What Can You Say About Toronto Canadas Most Wanted List That Drives DEMs & ProBLKS To The Bottle?


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mmm mmm oh man oh man oh man guys I’m
not supposed to be here I’m not gonna be
here very long I’d like to thank all the
people who are here portable microscope
who needs that
microscope that you hook up to your cell
phone so nice invention I guess guys
guys guys
the fuck that is they don’t call me
anymore anyway less simply sorry about
that I gotta just weird-ass phone calls
it’ll be coming through but that’s not
the point
thank you guys so much for being here oh
I should have left for little while I
was gonna go take a small nap but I had
to talk to you guys about something that
I saw somebody in the comment section
put as I was reading a lot of the
comments thank you man what’s up score
are in the building guys is gonna be
really quick but I want you guys to
understand I did three videos talking
about okay this is something’s gonna
make liberals heads explode it’s
something that’s gonna make Pro blacks
call me a coon but it’s also something
that’s the truth there’s a problem
that’s going on in a lot of countries
that was you who say that deal edge
thank you I had to do this when you sent
this I think you probably can do this
all over the world someone tell me if
I’m lying I think you honestly can do
this all over or over the world that no
matter where it is when you have these
countries and get an influx of blacks
there’s a problem I guarantee you if you
went and look for the safest countries
in the world they’re probably the
whitest countries in the world and as a
black man apparently I’m not supposed to
say that I don’t say it with pride but I
say it as black people need to start
looking each other in the mirror the
safest countries on the planet are
probably the whitest countries on the
planet they have the least melon ated
people on the planet some I said Asia
China Korea I would assume these may be
the cases and those people just slant
out white people I would assume that
probably the safest places on the planet
have the least amount of melanin I would
also assume that if you take a look at
each one of these places when you start
infusing melanin I think what happens is
this starts going down as far as crime
and all of these things so why is it we
can’t talk about these why is it we
can’t talk about these we’ve been told
in America the Liberals say that facts
are well the racist statistics can be
manipulated a white person collected
this data
so therefore the date is wrong I’m not
really sure but ignore the data unless
the data says something nice about black
people then well they accept the data
you know like black women are the most
educated they never say white people
pull that data and I think it’s insane
that we cannot address real problems and
it doesn’t matter who does it if your
group I mean if I’m on the football team
if the special teams is fucking up why
is it that we have all these excuses of
why the special teams is doing bad but
if we talk about the often so the
defense doing bad and it’s cool how do
you guys know what I’m talking about if
your interview if you deal in sports you
have to address each part of the the
team if we are gonna live in America or
wherever we’re gonna pool and live
together we got to address each part of
the team and you cannot say that we
don’t want to speak about this because
that’s racist
we don’t want to speak about this
because of slavery we don’t want to
speak about this because of oh I’m sorry
yeah I forgot about that
we have too many reasons to not speak on
a fact we have too many reasons to not
speak on the truth and I’m not one of
those I was never raised that way
whoever’s doing wrong should be called
out on it because if we truly are a
melting pot and we want to work together
we’ll talk about the problems and all
get together and try to work on the
fixing that being said the young person
or the young fella or female came from
which one of the laws are themselves I
don’t think it’s a guy but I could be
put up and said hey look at candidate
and look at the top team there
Toronto Canada is 3% black Toronto
Canada is about 3% black a 3% black male
there’s a three bits of low percentage
of black you guys can look it up and
find the exact numbers it’s very low
even though it’s very low right now
currently on their website and we’ll let
you guys see it as I read it to let you
know I’m not making it up you can go and
look this up yourself I’ll provide the
link on the website right now what you
are looking at it it says Toronto’s
homicide most wanted the most wanted let
me read what it says there homicide
investigators are highly successful in a
parent apprehending these identified and
responsible for murders when a suspect
is identified he or she is usually
arrested in charge but there are
exceptions people who cannot be readily
located a very small number of people
are able to either flee Toronto to
another country or somehow remain
undetected the most wanted persons page
lists these people who have been
identified as being allegedly
responsible for crime but not yet
arrested these individuals need to be
held accountable
if you know their whereabouts many of
these individuals please contact us
immediately now for such a small number
of blacks look at the number of Most
black homicide it’s a Muslim guy Arab
guy black and his name got black in it
Richy black would you beat Syed like a
foreigner looks like and Raheem Mohammed
a foreigner
Alexander fountain Michael Gibson so we
have three look like appear Muslims and
one two three four blacks
one of the problems that canon has been
having is that they’ve been letting the
Muslims come over into their country
they’d been complaining about it blue
says black gangs are out of control over
in the UK they have a problem right now
blacks just out there randomly stabbing
the shit out of each other slab is –
having to shit out people right now I
tell y’all about how bad it is here in
Atlanta there are no white people in
these areas where it used to be white
people and I’m told that the areas in
which the where I live around they used
to be white they used to be safe the
white people got ran away the crime came
somebody said minister maliki
Minneapolis D de Ledge says even in
Australia the problem is happening why
is that we’re not gonna call this up
please look up Tommy Richardson from the
UK so I said East African are not black
well I just said he got a lot of melanin
the same people that the Liberals are
trying to tell us where were you’re
viewing this wrong
you’re saying that the numbers aren’t
right but there has to be a reason that
black people don’t want to live around
the other ones there’s a reason why
blacks when they do well move away from
other blacks no one talks about that
blacks when they do well and they’re not
violent they want to move they brag
about their children going to white
schools they brag about living in white
there’s a problem here and that problem
is an overabundance of melanin that a
lot of these people seem to have and no
one wants to address the issue that
apparently blacks need to clean up their
own mess I don’t give a damn about how
we’ve been colonized I don’t give a damn
about how we’ve been treated badly there
has to be a reason why Asian culture is
not as violent as black culture and it’s
not going around when they come into
somebody’s country start Lee bubai and
all over the place there has to be a
reason why would a black person not call
it out when a black person is more
subjected to black on black crime than
anyone else why would it be that we got
to stay silent on the on the group that
is going to kill you that is going to
rob you that is going to rape you that
is going to assault you I don’t
understand and we can’t blame it on the
movies because all Asians do is fight in
movies all they do is kick and punching
and whatever it is in movies
somebody said Asians are though look at
Pakistanis those aren’t the same kind of
agents I know they’re Asians but they
ain’t the same kind of Asians not trying
to be funny but they make the same kind
of Asians
we think that is black people having low
standards make us better that some black
person asking for us to raise our
standards is a problem as a matter of
fact we can continue to go down to the
cold cases if I scroll down these are
the cold cases let’s see how many Asians
we have on here here’s one Thanh in gold
killed one the rest of them are look the
Arabs and blacks are you freaking
kidding me seriously
the Arabs blacks and there’s a Hispanic
Hispanic are you you mean it
yeah this is crazy in a mostly white
country so they just let him whites get
away with the crimes or the whites
turning themselves in what’s the story
behind that Christopher said even in
Norway Somalis have a bad reputation
seriously West Was what’s the reason
behind that in a country that is mostly
then the wanted people for homicide is
it’s just not them
this is insane this number is insane
this number is indicative of where you
what you find almost everywhere you go
what we’re not gonna speak about it
because we don’t want to sound racist we
don’t want to sound self haters we don’t
want to ring the alarm on this stuff
instead we’d rather wait to see when one
cop beats one black person and make that
be our battle cry that we must stop
these cops from doing it
we must stop these cops from doing this
I don’t want to keep you long
I want all y’all to go and look this up
yourself something’s insane about this
something’s wrong about this and I don’t
care if you’re black white or anything
in between
if you care about yourself your family
your goals your business our B says I’m
from Ottawa can I call in I don’t know
if it’s a bunch of people from Canada
they’re gonna talk about this I just
really wanted to get this off of my
I know of no offense I may set up
another show cuz I should have been
taking a nap I gotta take a small nap
golfing guns sorry I gotta I gotta get
rid of you and you’re not being cool for
a while you and I being cool for a while
I told y’all stop that I don’t know what
I don’t know what the hell that is I
don’t know if he told y’all to come in
here and keep doing this but I’m tired
of it I don’t know why y’all keep coming
to my stuff talking about some calling
calling calling do you go to his and
talk about mine leave me alone with that
what is wrong with y’all I’m trying to
do a show Colin said Colin Colin go look
up Colin what about Colin Colin Jesus
such a pity you can’t get anywhere with
the majority of humans or is always some
dummy that just sits around in their
parents basement who just can’t leave
you alone they just can’t
anyway do it what I just said what what
you will I’m out

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