Tyler Perry On His TV Shows & Films "I Have No Writers Room… I Write It All"


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Tyler Perry On His TV Shows & Films “I Have No Writers Room… I Write It All”
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#williedlive <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family to kick-off the first
official business day of the year
Tyler Perry took to Twitter to Pat
himself on the back boasting about his
unmatched work ethic he wrote so I don’t
know if you know this but all shows on
television have writers rooms he said
this in a video displaying his many TV
scripts and most of the time there are
10 or 12 people that write these
television shows
well I have no writers room nobody
writes any of my work I write it all why
am I telling you this
I wrote all of these scripts by myself
in 2019 what’s my point
work ethic let’s just say that Tyler
Perry wasn’t too well-received he didn’t
have his supporters but a number of
people were negative enough for the news
to get out there and for it to kind of
go viral there were people that were
saying well maybe that’s what’s wrong
with your work your growth is because
you know you don’t have help you need
you need writers perhaps if you had more
writers the work would be better now
Tyler Perry’s demographic is solid it is
it is those god-fearing groups of women
who possess that on t energy they love
Tyler Perry’s work and I’ma tell you
straight up
it’s impressive for
anybody to do that much writing in one
year especially when you’re writing
movie scripts and television scripts
that make it to TV and make it to the
theaters so you got to give them credit
for that but you think without after 20
years of being in a movie and television
industry that you would want to see your
art elevate you want to see it grow you
don’t want your heart to be stagnated
you want to see that growth and to be
honest I haven’t really seen the growth
over the last several years I’ve seen it
from the first Madea to whatever the
last thing was or whatever I haven’t
watched a Tyler Perry movie in a long
now I’m really trying to knock to do but
it’s just not really my flavor but you
know I’ve been woken up to know that the
dude is highly successful and somebody’s
watching those movies but not my bag not
my cup of tea it’s important that
whatever criticism you give Tyler Perry
that you also have to give him credit
for hiring hundreds of people hundreds
of actors and people in production who
if not for Tyler Perry it is quite
possible that they would not be working
at all
so you got to get a man credit for that
if you don’t give them credit for
nothing else but getting back to those
writers writers are the backbone of
Hollywood you can hire all the
production people that you want you can
have all the actors that you want but if
they don’t have anything to bring their
creativity out if they don’t have good
scripts you have nothing everything
starts with the writers so I think that
the people that were critical have a
I can understand tile apparently I keep
all the money for myself keeping
everything all the ownership everything
but he can I’ll actually allow other
people to write and own he can just buy
the stuff straight out but I’m not sure
what some people is not possible who are
in those unions it’s not possible to
just buy their work straight out they’re
protected by the Union now I look at it
like perhaps Tyler Perry’s reluctance to
have write a writers room could be due
to the fact that he’s also reluctant to
adhere to Union rules this is why the
Writers Guild of America West is suing
him on behalf of four writers who say
that Tyler Perry did not want to give
them a writers contract so that you know
they sued I’m not sure if the suit is
still going on I know the suit Happ
started in 2008 I would think it would
be over by now but I know that they sued
in 2000 and 2008 at least they released
a statement in Tuesday and 2008
regarding the firing of those four
writers from Tyler Perry’s
production company this alright at all
mandate I don’t know how much further it
could take Tyler Perry if he wants to
see his brand grow it’ll be alright
either way but I wouldn’t have guessed
that he wrote all that stuff himself I
may that’s just a lot of work that’s a
lot of material and he all those scripts
that he showed in that video and I’ll
show you guys the video he did that in
just 2019 some people ain’t done that in
a whole career in a 20-year career so
you got to salute him for that
Tyler Perry is undoubtedly a force to be
reckoned with in Hollywood and he is one
of the most respected gatekeepers but
what good is it to have the keys to the
gate if you’re not going to let anyone
in especially those who look like you
who need it the most no moto

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