Tyler, The Creator Says Fans Were 'Mad Rude' For Booing Drake Off Stage At Camp Flog Gnaw


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#BreakfastClub <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is the woman report with Angela Yee
now yesterday we were talking about
Tyler the creators festival his camp
vlog na festival and Drake was the
surprise guest
and unfortunately fans did suing because
they had expected to see Frank Ocean
here is a recap of that if you want to
keep sheesh what Tyler the Creator took
to Twitter and by the way he has changed
his name that too embarrassed by fans
right now his uh his subtitle under his
name on Twitter and he said I thought
bringing one of the biggest artists on
the effing planet to a music festival
was fire but flipside a little tone deaf
knowing the specific crowd it drew some
created a narrative in their head and
acted like a hose when it didn’t come
true and I don’t f with that this M
words they feel no way song is beautiful
also mostly everyone was having a great
time those issues in the front area were
the ones being mad rude which I can see
why but not F that you are representing
me and flag to my guests and made us
look so entitled and trashed
he also said that that was like mob
mentality and cancel culture in a real
life he also said that he thought that
was trashed and then he went on to say
that he thought that he was gonna hear
hotline bling next so he’s listening to
it in the shower right now although you
think Drake again what’s the issue don’t
like you can’t tell people to beat
themselves and then when those fans are
being themselves and boring artists they
may not be into it and you get mad at
them like that like there’s nobody on
this planet that everyone likes yes
Drake is one of the biggest artists in
the world right now but clearly he just
ran into a crowd that doesn’t feel that
we want a Frank Ocean anyone a Frank
Ocean see that’s a good point to like
that Odd Future Tyler to create a crowd
is very specific like Drake may be too
commercial for their liking but I don’t
even understand why this is a story
Drake will be fine well I guess he
probably Tyler’s creator responding
because he probably would put a lot of
work into throwing the battle together
and he felt bad did that happen too
I’m sure Drake did him a big favor by
even coming to a pair so he just wants
to explain and let his fans know that
that wasn’t cool because it also
represents him you can’t really be mad
at the fan you kid
you simultaneously telling the fans to
beat him selves and think for themselves
but when they are thinking for
themselves you chastising them for I
think people also want people to be
respectful to when you know they’re
putting something together my guy used
the charges close to million outlets to
perform he’s performing for free on the
arm and y’all bore me ever feel away
well I don’t know if he performed for
free oh you young and would you little
fragile emotions would haters Showtime
at the Apollo I want to tried to fight
the Sandman y’all hated that crowd but I
can imagine that it took him a lot to
put this whole festival together so I’m
sure in the future he would prefer that
his fans just like when you see fans go
win on people on Twitter and sometimes
you have to step in and say listen y’all
you ain’t have to do all that that’s
just about how he responded now Drake
said on on social media plot
just signed a 10-year residency I can’t
flog no sorry kids see you every single
year till you are third I make you love
okay you gonna get these commercial hits
hotline bling will ring off at that nog
nog festival was it go flat no no all
right now Ray J has responded to a Daily
Mail story where according to the Daily
Mail they said that he was trying to get
Suge Knight pardoned by Donald Trump and
was in talks with them he’s saying
that’s not true
here’s Rage a Daily Mail I never had a
problem you sure but y’all need to call
my team and get stuff confirmed before
you just put up any story on your side
what kind of story did y’all just put
it’s false and it’s corny I can’t we
talk about the businesses that were
involved with all right so that’s him
saying that’s not true he’s not trying
to get Suge Knight pardoned by Donald
Trump I mean I’m not a bad news that’s
not a bad headline no you trying to get
your man out of jail if it’s not true
day I mean I get it you know if it’s not
true you want to push back on it but
it’s not a bad headline and if he is
trying it it kind of just explodes what
he can’t really necessarily do it now
cuz it’s all over the press it’s all
over the press you’re right but still
even still still not a bad story

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