When God Yells Action In Your Life , Can’t Nobody On Planet Earth Can Yell CUT 🙌


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But if an egg is broken by an inside force
At that point, Life begins
Great things happen from the inside

People on the outside will try to break you ,
Break your spirit ,
kill your dreams ,
stop your growth
and break your egg

You have to be willing to break yourself mentally so that no one else can break you

Mentally you have to be strong and tough to endure hate and losses

U will lose people along the way

God will remove people out of your life without giving u an explanation

In order to become a better person
U have to drop the people that were keeping you from becoming

U will lose some people
It could perhaps be the people who u grew up with

But the people that you will lose
Be the ones that were stopping you from being a good person the whole time

When god yells action in your life
It ain’t nobody on this planet yell cut

god will block people that you feel like you can’t go on without

But the people that god got out
Was plotting against you and u was so blinded by the title of that person relationship in your life that u could not see the plan to take u down <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

let me tell you something ships don’t
sink from the water around the boat ship
safe from the water that get in the boat
and wear it down don’t let nothing
that’s going on around you weigh you
down it’s as simple as an egg right
cheer for egg is broken by outside force
life is at that point but if that egg is
broken by inside force at that point
life begins see great things happen in
your life from inside joke right
it’s all inside the minds here see
people on the outside they gonna try to
break your egg yeah people on the
outside gonna try to break your spirit
people on the outside will try to kill
your dream then we’re trying to stop the
road they’ll try to take the air and
break it that what they want to do but
you can’t let your get what’s going on
around you inside you and wait you down
you got to be willing to break yourself
mentally so no one knows could break you
you got that no you won’t face yeah all
kind of tough battle you got the hand of
mine set of a spoon individual chair
doing a pain yeah you got to know you’re
gonna lose a lot of people along the way
cuz God’s gonna remove those people I
chose weight without even giving you an
explanation he gonna take G coz it
wanders become a better person you gotta
talk to people that was keeping you from
becoming a better person you don’t know
some people and some time ago be the
people that you work with from the
beginning but you gotta get them around
you like the people you start with ain’t
gonna be the people you finish with and
see what you gotta understand some of
the people that you lose it could be
people that’s stopping you from becoming
a good person the whole time you ain’t
even know they was the enemy within and
see what I did toes
a book about outside force life is but
at that-air broken from inside force
night begins understand what I’m saying
a star and porn okay and sometime car
that get people around you without
tapping on the shoulder with no warning
no explanation
he got no time for no explanation he
came to manifest and everything dude I
prayed about he’s trying to bring it
about but to only let these people go
and you gotta let him go and see so tell
you are losing people man yeah that was
holding you from becoming the best
person on a better version than Yoshi up
the whole time and she i’ma tell you
something when God yeah action in your
life I don’t care what director filming
can’t nobody give cook but I don’t care
be Spike Lee’s Oh kevie pilot parent
don’t can’t be the best I read no herb
Steven Spielberg got even remove his
burger when cars say action and go like
boys actually can’t nobody could
understand what I’m saying and so tired
you got a cut back cut people on choke
life and you’ve got the news people you
tell about the moment cuz they trying to
break your egg and God see that say he
got vision till you gotta understand
everybody born got sight but God got
vision and he see pastor day you see so
you’ll see a little spot you got head
like but God see the pitch he see the
whole view he see the world inside who
he see the world around you or behind
and he’s trying to move them evildoers
and them haters and impression blockers
about your life but you keep holding on
because they come as a title they keep
talking about man that’s my clothes that
my sister that’s my mama man your mama
could you be a terrier yo daddy could
you be a donor they could have just had
to get you this but God got to get you
here and get you out here so you can do
what Moses did so you can do it so in so
you could do it goddamn King Solomon D
you got some work to do for you got
greatness besides when they turn the
stop you and see if the people that God
got out was fighting against shoot and
you couldn’t see and see he tried to get
me pig
so they were trying to tear you down
they were tearing down the ferryman for
so he had to remove everything that
juice about you
y’all got some dukes up inside to that
card don’t hit Joe safe around these
haters understand what I’m saying they
trying to take you down God’s gonna make
you brave this gonna beat your Gil just
gonna be your right through you I need
you to share this video I need you to
send this to somebody return there’s
five people in here baby it’s gonna be
rich listen y’all need to subscribe to
my channel y’all need to set them post
notifications on I’ll tell you right now
cut bro I’m gonna keep your motivated
all Gil this is gonna be no guilt don’t
kill who say I don’t care what the
lawyer say I don’t care what the doctors
say the doctor could pronounce you dead
if God’s be slicing your life ain’t
nobody can stop what God got inside you
what boy you better keep going you
better keep don’t want me to go with

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