West Virginia Governor Fires Entire Cop Cadet Class For Throwing Up Their Hood… A Nazi Hood


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what’s the family according to CNN the
governor of West Virginia ironically
named Jim Justice has announced that
each and every police cadet in West
Virginia Division of Corrections and
Rehabilitation basic training class 18
will be fired for raising their arms and
a Nazi salute for a class photo
you heard right family an entire class
of correctional officers throwing up
their sets it makes you think about all
of those inmates who are
disproportionately black and brown who
are under the supervision of those type
of people it makes you think of all of
the staff members and administration who
have legal authority over those inmates
who are disproportionately black and
brown they’re coming in day one with a
chip on their shoulder in charge of
people who they hate think about what
I’m saying family this is why you don’t
get rehabilitation in prisons across
you get people who come out oftentimes
angrier than they were before they went
in because they’re going into a culture
that is built
disrespect violence this is encouraged
by SEOs see because if they just go and
just do that job for many people that
work as CEOs and stuff it’s pretty much
a boring job you just basically
babysitting people you know and you know
just like when you go to a an elementary
school or something and all the kids got
to be in a line and you know you have
teacher monitors and stuff like that
making sure everybody’s in line
nobody gets misplaced they’re always
doing a headcount
it’s like that to an extent what you’re
dealing with wrong man and you know
often times who are restrained so these
dudes these racist these members of the
Klan and white supremacists and all
these type of people these people who
subscribe to these type of websites that
promote violence against Blacks N and
Jews and homosexuals and just anybody
than any white and sometimes if you wait
you know if especially if you if you
wanted those type of white people that’s
trying to be righteous then they’ll come
for you too so these are the type of
people and you can best believe this
ain’t the first graduating class what
every single one of them raised their
hands this to me sounds like a tradition
this ain’t the first time they’re
comfortable doing it why because
leadership starts at the top their
superiors have told them it’s cool this
is not just these cadets those
correctional officers they are a
microcosm of society
imagine how many white supremacists how
many people who have anti-semitic
ideologies who are lurking in the
shadows causing harm to people every day
discriminating against people every day
who they have authority over or some
type of control over imagine how medium
are out there even your next-door
neighbor some of you have co-workers
that you sit out and sometimes you eat
lunch and dinner with and they’re no
different a lot of times it just is it’s
a game to them it’s funny to them that
they could sit down and and you thinking
that they really are your friend and you
sit at that telling them all your
business they could be applied in the
murder this is how sneaky and conniving
these people are imagine how many of
them are out there going undetected
cabinet secretary for the Department of
military affairs and public safety
Jeff sandy recommended the firing while
noting that some cadets were aware that
the photo would get them in trouble but
they were along to get along out of fear
of not graduating let that sink in
family cadets who were about to swear to
serve and protect all citizens were
afraid that they wouldn’t be allowed to
if they did not hear too racist and
anti-semitic behavior and these are the
people who we’re supposed to respect
these are the people who have the
authority to take life with impunity let
that sink
no Mota

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