Trump Does Exactly What He Falsely Claimed Obama Would Do: Start A War With Iran To Win Reelection!


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family how’s everybody doing if I
haven’t heard from you guys that you
haven’t heard from me in the new year
happy new year I know uh some of us
experienced a tough year in 2019 but
we’re here we survived so it’s a Happy
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alternative could be if it’s your first
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in connect Toni Dale oh good appreciate
you miss me chillin Patrol watch out not
cocked and ready ready for the trolls
cuz you’re nothing to go in on your
president and a light is a stirrer yeah
let’s see
yeah it’s a glitch hey Stan stop a
custodian grant what up
yes you did put a lot of people in
danger j-mac what up what up Milwaukie
wisconsin alright yeah I’m going in keep
your comments coming I’ll come back to
the comment section I don’t want to jump
right on here and you know go after the
don khon here as you know Don the con
ordered some bombs to be dropped on Iran
as he gears up for a definite definitely
tough re-election campaign he proved at
a military strike could definitely get
people’s attention and when he killed
the general of I ran across some
Soleimani it it really triggered a lot
of hatred toward America actually amped
up – Kate retort America and American
policies he did exactly what he accused
Obama of trying to do when Obama was
running for president back in 2011 the
orange man claimed that Obama would go
to war with Iran – – to get reelected in
fact he said that Obama had called Obama
he basically said Obama was incompetent
because that’s why he was going to go to
Iran and well he was gonna start a war
with Iran because Obama was incompetent
and Obama didn’t have any negotiating
skills and and this is why this is why
he was going to go to war with Iran
because he didn’t know any better
so this dude basically I’m gonna tell
you something about Trump what he does
if you really want to know who Donald
Trump is if you want to know what he got
going on all you have to do its listen
to what he says about other people when
he’s disrespecting other people when
he’s assassinating other people’s
character all you have to do is think
along those lines about what he’s saying
and he is exactly what he accuses other
people of being or doing that is what he
is when he starts talking about Barack
Obama is gonna start a war with Iran to
get me elected because what Barack Obama
I don’t have any negotiating skills and
he called himself a great negotiator you
know he even put a book I call the art
of the deal which he did not write we
found out he didn’t write there was
another lot in his past so he puts out
this book called art of the deal comes
to find out he don’t know how to do
deals himself he sold the American
public at least the Republicans and the
country folks on him being a businessman
this great businessman hi he’s gonna
make great deals for America and how he
was gonna make the economy rebound and
everybody’s gonna make more money and
more money he ever made before in your
life and you’re gonna be well off I like
to stop for a moment and give a moment
of silence to all the people who thought
they was gonna get paid why Donald Trump
was in office and who are still
struggling financially all right rest in
peace you dummies okay so this is
exactly what his words were about Barack
Obama on November 16 2011 he said our
president will start a war with Iran
because he has absolutely no ability to
negotiate he’s weak and he’s ineffective
so the only way he figures that he’s
going to get reelected and as sure as
you’re sitting there is to start a war
with Iran sounds very familiar right
he also said after Barack got elected
got re-elected
don’t let Obama play the Iran card in
order to start a war in order to get
be careful Republicans but actually he
said that right before you got it
reelected and then he said I predict
that I predict that President Obama will
at some point attack Iran in order to
save face so that number happened so for
years I’m talking about from 2011 to
2014 he claimed that Obama would go to
war with Iran first he said to winning
re-election then he said to say a face
that never happened so here we are Trump
a the president now and everything he
said about Obama turns out to be true
about himself
Trump’s predictions not only turned out
to be false but the irony is that
instead of starting a war the Obama
administration’s diplomacy resulted in
Malta multilateral a multilateral Iran
nuclear deal
this is a deal that Donald Trump has
spent most of his time in office trying
to destroy if you really watch this do
everything that he does he’s one of
those types that he don’t care if
America burns as long as he gives his
way in there and he can be remembered in
history as
you know this this great power this
great figure he don’t care if America
burns down that’s why he flames you know
he fans the flames of racism because he
don’t care he ain’t gonna get busted the
head he ain’t gotta worry about getting
popped up he’s safe
yo White House he got all the security
all around him you know he’s lying
you know 30,000 feet he ain’t worried
about he looking down on everybody else
fighting and doing all it is bigger in
his stuff he’s safe
his daughters is safe his sons are safe
he did it I don’t know how safe my
learning is around those Secret Service
agents this guy’s kind of look a little
buff get up yeah chop that going on
around him so it’s no secret by now that
many of trumps attacks on his political
foes are projection you know basically
this dude when he talked about
baden-baden and his corruption the truth
was that or the truth is is that Trump
is one of the most corrupt presidents of
all times you know he called Obama’s he
called Obama a total patsy for Russia
even though he’s the one who’s always
sniffing under Putin’s butt and he has
never once uttered a bad word about
cootie I wonder why remember when he
attacked Hillary Clinton you know
remember he attacked Hillary Clinton for
purportedly silencing women in regards
to her husband’s sexual
misconduct the charges against him for
sexual misconduct but Trump himself at
the same time had his lawyers paying off
women to be quiet
all those payments for all of those
he was growing up in chicks raw and
everything why he was married this is
Donald Trump
this is the real Donald Trump all this
other stuff is fallacy it’s fake so
check out this this report right here it
says the u.s. had intel on on Qasem
Soleimani until their constant soleimani
was in multiple countries in the region
plan and specific attacks on US interest
including US personnel a congress a
congressional source briefed by the
trump administration tells CNN the
source said that the u.s. had intel that
as this individual got to baghdad and
was with a top official with Hezbollah
not has a Bala but Hezbollah the source
said that the intelligence suggested
that Iranians plans were maturing and it
became a systemic a certain strategic
time to take him out so y’all know this
sounds a lot like the reports that came
in after 9-1-1 talking about how saddam
hussein was responsible for 9-1-1 and
bin Laden was responsible for 9-1-1 you
know this waxing have said bin laden was
responsible for 9-1-1 but it was are
these type of reports come out all the
time you can’t really trust the
they do this stuff all the time they did
the same thing when they took out Fred
Hampton and other members of the Black
Panther Party whose only crime was
empowering and protecting black
communities from safe state sanctioned
violence that was their only crimes but
the way that they kill you the way that
they get rid of you is that they will
put out false information they put out
the propaganda to get the propaganda
machine going and start telling people
how crazy you are and how you gonna plot
to kill people in America you’re gonna
kill Americans innocent Americans and
all of a sudden a lot of them many
Americans are so stupid
they’ve never questioned anything they
just go buy anything that the propaganda
machine tells them and they just
automatically believes and they want to
believe and it’s like they turn in fact
that I would like to say they just turn
to look the other way but they don’t
look there the way they actually
actually they go charge like yeah yeah
it’s good let’s get him good for that
guy good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they
do that puppet fist and get excited but
they don’t question anything they’re
just automatically like if they all they
gotta do is scare them I only got to do
is put on some scare taxes that’s what
that’s what Trump is doing right now
and he’s going to continue to do that
all the way through he’s going to tell
the American people look he’s never been
engaged in a war we’ve been doing this
dealing with Iran now for extra nine
months and you know we ran exercises
over here here let me finish the job
that I started and we got him all by
we’re right there we’re almost right
there just you know I just need to get
this second term to finish the job and
Americans are so stupid they’re so
stupid that they don’t even understand
or even consider the fact that well we
wouldn’t even be in this position if
this damn food hadn’t bombed on Iran in
the first place that’s how stupid they
are imagine giving someone a promotion
who destroyed your business imagine
somebody as a manager in a managerial
position and they are responsible for
your company being in the ducts your
company goes all the way like this and
the same person who put the company in
that position says give me four more
years and I’ll fix it
just give me four more years just trust
the guy who irrationally called for the
bombing and you know with this erroneous
information and our car for them to beat
this country to be bombed just give me
four more years and I’ll make it better
give me four more years I’m not discard
the company and I know the company I’ve
been going well for a hundred years and
you know I came in and I trashed the
whole thing and I I got our reputation
around the world you know customers
don’t trust us anymore my reputation
looks very very bad but and I don’t know
I did it I created all this mess but
give me four more years and I’ll make it
better it would be a damn fool to do
that so Americans are a bunch of damn
fools because that’s what many of them
will do some of them are even out there
talking about well you know I really got
the ability to to uh have uh sweeping
sales to have to have these uh sleeper
cells in our to set up sleeper cells and
they’re going like you know Iran has the
ability to set up sleeper cells American
allies are at risk and you know the
American people are at risk and you know
so that’s why he has to do what he has
to do so Iran has the ability to set up
sleeper cells which which are basically
these are these groups and individuals
whoo-hoo they can put in place who are
weapon not weaponized to be able to
attack you know at the to be able to
tack on car like all I gotta do is make
a boom and then they can start attacking
and blowing up thing is Tanner
terrorizing whatever they gonna do
but don’t America have that same
capability isn’t the Iranian people also
at risk what makes America so much
better than Iran you know what makes
them right and Iran wrong might that’s
might that’s it might America got the
bombs and the guns and the you know the
drums and all this type they got all
that that’s it so basically we’re
dealing again with it with it with the
is survival of the fittest it’s just
like in America like right here right
here with the police force against the
communities against the people what
makes the police the law enforcement
right might they’re not right it’s the
might corrupt all every law enforcement
agency in America is corrupt every law
enforcement agency in America is corrupt
every single one of them and that is
because the leadership starts at the top
that’s because the leaders are corrupt
and it’s harder to get rid of the
leaders than it is to people that’s
under there so what they do is they
allow the people under them to take the
far they’re the passes so when something
go wrong
keep the person up under them take the
far and you know the ones at the time
they continue to stay at the top for
years and years and years the problem
you know in America the America’s
biggest problem you know is America is a
bully and we have a bully mentality
bullying is so pervasive in schools you
know like people get shocked when they
hear about bullying in schools bullying
in schools schools are just a microcosm
of American society billion is accepted
in America bullying in fact some people
actually admire bullies like a lot of
people miss the America doing a certain
thing they know America being a bully
but because they’re Americans they feel
it like they’re not gonna be there long
as they’re getting bullied and you know
it’s cool so they don’t mind America
going over taking people in and taking
people off and stealing their resources
and killing people and all that stuff as
long as they’re honest up there on the
side that America is on down the wind
inside they don’t care but they will
care once that killing start and I
predict that it’s gonna be a whole lot
of killers tens of thousands of people
gonna die as a result of what do be now
that that they don’t want to talk about
see it’s cool right now cuz everybody
think oh yeah yeah Iran we got that we
got this but they ain’t ready for the
aftermath I want y’all to keep that same
energy when the body bags start coming
back to America under those planes
filled keep that same energy cuz it’s
coming I can guarantee you that and all
you people are signing up for the
military keep their same energy cuz it’s
coming I’m talking about the gun hole
it’s like yeah ready to shoot some kill
some keep that same energy when they
have your whatever you when you over
there and the bombs go off cuz it’s
coming I feel sorry for the people that
stand up for the military just gettin in
that just to go to school be able to pay
their bills
you know get in there get out some of
them gonna get caught up in you’re gonna
get caught up in Iran and they not
coming home
well are they coming home but they
they’re gonna come home you know in
pieces they’re not gonna be found at all
this is the
so do you ever wonder why America don’t
mess with China a Russia America no like
China America don’t like Russia China
Russians do all kind of stuff I mean
China Russia basically do a lot of kind
of a lot of stuff that America does like
America has grave human rights
violations like the human rights
violations that happen right here in
America every day just just taking in
account what they do to black folks
right here I mean it’s this kind of
stuff that that America would use as an
excuse to go bomb somebody else
so who bombs America when they doing
that when the people when Americans are
doing the people wrong in America when
the American government and law
enforcement America is riding over
people killing or killing people
unjustly who gets who rides on America
this is why the UN is useless because
they have never punished America for for
America’s crimes against humanity
they have never punished American no
country out there got the balls to call
themselves punishing America for what
they did to black folks and slavery
that’s why the UN is useless it has no
bite whatsoever but they’re not gonna
run they never run that game on China or
Russia cuz they know if they try that
shit with Russia or China that World War
3 its surrett life as they know it it’s
going to be over and they know it they
know it so they’re not gonna ever
feeling out of ever if they ever try to
it with Russia or China you can you can
go ahead and kiss everybody go ahead and
say your prayers kiss everybody goodbye
cuz it’s a wreck it’s over this is why
you know America is a bully because they
are always talking about the conditions
in China how China do people bad and how
they do this and kill people and how
Koreans you know sheep people kill
people kill their own people all this
stuff they’re always talking about that
kind of stuff but they’re gonna Daniel
mess with cuz they know what’s gonna
happen they
no they know how you gonna be a country
and then I’m a country how you gonna be
a man I’m a man you a man I tell you you
can’t have a gun in your house but I can
have all the guns I could have an
awesome I can have an Arsenal in my
house I have guns all over the wall
decorating the wall I have a tank in the
backyard I could have I could have drawn
anything I want but you can’t even have
a slingshot
yo ha I tell you you can’t have a
slingshot in your house then if I get
mad at you what you gonna do that mean I
can roll on you anytime I want to
we live in a place where survival of the
fittest so this is these are the type of
things that happen when you have people
that’s why they say power corrupts
absolute power corrupts absolutely
don’t you think America has absolute
power are you going to be a country to
tell another country that bacon you can
arm yourself to the teeth but another
country can’t on themselves and the
other country is supposed to trust that
you won’t roll you won’t you’re not
gonna ride on them if you get angry with
them the other country is supposed to
accept that you’re not going to ride on
them and that you are going to use your
responsibility as the the country with
all the might you’re gonna use that
responsibility you’re gonna use that
position responsibly come on man and
that double standard gonna play out one
day it’s gonna play out one day
see what you’re saying
China white in the house checking in
with self China
that’s right become a member become a
member click that join button if you
don’t see the join button click on the
link in the description
of course Trump is jealous of Obama
Obama Obama ain’t no handy but man maybe
it’s always Obama but I never heard
anybody talk about I never heard of
current president talk about a former
president as much as I hear him and his
minions talk about Obama hotel you said
some about Trump
Obama what about Obama will Obama but
y’all sound like some girls but some of
y’all are girls but the rest of y’all
got male parts but you still sound like
girls but what about Obama that’s like a
boyfriend always bringing up like when
you fall short of your duties with your
woman and you bringing up the old
boyfriend what the old boyfriend did and
didn’t do that’s basically what they
sound like and and speaking of
Trump act like he want to be Barack
boyfriend son you know he had like want
to be a boyfriend you’re always talking
about him I could never be doing all
that he just always whoever bomber what
about I’m you the President of the
United States and you keep reminding
people other other president very
insecure never seen such an insecure
I found a troll got to get him young
gotta get him I always liked it I tell
you all the time I like it when I get my
trolls because I get to uh I get to get
rid of them and they don’t know they’re
gone until they’re gone like but they be
listening to me talk about getting
getting ready to get rid of them right
and they don’t know which one I’m
getting rid of they don’t know if
they’re the one or not until they go so
here we go here we go got you sucker
later yeah I love it man love it
alright fam so absolute hypocrisy that
would go fam um I got to move around
yeah I had to make this short cuz I got
a date with my daughter tonight so I got
to get up out of here
but I appreciate y’all for tuning in and
we’ll pick back up on this story because
uh it is definitely going to be
developing over the next few months
you’ll see what I’m talking about it’s
gonna be real bad out there y’all man
it’s gonna be really bad no more talk

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