When People Can’t Manipulate You , They Will Call You Crazy 💯


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If You Allow Yourself To Be Controlled , Used Or Manipulated You Will Always Have Friends. The Day You Wake Up And Say No To People They Will Call You Crazy And Stay Away From You or They Will Know Not To Even Try You With Certain Urges. It’s Important To Have A Strong Character In Life That Can Stand Any Test People Will Bring Your Way!

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let me tell you something you gonna be
crazy to a lot of people that take play
you and four person could you call you
and make you jump with it
you ain’t big trouble and for us to call
you and make you cheat on your husband
good come on
I got this freeing down for the meat and
he got afraid we’re here just coming
over but I don’t know about that
are you just for that you bleep a person
will get you to know your money anytime
they even though they owe you money is
still going on the money you’re weak but
when the person came to play you think
I’m calling you crazy they’re going to
stay away from you they gonna know their
limitations with you and get some from
you the same stuff that calling you fuck
you can’t get out of it and they go feel
like you play because you’re a fool for
them and see what you got to understand
you you can be vulnerable you can’t be
that weak mentally you can’t stand I
don’t care I beated your body here and
your mindset weak your body bleep cuz
your mind control your body your mind
control your pockets if America I don’t
think you ego always beat you and from
Erica I’ll take you he gonna always beat
you emotionally and all that cuz he’s
smarter than you don’t let nobody play
right cuz there’s three things that
gonna do for you when they can’t play
you put they go no I can’t come to him
pocket I can’t come action for nobody
gonna give me that I already don’t play
them I know I came trying like that too
man look man I gotta say way from hell
now don’t do things going straight way
from you are they gonna respect the fact
that you move a certain way and they
even got them moving the way you want to
do this and that’s when you stash from
you got to stand firm it and see you got
to be strong in these type of situations
a lot of people the strong prey of the
wheat and see where you were you
weak-minded you become a prey or
predator somebody’s trying to get
something from you
so my just trying to get over you
somebody’s trying to use all the
previous favors they did for you every
mind you and everything they did so they
can come to you so shoot understand what
I’m saying
Magnusson stand firm with people man no
man I ain’t got it my don’t call me my
good man nah man I can’t do that look
like nah man I ain’t going out tonight
stand firm cuz you’ll wind up in the
situation you don’t want to be in just
cuz you were trying to make somebody
else smile
just cuz you’re trying to put a grand on
somebody else things man this might
worry about you or your family worried
about you it don’t happen if it ain’t
green that you happiness and take you
from your tight game this is I don’t
care what if they’ll respect what you
stand for you were the big trouble if
you stay round there stay down stand
firm I don’t care what they say about
you bro stand firm
cuz you crazy to anybody that can
control wait a minute

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