking it
insinuated that he wasn’t in the
he wasn’t just that he wasn’t catching
him or just like everybody else it that
was in those times it’s been our right
in what I heard uh I said that he wasn’t
willing to get down and dirty about it
the dirtiest thing that you know has
ever been said about him is that he was
cheating on his wife and that I really
can’t care less about it it had nothing
to do with him a woman so what do you
mean down and dirty we mean down a dirty
running down and dirty burn the thing
down to the ground at the ballot or the
bullet well sure sure he was different
in that regard he was different in that
regard I mean that I mean is that a
problem I mean there were plenty of
people who were saying we need to burn
it down I mean he he had a unique
perspective on like I mean in terms of
like his those his peers who didn’t have
that type of attitude he was a huge
little bit more pragmatic he he was like
it’s the odd is interesting I think
about it you know when uh Martin Luther
King’s you I’m sorry I’m Arthur King but
Malcolm X
when he when he was killed he was
leaning for he was going toward a Martin
Luther King like direction in the same
tango Martin King jr. when he when he
was killed he lanta thought of Malcolm X
direction it was interested it’ll be
that’s like the one of the great
mysteries like I wonder what’s happening
say to both live they would both become
partners on a serious level I think
because they’re both going toward each
other’s methodologies well if I can jump
in certain I don’t I don’t have to speak
on behalf of Ronnie she can hold her own
I don’t think anybody in their right
mind would try to discredit Martin
Luther King jr. because what he did what
was was courageous important and toward
the end of his existence he was talking
about reparations he was talking about
economics he was talking about we coming
for that check he’s talking about we
coming for that check so I don’t think
anybody can discredit him but and again
I’m not trying to speak on Ronnie’s
behalf but there have been many people
especially when Martin was alive who did
not co-sign his approach and I say that
respect the money when jumping away yeah
I mean I’m sure you’re aware that
towards the end of his life you know he
made a lot of statements where he
expressed regret and you know his
approach to the situation as I said last
night he himself said I think I brought
my people into a burning house so let me
ask you the question if you had the
choice if you had to choose between you
know the two different methods would you
have been one of those people sitting in
one of those restaurants getting spit on
and just wiping it off your face to be
honest Ronnie I can’t answer you know I
mean I did not uh I mean I wasn’t in
that circumstance I wasn’t I wasn’t
alive during that time if I would have
gone with the most practical method um
it’s this death that’s complicate I
can’t I don’t have enough circumstances
to like answer that question to be
honest which I appreciate your
perspective either way and again nobody
can if you ask me can discredit what
Martin Luther King contributed to the
experience he’s a brilliant man
brilliant man but if I can ask you one
more thing before I let you go why are
pregnant black women always fighting oh
you know I’m pretty sure was Rhino
saying earlier you know I mean he’s uh
it’s um it’s crazy uh that’s like a
tough that’s like a Tommy Sotomayor type
question right here I know you got a
baby with him so I gotta get him on call
Tommy’s a good guy he’s a good guy but
I’m asking you sir sir sir Tommy’s a
good guy I’m asking you why are pregnant
black women always fighting yeah you
have the floor man ah man I want to give
you an answer so bad you know I’m saying
but I don’t think like them I’m a man
okay I am not pregnant you know and I’m
not even gonna try to give them the
benefit of no doubt all right because
they right you know thank you sir that’s
terrible you put your kids all in danger
yourself yeah thank you free kick kick
them a call and lower harvey is crazy
you know and it figures real quick real
quick is crazy it figures that uh she’s
not actually Steve Harvey’s blood I
heard somebody say that he’s like his
half daughter you know I said sir that’s
his daughter regardless she claims him
he claims her that’s done but thank you
thank you thank you okay yeah I’m not
gonna clown Steve Harvey’s relationship
with his daughter that’s his baby you
know all this shit buck wall has put me
through whoo I’d be a hypocrite to sit
here and try and clown Steve Harvey and
his relationship if he dropped some
scrilla you know to the Beverly Hills
police you know to get her out of it
that’s what you supposed to do
well what would those white boys who uh
killed their family was it the Melendez
brothers some have to get back the days
immediately end Eze yeah why people
always trying to spend money to get
their kids out of some shit if the kids
aren’t killing the parents I’m rambling
folks pardon me callate sends in another
cash thank you click so he says laugh my
fucking ass off I produce music star
okay okay cool it thank you man what he
is looking for Bubba Quan how they doing
I don’t know Keith good evening Keith he
sends it a donation Ronnie for speaker
on the Harvey chicks he wants to go to
the line area code 973 hang on a second
where are you nine cents e you hold on
let me come back to money it’s gonna
take a second and see if I can find him
on the line there okay Ronnie did you
did you see afro men punch that way yeah
I did and I actually yes and I I came
across another video where he threw
somebody else into the crowd
that came up one stage he molly-whopped
that woman but I had that costume 65
racks so yeah yeah okay someone this is
an offensive name here I got you I’m
just gonna say by choice
black pregnant women fight because they
are low-key okay so that words are
slender you can’t say that we’re on
YouTube they need couch time and an
intervention Lord save them he probably
won’t suck her shit Thank You Man thank
you for your donation you appreciate it
then black racist sends another super
chancing yo store I play the ukulele can
I get five minutes to showcase my talent
and didn’t Gandhi sleep with okay that’s
reckless sleep with easy easy easy easy
something crazy to that effect black
races with the knowledge oh okay yeah if
you play ukulele are black races by all
means II listen that man spends scrilla
here black races absolutely okay I’m
looking for every code 973 they sent in
a cash app and they wanted to get on the
line hold on a second where are you 973
I don’t see you I don’t let me go to
every coats f18 hey good evening 17 are
you there hello hello good evening how
are you sir
you’re in it I came you lucky with how
are you pretty good so I wanted to chime
in on black women pregnant being crazy
kinda you know why do they always fight
Roman no fuck – shit you know I don’t
yell welcome a turn-up always fighting
well is it this is a true story my wife
just gave birth a month ago okay and we
were in the Children’s Place and she had
an issue with clerk who wouldn’t
servicing her fast enough so we’re
standing there for like two minutes or
so and then my wife the clerk you know
after not helping her she literally
throws all the sweaters and stuff off
the show and she says you can’t have
time to help me you’re gonna have time
to clean up now so we end up leaving the
store and then the mall security catches
up with us and he things are like you
know basically like were y’all doing and
my wife’s like I’m pregnant you know she
was helping us and you just let it go
yeah that was the end of it so I have
first-hand information on that yes black
women pray all of you think it’s
pregnant not pregnant or not pretty good
hang on a second sir respectfully is
your wife really black or if she
Caucasian and you’re calling it here you
know rolling and trying to throw black
women no my wife is Jamaican so she’s
not a BOS okay can we speak to her can
you get on the line we need receipts can
we speak to Jamaica kill me Elise here
here now can we at least hear her suck
her teeth so the story was fired can you
put the phone next to her mouth so we
can hear her suck our teeth and say blue
Kludd yes pussy boy firm all security is
on the phone she’s not doing she’s not
gonna do it oh and micron is that you
know I don’t want to know that I’m
snitching to her right now
exactly that’s what it is her to know
that he’s on the phone telling us their
business sir respectfully you sound like
you’re married to a white woman I’m
gonna I’m gonna marginalize you I don’t
think your man’s a black woman
I doubt it I am a black man myself and I
am married to a black woman
I’m from Queens oh really okay what part
of Queens cambrie right so you’re not
married to Jamaica stop it the area that
you were raised there in Cambria Heights
yes sir and my wife she’s from Rosedale
originally if you say so okay you want
to chime in on Steve Harvey’s daughter
arrested for a hit-and-run but she was
cut loose and in thoughts any any uh any
I mean is if your if your father is
Steve Harvey and you can’t walk away
from my hair run what’s the point of
them being your father supposed to be
able to do that right so I thank you for
your call have a Goan salute thank you
thank you okay yeah listen it’s just a
fucking SUV that you know who my father
is let me get the fuck out of here
this is bullshit I’ll pay for it let me
get the fuck out here never mind the bag
of coke in my pocketbook never mind that
okay allegedly BK bleakie gang on the
check-in star in the past nine months
Steve’s daughter has been linked to trey
songz future puffy and his son etc is it
safe to say Laurie is a glorified okay
not gonna use that word I don’t know
what she is sir but her father’s loaded
she’s supposed to balance around she’s
she’s supposed to be up in different
people’s faces
she’s supposed to say hey you know are
you balling like my father if not I’m
out of here
you know you talk a good one you guys
yeah you got platinum going platinum on
a wall by MUP my father’s you know got
the five television shows fuck is you
saying she’s supposed to say that you
know but thank you for your donation hey
Joanna Joanna says story I called
earlier I want to address MLK jr. okay
where are you Joanna what’s what’s your
number darling hang around let me see if
I can find Joanna’s email I do not see a
phone number let me see if I can get you
on the line send me an email so I can
know what number you’re calling in from
Joanna please it’s gonna area code what
is this 443 good evening 443 are you
there hello call for three pick it up
pick it up Yes No maybe okay they hung
up okay and folks also I’m looking for
some clarification with regards to our
Antonio more from the ados
movement organization I support them you
know this he and Yvette Cornel they just
had a very very productive convention I
didn’t go but um was he removed or
uninvited from the upcoming revolt
summit in Los Angeles
Ronny did you and I speak about that you
don’t know any thoughts any knowledge in
that area no no but I will look into
that I know he was removed I thought I
saw something on his Twitter feed saying
that he was he wasn’t gonna be on the
panel I don’t know what happened did
they did they get shocked did they pull
up some old audio when he went at them I
don’t want to speculate but you know
let’s go to area code 417 good evening
are you there 417 how are you who’s this
hey hey hey what’s that man leave me
hey I want to talk on a hot day hey
Ronnie how you doing good night how you
doing hi I want to talk about that and
told me on more situation please please
was he uninvited to the the summit
revolt summit of course I watched to
read machine show the other day and he
was talking about that and he said that
he was uninvited and basically how team
this is going to see how serious or vote
and the people that are on that panel
are about Atos from the black union on
that and I have to agree with him this
is not a good look for them you know
they had that that popular panel a
couple of about a month ago with killing
yeah and Canada’s own yeah and it
basically was like like love you turned
out to be like basically show you got a
lot of use a lot of plague but it was
like a show I think I think the reason
they didn’t have internet more on there
because internet Moyes I can put on the
show he’s not playing him and their car
there I watch them regularly then I’m
plane about this and I interesting
clicks they really are trying to make
change and trying to really get this
reparations volume and they already have
I mean we use it we use the a be aware
as tag consistently and they were the
ones that started that so I think that’s
part of reason why they just invite him
because you know he’s gonna go up there
and take some real stuff that a lot of
people including some people that are
democratically inclusive of the
Democratic Party I’m not going to like
okay now hang on a second sir that’s
that’s all assumption speculation I’m
with you and with you but now I’m trying
to get more details you said you are a
do a sir or your your pump thank you who
you okay okay can you find out I’ll put
you on hold can you can you find out why
he’s no longer on the panel me III think
it’s disrespectful
I’ve been following him and Yvette
Cornell for a number of years and what
they bring to the table I’ve always said
going back you know years that they
bring data to the table that’s that’s
important so you know we can have
rappers we can have entertainers we can
have fuckin basketball players but why
is he no longer on that panel if that’s
the reality can you find out yeah I’m
right now can you call someone you know
connect it like that yeah I’m like I
can’t go no but I can look it up like
anybody okay can I put you on hold and
come back to you okay I thought it had a
real one on the line wasting my breath
area code nine one four good evening are
you there nine one four nine one four
good evening speaker in the background
heads head said Jesus um sort of – OH –
good evening
area code 202 are you there this all no
this is Larry sure this is the other
it’s a call center I have to screen you
call before we put you through how can
we help you with Marvin Magnus okay
let’s get to the gritty I understand
what Dana was coming about but Sir
Dana’s not here today please don’t come
sideways at dinner with the smoke or
else I have to text her and then you’ll
have to hold nothing up some boat hold
on my apologies I got the wrong person
who’s the young lady who was talking
earlier about not being a fan of Martin
Luther King that’s Angela Davis or her
name’s Angela I think Angela Davis was
calling tail Pro to be honest sir woods
last time you made a donation seriously
last night like two weeks ago you didn’t
answer my phone call I was on hold for
you for both out okay I’m popping I know
I can’t get to every call bit okay so
you might know you pop it on me I know
you pop it we spoke a couple of times
I’m from the Air Force I was talking to
you okay I’m gonna put you in Ronnie on
the line I’m going to the next one I’ll
be right back
go ahead Ronnie’s right there go ahead
so I agree with one percent agree with
Ronnie to an extent
everybody don’t believe that so and
vision fuels ambitions seeing is
you know I’m saying so where people see
and everything you have a lot of you
have a lot of black people especially
particularly black woman which shocked
me who really think that white people
are the majority of the earth so you can
understand people’s perception is being
distorted a tremendous amount especially
if they haven’t you know piety they’ve
been out there city there almost
everything is single my sister do you
have a question for Ronnie or are you
giving a lecture what’s going on here
you know question I could do I could see
anyone but oh why black women one
question angle if you have a question
for Ronnie ask her a question I
appreciate you calling in tomorrow
question Bobby no no well I’m
necessarily do I have a question for
Ronnie no I was just making a statement
that you know whoever got the biggest
stickers the ones who making the rules
in his world so the money with the king
was Mel avoid all that’s not a boy
we know that is all about military
presence so but um whoever has it has
the power so the thing would be a
terrifying angry black woman I believe
that where you going we didn’t say angry
black women please slow down
the question is why are you pregnant
black women always fighting are you high
my mother BAM Florida no bro I just
don’t want to take up all your time I
appreciate you taking the floor I know
you gather people win chair of this
being considered okay so you to the
question is why are pregnant black women
always fighting please because they’re
well I can’t do percentages because 70%
of them are very very frustrated and I
think those are mostly single black
women that are out there fighting
because they’re confused about their
why are they doing the things that they
do and how come they can’t stop it or
don’t have self control over it aren’t
you so black people black women to do a
lot of things because of the lack of
emotional intelligence and discipline
and so oftentimes when you have somebody
who live in on that type of neglect
level we come out black Oh
white people in general if you have
somebody living on that level
they’ve been neglectful to themselves
and to a child in providing so you say
you you are in the Air Force
or you were in the Air Force I was ok
I went got my award out of the back room
Air Force recruiter you looking at the
screen I heard you I heard you told the
guys yeah the other guy earlier at the
four years I was in the army how we deal
with receipts thank you for your service
thank you for killing so that I can walk
around and smoke cigars thank you are
you saying speaks a dead oh okay okay
okay my baptists use what you say okay
thank you you saved it thank you sir I
said thank you for your service thank
you for killing oh that I can walk
around this motherfuckin and my boxes
and your eat Cheerios in raviolis hey
bro I was Air Force man we Aquila nobody
we gave everybody a Hobson’s you know
okay he wasn’t about that life okay
listen sorry thank you for your call he
didn’t kill nobody’s get him out of here
we fuckin with killers on the line hey
we’re looking for a TOS is that you
where are you uh four seven eight we use
the guy we put on hold okay
did you did you find anybody here game
it yes sir did contact uh I’m on I’m on
his putting things right now yeah I
don’t there was only thing I was gonna
find was what he posted on October 19th
he said they took me other of OTV
summons because I think I was critical
of them on this show
well so can you say that again so you’re
on tone talks Twitter page he said they
took me off the revolt show yes they put
me off they took me out to revoke summit
because I I think because I was critical
of them on this show talk about his
YouTube show okay and then in posted the
video waiting they they were about to be
mixed dishes black america avoiding
black politics with black entertainment
mm okay okay so that’s what he posted on
his own Twitter page okay hey man I
thank you for your call and that you say
no think any there Cornell is live
tonight so I’m sure she talked about it
or shortened I could alright thank you
so much man stay in touch all right yes
okay thank you all right okay okay
Ronny I’m gonna shut it down and close
it out I gotta get up early thank you so
much for hanging in with me tonight
Ronny anything else you want to mention
or uh reference before we uh shut it
down no but I would like to make a
request for someone to call in and let
us know exactly why we should be putting
respect on Gandhi’s name people were
missing something yeah I mean I’m not
gonna say anything too crazy but what I
will say is that if Gandhi were alive
today you know he would be getting
hemmed up by the me to movement so and
not for dealing with women that’s all
I’ll say
oh no Ronny you took it there you took
cut that we’re right there I run a good
they talk to you I’ll text you later
okay all right Oh
Bostick Ronnie huh bringing that heat
tonight oh shit
Keith keep the you on the line man cuz
I’m gonna get out of here I don’t see
you nine seven three Keith where are you
man I thank you for the donation he says
what’s the number to call I’m on 973 I
don’t see you Keith I’m gonna have to
get back to you man tomorrow I
appreciate your support but I do not see
your number and the queue 970m looking
for you Oh what’s this van Lathan fired
TMZ’s van Leith and fired after
newsrooms spat oh shit
wait a minute is he gonna tell all his
van Lathan formally apart me according
to page six calm I just got this van’ll
a tip from TMZ fired him wasn’t even his
podcast was it the blue pill a red pill
or something like that page six told
that veteran TMZ personality van Lathan
has been fired after getting into a
nasty confrontation with fellow star
Michael Babcock who is that
okay we’re told that the pair appeared
on these sites online show TMZ live
together about a week and a half ago in
some kind of disagreement the on-air
face-off has been edited out we’re told
but sources say that upon me sources say
they were sparring over politics oh shit
van Lathan fired according to page six
mm okay he’s out of there is what it is
Thank You Ronnie Ronnie sent me that by
the way guys okay hang on Keith sent me
in another okay he says what dude what’s
the number darling
Keith the numbers on the screen Mandy
what are you asking me what’s the number
to dial in it’s on the screen you
kidding me it’s right fucking there
three two three but I’m shutting it down
man I gotta get out of here can we get
you in the line tomorrow Keith can you
send me an email
I’ll look for you again I don’t see 973
I’m looking in the Q I do not see 973
Keith send me an email I will get you on
the show tomorrow no if ands or buts
okay thank you for your support also let
me make sure they miss any I’m super
chats polo 1200 star pregnant females
are always fighting because the because
the cut food stamps motherfuckers are
hungry and angry
okay did you mean to say they cut food
stamps you said though I’m reading it
like you typed it in
bush kid says black women fight when
pregnant cuz they mad the baby’s daddy
don’t want them okay
bent Remy says the family of affluenza
teen dropped Squealer when that drunk
when that drunk bitch killed four people
in a car crash why shouldn’t Steve bail
his daughter out facts I can be
objective you know in never mind me and
Steve Harvey having words once upon a
time and again I can’t sit here and dump
on his daughter you know buck Wow this
shit that he’s done with vehicles Thank
You bent Remy for your donation I think
that was it I never got Joanna’s phone
number Johanna I got your cash app thank
you so much but I never saw your your
phone number if you want to get on the
line tomorrow shoot me an email the
hater one 964 yahoo.com and I will get
you in line all right hey everybody else
that thank you for your time tonight
your support I will see you at some
point tomorrow I’m not sure when I gotta
handle some business early in the
morning and be safe okay
I’m partying I sometimes say if you want
to launch big ships you got to go where
the water is deep
take care

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