US Citizens Receiving Text Messages For Military DRAFT!


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#williedlive #draft #text <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family text messages are
going out to US citizens
informing them that they have been
selected for the draft oh yeah don’t get
scared now remember y’all wanted to
fight well here’s your chance Trump
supporters you want to go out and fight
for your master here’s your chance okay
y’all know I’m just kidding I know y’all
hurry by not cuz I know y’all scary and
y’all watch the news very very intensity
okay whoo it wasn’t real
yeah it was fake the US Army has
informed the public that those tech
messages were indeed fake the last time
the US had a draft was in 1973 during
the Vietnam War since then the US
military has been a volunteer force so
what did the text say there were
variations of the message one went like
this hello we are contacting you in
regards to the United States official
army draft we tried contacting you
through your email several times and
have had no response you’ve been marked
eligible and must come to the nearest
branch in the New Jersey area for
immediate departure to Iran please
contact us at the following number
immediately another read United States
official army draft we tried contacting
you through mail several times and have
had no response you’ve been marked
eligible and must come to the nearest
branch in the Jacksonville Florida area
for immediate departure to Iran please
us at the following number and respond
to this message immediately the reason
why everybody is always scared in case
you’ve been living under a rock is
because tensions have been at an
all-time high between the u.s. and Iran
since the killing of Iranian general
Kassim soleimani he was killed in an
airstrike in Baghdad now this is
reportedly from or due to an order by
Donald Trump but we know he didn’t do
that by himself we know that he was
ordered to give the order and he the
frontman you know and he likes being the
frontman because he likes all of the
credit he likes to get all the credit he
don’t care if somebody else is pulling
the strings just like what happened out
there in Virginia when the white
supremacist ran over the lady and the
car doing the rally he initially was on
some somber stuff saying that you know
it was sad and you know he’s tried to
take a stance against white supremacy in
them Klansmen and hit him up they say
boy don’t you forget who made you and
your daddy came right back the next day
there was there was good people on both
he ain’t what you think he is he ain’t
as brave as you think he is else he
wouldn’t dodge the wall you know what’s
really baffling to me
you have combat soldiers following the
orders of a draft dodger where they do
that all over the countries you got to
get out there and put your own work in
before you get awarded some type of
title as commander
chief but don’t worry
trumpets you won’t have to go fight I
know some of y’all saw the text message
and started kissing your family goodbye
and calling the recruiting offices and
asking them where you go check-in cuz
you’re that slow I know I know you don’t
have to worry about anything if they
were to draft you they would send you a
certified letter also the army does not
decide when there’s a draft Congress
makes that decision so you have nothing
to worry about for a while the military
considers a draft as a last result
before that ever happened first you’re
gonna see you’re gonna see a lot of
bonuses for re-enlistment you gotta see
bonuses for recruiters you know for new
recruitment and you’re gonna see a whole
lot of former military personnel being
recalled for active duty so I want to
let you know calm your nerves a little
I know y’all talk tough and y’all don’t
mind killing Americans I’ve got that you
know my shootin Americans cuz you got
cuz she’s protected by that American law
I got you I got you
boy that overseas law whole different
story scared of that that’s why a lot of
Americans don’t travel because they
couldn’t even function overseas they
couldn’t even function in a country
where the law is leveled even Lee
couldn’t function I wonder how many of
those Trump supporters actually text
again the real issue is who actually
returned those text messages who
actually contacted recruitment offices
and asked where do I go for the people
who believe they were drafted by a text
message congratulations you are on the
front line of infantry bait but I have a
confession to make
I have a problem of myself because I
also received the text and I received
another text from a Nigerian prince who
wants to give me 20 million dollars I’m
trying to figure out which one to call
no more top

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