Update: Iran Vows "Revenge" on U.S. After Top Iranian Commander Killed, US Base In Kenya Attacked


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US Base In Kenya Attacked
(Read Story) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-50997769

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what’s our family following the u.s.
bombing near Baghdad International
Airport that killed General Kasim
Soleimani the high-profile commander of
Iran’s secretive forces Iran’s supreme
leader has vowed revenge Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei tweety the flag of general
Soleimani in defense of the country’s
territorial integrity and the fight
against terrorism and extremism in the
region will be raised and the pact of
resistance to u.s. excesses will
continue the great nation of Iran will
take revenge for this heinous crime
Donald Trump your president responded by
tweeting general cusine Soleimani has
killed or badly wounded thousands of
Americans over an extended period of
and was plotting to kill many more but
got calm he was directly and indirectly
responsible for the death of millions of
people including the recent large number
of protesters killed in Iran itself
while Iran will never be able to
properly admit it soleimani was both
hated and feared within the country
there are not nearly as saddened as the
leaders we’ll let the outside world
believe he should have been taken out
many years ago see trump back in the day
you know before social media and we can
get stuff in real time you could have
used your PR hitman like CNN and Fox
News and all that stuff to take out your
message and do your bidding
but see those phones tell the story now
we can go live and show what the people
in Iran thinks
of their leaders we’re looking at alive
anybody they got a problem with it could
easily just boom show you the reaction
show you people celebrating a death now
of course that wouldn’t be hard to do
either because America could easily get
a group of people and pay them off and
say hey we need y’all to celebrate his
death we need y’all to get excited like
you’re glad he dan we need y’all to say
some things we’re gonna pay y’all X
amount of dollars that’s not very hard
to do but family don’t be fooled those
people love dude don’t be fooled okay
been drinking the kool-aid long enough
they’ve been getting away with this long
enough don’t be fooled they say this
beef between Trump and the general
actually originated back in 2018 when
Donald Trump put out a tweet attacking
or trying to assassinate the character
of Iran’s then president it was going
back and forth making threats against
each other so trunk you know he’s in a
position where now they’re like man now
is the time to strike we got to win this
war you know we got a we gotta start a
war we gotta win this election so now
it’s the time to strike and y’all know
those people ain’t bluffing now what was
interesting I don’t know how old this
recording was but I saw a recording on
TI’s page on his Instagram where one of
the leaders in Iran was saying that we
don’t hate Americans
we hate American leadership we don’t
want to bring harm to Americans we want
to bring harm to the leaders
specifically the ones who are out here
pulling the strings
I guess if somebody gonna bring harm to
somebody I’m a big proponent of getting
that the person who you got a problem
with it’s like a person who going in and
uh he got a problem with the boss fired
he going in and just start popping up
everybody in the whole office people
were here nothing to do with it you got
that big it was probably the boss bitch
of Rome you and the boss y’all settle it
see I tell you what if those beef was
being settled individually hit up you
wouldn’t see these politicians and these
print these presidents jumping up
talking about oh yeah go ahead strike
them drop the bomb on you wouldn’t see
that you definitely wouldn’t see it as
much at all because number one they
can’t fight most of them I like old and
wrinkled up you know they can’t fight so
they wouldn’t be starting those walks
something I and I would I would put up
probably bust besides no Baraka get here
you two got is that brought to him too
I was about to say besides Barack I
really can’t see any of the former
presidents winning no fights no
fistfights but now they couldn’t win
because those dudes like in those
especially those Middle Eastern
countries they’re trained in the art of
combat like ten hand combat and you know
weapon combat you know them boys is
trained for real they trained to fight
and survive so I don’t think any US
president could whoop a Middle Eastern
president had
no not even not even their old president
some news training hand-to-hand combat
yeah I don’t believe that u.s. stanitch
any US leaders will stand a chance you
know all those guys may even the
governors and stuff like that the
Congress people they’re all fat not a
shake him do they can’t fight you know
but they can run their mouth they can’t
make threats they can’t send everybody
else I don’t dummy missions they can
send your children out on dummy missions
to get their head knocked off to get
their noodles knock but then I gotta
send their kids off their kids gonna be
laying low in a bunker they’re gonna be
chilling so when they start talking
about revenge
amen leave us out of it we did nothing
to you I’m with Eileen on this you know
Iranian ever called me no liver denied
me my rights
ya ain’t got no problem with them people
none whatsoever
and ain’t got no problems out ready and
people either wash it everybody else
down why should everybody else lives be
at stake because Donald Trump want to
engage in a pissing contest
cuz he got a war words and you know it’s
the reminds me of the bush thing when
Bush went to war he’s Bush got on TV and
said well you know and you know he was
talking about Saddam Hussein well you
know he he threatened to kill my daddy
who I didn’t get tens of thousands of
people killed cuz he’s threatened to
kill your baby these personal little
beefs and thousands hundreds of
thousands of people died with these
dudes they let petty beefs now y’all got
that problem you got Trump you got a
problem boys you go over there and fight
a bitching
do that but he tough tough guy it’s easy
to start a fight when you don’t have to
worry about getting hit
no Muto

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