Update: Man Who Broke Up Fight Between Two Teen Boys, What They Learned Could Save Your Life


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what’s that family this is an update
from a story I covered a year so ago
about a real man a true G a true Oh G he
goes by the name of Ali Miller remember
that name cuz we need many more like him
he was walking on the street one day and
he saw a couple of youngsters fighting
in the middle of the street he
approached them he was like yo yo man
what y’all doing no and he started
pointing at the people who was filming
the fight he says to yah yah yah to real
you you real coward you know real cops
all y’all record yard real college and
he said man what y’all doing y’all in
the middle of the street fighting and he
pointed at one he says see you I could
tell you madder than him you know like
you know you don’t know what you find
first a soda one guy said well I’m
defending myself he’s okay away you
ain’t in the right
you’re not even wrong you’re defending
yourself if you’re him you don’t even
know what you you know what you fight to
do and he said look at look around you
look around you listen to what’s
happening he made me stop
he was like missing they’re laughing at
you all the people that was filming was
like yeah yeah kitty kitty kitty
they’re laughing at the two guys
fighting laughing at them and the two
boys paused and they start just really
listen to what dude had to say said man
y’all 14 15 16 17 y’all not boys anymore
y’all owe me y’all young man pointed to
the girls
women so you can’t be acting like this
don’t do your parents this way don’t do
your parents like this and what I
appreciate it was the fact that they
listened because he may have saved their
lives you try to think what is this type
of mentality come from before I answer
that question let me get through this
particular story so he continues on and
he explains to them the importance of
trying to get along and how pretty much
ignorant it is for them to be out in the
middle of the streets fighting and he
pointed at one of the kids that was in
the crowd he said you look I know you I
know your piece I know your people they
work hard to get to where they got and
he said you point out though he said
your daddy in jail
so I know yeah I said y’all live in his
neighborhood y’all live in a good place
trying to explain him explain to them
what are y’all Wilding for what are
y’all trying to be hard for what’s the
whole idea of standing around recording
each other fighting and he said look at
him he’s supposed to be your man he
can’t stop laughing at you
that’s supposed to be your partner and
he can’t stop so they’re looking at
these two youngsters fighting who
appeared to be about 15 16 years old but
they’re looking at them fighting and
they’re gone they’re laughing the whole
time that these tools are basically in
the middle of the street making a fool
out of himself
if the police roll up ain’t no telling
what would it happen police could have
rolled up and you know how they get down
one of them boys could he end up getting
laid down and never gotten up again but
people don’t think that far through so
what is this type of mentality come from
the dude was like if y’all
y’all need to shake hands and I’m not
leaving until y’all shake hands they
reluctantly shook hands at first dub one
of the guys didn’t want to shake hands
at all and he said listen listen telling
them to listen to the people laughing at
him listen to his friends laughing at
him again and then he said man y’all
shake hands man
and they reluctantly shook hands and
today I’m proud to report that the boys
are best friends now so what is this
type of thinking come from the inability
to reason which they probably learned at
home like I did I told you before I come
from a place where you learn to settle
conflict with fists guns and insults so
needless to say reason was not one of my
stronger points reason is defined as the
power of the mind to think understand
and to make judgments by a process of
logic in other words before I pull this
trick before I throw this punch I’ll put
myself in a dangerous situation when I
can have my life taking well hey I’d
like to be able to justify just got to
make sense so let me think about this
before I get caught up in this conflict
let me think about what are the
ramifications of my actions what could
possibly happen there’s a number of
things that could happen when you engage
in conflict now you know what you’re
gonna do but you don’t know what the
other person is gonna do you don’t know
what that bystander is going to do but
they homie is going to do you have no
idea all you know is what you’re gonna
she was thinking about doing and you
might be able to do what you’re thinking
about doing but you can’t control what
happens after that you see somebody
might get you right after that you have
to think about well what happens to this
guy okay I took him out so now his
family is left heartbroken well maybe
you don’t kill anybody’s family what
about your family
now you go to jail or you get taken out
and now your family is heartbroken
do you really marry your mom you gonna
put your mom through that kind of pain
see I didn’t really think about that
kind of stuff when I was putting my mama
through it I really didn’t think about I
just thought that it was all about me
and I just considered my pain what I was
going through I didn’t really think
about what my mama was already going
through raising five kids on her own
yeah he’s the choices she made but she
made as a youngster nevertheless here we
are and she’s doing this all by herself
and she’s having problems coping with
real life so she drinks herself to sleep
and she abuses their children and I’m
just thinking about mine my situation so
I never thought about the additional
burdens that I was putting on her think
about that kind of stuff didn’t think
about it until she died so reason is one
of those things that we have to this
it’s an art to it but one of the things
that you could do especially if you do
from the hood play out a lot of
scenarios and you’ll hear before they
ever happen I do this this is gonna
happen if I do this this may happen if I
do this I’ll get this amount of time I
do this it’s gonna cost this amount of
money for a lawyer before anything
happens my bun is probably gonna be
think about the bond money think about
the lawyer money think about what its
gonna cost you to survive why you locked
up and how you gonna take care of your
people and the consequences that have if
you have any little kids you know the
consequences that it’ll have a toll
it’ll have on them watching their mother
lay up with another man having another
man tell your kids what to do trying to
raise babies from the pan think about
those consequences that’s what we have
to think about and I see this happening
way too often and I’m gonna be specific
about this this problem is more
pervasive this this hand-to-hand combat
stuff going on on a daily basis and
shooting up the hood and all this stuff
this happens more you know between black
people and Hispanic people this is well
most of this stuff is happening in the
streets not saying that white folks
ain’t violent but they just do stuff a
little differently but I’m talking about
the way we operate I know for a fact a
lot of white dudes like if a white dude
typically white dude have a problem with
another way dude
and he might somebody my fearless head
up some ideas that this do got a problem
with him so he want to fight him and
let’s say David calls Josh and say hey
hey what’s going on man hey man
such-and-such said that you wanted to
you want to fight me man like you know
like I don’t want to fight you man I
thought we were friends he tried to get
understand this dude he ruined my life
you know be idea fighting like dogs in
the street on the other hand and this
happened to me man one of my partners
who we actually ended up being best
friends somebody had told me he had a
problem with me this is before we became
friends he had a problem with me
told him that it I guess I had a problem
with him so we walk around for life and
we live in the same neighborhood we
walking around for like days not
speaking each other looking up looking
at each other upside the head and you
know the moment that something happened
I can’t remember exactly yeah was
something said I’m ashamed to say what
it was about but it was very pity we
locked up and we locked up because it
was so penny and but we just had to get
it on like we just had to get it on and
all we had to do it just have a
conversation and we still where we would
probably would have became friends
friends without the conflict you did
what I’m saying
and because we had mutual respect for
each other anyway because my board was
he was he’s very dangerous he’s not with
us anymore but I respect he was well
respected but anyway that’s why I’m
going with this ya’ll reasoning we got
to get to a point to where we think
things through think these actions
through just like you think through a
job position you think through if you’re
gonna go out and build a deck you think
about the tools you need to build a deck
how much money is gonna cost you for the
deck how much time you’re gonna have to
invest in it what day of the week you’re
gonna do it what time of the day you’re
gonna start doing it because you know
you start hammering and stuff like that
and and using drills and all that kind
of stuff you might wake your neighbor so
all of this stuff have to be planned out
so just like you were planning on
building a deck you have to plan out
conflict if conflict is imminent most of
it can be avoided this is why it’s very
important to have men raising young men
because I don’t care how great mama is
is something about that man voice and
that man experience that a young man is
just going to respect more he’s going to
adhere to those commands more than he
would if it was a female that’s just the
way it is we gotta get to that point in
our lives as soon as possible where we
know how to exercise reason no moto

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