Who's To Blame When Teens Go Missing?


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On October 31st Brother Polight released two videos via Instagram regarding his missing 13-year-old daughter in the Miami area. Although his daughter was found a few hours and later she gave a story about a mysterious white man chasing her. Although we’re all glad that his family has been rejoined but the question now is will he file a police report regarding a possible threat to the Miami community?

Statement from Brother Polight – A man asked my daughter to get in his car. Then he came out the car when she ignored him. Her phone died when she attempted to text me and she ran off into hiding. She been running and hiding this whole time. She is still a little shaken.

I want to thank you all for responding. The love was tremendous it kept me as sane as I could be. The promise that so many people put positive energy, prayers, and search units out in such real time is overwhelming

1st video https://www.instagram.com/p/B4SxQxAHFHq/

2nd video https://www.instagram.com/p/B4S6XZpARnq

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okay star report welcome aboard
Thursday night happy Halloween happy
Halloween um
you like my costume I’m pretending to be
a black man alright that was fucked up
um hey we got some things to talk about
tonight power pack show first let me say
hello to my sponsor my triple butter
calm please make sure you go there and
tell that wonderful lady I sent you
again my triple butter calm I’ve got
another sponsor as well I’ll be talking
about shortly okay okay um let’s have a
little loose show tonight I don’t want
to be too um too stringent with the the
topics let’s just kind of flow as we go
all right and I want to be sensitive but
for those who are you know up to speed
brother polite good man good man but
something happened earlier on Instagram
and I just I I almost overreacted I
almost started calling people sharing a
video that he put out with regards to
his missing daughter 13 years of age so
I’m basing the subtitle on what happened
earlier and I don’t want to you know
just say is he cloud chasing maybe he
was the victim of something you know if
teen girls get to get to doing a lot um
but that’s this that’s the second title
for tonight
what makes teen girls rebellious when do
they start you know looking at you as
the enemy not only have any daughters I
have a you know a small family but I’ve
raised some young females with their
mothers and they they reached a certain
point and then I became you know the bad
guy or something or just the fucking
enemy anyway don’t talk about that
bullshit Ronnie will be calling in hang
on a sec let me make sure I got
everything situated here emails super
cash okay and I’ll get some other
sponsors shortly also brand-new footage
came out holy smokes guys is cool
Gooding jr. is he cancelled yet what’s
going on
another video of him
I’m not saying alleged he touched a
woman on her lower back area on her on
her buttocks she did not welcome his
touching he then looked like he was
arguing with her because him touching
her in his mind was not improper is he a
is he a creep in denial is he does he
need help
rehab what the fuck is going on brand
new video just came out also uh Megan
good actress Megan good a good-looking
woman I saw one of her films recently
something forget the name of it lasts
last year and if she bleaching so that’s
a little crazy compared to what she used
to look like Megan good yeah yeah maybe
she always was very very light and she
used to put on dark makeup I don’t know
okay hey good evening in live chat how
you guys doing
maybe they can help me yeah Megan good
if she bleaching cake soap she looks a
little different looks a little
different I was on a Paris Milan’s
YouTube channel earlier in Paris always
gets it in you know great content and
I’m looking at the pictures you know the
before and after I said Megan she looks
different to say that also um Facebook
now banning people for using sexually
suggestive emojis are you up to speed
you see I’m not just you know paranoid
about you know YouTube and these other
things there’s a real fucking crackdown
and for those of you who are you know
content creators like myself and you do
this you know and you take this serious
how many of your you know in your
dashboard you know you got the green dot
the yellow dot sometimes you go back and
two days later in the hole
is yellow so it’s a real serious
situation anyway phone lines open cash
at let me just check on my super jet
here see if I missed anybody from
yesterday okay uh that’s amazing I
missed that one from yesterday started
did you talk about the white supremacist
Congress person Katie hill yet yeah we
did also Jeffrey Epstein his death came
back as a murder
any thoughts yet the coroner’s office
came back and they feel that he was
murdered um listen I I don’t have a
crystal ball I do claim to understand
the true nature of mankind I wrote a
book about it it’s called objective hate
you can download it and Jeffrey Epstein
as I said when he was first arrested I
said the Illuminati is gonna kill him he
knows too much he was connected to too
many people so if he was murdered yeah I
can see that but thank you for your
donation that’s amazing alan jones said
yesterday before we before I got to this
super tip peace star you are appreciated
thank you for posting videos well the
videos stop once you do the TV show let
me call in on political topics ok can
you send me an email I would love to
have someone with you know different
political views turn that down yeah
please send me an email I want to get
Jean Richmond back on the line aka
number 9 he’s been a little busy and um
but I would love to have more people
involved in terms of politics I keep up
with politics but I don’t talk about it
on the show all the time because it’s
very very redundant it’s it’s depressing
I’ve never been depressed in my life and
to watch politics it’s just the same
thing day in day out but you know send
me an email Alan Jones and you and I
will talk all right and who’s this here
at the O he says okay I got that one
from yesterday Thank You Abby yo all
right all right hey also uh thank you
for keeping it to speed on the the
with regards to whoa Vikki and bad baby
I’m loving it I’m sorry I thought
yesterday’s show it just it put me in a
good place to watch these two little
ratchet girls just get it in and I still
I really do appreciate Vicki I think
she’s a cutie and you know thank you for
the emails they’re now going back and
forth and bad baby is now talking
reckless after she got her shit rock
anyway um give me a second we get Bostic
money on the line because I want to be
sensitive again to brother polite but he
put up a video on Instagram from the
Miami Florida area I’ll just say that
his beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter
went missing and he was asking for help
you know from the public you know family
and um he was walking around and an hour
or two later or maybe two hours I’m not
sure above the time line but it was
pretty quick he found her or did she
find him he said when he found it
because he posted in another video that
she had gone out to the some type of
vegan store for breakfast her phone was
dying and then the phone died and then
some some white man was trying to get
her to come to the car she ran now mind
you the vegan store was just a couple of
blocks away from where they either live
or was staying and my question catch
this one my question is will brother
polite file a police report if a white
man tried to kidnap or do whatever
today’s 13 year old daughter did brother
play or will brother polite file a
police report
even if his daughter was okay and she
appears to be okay he flashed the camera
on her or other young black girls now at
risk or is he not going to
sooo that I’m looking live chat what do
you guys think I hate to say Z cloud
chasing I called somebody earlier and
they said man Politis snitch played his
own scamming again mark gcbro plate is
hustling yeah I went to his I G page so
oh so it’s a new shit Oh Matthew Young
says GoFundMe scam come on get the fuck
out of here mmm okay okay
Bostick Ronnie are you ready let’s get
to it let me check my phone cuz I left
my phone in the end of the car earlier
okay okay
why need call him when you ready give me
a second guys smoke the Black & Mild
casino tonight need to smoke these back
in the day you guys remember me and DJ
Elias salute to the homie also and I got
my um my weight loss pills in the mail
this morning somebody recommended that
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is but I got a drop ten pounds before we
shoot that pilot next month you know so
uh I might be a little jittery you know
but I gotta get the pills right okay
Ronnie sit tight I see you in the queue
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okay okay happy Halloween let’s get
Bostick money on the line grazie Ronnie
are you there good evening hey star hey
how are you how are you good good good
pretty good yeah yeah I wanted to get
you in here early tonight because um I
want I want to be sensitive I’ve never
met brother plight in person but he’s
called in to my show in the past very
very respectful to me but at the same
time this is the objective perspective
did you see both videos or just the one
with regards to his missing daughter
I did see both videos the first video
that he made where you know he put out a
plea basically to Instagram for anyone
you know in South Beach Miami if they
saw his daughter to please tag him right
or contact him or you know send him a
direct message and then I saw the
follow-up video where you know she’s
sitting there eating and he says okay
well we you know we have her she was in
stealth mode yeah she was hiding the
whole thing he didn’t say hiding he
didn’t say that he just said but he did
say stealth mode he did say that and
hold on a second I just want to be very
very detailed and again cautious or
careful so she’s okay now he and she
didn’t say anything on the second video
she was just eating some type of little
vegan burger and she’s 13 years of age
so I wan the same thing you know – too
harsh but um she didn’t say anything
brother plague did all the talking yes
yes he did and she didn’t seem shaken up
she I mean I’m a grown adult and if
somebody attempted to kidnap me you know
I would still be probably shaken up even
in days later so you know I probably
wouldn’t even want to come out of the
house but she seemed fine
I I think it was not in the video it’s
in the caption where he says that she
was hiding from the man that approached
her but you know at her phone he said
went dead and that’s why she couldn’t
contact him but you know if I’m running
for my life from someone I’m gonna
scream help I’m gonna call out to the
first you know other adult I see alert
them to the fact that I’m being
approached so hang on a second because
he did say brother plate and guys
brother plate in case you don’t know
he’s a published
author on his IG page it says he has
written over 90 books speaker activist
and he’s connected to the conscious
I started to call saw net I started to
call professor Griff a brother rich I
call Santa Ollie and say hey how can I
I called you and you said slow down with
the dumb shit you said you didn’t buy it
you said you said when girls when girls
reach a certain age hang on and they
leave home sometimes they don’t want to
be found
that’s what you said right yeah I said
that in general you know whenever you
hear that the that they’re missing you
know if it’s a three or four year old of
course that’s a cause for concern that’s
you know a bonafide plea for help but
you know 13 14 15 years old they’re
where they want to be so I don’t know if
that is what happened here if she just
wanted to get away for a few hours but I
just don’t understand why it would take
a few hours to reconnect with your
family if you were in stealth mode
okay so Ronnie let me just get right to
it and by the way happy Halloween did
you dress up more anything or you’re not
partaking howling I don’t celebrate
pagan holidays so no I was myself okay
so the question is what makes teen girls
rebellious you get insight on that yes I
would say it can be a multitude of
reasons it can be you know no meaningful
guidance from the parents it could be a
lack of consistent discipline it could
be a lack of respect on the child’s
behalf it could be an inability to
reject peer pressure or an effort to
seek attention you could even make the
argument that becoming rebellious is a
sort of rite of passage or a growing
pain that most young girls naturally go
through and eventually if these ow
okay okay now again from my experience
I’ve seen not just teen girls but
preteen girls look at the family or you
know a stepfather or a father as the
enemy they can be living good in a
beautiful home in some upscale blue-chip
area you know everything is gravy
and some little boy gets in their ear
and then all of a sudden she goes
missing so I’m not gonna say you know a
lack of discipline I’m not gonna say a
lack of attention I’m just gonna I’m
gonna jump out the window and say
there’s something inside inside that
makes a young female just rebellious am
I crazy
well that would I think fall under the
you know maybe it’s a growing pain maybe
it’s just something of things that she’s
going through so genetics maybe we do
you think that’s possible again genetics
maybe I don’t know about genetics I do
think that most young girls go through a
phase where you know they think they
know everything they don’t want to hear
anything their parents have to say you
don’t know what you’re talking about
they think they’re smarter so I think
that’s sort of a thing that a lot of
girls coach you’re my father yes you’re
successful yesterda breadwinner but
you’re stupid you’re stupid hang on a
second let’s bring in some calls here
tonight happy Halloween everybody
yeah let’s be silly to name every go
five one three good evening are you
there five one three
hey how are you sir happy Halloween to
you now we don’t celebrate this shit man
you know this upside yellow Cincinnati
man Halloween fuck these all these weird
as well all whoa no kid is coming to my
mother fuck house trying to get some
free candy for me I got five of these
motherfuckers in here ask for candy a
day all day anyway
you got crumb snatchers and you’re
talkin reckless let’s go come on
yeah absolutely man I’m a reckless
motherfucker man I’m a mushroom cloud
blowing motherfucker motherfucker
can you pull back on the f-bombs please
it’s Halloween I may delete this file
but just pull back because that
algorithm is serious okay so never mind
never mind my Halloween
what makes teen girls or preteen girls
rebellious can you help me out man I can
tell you is probably always gonna stem
from they daddy you know I’m sayin the
girl look girls first love is gonna be
her daddy that’s the first I’m sayin the
first influence that she’s ever gonna
hear from a duel okay so it depends on
this she got a piece of shit mother
there you know sir take it easy with the
please please okay okay my bad my bad my
you know I’m from Cincinnati my link I
know feels from now Homer Adrien Broner
taxi Aaron Pryor Pete Rose Bootsy
Collins here oh yeah SAP’s slave I know
you from nigga let’s go you know we we
we really created to G funk man they
kind of slid that to California but we
really started to G funk man they said
Ohio players you get what I’m saying so
you know that well hang on so now I just
I can’t let’s just say that and get away
with that hang on no respectfully the G
Funk the G Funk started in Plainfield
New Jersey George Clinton
Bootsy came in after George Clinton you
know set it off with the parliaments
just to be accurate but go ahead okay
but at the same time not only just
Parliament we had we had the Isley
Brothers we had a lot of stuff come out
of Cincinnati man we kind of set the
tone for music Frankie Beverly and maze
and from numbered up the road yeah boy
let go okay
let’s pull it back and let’s pull it
back in what makes preteen or teen girls
rebellious help me out please
it might be here pops we got Megan’s we
were Megan Asterius and now this uh
prostitute rap like I said I would try
to refrain from the profanity but yeah
you know this teens young heart they
date they young harlots and they’ve made
it to where this is what entertaining to
these young girls and they going out
here listening to this this is what
seems like the mantra is it’s part of
the propaganda it might be a setup if
we’re talking about a conspiracy why
they let them creep through the door
Lauryn Hill just now about to drop
another another record what happened I
like what this man is going in now hang
on a second hold on so now did you see
the videos I’m talking about because
sometimes I’m too I’m too quick on a
story did you see the brother polite
videos no I didn’t but I’ve been
following brother for life for a long
time you know I rock with siding at an
hour down so I’m told
yes well where they going boy at the
same time this dude’s got like four
white cheeks on some fake polygamy you
know no disrespect to the brother but at
the same time I’m saying for what he’s
promoting as far as to where he’s
displaying this is not you know hey okay
I’m nobody judged but at the same time I
don’t know maybe you need to get some
black chicks in this house okay let’s
try thank you for the call I have a girl
with a happy Halloween to you salute
okay folks I celebrate Halloween
Christmas all holidays in America I had
a great childhood I’m far from a Scrooge
Ronnie so you don’t celebrate Halloween
what about Christmas you partake and
that you celebrate Christmas Connor no I
don’t celebrate any of these holidays I
don’t even celebrate my birthday okay
I don’t celebrate my birthday either
everyday is my birthday but you know you
know partake in Christmas no it’s a
commercial holidays nothing to do with
what they say that it’s about so and
consumerism yes yeah well I practice
consumerism year-round
so tonight area code eight seven zero
good evening happy Halloween eight seven
happy Halloween sir you got the you have
the big candy bar you can’t have the fun
size one excuse me I think you have the
big candy bar you hand out the fun size
one I’m not handing anything sir I’m not
giving out candy are you offering
yeah you gonna come to already but we’re
having a top and bottom conversation I
hear there should be new tank I hear you
okay you’re offering yes you are in the
line sir where you going where’d you go
eight seven now I see you okay he hung
up okay cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha
cha hang on a second we have atom
sending in a cash yet he said star Megan
good aka the new Sammy Sosa Ronnie oh
you have to sleep on on Megan good is
she bleaching did you see her some
picture that’s going around yeah I saw
the pictures that are going around and I
went on her Instagram page to see what
she’s herself posting because I didn’t
know is you know these are people that
are editing her pictures you know to
come up with a story and I’m not sure
what’s going on I know that she has
spoken before and she has said that and
the and the summer you know she gets
darker and the winner she’s you know a
lot lighter and the same is true for me
so I can understand that excuse that
excuse if that’s what’s happening it’s
you know she’s just readjusted to her
you know fall/winter she’d but I don’t
know some of the pictures that she
herself posted they look like she either
has on like that casket ready makeup
like someone did a terrible job
selecting the colors to apply or or
she’s using that cake soap I don’t know
you know you know that that topic of
bleaching it’s big and let’s not pretend
as you just said that people in the
Caribbean are not in bleaching in record
numbers cake soap india oh it’s a
billion dollars no industry over there
maybe maybe a multi-billion dollar
industry hang on a second before we
bring more calls in hey every evidence
ends in a cash at she says salute to the
hater and hardcore Ronnie hashtag
Newport one hundreds okay thank you
very nice picture everything thank you
so much for your support
okay to bring an area code three two one
good evening three twenty you’re there
happy Halloween everybody okay how are
you sir I’m good we joined the
conversation and you just want to go
left we going one no one’s gonna happen
when you run to the game you tell me sir
alright are you a game fan Oh nope well
why’d you hang up bitch nigga we don’t
hang up on people JC on teller has got
to pay that ho but that’s first I saw
him up on the stage talking about
something about I’m not broken and
that’s cute
okay he didn’t he want to have the
conversation yeah the game’s a liar
never met him never had a conversation I
did him a favor by telling that I have a
gun and I might have to lay his dumb ass
down I’ll call back if you get your
heart up area code 402 greeting 402 I’m
having a happy happy Halloween store oh
yeah screaming I don’t celebrate
Halloween brother when I’m calling to
talk to you
I don’t know so he can’t be poet any man
I can’t get into all of that but I’m
calling it rock star we’re both men of
we’re both men of a certain age let’s go
back to Halloween first yes it’s it’s
satanic it’s American it’s it’s great
for the kids Thanksgiving you know is
not really about gathering with the
family some people say it has to do with
the slaughtering of the Moors but you’re
an American yes are you Scrooge yeah do
you have kids I have kids I would yeah
that one son okay do you let him and I
say this respected you let him celebrate
when he was a kid yeah he celebrated
okay all right yeah I personally don’t
celebrate you’re sounding like a Scrooge
respectfully okay do you want to ask me
a question you said we’re men of a
certain age we one minute what service
young women I’m calling to help you out
you okay you are in the early stages of
leaving these young girls alone you’re
saying you’re done but you’re not really
done you’re going to go back but these
young girls are gonna get you into
trouble I’m telling you I don’t like
dating 40 year old six okay but I have
been able to find some that do you have
decent bodies but I would never date
anybody in their fifties and I and it’s
rough for me to date somebody in their
40s but I don’t have to deal with the
nonsense okay you have to commit to
leaving these young girls alone
otherwise you look you are end up broke
and a Howard I’m just trying to help you
out but stay with me let’s not rush stay
with me but it can I ask where are you
and are you retired or do you still work
for a living
I still work I’m still explained to
corporate America okay okay now
respectfully respectfully
I really cashed out in 2004 they gave me
a shitload of money up front i stashed
it overseas so i don’t really have to
work i’m that’s an act like you know a
big shot but i do this because i enjoy
doing it but as far as young females are
concerned here’s the thing I’ve never
been nor will I be a trick or a sugar
daddy I hear you talking about bodies
and yadda yadda yadda and respectfully
I’m gonna be a little little loose with
my mouth tonight
pussy pussy ain’t nothing to me it’s the
cheapest thing on the planet
I don’t chase pussy ready to go you feel
me so no I will never wind up broke
behind a bitch never but what is it you
want yeah but these young chicks they
don’t fool around and and deliberately
get pregnant they’re deliberately
inserted things to put you in situations
that you shouldn’t be in at our age and
it’s just it became very when I when I
had this Epiphany I feared like you I’m
done with them but then I went back
three four or five different times and
so finally got one that just has me
looking at 40 year olds permanently now
and I think you can avoid that because
you like this ratchet yawn 16 which is
really not good she was a troubled man
and I appreciate you trying to help me
but respectfully you’ve got a son you
claim a life yes you claim a life you
pay cash you pay tax it right I’ve never
paid taxes the taxes on a kid
respectfully you skied up in them yes
you know I have to carry on the lot I
ski on them respectfully so we’re not
the same and I listen I’m doing too much
tonight I’m gonna have to delete this
file because it’s very vocal but you I
thank you for your call
are you engaged in marriage now what’s
going on with you
single I’m single and I’m at peace I
like you said push me well he doesn’t
know well you know it’s gotta take it
more than just push me morsi’s cheap but
yeah you keep up to a week you better
talk business once I start do two hours
on this business because your business
model what this is out of this world
I’m stingy I’m that’s gonna help nobody
I’m stingy but thank you yes sir you too
okay folks the show has already gotten
vulgar hold on a second Ronnie bosco on
the check-in Bosco behind the world
what’s Papa home and give me a second
yeah okay so now when Bosco calls and I
know for sure we’re gonna have to delete
tonight tonight’s file because Bosco he
can’t he can’t talk clean where are you
boss go hold on Ronnie let’s get him on
the line I’m just gonna say copy
Queen Queen Street Bosco do you know who
Bosco is Ronnie yes I am up to speed
okay you just got to speed yes sir
uh-huh okay since we’re on since you’re
gonna delete this file can you clarify
the difference between you and that last
caller again why me we didn’t have a
long conversation I appreciate him
calling in he was talking something
about young girls and you know bodies
and yada yada yada you know I don’t
pursue young girls I mean I think that’s
a misconception about me I mean I wind
up having conversations with them and I
never ever ever chase the coochie it has
to be given to me because I I know that
if a female is feeling you she’ll give
it to you if she’s not feeling you you
know she’ll give it to you but she won’t
necessarily want to be with you you know
I’m saying that make sense
right yeah you could have won $500,000
worth of blue dot blue and yellow
diamonds you could be pushing a foreign
fly ass hair cutting also Italian shoes
and shit and but if she’s not filling
you she’s not filling you
that’s a female’s or yeah correct
yeah a bum ass nigger pigeon-toed with
with halitosis you know and a fucking a
week I could come by and smash her and
she would be more into him if she likes
him it’s very true very to you that’s
why I don’t give a fuck about a bitch
area code 231 are you there two three
one happy Halloween two three one hey
what’s up star how are you sir sorry I
thought you put up those those those
weight-loss pills yeah listen I don’t
want to wind and they be like tell me
about him and I don’t want to wake up I
don’t want to wake up and read in my
Emma’s and my you know my newsfeed that
legend radio host DJ thyroid terrains
passed away from weight loss don’t do it
what’s that with his time there’s always
time to go I ain’t scared to go you
scared you know I gotta get ready for
television pilot sir and I can’t be
fuckin around with all this you know
colonoscopy over so I detox silly shit I
need this shit the Tom Cruise’s are you
partaking a Halloween are you dressing
up you’re going out what’s going on with
you not just get off work at 6 o’clock
I’m a therapist actually I got up at
9:00 at night and I think that awful
work and I’m chilling I’m watching the
football yeah who’s playing tonight
going Arizona okay San Francisco still
undefeated they were doing
be good at one point yeah yeah they they
say like 17 all day but they bought the
be Arizona right now they what be 18 or
18 no hmm okay thank you for checking in
sir have a good evening thank you all
right okay all right all right hang on a
second Ronny uh let me see have Bosco’s
on the line okay ba see I don’t see you
I’m looking in the queue keep me posted
just send me a text if you can and say
when you’re on the line Bosco one
hundred Bosco and I have been talking
ever since I got on everyday struggle we
started you know communicating and I
think he’s extremely talented I think
that he’s at the forefront and um
hopefully he and I can do something uh
you know together if the situation
allows us to hang on a second who’s on
area code 305 hold on a second where are
you 305 is it priest you’re sent to the
casual increased okay hey how are you
meant hello yes how are you nice topic
bitches ain’t nothin but hos and tricks
however that goes okay here to get
chased by the acidic Jews thank you
every Halloween we forget chased by the
acidic Jews Wow Halloween night
okay needs to go trick-or-treating me in
the Puerto Rican I was probably the only
black kid this is the Puerto Rican so
hang on you used to go into the Hasidic
Jewish areas and they would chase you
out there because they have their own
security forces yeah the freakin arm was
it it was the station like
walkie-talkies and crowded and Crown
Heights with no folks give it yeah oh
this is ballpark yeah you don’t belong
over here take that shit down to
Sterling place exit down the way st.
John the fucking meat con fuck out of
Jewish when a Jewish ah we had a Jewish
tutor I miss Felicity she goes don’t
worry that’s why the Germans they kill
this he’s easy easy don’t talk reckless
it’s a Jewish Network wait can you help
us out one of the developments tonight
is what makes teen girls rebellious any
experience any thoughts what well I have
an 18 year old daughter and two other
daughters okay
I’m praised for me even though you do
not believe and I don’t believe either
but I’m praying is that they they don’t
think enough have a false sense the
reality and parents shout to them and
let them live in la-la land
and when they have sparks of real when
reality comes real quickly over 100 they
panic their panic attack and they in the
act out you know Andy and but you gotta
you gotta let them live a rip every in
reality but you know I have my daughter
she Steve works right now Taco Bell cuz
she wants to I don’t have to but I let
her know I let her know everything I try
to work I know what I do that well they
all have to work at I don’t believe in
that philosophy ever doesn’t have to
work all these hoes need to work yeah
yeah I agree with you bitch get up get
out and do something and and I’ve seen
it built character in my daughter
yeah you understand and she gets to see
she thought she could feel co-workers
they said I’m really gonna college these
women did bended thirties and forties
they did work in taco and and can’t see
with me you know I mean what’s you know
I it’s panic you know wake her up the
reality because she’s gonna last your
high school and if she didn’t have that
that reality check she’s probably still
being a little hang on a second you said
you have three daughters yes three
our three daughters okay now at what
point did you lose control keep it real
with 11 12 13 at what point did you lose
control of the kids you don’t yeah in
the sense of control I mean yeah you
have to be a great actor yeah you have
to literally make them believe that
you’re crazy and you’re gonna kill him
yeah shit was all gravy until she hit 11
then she started looking at you as if
you are fuck nigga right right and what
I did right I did I departed them to
Jamaica okay I be ported them did you
make in the country they grandmother
walk back to their black asses into the
woods and let them pick and dig yams and
you know and they got a reality check
there too okay so when they read it when
they landed in Miami you know they’re
like oh yeah you know I’m fortunate and
I deport them again they did was not
even six months go to school Wow you
know so they’re back in the states now
and they’re working and they’re somewhat
on course I want the seventeen-year-old
the graduate without really your high
school diploma
and she she’s back you know I mean I
really want to be quarterback with that
one was from a previous masters born in
Africa Wow I’m a rock safari so you know
Africa’s are dying and our homeland and
all that hang on a second I Ryan do you
want to jump in the conversation and he
comments any thoughts Ronnie you know I
want to ask him what he thinks he could
have done differently to sort of curb
you know rebellious behavior nothing mom
if I could have picked a fight it
they haven’t been that bad as I said you
know that is BeerBelly says I you would
see them acting out they’re very
respectful they know I you know I was
saying I mean it’s the world style
Jamaica I really believe that children
should be raised in a village you can’t
raise a child by yourself you need a
community support
if your child know that it’s just you in
the house and outside is defending them
this is promoting the ratchetness you
have help but if they give you drop them
into a village in Africa it’s often one
of those one of the very few villages in
the countryside that you’re making you
know I mean and they know that everybody
knows them and everybody knows you and
it all could get slapped at the same
time but it’s a morning you know in the
little teeny little revival churches you
know their little Google churches they
just scare the hell out of that they’ll
kind of like you know well that is crazy
so then watch what I’m doing
let’s try thank you for the call we’re
gonna switch up the topic here thank you
so much and I wish all the best thank
you all right yes okay bless Rastafari
okay folks happy Halloween
Ronny I think I want to focus on um they
want to focus on Megan good is Megan
good bleaching her skin can you look on
the screen and make sure I spell
everything correctly shift away from the
happy Halloween thing I’m a horrible
hey spell her last name is it good yes
it looks great to me yeah okay
hold on a second mm-hmm and can you help
me out can you um pull up anything on
making good any information so we can
you know see if she’s bleaching because
again I saw a video on Paris Milan’s
YouTube channel and she looks like she’s
bleaching to me Megan – looks like she’s
using that same shit Sammy Sosa’s use
him you know yeah these recent pictures
that you know that’s why I preferred to
go to her own page and see what she’s
putting out there herself but if you
look at the pictures she’s putting out
there herself this is a different Megan
good this is not the Megan good that I’m
used to seeing so I don’t know if it’s
you know bad makeup or what she’s doing
but this is
the same skin tone okay hold on a second
I so Bosco sent me a text
let me see this Bosco grieving area code
three two three hello breathing can you
turn it down please hello good evening
who are you sir
Oh ma’am we’re Sherman the real rich hey
what’s up man hey what’s up
I like your brother Wow you tell me that
you used to pay for pussy man excuse me
buckwild pussy what I said your brother
buck Wow you can tell me I like you used
to pay for pussy back then buck wild
told you so respectfully buck wild will
tell you anything so that you can loan
him money you loaned him money yes we
give money stay with me
don’t hang up don’t hang up are you the
answer are you trolling or do you have a
real conversation
don’t hang up nigga stay with me do you
really know buck wah did you ever meet
buck Wow stay with me stay with me
did you I’m gonna ask you a question did
you ever really meet buck wild yes I
have like I thought him drugs before
okay okay and did you give him credit or
did he borrow money from you credit ah
how much does he owe you right now keep
it real don’t hang up the phone bitch
nigga don’t hang up phone let’s get the
trollin how much does he owe you right
now oh now respectfully I’m never gonna
fuck up his hustle but he will tell you
every need
to tell you to get the credit from you
and he got the credit
praise Jesus huh now you know you’re not
going to eat that money right never mind
never mind the lie about pussy alive no
sir no but now you know you’re not gonna
get that money right you know you’re not
gonna get it right hey hung up in the
queue yes Luke – buck while catching
these niggas out holing no poppy corn
for 300 I think it sounds sweet
buck Odom area code nine one six good
evening we are really at our line
tonight because I started you I don’t
put it so rockstar I shoot you will
shoot you a deal so you can get on a
little radio you know offense okay and I
want to say I remember you did a
backbone show and I want to say you
described the situation that sound
yeah we wish tax tone and Troy have the
best man I mean I’m not the sharpest
knife in the drawer man but I mean but
yeah whatever that that’s true
would you be the triple well again I’m
no tough guy man but I’ve been in some
some shootouts and I was facing some
serious time and and two of the guys
that I shot one got depth that means
deported and the other the other guy got
killed in some bullshit so that’s how I
got out of that situation but with
regards to tax tone we turn this down
what I was saying to him and I think you
caught it is that you know what we’re
doing the microphones has to be separate
from what the rapper’s do we can’t go to
their father
we can’t go to their functions and
invade their space because in reality
they don’t invade our space so let them
do what they do it doesn’t mean
doesn’t mean you’re pushy if you don’t
go to the places that they go but just
let them do their thing you do your
thing and you feel me nah man nah niggas
gotta stop being so janky man just be
member that’s it yeah I used to see a
lot of the rappers that I used to talk
about if you’re talking my hot 97 in
power 105 I just see them and up in the
Bronx and the strip clubs or way down in
Brooklyn so it wasn’t like we didn’t get
get a chance to see each other but you
know I wouldn’t go to their shows here
and disrupt what they were doing you
film me and I say that respectfully here
he’s a good guy I hope I hope things
work out for him into him but I’ll give
you the last word oh man it just blew me
away man how you how you you already
seen the game and how things are gonna
play out
gave up the Jews but you know some of
this up dust and put them on and we’re
and they so I appreciate you for that
story I appreciate you take my car Thank
You Man
thank you yeah you know buddy buddy
ain’t nobody’s brother you okay hold on
guys on a second yeah and if it means
anything to anybody that’s in the
industry or radio world you know always
trying to avoid drama especially if the
cameras are on you don’t let yourself
wind up like Suge Knight I’ll keep it
real you know there’s been there’s been
many situations where I could have you
know pulled out the blame and start you
know just doing stupid shit but um look
how Suge Knight is going out hang on a
second Ronnie let me um get to some of
these cash apps brother Mowgli me sir he
says I got krills
for Ronnie’s Newports Oh hashtag rulers
he said krills he took it back hey yeah
good evening David he says happy
Halloween and you write F the game you
know he’s gonna pay that female though
oh he’s gonna pay her he’s gonna tell
you one thing but his appeal was already
denied and he can’t file chapter 13 or
chapter 11 and he sure as hell can’t
file Chapter seven he’s gonna pay her or
they’re gonna garnish
whatever earnings he has don’t go to
shit hey Andre Andre sends in a cash app
he says salute og okay
thank you Topa heito pay says you know
women that’s why you were boss I would
like to think I do but but let me just
say this you know I I like women I
genuinely like women I like the mystique
the aura of females you know natural
females so um it’s not that I’m some
some hater you know I just I I know how
they move and I move accordingly you
know thank you for your donation ok 2 6
7 wants to get on the line who’s 2 6 7
hold on guys someone says they want to
get their saxophone on the air where are
you – 6 7 I don’t see you did I pick up
too late okay honey I got your email
about Meghan good bleaching hold on a
second is she from California yes and I
have some direct quotes from where she
has addressed this before okay so she
says this is for those who believe that
I would actually bleach my face an
entire body to try to be lighter skin no
first off I love my complexion no matter
what side of the spectrum I’m at at any
particular time my skin looks various
different ways predict various reasons
from lighting to makeup style of
photography or something as simple as
weather and what coast I’m working on at
any given time she goes on to say this
is my complexion the one I was born with
I tend to get lighter and darker
depending upon how much Sun I do or
don’t get I love the Sun I’m a Cali girl
but as I’ve gotten older I’ve been
getting into my 30s I tend not to be in
the Sun as much because it ages your
skin terribly simply put I’m opting to
preserve my skin by
checking it and only making exceptions
for a vacation I don’t believe her I
think she’s bleaching yeah
Michael Jackson sat with Oprah Winfrey
and said I’ve got vitiligo
I think it’s on my father’s side I fuck
with Azealia Banks heavy you know she’s
bleaching right no I didn’t know that
but that doesn’t surprise me about her
so you know okay hang on Ronny uh Bosco
just sent me a text he says I called
already I had to take the baby out to
trick-or-treat okay salute Bosco all
right folks Megan good is bleaching I
don’t care what nobody says I know I
know what bleaching looks like I’m sorry
she’s bleaching she’s trying to preserve
her Hollywood career you know how old is
she no she bought him 38 years of age
okay so I would say she’s 40 38 is
probably her Hollywood age she’s 40 the
rolls are slowing down
you know she’s bleeding yeah her
Hollywood is 38 yeah Ronny hang on a
second I gotta talk about my new sponsor
be right back Stadium okay guys I want
to welcome twig underscore clothing to
the store report twig underscore
clothing on Instagram and I will get
more information on them tomorrow I just
got the big-ass box look at that
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package nice sweatshirts
I said that right there I’ve got um this
is another sweatshirt pardon me there’s
the logo twit okay
they sent me a nice raincoat oh shit
I’m gonna take place with that Tommy
Hilfiger raincoat that I wear this is
check this out twig stands for that’s
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analytics of the show okay all right
welcome to the show okay watch it Ronnie
I’m back um yeah Megan good
I think she’s bleached make some more
calls in and let me say salute to
Buckwald one more time who caught that
guy for 300 on a drug transaction hey
good evening area code a four seven are
you there 8:47 hello good evening 847
what’d you do pick it up pick it up pick
it up
okay I gotta keep it moving that’s right
let’s go to every code eight five eight
good evening happy Halloween eight five
eight is Megan good bleaching her skin
eight five eight I believe black people
they talk about what everyone talk about
skin cancer and things like that black
people can use don’t block sir your
phone sighs muffled Kenya and make some
adjustments please phone sounds I’m
crazy you were saying yeah Megan good
can be used as snow buckets want to go
outside to protect ourselves from the
Sun UV and things like there I believe
she’s making excuses yeah but I think
that when she looks gray now she looks
like Vybz Kartel yes yeah
to me she looks like direct ler like the
female Dracula’s on some those very
strange no yeah I come from San Diego
okay yeah we have we a little out here a
couple days ago
okay be celebrating Halloween and happy
Halloween to you star hey I love you man
yeah I wish I wish I was dumb enough to
go around and get some candy and shit
but I’m too old for that shit sir it was
a different time I don’t know how old
you are but you know back in the days
you could go trick-or-treating and it
was all good and now you go
trick-or-treating in there if they’re
putting stuff in the candy man that
they’re trying to like you know do crazy
shit the kids you know if you ask me you
wanna you know one of your colors and
like he had a couple kids and he was
talking about he’d be giving his kids
candy and shit like that the things he
was saying was kind of true thank you
and saying was kind of true because like
no black people getting shot in the
house so what what does a black person
look like given some people some candy
and shit that’s some crazy shit
there’s knocking on the door instead
black folks getting blasted I’m able to
imagine in some neighborhoods do you
live in a nice neighborhood or do you
live in yeah actually almost every area
in sandy East I was it got like over a
hundred communities I promised about
eighty of them is good communities okay
I stand a good communities be tonight
any was the richest one but San Diego’s
enable town yes you guys got the Navia
courts out there yeah we got the Navy we
got SEAL Teams out here I forget which
ones I think it’s the odd numbers
I think the East Coast got the even
numbers all got the odd numbers out here
and we got all that shit we got the
first Navy aviation base first one out
here yeah but yeah Tom Brady’s uh
supposedly gonna come out to him play
for the charges when he’s finished with
the Patriots any thoughts on that do you
care I don’t believe I don’t believe Tom
Brady Tom Brady’s is attached to a
rubber crash and everyone anyone who’s
interested in football knows that Tom
Brady is uh is the wonderful kind he’s
up there with Dan Marino and the other
guy whoa whoa excuse me excuse me Tom
Brady is one of the greatest if not the
greatest great how dare you mention the
great choke artist Dan Marino in the
same sentence as Tom Brady how dare you
name it brainless Dan Marino ringless
all that quick release bullshit was
bullshit ringless come on man don’t do
that operation I appreciate the fact
knocking shit on someone who says Dan
Marino is the top quality uh quarterback
sir I’m a dance
Oates was better than Dan Marina do you
know Dan Fouts was I think I’ve heard of
the last name I can’t really catch the
face folks I’m about to black out give
me a second much so how will you hold
you I’m uh 27 looking at live chat I’m
not even looking in there they’re
getting at you right now how the fuck do
you live in San Diego and not know who
Dan Fouts is well I don’t know hit that
nigga up off this line hang on a second
Boston want you there I know I’m doing a
lot tonight they’re running I’m here had
to get that Hawaii the line how do you
live in San Diego and Dan Fouts was for
the charges kill yourself
hold on run maybe the transplant got to
be hey everything everything he sends in
another time chef Thank You Don she says
oh no Megan good hashtag Mia bleach
yeah she’s bleaching baby she’s bleached
and I don’t give a goddamn what nobody
say David is in the cash and he says
star in a corporate world does pay to be
bad or good okay I think he meant does
it pay to be bad or good well if you can
if you can get the bagman you know it
pays but get the bag and do something
with the bag don’t just get the money
and then start buying a bunch of bum ass
ghetto niggas slave chains and Jordans
don’t do that don’t do that you’ll be
broke you’ll wind up you know talking
about you know I tried I tried to help
my team eat but Thank You Sofia donation
Bruce Bruce sends a donation he says
some advice to my dad who had a liver
transplant uh well if he’s still alive
then he survived as far as advice go
hard to go home
well yeah you only go around once you
know I mean I had complications when I
came out of the hospital the first time
2008 so I had to go back if you’re
mystified then it’s only it’s in God’s
hands what I say doesn’t mean anything
you know I mean uh but as far as advice
I don’t know how how serious the
cirrhosis was you know but if you’re
still alive then um eat healthy you know
but it might be too late
sometimes it’s just too late sometimes
you can have that liver transplant and
you’re just working on borrowed time but
I thank you for your donation so the
area code seven eight good evening seven
eight happy Halloween is Megan good
bleaching seven eight five four three
two one’s gonna matter dude okay alright
guys Bhaskar will not be calling in he
said he had to take his a daughter
he’d sitting cold in I didn’t see his
number fast enough area code two two six
good evening were you there two to six
I’m doing sir how are you I’m doing
great okay so the questions about Megan
good or the teen girls that’s up to you
it’s a Halloween we’re just being silly
what do you want to go um the teen girl
one I’d like to answer that I think I
know it’s the answer to that I I could
just give you from experience right I’m
only I’m just twenty-five but if I go
back to when I was you know a 10 12 13
years old I would definitely say the
main thing I realized this you mentioned
earlier stars like peer pressure you
know what I mean and like
you know one girl mightier friend think
it’s cool to show her mother attitude
and then she kind of goes along with it
I it’s not even really with just teen
girls it’s like a society thing right
you just kind of copycat other people
but um because you know if you take
people that you know they don’t really
live in the United States they kind of I
don’t think they do that kind of stuff
they show their parents respect you’re
talking in other countries but oh sorry
I beg to differ hold on now hold on hold
on now you see I asked Ronnie earlier if
she thought it was genetics and she said
no I think it is genetics I most
certainly do and I don’t wanna get too
weird and spooky and start talking about
female animals and in the jungle or
wilderness and how they you know try to
dominate the male’s or insects how
insects will you know try to devour a
male after sex you know I think it’s I
think it’s genetics I think that it’s a
certain point whether it’s 12 years old
13 years old
the daughter looks as the mother as a
stupid bitch
you know you’re old you’re not really
young and popping and the daughter will
look at the father as you’re just you’re
supposed to give me shelter and feed me
but in reality you’re not smart
I truly believe that’s what females
think I don’t mean if I don’t mean to be
so cut and dry but that’s what I think I
think that you have to cut them loose at
some point or you have to you know
just let them go on and hope hope that
they come back one day and see you for
the intelligent man that you are or if
you’re not intelligent then they’ll come
back and confirm that you’re a piece of
shit good yeah you know what it and I
agree with you completely sir I think
part of it is where they you know they
look at the dad and they say oh you are
supposed to give me shelter and stuff
like that but that’s that’s my exact
point of why
you don’t really see that outside of the
United State because if you go to third
world countries
you think these little girls are talking
back to their dad yes yes you talk about
developing nations get up to speed
yes those girls are talking back as well
don’t get it twisted Italy France the UK
you might be have you been to third
world countries
have you been to third world countries
okay well those young girls are selling
coochie at an early age and once they
start selling that coochie Rickett they
get to talk and however they want to
twelve or they get a a perception of
males so if I’m selling my body and I’m
very very young and I see how you are
lusting over me you’re a 50 60 70 year
old man they get to thinking well you
know that’s how all of them are
including my father go get me some Dolce
and Gabanna you fuck I don’t care about
the steak you put in a goddamn
frigerator go get me some red bottoms
all right sorry I gotta take some other
calls here I’ll let you finish up though
come on please thank you I have no idea
no idea thank you what are you what’s
what these guys who think because they
call in I’m supposed to recognize their
voice donation I’ll remember you
otherwise get the fuck out of here fuck
out of here hang on Ronnie I folks I’m a
little extra tonight it’s Halloween hang
on a second okay let me just make sure I
go back and get these super chats okay
Allen Jones that’s gem so hey gem star
started you seen the video of that
fine-ass cop in Rockaway Queens $100
says she’s on Love & Hip Hop by next
year throwing drinks
tables I’m not the speed you know she’s
talking about what he’s talking about
Ronnie some cop in I have no idea what
happened I don’t know
Thank You gem store ok Johnny to coolant
checking he says hello star it’s been a
while since I checked in my girl broke
my phone because she thought I was
texting another texting other hos
hashtag sucker shit ok Johnny man thank
you for your donation I hope that you’re
Johnny too cool always gets his shit
rocked by his girlfriends no room
punched in his face slapped around but
he sends in donations aren’t bush kid
says yo star casting over two times said
today on 93.7 the beat that DJ academics
is paying him for protection so now he’s
safe to walk in New York after being on
an online thug okay sounds about right
III like why I can’t say I like it a
gnome but is that the guy that was um
taking shots at Casanova the other
rapper I watched some video months ago
he was talking about they were up on
Rikers together yadda yadda yadda whole
bunch of extra shipper Thank You Bush
kid make Ronny scream Riggs
sends in a donation Ronny jabs herself
with the bottom end of a Glock 40 and
gargles bullets in between calls that’s
why that’s why she sounds so frazzled
when you take her off hold
okay thank you you know that’s the
lethal weapon the webview rigs have
y’all says I just seen a group of black
and wearing afros as Halloween costumes
Kanye was right when he said slavery was
a choice Jesus is king Wow okay okay
okay uh somebody pretending to be my
vicious – how your mother says Troy
please get my son buck while back in the
program and where the fuck is your book
okay and give your girlfriend a
ground-and-pound from me hashtag
gabagool okay buck wild is not connected
to my biological mother he’s got his own
biological mother thank you sir
and my mother has always said to me I
don’t care who you date and don’t
introduce me to anybody unless you’re
gonna marry her
never has she cared over the years about
who I dated nor did she wanted like you
know um or no would she take a phone
call from somebody who I was dating she
didn’t flow like that but thank you for
your donation djk Caesar says that
Scrooge which Ronnie gives out half half
smoked cancer sticks to the
trick-or-treaters for Halloween salute
Wow okay mr. t on the chicken says uh my
F shit senses kicked in when polite told
the white kidnapper story
side note okay after your midlife crisis
mobile and you’re okay this is written
horribly soon okay I’ve never had a
midlife crisis I’ve never been depressed
but thank you little hard to read but
thank you hey sir Ronnie um brother
polite we started out talking about the
topic you know and I connected it to his
situation what did you think when you
saw him reference that some white guy
got out of a car and was trying to
abduct his daughter didn’t you say
abduct I forget yeah he said that the
guy first called out to his daughter
and she ignored him and then he got out
of he actually got out of his vehicle
and I guess so to approach her I mean
the entire story just sounds super fishy
and if there is a man out there that is
attempting to abduct children why would
you not report this and also so that
this man could be captured right that’s
what I want to see I want to see a
police report I want to see brother
polite go to the police you know to
protect other young preteen girls in
that Miami area or I’m gonna have to
assume he’s cloud chasing you know I
mean I don’t want to say scamming so
many people say he’s scamming well it’s
not that people say he’s scamming he has
been caught you know doing things that
you know aren’t ethical so and that’s
been proven people have provided
receipts where they’ve been fleeced
by him he had to change some things on
his website because he had taken someone
else’s illustrations and used it you
know for himself and taken the credit
for it so and there’s all sorts of
things that you know scams day he’s been
involved in so that’s not alleged okay
hold on a second let me go back to the
superjet blacksheep nine two forces can
you please tell these fools in the live
chat that Ronnie is not a Jehovah’s
Witness because she doesn’t celebrate
Halloween all right sir I barely look in
the live chat the live chat is right
here I let them handle their business
I’m always looking at super chat and
cash yet yeah that’s a whole nother
world Ryan do you jobs what is running
you know I actually am NOT but as far as
Christianity that is one of the problems
that I have with you know especially
like the Baptist part of Christianity
you know there’s all different groupings
you have Pentecost
so you have Baptist you have you know
Lutheran and Methodists no it’s it’s
very yes it’s very contradictory to be
celebrating Christmas or Halloween or
you know any of these holidays your
Bible tells you specifically you know
don’t go and cut the tree down and bring
it in your house and fasten it with
silver and gold so I think people
probably assume that I’m not looking in
there right now but because I don’t
celebrate it and Jehovah’s Witnesses
they are the only ones who you know
really stick to stick to that and follow
the Bible as far as not celebrating
holidays so but no I am NOT and I can
say that that is you know one of the
many contradictions within Christianity
okay hang on a second black races on the
check-in via super chat
he says salute to buckwild keep running
keep running nigger they can’t catch you
and happy Halloween to you star I hope
some day caught me I hope somebody eggs
your house and kills your cats well I
don’t have any cats I mean I had cats
back into River New Jersey I had wild
cats here in Atlanta I had some coyotes
I think the Coyotes took off and went to
a different location because now the
squirrels are back so I’ve got I’m
dealing with squirrels there’s a fox
that’s in the yard sometimes but thank
you man thank you for your donation you
and I spoke about Facebook banning
people that are using emojis yes so it’s
not just the use of the emojis it has to
be in conjunction with some other text
so if I say if you say something
sexually suggestive and then you use
certain emojis with whatever you’re
saying you can be banned
so like the eggplant emoji the peach
emoji if you were to say something
sexually suggestive and include those
emojis with it yeah your account could
be in trouble
no are they been
or individuals or they’re taking down
pages I’m a little gray area well
they’re going to strike the account that
you know posted the content and I know a
lot of people people will post pictures
of themselves and they’ll use emojis to
sort of cover up their you know their
intimate parts and that is also now
going to be seen as an infraction yeah
sometimes in my dashboard in YouTube
psych will have that green ball which
shows that you can monetize the video
and then three days later it’ll be
yellow because that audio algorithm
combs through the goddamn show sometimes
it takes a couple of days sometimes it
takes a week and you can’t make money
off the fucking them that’s Big Brother
yeah every code 973 good evening
happy Halloween is Megan bleaching 97:3
yeah what’s up – from La Quinta Jersey
well it was good
hey I just popped on actually I was
going to sleep and then I heard you guys
talking about daughters and their
fathers and all that
I got a 14 year old and they got 11 in
the euro let me tell you something yes
absolutely right
and look at their mother like she’s a
fucking idiot which is and they look at
me like hey nigga you’re supposed to do
this shit for me the only but the cool
thing is the youngest one is like me cuz
I’m a number two she’s number two okay
the other me so she she rides for daddy
you know the name but until she hits ten
years of age I’m ready for it I don’t
give a fuck yo they both think I’m crazy
anyway so it’s cool y’all to be they
know I’m not putting up with the
bullshit but yo best thing in life to
have girls cuz my mother may be your
heart body it was my father’s my mother
my father father was
you know stable the only still Joey fix
my daughter’s up and all that they’d
know my grant their grandfather and all
he’s the calm one they didn’t meet their
grandmother my mother passed away but he
was the one that used to bring the wreck
now I’ve always said when I do have kids
I want to have five daughters and I hope
I hope three of them are dykes I tell
you right now women have no problem with
their hands on their sons
me and my brothers used to pray for our
Father with my eyes because he was just
so tired he was like you know what my
father never hit me and my mother gave
me tuneups on a regular uppercuts and
she kept my hair long and an afro so she
could grab it and shake me but that is
exactly that’s why I fuck my brother man
he got ya dread man Annie and I fucking
to this ass up Louie got older I mean
we’re cool now but now he cut his shit
low music knock if you do to me now he’s
harder to deal with cousin here’s knife
brother yeah right Thank You Man thank
now we’ve nothing all right brother I
said thank you man
let me make sure a bit missing any super
chests honey I think I’m gonna shut it
down what time is it okay I wanted to go
to a Halloween party tonight but my
cousin I called him around why I told
you already right I called him around 6
p.m. and he he said hey I’m in New York
I said what the fuck so whoop on the
check in Shenzhen a super dad says New
York niggas do the Jadakiss laugh when
they find loose change
on the subway okay Bush kid says you
miss my other cash app and Ronnie was
dressed as a box of Newports for
Halloween okay
DC DC Frenchy says you should have
bleached your skin to show your white
side for Halloween okay
you or me it doesn’t say which one if I
can go back and find I thought I read
Bush kids other I don’t see it okay
Adolphe it all says uh since you’re
deleting this file today I dressed as
Hitler oh and did the Nazi walk a while
he’s talking really reckless okay he’s
talking about going through our Crown
Heights and Williamsburg thank you sir
for your donation okay okay did I get
black sheep
yeah I did sheep was uh well actually
wanted me to snitch on the live chat I
don’t know what’s going on the live chat
black sheep and I don’t really look in
there you know we don’t have no admins
there’s no wrenches or anything like
that let me close out the show with area
code two one five good evening two one
five were you there hello okay 205 hung
up its go to area code six seven eight
good evening six seven eight happy
Halloween are you there six seven eight
a one two a one two a one two thank you
sir how are you I’m good you want to
speak the phone we can’t do that man
okay hear me now leave me sir how are
well we talking about today I just got a
new trail I’ll just come in how old you
and we come from you 24 Atlanta okay
okay can you describe what it feels like
to have a scrotum bouncing off of your
chin sir
keep it real come on it’s Halloween sir
can you describe what it feels like
y’all have a scrotum bouncing off of you
now listen he’s talking like a yard man
he called it and talking like Yankee no
now is the yard night yo gunshot hot
lava to the bottom on ya Oh boom bye-bye
so I no longer eat Jamaican food what
happened to Jamaican food let’s start
yeah I saw the call yesterday I called
you about that I’ll try to call it
yesterday yeah I agree with you not
agree with you but you know yeah what do
you know what it is the mom-and-pop they
start small
and like a little PR thing like a shop
in Tahoe
but then the food is so good that the
word get out and then they get a whole
lot of people’s clothes in case it’s
hard for them to keep up so the shit
drops by the quality of the food I have
another theory can you just entertain me
for a second and you know I don’t like
to always go back into time but you know
there’s growth hormones in the cattle
and the dairy now there’s posilac and
other things that are in the corn and
the feed that the chickens and the cows
and other animals eat even the goats
chinese-food now is different than it
was 20 30 years ago are you familiar
with something called gutter oil or
recycled grease cutter oil you can
actually google it and you will see that
most of these Chinese restaurants in
America now after they cooked the food
in the grease they then sell the grease
back to a company that recycles the
grease whereas 40 50 30 years ago the
grease would be thrown out now they
recycle the grease and then sell it back
to other Chinese restaurants so you’re
eating food that has been cooked in
recycled grease
that’s why Chinese that’s why Chinese
food tastes different now that’s why
it’s more dangerous for you and it can
cause all sorts of cancerous mutation
things like that Jamaican food is
different now because well most of these
Jamaican food even that’s shipped in to
Jamaica comes from Miami so it’s
different and I’m not kind of clown
Jamaican people Jamaican heritage I mean
again I beans making food since the
fucking 70s but it’s different now the
texture is different you know there’s
not enough goats and football cows on
the planet you know to feed everybody my
grandmother well I see thanks for saying
that you can’t find the same spell okay
fine like you said you can’t find the
same evening the meat I’m not saying
it’s it’s nasty and I’ve never said
Jamaican for his nasty I’m saying it
tastes different to me and it just
doesn’t work for me any for me anymore I
can’t eat McDonald’s anymore McDonald’s
food literally makes me vomit now after
I eat a double cheeseburger I have to
pull over and hurl whatever they’re
doing now the fucking meat the grease
doesn’t worth me anymore
yeah but uh making good returns kid can
we can we hit that real quick before you
come yeah do you think she’s bleaching
definitely and she was one of those
chicks making good more along there with
my you could look at him be like damn
like natural beauty I saw her on that
pitch I’m like man what was going on she
since grey now smoke drink she looks
no kicks off the kicks or too strong
yeah she’s using cake soap bingo you
kick too strong
hey man thank you for checking and I
appreciate the call man enjoy the rest
of you put a little curry and bleaching
cream Thank You Man thank you okay he’s
checking in yeah folks the food’s
different it’s just a lot of stuff is
different now you have sugar substitutes
who aren’t in things I mean Captain
Crunch does it taste like you did back
in the 70s I used to love Captain Crunch
I could eat fucking three bowls of that
shit back in the days now it’s like
eating some type of fucking cardboard
with sugar substitute I think the same
Ronny I’m gonna sign yeah come on come
in say no I was just going to agree with
you that the food is you know
drastically different and I think I said
this to you the other day you know
there’s a very big difference between
like 10 11 12 year old girls from you
know when you were coming up and 10 11
12 year old girls now you can see it
it’s the hormones and the food it’s the
GMOs it’s the the food is essentially
like poison I know that sounds extreme
but um it’s a lot of it isn’t even you
can’t even call it food you know and
there’s no labeling we don’t know what
we’re really getting I used to buy the
The Naked drink it’s like four dollars a
bottle for like a you know a regular
bottle turns out they were lying they
were deceptive in their marketing
practices and so there was a
class-action suit
jumbo francs jumbo hamburgers all that
means is that you’re now eating more
fucking growth hormones you know right
it’s gonna make you fuck your arms swell
up happy thing should have after a year
or two that’s all very true why do you
think you enjoy the rest of you evening
and we’ll talk tomorrow okay
you too take care thank you bye now
alright boss your money all right
very vulgar show tonight I don’t know
what happened man just somehow we lost
control left
make sure they’d miss any cash ups okay
if I missed any cash traps I will get to
them tomorrow you have my word we check
super jet black races greetings sir he
says star I hope you have ten kids all
boys with an ungrateful fat bitch and
they all I’m sorry and they all of them
turn into trannies getting plowed on the
internet for tokens I’ve got kids now I
mean not biological kids but you know so
what’s a crazy shit me fucking DMZ males
hey star you like your dad to me doing
some of this shit you’re talking about a
casting couch director says Ronny
reminds me of an Italian broad from
Rutgers Oh
who stays smoking Newports 100’s that
audition for the dance team okay but her
lungs weren’t built for it I said Jersey
nigga right there well he said Rutgers
hey hustle hustle says star what’s your
thoughts on Angela he being exposed by
gucci mane and do you think Charlemagne
was grimy for interviewing him solo
question mark was I don’t know we
somebody asked me about that again oh
the other day I don’t wanna get into
that you know I don’t have a comment for
everything that goes on in the world of
entertainment or the industry I wish I
wish everybody the best you know I mean
I live great life so I mean some of this
stuff that happens I just look look at
and say okay okay
Angele he was very nice to me I met her
very very respectful I know I joke
around sometimes you know but she was
nice to me and I think she deserves
every bit of success she’s getting now
she put in a lot of work before The
Breakfast Club she was over at Sirius XM
that’s why I met her one time I don’t
know about the thing with Charlemagne
whether that was grimy I don’t know I
don’t know what their deal structure is
none of my business but them I wish her
the best okay hey tt says since episode
is getting deleted okay I got a question
for Ronnie who’d she rather have break
into her home at 3:00 a.m. in the
morning Wesley Pipes or tank I’ll read
that one again to him when she was back
on the show let me save that homesick
guys oh she sent me a text
she said Wesley she said Wesley all
right all right let me get some of these
banners ready and guys I’m gonna have a
banner tomorrow for my brand new sponsor
okay hold on me just make sure I have
everything lined up for you guys give me
a second
very sloppy show tonight I don’t know
what the fuck happened cussing and
talking crazy again I want to thank my
new sponsor twig which stands for that’s
what I do you can catch them on
Instagram twig underscore clothing and
again they sent me some really nice
sneakers hoodies a rain jacket
nice boxes hmm if anybody else wants to
be a sponsor for this show send me an
email to hater one 964 yahoo.com and i
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don’t just send people money advertise
it they don’t show you what they do
behind the scenes what is this oh okay
they sent me some what is this
yeah I’m just kidding put these up on
the screen I’ll show you that tomorrow
all right hey um let me get some banners
rolling here my first sponsor my triple
butter calm in the building okay make
sure you stop by there and tell him I
sent you okay take care good night be

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